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cokie thanks mediums update tournaments and i could go on for hours but this new chinese about would you feel better check it out yourself and yet you get. to. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin on the about cold winds a fourth term as germany's chancellor but voters also dealt a blow to the country's main parties. we've emerged as the strongest party the c.d.u. with the c.s.u.
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. it's now up to us to form a government and no government can be formed against us it's a positive spin despite heavy losses for her party but she wasn't the only leader looking sheepish. bitch over there is that if i feel i have recommended to the s.p.d. leadership that we go into the opposition medical's main challenger multi-nationals concedes defeat after projected results indicate the worst ever showing for his center left social democrats. and a triumph for the upstarts of german politics the far right alternative for germany even though we have been given an electoral mandate and we will accept this electoral mandate with humility because millions of voters have given us their trust. all of tonight's results with analysis here in the studio and reaction from our correspondents around the globe.
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hello i'm terry march and welcome to g.w. special coverage of the german election. chance we're going to tackle has won a fourth term but it's been a bruising night for the country's main parties they've lost a lot of votes compared to the last election four years ago that's true for merkel's conservatives and also for the social democrats or center left coalition partners in the current government now both parties say they're going to work to win boaters back. joy and despair for germany's conservatives they lost significant ground this time around but chancellor angle america will still serve a fourth term she says she'd wished for a better result which is now set to form a new government. isn't starts the cuff we the c.d.u. and the c.s.u.
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have emerged as the strongest party we have the mandate to form a government and no one will form one against us. the social democrats are in shock after their worst ever result the so-called schultz effect a bump in the polls when party leader martin schultz declared his candidacy went nowhere he's now ruling out joining the new government but says he won't step down as party chair. i have advised the s.p.d. leadership that we go into the opposition soon we're all united in our decision. to take this step. with the s.p.d. out one of america's possible coalition partners is the pro-business free democratic party and they came back strong after a humiliating defeat four years ago the reform than before and the dear friends. before the last election period was the first in the history of our republic
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without the voice of the f.t.p. . and it should be the last. to give is on. hand the environmentalist greens are another possible key part of the governing coalition but only on their own terms. and. we will accept the invitation to talk but we will stick to our opinion. we want to change this country . we are not in politics in order to have power we are doing politics because we want to change something. one party that won't be in any coalition is the far right alternative for germany they had a historic night that saw them enter parliament for the first time but their relishing their role as the underdog and they are promising a seismic change in german politics. a seismic shift in german politics indeed all this has come at the cost of a stablished party's d w it is ken money has all the details i do and i have them
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in a way of numbers we talked about that seismic shift but looking at the core figures you wouldn't think so so do you coming in first with thirty two point eight percent of the vote that's nothing heart stopping we did expect that given the polls were indicating that that party would be in the lead followed very closely of course by the s.p.d. and as we've heard in the report doing absolutely terribly as far as previous elections are concerned then we have the left party the greens and the f.t.p. all smaller parties which have managed to get more than five percent of the vote which guarantees them a spot in the bundestag now for the f.t.p. it's particularly interesting because they did miss out on that opportunity in twenty thirty nine so this is a great comeback for them coming in strong a ten point seven percent of that vote and of course a party we're all talking about the alternative for germany the rightwing populist party here managing a strong thirty. percent making them the third largest party in the bundestag and
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of course they also missed out on that opportunity in twenty thirteen but they went back regrouped got so it's not just in the european parliament but they've also been able to secure thirteen out of the sixteen representation that you need in the state in the state governments here in germany and so this is how the numbers are looking and cumulated believe the other parties have been able to get five percent of that vote so this is the general vote will be looking at other figures as the night continues but. we did catch up with one of its lead candidates alice vital and she told us about what the party plans to do in parliament have a listen. well and the mandate of a parliament is scrutiny of the government the parliament the legislative has to scrutinise the executive and in recent years this is not been done and this is why we've been elected into the parliament now because without us it will no longer be possible to avoid this christian they were able to just rubber stamp policy through
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without having properly debated them in the parliament without having the parliament call for this kind of scrutiny. just doesn't go hand in hand with democracy and one of the things that you know platform is that you want to get rid of the right to asylum which is you know right for so long for refugees in germany you want to. just get rid of it we want to know. which is also the program of the c.d.u. it was in ninety one and you know what happened it's a party that just you know i got no core anymore they betrayed their own core values so it's absolute madness today we're calling what the c.d.u. called for thirty years ago. and you have to do this otherwise you have a situation like we have today where if you have a right to asylum that is actionable in a law that means that every sign seeker who didn't get proof can go to court
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and i quote to collapse in the thousands of new judges. well the strength of the f.t. has certainly come at the cost of one particular party and i'm just about to pull up those numbers just to show you what i mean the question has been where has the f.t. been getting the numbers you can see very clearly there one million strong being siphoned from the c.d.u. c.s.u. now the theory currently is that because of michael's very strong position on migration starting in twenty fifteen those numbers drifted to the benefit of the alternative for germany and as you can see the cd is not the only culprit here s.p.d. left greens and f.t.p. all losing votes to the f.t. so that's what my vote to migration looks like as far as where exactly these voters are concentrated well let's have a look at the mock of germany and it's very clear looking at the concentration so the doc of blue areas are present with this this support is strongest and it's
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pretty clear looking at this map that the east of the country is where their support is based and particularly this state right here saxony where one of their leaders is based and so obviously enjoying quite a bit of support in her own backyard and when we look at how this vote is distributed according to the east and the west of the country as far as the f.t. goes you can see as we mentioned there the east gallery quite a bit of votes for the a.f.p. compared to the west and you can also see how that breakdown works across the other parties as well now these are just the numbers but in order to digest them we need to have them explained and tell you about him luckily has all the answers for us thanks so much i don't really have all the answers but i've got some guests here who i think are going to have some good answers for us joining us now to talk about the a lot more or a political analyst tarek shaadi from berlin's humboldt university and christoph
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ingredion from berlin preen averse to you gentlemen thank you both for being with us christopher start with you talking about the f.t. it's a far. right party it's going to be coming the third strongest party in the bone to start entering it for the first time what can we expect from the f.t. well we've seen a few of their actions in the state legislators and i'm going to think that the tone is going to get rougher. they are very good at provoking discourse they are very good at torpedoing sort of business as usual. and there are going to try to use these very same tactics in the bundestag as well to what extent they will be successful. we will see. but i do also think that we may see some movement from other parties to try and accommodate the kind of. concerns that they may be raising when you say concerns what concerns are they
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raising so we do see two main thrusts of the argument one is of course the specific focus on migration and the other the very standard populist rhetoric of the centrist potties having abandoned the average german and to try and combat this of course the other parties may have to do a little bit more in trying to at least show some kind of political difference some kind of political disagreements so it may not just be them raising the stakes but also of the politics ok both the christian democrats and the social democrats have said they're going to try to reach out to if the voters and win them back as it were we will have to see how that goes tell us about the. success how did they come up with a showing thirteen percent in this election entering parliament for the first time
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how do you account for their success it's basically exactly the two sorts of appeals that we just heard about on the one hand there is this populist appeal the anti stablish mint rhetoric that plays out with voters who want to have a protest vote who want to shake up things were really dislike it's us against them up there this is their one side and the other appeal is really the anti immigrant and refugee positions that they take in where they represent a certain part of the electorate what about the individuals who are actually coming into parliament other are going to be scores of of a.f.d. representatives serving in the german bundestag now what kind of characters are they so what we generally know from new parties being successful or very much all of a sudden with much more people in the parliament and they expect that is that people aren't really used to the parliamentary process and so this is very challenging for a lot of people but with the f.d.a. . actually we will see a lot of people with kind of dubious backgrounds to put it mildly people who are
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have have said very clearly racist things who have been involved with neo fascist new nazi movements so this was going to be a very interesting bunch of new parliament ariens in the business and it will change political culture for sure stay with us so we're going to take a look at another report that will come back for some more talk going to medical has already ruled out working with the far right have tea party to form a governing coalition that leaves only one realistic option but bringing together the chancellor's most likely partners looks like it's going to be very challenging and that's putting it mildly. business business business that's what the free democrats in the pounds but they also staunchly support the airplane union and are now back in parliament after four years of absence you don't want him going for an do your friends the f.t. has become the third strongest party and it fights the european union and openly supports a nationalist ideology. the f.t.p.
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the liberal rule of law party with the european spirit is the clearest opponent of the a f d. the greens traditionally cater to well educated other nights that the other likely candidate for the governing coalition given the i know it was abstraction you'll accept the invitation to talk but you will stick to our opinion we want to change the country and we're not in politics in order to have power. we are doing politics because we want to change something we can't have a government without an idea about how to deal with climate protection and. every other option just won't work with the green party. the question of the hour is what will work for all of the possible coalition partners the business focused f.t.p.'s likely to struggle to find common ground with the greens pro environmental platform german chancellor angela merkel would have an easier time with just one partner
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like the far right alternative for germany but that's a move machall and every other german party has ruled out and the f.t. for its part is ramping up its rhetoric against the chancellor. of the as we are clearly the third strongest party the german government whatever way it is formed should dress warmly. we will hunt them. we will hunt mrs miracle or whoever we will take our country and our people back again . so we go in. and promise is like that only on the school the importance at the coming. home or university and christoph nguyen from versity are still with christoph chancellor merkel's c.d.u. c.s.u. faction in parliament still the strongest part of parliament there but they can't
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govern alone they're going to have to look for coalition partners do you think that chancellor merkel will be able to cobble together a coalition she has to write what i don't think anyone wants another election. the s.p.d. has very clearly said that they are not willing to go into another grand coalition so they have to make it work to what extent this is possible the next couple of months will show. compared to other coalition. negotiations this will take a lot longer i think than what we have seen so far america has already said she gives herself at least until christmas but i do think maybe the disagreements but tween the f.t.p. and the green party may not be as problematic as maybe actually disagreements between the green party and the system because of course we keep talking about three party coalitions but really it's kind of a three point five or even four party coalition with a seat as you so to what extent that can be rectified. i'll be interested to see
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ok it is kind of complicated talking about four way negotiations here michael c.d.u. party the c.s.u. sister party to the c.d.u. either down and varia they are considered to be more conservative than the c.d.u. and we have been possibly the free democrats proof business free democrats as one coalition partner and the greens are environmentally friendly greens coming into it up putting these together must be very difficult what do you see as the main hurdles tara it is going to be really difficult but i think from everything that we've heard and seen today they really want to do this so i think we will i'm pretty sure we will end up with this government coalition in the end and especially you can see how these parties have campaign so the green party has really focused on their core a nice issue which is the environment the f.d.p. has basically only campaigned on and then there is their front runner so this
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should be more able let's say than if the greens had campaigned on immigration more strongly where they have a bigger rift between them and this you so if the greens come out with one precise policy proposal like the end of the combustion engine then they could really sell that to their supporters ok gentlemen thank you so much for coming in and talking with us so late in the night so early in the morning depending on how you look at it shaddy from berlin home of university and christoph i'm going in from berlin spray a diversity thank you. well as we heard her or plenty of open questions to be dealt with in the days and weeks ahead is germany's parties try to settle on the shape of a new government and for now let's go back over to it is for some of the other stories making news around the world. well yesterday that's absolutely right and we wouldn't waste time let's get right to it iraq iraq's kurds will move ahead with an independence referendum now the regional government president says their partnership with baghdad has failed and there is no other option western powers
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have urged kurdish authorities to stop the non-binding vote saying it distracts from the fight against the so-called islamic state. police in the u.s. state of tennessee say one woman has been killed and several others injured after a masked gunman opened fire in a church there hailing the actions of a church who helped fight off the assailant the motive is not it's clear. the feud between the u.s. president donald trump and the professional sports world intensified on sunday a some american football player has refused to stand during the national anthem some of fleets started the protest more than a year ago as a protest against racial prejudice now president trump has called on the n.f.l. to stop the practice. the trumpet ministration will impose fresh travel restrictions for additional countries according to a white house statement both korea and venezuela have been added to the original
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mostly muslim majority to lift the new restrictions will take effect next month. we take you now to terry much inform all on the german election thanks so much. are a lot of stories of course happening in the world right now but here in germany the focus is obviously on the election it's also getting a lot of attention from other countries the whole world one could say is looking to germany right now to see what sort of government is going to be coming in the tubes let's get some reaction now from across the atlantic our washington correspondent causton phenomenas standing by for us there coston in a reaction from the u.s. capital you. well xor to have been quiet a few reactions yet to no tweet from donald trump at least not on the german elections the president as we've just heard has been busy with other topics like
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immigration and most of all where the his ongoing battle with u.s. sports stars he has called for the firing of a number of players from the national football league the american football league there an old saw picked a fight with a number of sports stars from basketball and baseball league so that's the big story here the most prominent politician reacting to the german election has been senator john mccain of foreign policy experts he congratulated uncle america and called the german u.s. relations critical and strong and he said those must remain strong but there has been no official white house statement no statement from the state department the american foreign ministry another person that has reacted is run a lot of the world jewish congress and he called a true friend of israel and the jewish people and he criticized the if the the
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right wing a fifty saying it's a graceful reactionary movement which recalls the worst of germany's possible these the main reactions here in the us so far of course the media have covered the results and they have focused on mainly two or three issues first of all americans would remain chancellor secondly the a of d. would be in the parliament as the third strongest party in germany now and the third points but only in papers really for politics bobs is the question what is the jamaica coalition because that's of course is quite confusing for americans that i'm going to mackinaw has to deal with a number of parties to form a government but the most important message under the americans will stay and that is seen as a sign of stability cost and thank you so much to his constant phenomena talking to us from washington. let's get the view from moscow now
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is yuri rachet who is standing by for us there yuri any reaction from the kremlin yeah hi terry we don't have any official reactions from the kremlin but we do you know what people on the streets of moscow are saying most of those we told to saturday are satisfied with the main result of that until america won this election and they argue that the german chancellor stands for stability stability not only in germany and europe but also stability in the german russian relationship also people seem to like america as a mediator in the russian ukrainian conflict and of course everybody realized that the far right party is now getting to the gym and going to stock which raises concerns in moscow. but actually the f.d.a. got to tell them and so obviously the german people and they need to be listened to but they want to see the right wing party that's another series in the history of good and we know how that turned out in the court so they need to be. anything new
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hasn't been tried out yet so it's an experiment and no one ever knows how experiments will end up with so many people into the country it's hard to believe it's awful she must go. to lection will stabilize the relationship with russia. i hope for a friendly relations with germany for relations to be restored. both of our countries really need that. i'm glad that merkel won she is a strong leader and is leading germany on the right path. if michael's chancellor now the nothing new will happen it will be the same old song the same old relations with nothing good will come of it you will. ok you very well it's clear that america is probably well it's clear that she will run the next government but we don't know exactly what that government is going to look like what is the putin
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government in moscow looking for from the incoming german administration. well i think it's to simple to say moscow wants to disrupt the good german government things to the d. for example the kremlin mike to be now somehow satisfied that until america is forced to change policies because of the i d but moscow doesn't recognize americal as arguably the most influential politician in europe it has to deal with yes it's true that russians have recently had to direct contact to the d. but you can see you can see moscow has been only keeping in touch with the deep president putin met with the social democrats in my gabrial the german foreign minister he also welcomed to various state premier house a home for two allies in the last two years and here is see that the christian democrats and the americal german cut chancellor and he's somehow us and such is so alternately what russians want is dialogue to be recognized as an equal partner and
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russians are not interested in a weak germany they want to strong germany because of a very strong german russian relations theory thanks so much they don't use your ear shatter they're talking to us from moscow. well politics is very interesting dominating the headlines of the moment but there's a lot more going on in the world too including sports back over the it's more than thanks terry and it is my absolute pleasure to tell you that nearly forty four thousand competitors hit the streets in germany's capital of berlin and that was for the berlin marathon on sunday with kenyans and this is why i'm so happy winning both the men's and women's races fleets were up against four conditions which made it tough for the top male athletes who were aiming to break the world record of just under two hours and three minutes. won the men's race for the second time in his career but missed a new record by more than thirty seconds his compatriot ciaran zero one the women's
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race in just over two hours and twenty seconds. in case it wasn't clear i am very much kenyan or you watching the news from berlin we do have more coming at the top of the hour right terry that's right no forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's at the w. don't call well we'll leave you with the winners and the losers of germany's big election night thanks for watching. i thought. that i was. are
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all i'm. doing fine. was. election victory number four. on till america remains john he can sum up. her political career began in one thousand nine hundred nine when the berlin wall
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fell and unforeseen high stopped. from physicists to the most powerful woman in the world on a hill america a fortress. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine. let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom a voice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. his new
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multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. it tells us stirring stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile a. magical images and emotions that none of us. know the magazine every weekend on d w. even when she's in the limelight uncle america's never keen on taking center stage the german chancellor prefers to avoid the public displays of power enjoyed by many of her contemporaries but despite her reticence for more than
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a decade i'm going to be my.


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