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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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i asked d.-w. your questions about germany but again i had to manage they were not a plan for me and. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. this is d w news live from berlin it is the final day of campaigning for an election that could change germany's political landscape chancellor angela merkel has been on a last minute push for votes she has a strong lead in the polls if you are expecting a heart stopping finish with her main challenger martin shields
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a distant second all eyes are on which party will come in third also coming on to the both of you know that this is their work not only my parents work but also my grandparents thank god we're at least alive for solving the gezi three days after mexico's massive earthquake hit remote communities are still waiting for help to debbie visited one village that's taking itself out of the rubble. and iran says it launched a new ballistic missile that can carry multiple warheads over two thousand kilometers that's a sign of defiance against the u.s. . hello and welcome i met her meant it was good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel and her main challenger martin schultz are out on their final day of campaigning before germans go to the polls on sunday and while merkel has
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a comfortable lead in the polls she isn't taking any chances she's been meeting voters in her home district in northeastern germany pounding home her message one last time. chancellor angela merkel doesn't have to worry about keeping her campaign alive as she practiced the c.p.i. . and rates voters inch that are so and her constituency in eastern germany after all her conservatives have a healthy lead in the polls and merkel looks set to become chancellor for the fourth time. i think she has done a good job so far and that the results are tomorrow's general election will be pretty clear. but it's almost certain that the christian democrats might get enough votes to govern on their own. one possible coalition partner the free market free democrats their leader christian in the last campaign
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day pitching for a comeback the f.t. pay failed to make it into the bundestag in the last federal elections. merkel could also renew the current coalition with the social democrats who travel far behind merkel's party in opinion polls their leader martin schultz made a final push to sway voters at an energetic rally in african in germany's west on the eve of the rally schultz urged germans not to vote for the populist alternative for germany party nine by its german initials a f t arly founded four years ago the party is in a last minute boost in the polls it could end up being the third largest party in the bundestag these could be the first time a nationalist party has sat in germany's parliament since a nine hundred sixty s. . i find it very worrying in light of germany's history.
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i simply find it terrible. and although angle americal is confident of winning the actual make up of the government still remains wide open. joining us for more is political correspondent for spring gate thanks for joining us you know these latest polls they're giving merkel and the c.d.u. a huge lead is this really trust in merkel or in the studio it's a bit of both as you say the c.d.u. the christian democrats they're well ahead in the polls polling around thirty six thirty seven percent they're also getting better marks than say the social democrats for things like economic competence foreign policy. security policy those are areas where basically voters who are being asked about this is saying angela merkel's christian democrats are doing better at that than martin schulz is social democrats if you look at anglo americans popularity ratings you
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know she did have a dip last year and the year before but she's recovered she is hasn't quite got the popularity that she used to have but it really about half german voters would like to see her as the next chancellor so her popularity goes beyond party preferences so as i say it's a bit of both a lot of trust in her party but even more and. i think that the fact that she will be chancellor is not going to be a surprise to anyone tomorrow but these same polls are putting the a.f.d. the alternative for germany party at you know twelve thirteen percent potential that would definitely mean that they are in the bundesliga what would that be for germany it would mean a complete change in tone in parliamentary debates you're right they are polling the polls are diverging a little bit some of them have a temp a cent but it's going up to twelve percent. and i think we will see something like
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that level of support for the f.t. and that means they'll have sixty seventy eighty members of parliament. a large number of the candidates that we think are going to make it into parliament if the candidates are from the party's far right wing so you're going to have hardly. a nationalist implement you're going to have revisionists anti semites racists conspiracy theorists that's going to completely change the tone of debate in the german parliament real the national really what is bringing them so much success is there is it the refugee issue is it simply that you know after a long period of mostly grand coalitions this is the biggest protest vote someone can make well grand coalitions always tend to produce more support for the extremes the far left and the far right but i think it is the the refugee issue the the might of the migration crisis you know in terms of the profile that is the key area of policy they want to immediately close german borders to all migrants they want to ban minarets which is probably constitutional. they want
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a very hardline deportation policy in this feeds into the fears that some germans have of migration the anger that some germans had. chance america's decision to open germany's borders back in twenty fifteen and let in so many refugees that will certainly be one of the storylines to watch tomorrow thanks for joining us because you're welcome that. and as the campaign draws to a close ahead of sunday's elections i would think you might like to join us online you can get all of our coverage on our website dot com you'll find lots of content as well on our facebook page on our various twitter feeds just keep your eyes open for our hash tag germany decides do not hesitate to get involved tell us what you think you'd love to hear it.
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another earthquake has struck mexico the tremors were centered in the region of one haka in the southeast of the country there were also felt however in mexico city seismic alarms rang out across the capital sending residents and office workers out onto the streets rescue workers suspended their search through buildings destroyed by the larger quake that rocked the country earlier this week the official death toll from the disaster now stands at least two hundred ninety five w. is currently a team oyo has visited one of the communities south of mexico city where residents are still dealing with the aftermath. this is. a small village about one hundred kilometers southeast from mexico city the church here had to close its doors after the earthquake most houses are built with breaks made of matter and straw known as adult this make them specially vulnerable. knots of houses made of
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adobe have collapsed apparently were exactly on the earthquake fault line most houses here all wooden made of adobe. that is yes house was also completely destroyed she knows it will have to be torn down except to do that this is a huge loss for us emotionally too but now are even more united more than ever. our neighbor we got him out the us is still trying to salvage things of value from the rubble. we used to just have a roof may have these big dried leaves we brought down from the mountains. so when they finally got a tiled roof that was a huge improvement for our parents. and. the devastated house is much more than a loss for him. this is their work not only my parents' work but also my grandparents thank god we're at least alive. his daughter sania was
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born and grew up in this house. i was born here i lived in my childhood i have beautiful memories. now she'll have to help her father rebuild it government help has barely arrived in the perry ferry of mexico city the main help here comes from civilians among those arriving to help our students and teaching staff from universities and schools in other towns and cities look at it and we didn't want to stand around doing nothing we were planning to go to mexico city but then we noticed the villages in the countryside were much more a new. of our help so here we are. this village has never witnessed such distraction the people here were lucky they have been spared that they suffered in mexican capital. and here everyone hopes to have a home again. very soon and move on now to some other stories
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making news around the world elections in new zealand have produced a hung parliament and the national party took the largest share of the vote but prime minister bill english must now hold talks with a small new zealand first party to form a government and if those talks fail his main rival just into arder could form a coalition herself. tens of thousands of people have filled the streets of paris to protest president and manual mccall's labor reforms the demonstration was organized by mccall's far left rivals who said the reforms would harm job protections signed them into law on friday in a bid to boost growth and create jobs. but experts believe a shallow tremor measured near north korea's nuclear test site was from a natural earthquake and not the result of another nuclear test the china earthquake networks center had initially reported that the quake may have been caused by an explosion north korea has so far made no comment. iran
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claims it has successfully tested a new medium range missile it's not exactly clear when the launch took place but the announcement came just days after u.s. president donald trump sharply criticized iran's government and threatened to demand changes to the international agreements on iran's nuclear program. iran claims its latest medium range ballistic missile can carry several warheads as far as two thousand kilometers state t.v. showed footage of the launch from an unspecified location within iran. a day earlier the new missile was the star attraction at a military parade in the capital tehran a defiant president rouhani insists iran does not need permission to develop its missile program. the market whether the western powers want it or not iran will defend the world's innocence we will increase our defense power in any form we deem necessary as well as upgrading the missile systems we will also strengthen naval
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ground and air forces. u.s. president donald trump has already threatened to pull out of the existing u.n. agreement limiting iran's nuclear program but earlier this week at the u.n. trump delivered a scathing criticism of iran. iran says its rockets are not designed to carry nuclear weapons but the challenge is their trump will announce next month whether the u.s. is pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. well sports and saturday's bundesliga action where hoffenheim took care of business against felker nineteen year old dennis geiger opened the scoring early with his first ever but as the goal and then in time added onlookers rip finished the game off the two know when put off and i'm top of the table for another few minutes. now let's take a look at all the results so far on match day six there's the hoffenheim when
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leipzig down frankfurt mights snuck past her to and both stood out and borg ended without a goal on friday biron and both borg share the spoil surprisingly will show some highlights of that to you in a moment dortmund are taking on right now that game is it six one to dortmund why. to watch those highlights on the board just like a later tonight on sunday hanover clashed with cologne and faced amber. yeah i was we just mentioned byron munich dropped points on friday here is how it went down byron we're hosting only will sport and things are great for byron they want to know up after this delectable deflected shot from korean robot goalkeeping mistake. there it is help to bring both sport back of that mistake plus a beautiful header from daniel to davi which is going right now. read the volves captured a stunning two two draw away to find. all right we're about to go with his reminder
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of the top stories we've been following for you. she's been taking part in some last minute campaigning ahead of sunday's election she's tipped to win a fourth term as chancellor and her main rival moxon schultz is far behind her in the polls but the populist alternative for germany party is expected to enter the bundestag for the first time. and that's your news wrap join us again at the top of the hour in the meantime you can check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching the to be units coming. in. the whole d w o m one hour.


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