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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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to know about germany's general election. there were those to. ask w. your questions about germany. and america they went. right to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. this is the w. news live from berlin germany prepares for an election that could change the country's political landscape with chancellor angela merkel putting clearly in the polls ahead of sunday's big vote the question is which of germany's smaller parties
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will finish third we have coverage of the final day of campaigning also coming up. waiting for help in towns and villages shattered by tuesday is huge earthquake in mexico. this is their work not only my parents work but also my grandparents thank god we're at least alive. three days after disaster struck me as correspondent visited one village that's digging itself out of the rubble. hello and welcome i'm michelle henery it's good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel and her challenger martin schultz are out on their final day of campaigning before germans go to the polls on sunday marco who looks poised to enter a fourth term in office was on walkabout meeting voters and her own constituency
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across fault in northeastern germany. it's less than a day to go till germans cast their ballots and every vote counts i'm joined now by jared reid who's been taking a look at the party's last minute campaigning this week gerri it's good to have you with us what the party's been doing to get people to get out there and vote well it's really crunch time now what we've seen from the past week is that the parties have focused on the undecided voters and also the verses who aren't going to go to the polls so pollsters say that the voter turnout this year is going to be quite low so what we've done is we've taken a look at the c.d.u. as we've been hearing they're quite far ahead in the polls but you know that doesn't really mean much unless you can get your supporters out to the ballot boxes so how are they doing that with the help of celebrities these are german celebrities pledging their support fungal americal on the cd use instagram account
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we've got music icon heiner and olympic swimming gold medalist fun sisk of on i'm sick pricing miracle for not wavering when it comes to big decisions but the c.d.u. is also taking its efforts offline literally knocking on doors to get reluctant or undecideds arches to the polls the c.d.u. hopes that technology will give it an advantage here there's an app for its volunteers which helps target neighborhoods with potential supporters now michelle on the other hand we've got the second biggest party the social democrats the f.t. s.t.p. they're not doing so well they're lagging behind on the american cd years so they're hoping that social media will be able to help their day trying very hard they've got one of their latest videos showing off their canvassing if it's in this video it's a video game a volunteer earns points by a compass seeing a friendly tasks around when you know it's
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a little bit of money but it's kind of cool it's all part of the s paydays seventy two hour campaign before the vote tomorrow and there's also a. push to turn out one of the group in particular and that's women yeah that's right and i didn't know this but apparently in every german election since nine hundred fifty three more men have turned out to vote than women that's despite there being around two million more women in germany than men so there's a new campaign that's going to change all that it's called joe woman as opposed to germany and it was launched by twenty three german magazines with a combined readership of more than twenty million each magazine has content specifically targeted to targeted to day rate is it's a mix of celebrities fashion and activism to try and get more women out to the polls now the editor in chief of germany's glamour magazine has told us why she got behind joe woman a let's take a look at what she had to say i love it moment. of the big will happen in
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a few parts of it that's confetti trying to put it to me on for. we're going to hear at. the top. of a dozen feet yeah. so you know women women's votes could be a really big factor in this election and of course there's more on our web site which is d w dot com jared thank you very much. in mexico the death toll from tuesday semaphore earthquake has now reached two hundred ninety five hopes are fading that any more people will be found alive international media has largely focused on mexico city where most of the fatalities occurred but hundreds of communities south of the capital also suffered heavy damage and have yet to get help from the government. reports. this is. a small village about one hundred kilometers southeast from mexico city the church here had to close its doors after the earthquake most houses are built with breaks
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made of mad and known as adult this made them specially vulnerable. knots of houses made of adobe have collapsed apparently were exactly on the earthquake fault line most houses here old and made of adobe. that is yes house was also completely destroyed she knows it will have to be torn down except to do that this is a huge loss for us emotionally too but now are even more united more than ever. her neighbor began martinez is still trying to salvage things of value from the rubble. to just have a roof may have these big dried leaves we brought down from the mountains. so when they finally got a tiled roof that was a huge improvement for our parents. and. the devastated house is much more than
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a material loss for him. this is their work not only my parents work but also my grandparents thank god we're at least alive. sania was born and grew up in this house. i was born here i lived in my childhood i have beautiful memories. now. i'll have to help her father rebuild it government help has barely arrived in the perry ferry of mexico city the main help here comes from civilians among those arriving to help our students and teaching staff from universities and schools in other towns and cities look at it they didn't want to stand around doing nothing we were planning to go to mexico city but then we noticed the villages in the countryside were much more in need of our help so here we are. this village has never witnessed such destruction but people here were lucky they have been spared that they suffered in mexican capital. and here
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everyone hopes to have a home again. very soon after hurricane maria ravaged puerto rico earlier this week the island is now facing a possible new disaster officials have urged the evacuation of up to seventy thousand people in the island's west after experts warn a dam could collapse a drain pipe in the nearly one hundred year old talk a dam has already failed and led to flash flooding downstream heavy rains brought on by hurricane maria filled the lake behind the dam with too much water. around claims to have tested a new medium range missile in defiance of warnings from the u.s. state television broadcast footage of the launch as well as in-flight video taken from on board the rocket the missile is said to be capable of carrying several warheads over a distance of up to two thousand kilometers earlier this week u.s. president donald trump criticized iran at the u.n.
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general assembly washington says iran's missile test violate the spirit of a twenty fifteen nuclear deal between tehran and world powers. now to some of the other stories making news from around the world. armored cars and hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to one of rio de janeiro's most dangerous slums after an escalation in gang violence authorities deplored the military police to respond to the ricin with a villa after gang members ran paged through the streets shooting at buildings. hundreds of people opposed to catalonia is independence from spain have rallied in barcelona they were protesting the regional governments planned october first referendum on the issue earlier a judge ordered the release of six people arrested in a crackdown on the poll. british prime minister theresa may has called for a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the e.u. and signalled that britain would honor its financial commitments to the bloc mase
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comments came in a speech aimed at jumpstarting stalled brigs that negotiations she was speaking in florence italy of the. two bundesliga football and a shocker in munich last night byron were hosting a lowly wolfsburg and all seemed on schedule to are going bobbins shot was deflected into the net but poor goal keeping helped bring wolfsburg back that mistake plus a beautiful header by dan o'donnell in the eighty second minute meant a stunning two two draw for second place buyer. the draw in munich is good news for top of the table dortmund they play clock later today and hope to benefit further from at least one unsung player. newry shine hasn't just been vital to the change that development he's also profited from the most coach peter boss has made him a leader on the pitch and shot paid him back by scoring his first goal in two and a half years. despite the euphoria surrounding him he's keeping his feet
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firmly on the ground. we've only played five been does league a game so far that isn't much we have to try and win our game on saturday and that won't be easy we have to be on top of our game. dortmund love to play their namesakes at the ricin mentioned lap dog and have lost just one of the last ten encounters pierre emerick about me and has a knack of scoring against lap grabbing three in his last two home games against the foals something he and the team will want to continue. the feeling within the team is good you can see that the team trusts its abilities playing well and working well as a team all of that's important to win a game. unbeaten on the road this season during both of those games they'll be asking new signing mathias ginter how it's about all three points this time around he was
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a dormant for the past three seasons not to lose this and of course this of course we know it will be tough and daughter. will have to be a little in front of goal and make sure we convert the future answers that we have if we want to get a result. and bringing points back from dortmund that's what glasgow city to hacking will be expecting from his players. tensions on the korean peninsula in some countries are rethinking their decisions to send teams to the next winter olympics in pyongyang and junk chang excuse me the host city for the twenty eight hundred games is east of seoul and eighty kilometers from the demilitarized zone at the border with north korea winter olympics heavyweights austria today joined france and telling organizers that if the safety other athletes can't be guaranteed then they'll keep them at home. another month another north korean missile test tensions on the peninsula have seldom been higher
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and with the twenty eight thousand winter olympics due to take place in south korea in february that has some countries worried. austria has no said that it could pull out of the games if the safety of its athletes can't be guaranteed meanwhile france's sports minister told french radio station air t l that she is keeping a close eye on the situation and it will never put our team in danger they are aware of the situation we have asked them to remain focused on their objective and if things get worse and we qantas show their security the french team will stay at home and. put the sports governing body the i.o.c. is adamant that the slopes will see olympic action come february. these resolution can and will be an important symbol for the commitment to peace of the international community speaking now about different scenarios for the
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olympic winter games would send the wrong message it would be a message against our own belief in peace and diplomacy it's an admirable stance but withdrawals from winter olympic powerhouses like austria could eventually force the committee's hand. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. germany heads to the polls on sunday to elect a new parliament on glimmer girl is tipped to win a fourth term as traveller but the far right alternative for germany party is expected to enter the bundestag for the first time. don't forget you can always get the job you news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store. that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w.
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act to send us photos and videos. that's your news rock join us again at the top of the hour in the meantime you can check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching d.w. news. as long as. my messages do not go today nothing will ever change you know the banks mean huge fines and so was the language of
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