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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with d w. p. this is news live from girl a germany votes to elect a new government will it be four times in a row for angela merkel as chancellor her main challenger martine scholtz is hoping
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to pull off a shock victory but the chances are slim after a lackluster campaign. also coming up north korea ups the ante against the united states. foreign minister tells the un that an attack on the u.s. mainland is now inevitable. i'm sorry kelly a very warm welcome to our special coverage of the german elections the polling stations are open and germans are deciding whether angela merkel serves a fourth term as chancellor more than sixty one million people are eligible to cast their ballots and they are expected to deliver merkel a clear victory and the other result would count as a major surprise if she wins merkel will probably need to find a coalition partner to form a government and that is where the race gets interesting will there be another
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grand coalition with the social democrats or will she have the numbers to join forces with smaller parties. well for more now on the voting we have standing by for us nick connelly our correspondent who is ember len at one of the polling stations good morning to you nick how is turnout looking so far well good morning sara we're out here enjoying the weather in a resentful part of central berlin just a few miles down the road from the t w studios so far it's been a pretty slow start poser candidate that's about two hours ago things are slowly picking up now there are fears the because of people in marathon that's going on today that the turnout will be depressed just ten minutes walk from here streets of being shut off for the marathon so it may be more difficult than expected for people to get out to the polling stations having said that germany traditionally has a high turnout over seventy percent you know the last elections so that is still significant higher than in the us so the u.k.
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for instance. and we just saw live pictures there coming in we have to mention to our viewers that was actually martine schultz who was voting there of course the s.p.d. candidate the head of the party if his party you know gets a majority here he would presumably be chancellor but of course that the polls are not supporting that as a result nick where you are in berlin and we have to mention that that is just kilometers away from the heart of the german government here in the country. where how are voters there leaning who are they favored to vote for. so this constituency sara traditionally votes for the center left s.p.d. they've had this direct seat for the last few parliaments having said that the interesting thing to look out for this election in at least for this part of berlin would be the first vote the direct mandate as it's known in germany but the second vote german votes have two votes and it'll be interesting to see if they give their
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second vote to one of the big parties or one of the smaller parties they've been predictions we might even see six parties in the in this talk of these elections that that would be the interesting thing to look out for. and nick i know you can't see this but basically we are having now the moment where martin cast his ballot we can see that he is casting a paper ballot there he is about to drop it in to the box nick remind us how are most voters voting today is it in the form of these paper ballots as we are seeing here with martin jolts a speedy candidate well these suits additional form of voting is still the majority case for most voters but postal votes are becoming more popular every year it's estimated that the berlin at least about a quarter of voters have applied for postal votes i know i did it's very easy and it's a way to get the votes out for people who might be working we have other reasons not to expose today nick connelly with the very latest from berlin where many
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people are heading out to the polls today we will see if voter participation does indeed reach that seventy percent threshold as we have seen in previous elections nic thanks for your reporting. well if the opinion polls are right incumbent angela merkel will end up with a double digit lead over her challenger social democrat who we just saw there in that video martin shelves here's more on how an east german physicist came to lead europe's economic powerhouse. and good americans hand gesture has become a symbol of a brand of power driven by the assumption that. the mother of the nation knows best after twelve years as german chancellor the eve use longest serving leader is respected by allies and adversaries alike. and afraid to stand up to u.s. president donald trump when he questions the value base of the west side. and
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the times when we can't rely on others are somewhat over. machall at the height of her unlikely rise to power. when the east german physicist switched to politics after the fall of the berlin wall nobody expected her to ever come this far how much cause girl as the chancellor of reunification called her was initially surprised at her own success. in the final days of the last government of communist east germany did you ever imagine yourself becoming a minister here no absolutely not in the end. yet this was only the beginning of the political newcomer from the formerly communist east learned fast. it was she who sealed the fate of her political patron home after a party funding scandal. defying the male dominated dynamics of her own c.d.u.
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party she became its new leader and won her first term as chancellor in two thousand and five. angela merkel has a reputation of thinking things through to the end before she makes up her mind only her mind can change. when the fukushima disaster struck in japan she didn't hesitate to pull the plug on german nuclear power within weeks several reactors were taken offline. this changes things also in germany. machall falls through austerity measures in the midst of the financial crisis soon she became a hate figure in greece and across much of southern europe. but it was her well coming response to the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen that became the defining moment of her political career machall decided to go it alone without
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consulting her european partners. we can do it she won international praise for her humanitarian response now she's often called the leader of the free won't but her refugee policy has given rise to fall right populist small groups of protesters from the far right alternative for germany cloaked machall campaign the f.t. party is making a bid to go mainstream. so dealing with xenophobia populism a tome in germany may prove to be medical's next big challenge. and let's talk a little bit more about those challenges now we are joined in the studio by political correspondent brian times we were just hearing there a little bit more about the far right alternative for germany and their prospects for getting in the german parliament which appear to be good at this point how would that change the dynamic when we talk about the whole governing and process there in the parliament well it's already changed the dynamic of public discourse
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in germany of political discourse in germany as we have seen in this report the f.t. has sent protesters to all of narcos public appearances it's become a lot more raucous a lot more in some sense a lot more vicious than just the pub public dispute in germany and that's likely to be the case in parliament as well there will be a lot more vociferous opposition to the established party to the government and probably a lot less constructive criticism a lot less constructive cooperation in the processes of parliamentary work which can be quite onerous and quite boring and there is in fact some about large sections of this party whether they're even commit. to to that process they are entering into parliament knowledge through a democratic process but it's not clear whether they're actually want to be part of that so it seems as if some big challenges are really ahead for whomever governs
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which coalition option do you think it's potentially poised to deal with the a f t the best well some people might say what's based is the kind of thing that we've had at the moment a grand coalition a coalition coalition between the christian democrats the conservatives and the social democrats that would be a form of continuity of calm in a sense in the face of this destructive politics on the other hand the parties that have been participating in that grand coalition on really very interested in condition in continuing it at the moment and it might actually be better that the social democrats are the largest opposition party in parliament rather than the alternative for germany the rabble rousing right wing is. i think probably it seems very likely if there is numerical chance for another coalition that the grand coalition may be replaced with another one and voters as we mentioned right now having their say on that matter the political correspondent has brought with the
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very latest putting it all into context for us we thank you. and do remember that we will be live throughout the day bringing you all of the latest developments as they happen you can of course also follow them online on our web site that is dot com there's also plenty of content on our facebook page and on twitter just look for our hash tag germany decides to not hesitate to get involved and to tell us what you think. let's turn now to some other stories making the news because north korea's foreign minister has said that an attack on the u.s. mainland is inevitable just hours after the u.s. flew bombers close to north korea's east coast both sides have been increasing the tension over nuclear program this week using the u.n. general assembly in new york to deliver some remarkable verbal blows earlier this week u.s. president took to the podium and threatened to destroy the north korea now has
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addressed the gatherings of world leaders there at the u.n. . before and of for the second time this week the united nations podium was used to ratchet up the rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea pyongyang's top diplomat really young who slammed the u.s. president as a mentally deranged megalomaniac. out of money president trump himself is the one on a suicide mission. in the case that innocent u.s. lives are lost because of this suicide attack. will be held totally responsible. just hours earlier u.s. air force b. one b. bombers flew further north along the korean coast than ever before this century the pentagon described the flight in international airspace as a show of resolve and the military options at hand. for north korea all the more
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reason to pursue its nuclear program at the un foreign minister read defended it as the necessary answer to us aggression. the only response to violence is violence we will oppose the nuclear weapons of terror any with a nuclear weapons of justice. president trump took to twitter in response to reason dress writing that really a north korean leader kim jong un whom trump calls little rocket man won't be around much longer trump didn't spell out the substance of this threat. at the u.n. really also had harsh words for china and russia he accused the nuclear powers of offering irresponsible support for the u.s. with the economic sanctions hitting ordinary north koreans hard. these powers only want to defend their monopoly on nuclear weapons. meanwhile up to one hundred thousand people joined an anti american rally in the north korean capital on their
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banners a pledge to defend their leader with their lives. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world six people are reported to have been injured in a suspected acid attack outside of a shopping center in london police say that a group of males sprayed a noxious substance in the vicinity of the center causing the injuries one person has been arrested. in new zealand's general election no party has secured enough votes to form a government alone the vote was one of the closest in recent history with the governing national party securing forty six percent and the opposition labor party almost thirty six both parties are reportedly considering coalition talks with the controversial anti immigration new zealand first party which won seven point five percent. a quick reminder of the top stories that we have been following for you at this hour voting is underway in germany's parliamentary elections with incumbent
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angle americal posed to win a fourth term as chancellor her main challenger martine scholtz has just cast his ballot although he's unlikely to win he could still end up in government as merkel's coalition partner. you're up to date on d.w. news and don't forget you can stay with us for more german election coverage before that though we have football coverage from one of our europeans top top leagues top of the table dortmund in fact of were hoping to send out a message to the rest of the league find out how they fared in the bundesliga show that is coming up in just a few minutes with pablo fully and us. today. from . the w.'s program guide on the internet like
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