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tv   Reporter - Of Tidal Flats and Ballot Papers  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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nuclear deal. right before we go here's a reminder of the top story we've been following for you this hour. germany heads to the polls on sunday to elect a new profile months i'm glad merkel is tipped to win a fourth term as chancellor but the far right alternative for germany party is expected to enter the bundestag for the first time. that's your news wrap do join us again at the top of the hour and if you want more news right now you can always go to our web site that is d w dot com thanks for watching news. welcome to quadriga that. you thought you were reading this women's talk w. smart women. smart talks we've broken record smart station you'll
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find out what it's like w. me. she's long been a symbol of hope in syria i try to help people. on our side does she stand for change or the false facade of her husband's rule of terror. she believes in my projection that they are saving syria. the beautiful face of the dictatorship starting october first on d w. all of germany is in the throes of election fever all of germany. here on long and this one of the ten high like islands in the north sea people get more worked up
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about runaway around this election. to germany's parliament the bundestag are this sunday parties are not important here between the mud flats and the meadows here the issues are different from those in the rest of the country. but in the film. they. will. no. longer this is an easy to reach or even to see here in the middle of our picture that i like rises from the north sea barely. beats just a few meters above sea level so how like is not a normal island there are no dunes or dikes the sea floods the land regularly. almost everything has to be brought here by ship including the roughly one hundred ballots where the election. and the election campaigners if any come at all.
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has other worries one of his rams is premature interested in the female lambs. yes i need a shouldn't be gadding about. his place is with the others and i mean it's no good when he's already heading for the young shape have to put him on a leash. and be on as a hundred nine. but first get caught i will have to catch the lovesick gram. aside from sheep camo also takes care of vacation guests. only a few but they're still an important source of. he places high expectations on visits from politicians.
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to come here to conduct a little election propaganda. few residents really draws them is that these things get publicized. and when they are in the middle of everything . takes a big interest. will these expectations be fulfilled. how many candidates will make it to this harvick that's easiest to learn here in the school which doubles as the polling station. setting up the ballot box she summarizes the election campaign. was here. she visited us yes
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a lot of excitement no not really. but it was a pleasant day i accompanied her and told her about our worries and concerns it was good. during the summer politics takes a back seat on the how to this is vacation time children enjoy riding ponies and students from the state of hessen guide tourists from the region of swabian through the mud flats. lots of nature and just a few people most ferries sail past the heartache it's no surprise that the election campaign is subdued on long and as not a single election poster hangs here. the easternmost end of the how that flies a european union flag almost a political statement. no one paid us and wanted to run for the bonus time for the green party but didn't get its nod so he and his wife marina busied themselves with
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their farm. yard says most of the topics debated in the campaign don't affect people on the arctic like social justice. the. garlands don't really suffer from poverty or social injustice as does the mainland because we have no social housing or hot spots this is in the bronx or quite quite and so i think the people here don't have the problems that are being discussed in. the debates go right past us. problems that concern others we don't have them. things like problems with refugees. we see that there are problems but we don't have a real problem with this issue and it's obviously. made us and his wife took in a family of syrian refugees for a few months so some people here wondered if the strangers would fit in.
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which. they were definitely people ready to help the next door neighbors came over right away and asked what the people needed like clothes and there were a great number of people who didn't get involved what they might have said never writes about you know. no one said that might be the difference here but some were definitely opposed and wondered what do they want here of all places. is a crowd here. the how it is thinly populated so it's easy to avoid those you don't want to encounter. up here inside this family didn't trigger a refugee crisis. we didn't hear about anything any right. now i just think over this and i think it was a good experience for our children and for ourselves and i think also for the schooling. like. we can do it yeah absolutely so he would vote for america. this is so this is what he said yes i can do it yourself.
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i mean one hundred sheep still haven't come to an understanding. now i have to climb over the fence. now it's not working i have to calm things down here and then bring them their feet but then things will work out that's the alpha and omega. by. the holiday can neighboring like in the us. the only ways to reach it are by trolley on rails or barefoot through the mud flats. there's not much going on on long and this says it all and there's nothing at all.
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including no election campaign like of the election campaign that's a good one we don't have real election campaigns here on the holic islands i haven't seen any posters at least never on all and and not on mine unless either. where would you hang them coughing it's windy here lots of wind and rain i've never seen a campaign poster here. huntsman shirt is one of seventeen eligible voters on or not or under used to have its own polling station but now everyone votes by mail. what issues would actually affect this one square kilometer eyelet and certainly not security here people don't even lock their doors. no one cares enough about orlando even bother with it neither the chancellor nor mountings rules were here. no the free democrats. the green this is the left. you've been forgotten
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because i think if i got to know that we're forgotten i mean why go to great lengths for seventeen votes maybe a camera team at the most yeah. but only maybe the people of iran would be glad to present their picturesque church stand in front of the altar maybe talk about some of those problems that concern them. that's not really concrete what's concrete lee important to us is environmental policy in this need to do the dikes have to be raised or what's happening here in case of flood waters. i think is and things like that are relevant to us that's all the plastic stuff in the ocean we're confronted with it daily that does interest us less. and then i decided to you vote. as a kind of if i can only speak for myself that's what determines my decision. is that he wants a typical voter turnout here. in the one hundred percent. but what's not
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one hundred percent is agreement at least not unlike n.-s. the main other guy land here people do conduct political debates about the ocean and how much its level will rise. every house here is built on an artificial harel they're called war. in the fall when the storm tides come people hope that the war if they are high enough to protect people and livestock. the innkeeper and yet can always rather conservative but he's convinced that climate change has come to his holic. in the years i've lived here we've noticed that the ocean has risen. and also very interesting that the floods and winds are all more powerful more sudden and more aggressive. one person here doesn't believe the sea is rising green party member johan petersen
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of all people often the from the highest water level ever recorded on the northern friesian coast was an eight hundred twenty five we have to know that about one point two is the wharfs of the houses here this one is from one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and this house hasn't seen any water since then so that alone clearly argues against rising sea levels it's quite simply nonsense that. the people of long illness are good at arguing about that when they made and quite clearly in their right wing populists here to. only explicit political demand is at the gate to the cow pasture where someone is calling for resistance and to stop right wing populism. but why here. ok sometimes there are discontented people who have to shout it out but most people keep calm and then vote the way they want to. make
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a big deal about it. that makes. the loudest noises on law going to still come from the wind the birds. from that brash ramón get carlos patrick. and what will change here after the blunders talking lections this burning question is already been answered on the out of this. probably. democracy day d.w. whether business practices in swiss banks or irregularities in germany. government
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many injustices would never have come to light were it not for whistleblowers three courageous people tell why they spoke up and what consequences it had for them whistleblowers alone against the system next on d w. democracy day on d w a reporter has been in solitary confinement since february with no charges filed and no sign of release. tennesse child has become a symbol of press freedom under fire but the turkish president ever to want he's a political bargaining chip. how his friends and family are trying to secure his release hash tag three decks. in sixty minutes detail you. think saddam the stadium was sold out it was a really special event don't remember it all my life everybody have a dream. and you don't need to set up your brings up when you say do what you will
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not things are going well but we can still when it's. not the man police return fire munich into an international brand new. international brand. shared passion. an exclusive journey into the sun. the sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w and on mine.


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