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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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seventeen beethoven c'est gone from september and october first. this is date of leaving his life from both and i get a makeover against a tough task of building a government despite suffering historical losses she says all the potus have a responsibility to fold a stable job a coalition to speak to form a potus
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a social democrats but she may have to do it with that to other parties who have a very little income and then i just will she deal with this. is to deny it i'm sorry but our view is we need new policies one million foreign people have been brought into this country and they are taking part of this country away from us the hey if he does not want this be enough been elected to address these policies head on. that is far right i'm david going to have to use their first news conference since they're studying election that results to promise to shake up politics. i'm still guy welcome to the program germany's election campaign was often called dull by the results of print to be anything but my circulation that builds newspaper even calling it a politico. earthquake i got america will stay on this chance of
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a better seeding you and the other big party and the outgoing coalition of social democrats have suffered historic losses a new coalition government and will be needed to move forward and far right i have to start writing major gains that have earned them seats in parliament for the first time. following those historic losses the chancellor gave a news conference a short while ago she said her party would be casting our wide net when it comes to prospective coalition partners we will be. having exploratory talks with the f.d.p. and the green party but also with the s. he. does because i believe it is important that germany have a strong this stable home and government i have them and heard what the esky disposition is but i believe it's important to stay in a dialogue and when this was. so let's take a look at the results then the story of this election has been heavy losses for
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germany's conservatives the c.d.u. c.s.u. block their former coalition partners the social democrats came in a second on twenty and a half percent c.d.u. of course getting thirty three percent as you see that left party doing not badly just under ten percent the greens are just under nine percent the f.d.p. celebrating their return to the german parliament the f.d.p. have been in the past in coalition with the c.d.u. and the fact they missed out on they are being in the bundestag four years ago was a major political earthquake here in germany. the big political quake of though is the arrival of the a f d a twelve point six percent of the vote they talk they have taken and they have between them the others managed just over one percent so who
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was up and who was down let's scoot through those then they c.d.u. in the c.s. you scored big losses on the night or eight in the half was sent down for the c.d.u. in the c.s.u. the s.p.d. down five point two percent a little later in the program we'll look at where those votes awareness is really quite interesting left party not a bad night for them up just under one percent or greens just over a half percent f.d.p. doing out well just on the six percent and of course as i say the big story of the evening the a.f.d. just under eight percent between them the others had just the votes there fell by three percent how will that translate then into seats well let's take a look so in black you've see the cd you and the c.s.u. with there are about two hundred forty six seats the s.p.d. also with a reduced number of seats on one hundred fifty three the biggest party then the
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newcomers the a.f.d. with ninety four seats f.t.p. with eighty seats and the greens doing well with sixty seven. coalitions that's what it's all about well the first go at forming a government that goes to the c.d.u. and the c s u the machine isn't working what will happen though is the c.d.u. c.s.u. world have a go at forming a coalition oh it's now it starts to work where it let's just clear that and try that better so the c.d.u. has a first crack at trying to form a coalition and there you see there at the entry point the. they have majority appoint if they get in bad as it were with the s.p. day as has which is a coalition run germany for the last four years that would do very nicely also said
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that is not going to happen the most likely coalition partners therefore are the greens so adding their sixty seven seats and the f.t.p.'s that eighty seats would take that would be a coalition that would give the give the chancellor a working majority the greens have said that they're keen the f.d.p. have said we'll think about it ok so let's get more analysis then of the state of german politics with d.w. our political correspondent to hans branch welcome hans everyone now assumes that there's going to be this three way coalition the c.d.u. the f.d.p. and the greens. the s.t.p. said no yesterday today martin short saying well if i'm going to be i'm going to talk to so might that happen. well as we've just seen numerically such a grand coalition between the two largest parties is certainly still possible and that's what's being governing germany for the last four years the social democrats
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have said they do not want to re enter such a coalition is practically the first thing that martin short said after the first results wealth last night he's made it very clear in the last almost twenty four hours that. his party is not interested in that that they want to go into opposition obviously if the chancellor coles you will answer the call and you will then talk to her and presumably he will say well we have nothing to talk about to at least not about coalitions however there is some vague charges that all of this is tactical that audience shows as being pressure rising into that coalition between the conservatives the greens and the free democrats the market liberal democrats and these talks as we all know are going to be very very difficult if they should fail and that is going to take weeks if not months to decide if they should fail and i'm going to macro should come begging back to the
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social democrats possibly then the social democrats might be in a very strong position and might be able to make much stronger demands about a new edition of the grand coalition but this is all speculation at the moment there's no indication that that is in fact the strategy that they're following so a little c.d.u. still the biggest party in the in the buddhist time though they have lost a number of seats how damaging is this so her. well she said she remains chancellor so not since she's continuing her policies she's going to. ensure a kind of stability political stability but of course she has to reestablish her political base here in germany her domestic political base in and that means she has to build a coalition that will be able to work that will last for the next four years that's a really tough task at the moment because of these small party with whom she has to
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deal to have very significant policy differences between them and to get them all at one table to agree on particular issues that each party obviously has to bring into such a coalition each party has to be given as it were some reward for joining such a coalition but the reward for one party cannot be unacceptable to the other party so it's that kind of. bickering that's going to go on all say negotiating let's call it that's going to go on it's going to be very difficult let's call it to go setting has problems with it and i thank you so as we've heard the big bombshell of election night that was the performance of the far right anti immigrant a.f.d. party they held their first national news conference this morning but there was unexpected drama as one of them made the destructor petry said she would not join the parliamentary group and then walked off. just one last word because i think on
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a day like this we should be open to the fact that there is also sometimes disagreement within our own party. and we must not be silent on this because you have to as i said we are supporting you know and it ate the air fifty in twenty thirteen and until twenty fifteen i don't want to be a part of government asked path is possible it is still my ambition might. some people have called us and. i was kind of you know and this might mean that people always thought we'd be ok and in opposition but people don't really expect that we could be in government this is not what i want i want. to be a part of government. i want to pursue a conservative they are politic. and after long concentrations i have decided that i personally will not be a part of the a.f.p.
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parliamentary group and the german bundestag. and please. i ask for your kind understanding not sure ask any questions about this i will be available in the entrance hall if people ask questions there i think my colleagues here on the parliament on this podium and now i'm going to leave the room thank you. not only. does i think. this in the newspaper if i see this photo i don't think this is very fair behavior looks into things and it would it's not really fair reason we fear journalists who are using this podium after the federal press conference and then you just disappear. without there she went let's get more from sue we saw a scandal so we're enshrouded in eastern germany where support for the after is quite strong. hi phil that's right you know support here for the f.t.
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is pretty strong that the second largest party after the vote yesterday with eighteen percent of the vote you do have to say that means though that eighty two percent of people here in the state did not vote for the a.f.d. we were talking to voters today about what they thought of the results yesterday and the majority said they were appalled that a far right party is now going to be entering the born to suck but mixed voices that we heard on the streets today i hear some of them. if this new multi-party coalition works out is i don't want definitely be something different i get the impression that people just want something new instead of another grand coalition was like i've always been very happy with miss marco she's a calm and rational chancellor so i guess we'll have to see what happens now because i'm sure it will be very tricky. trying to feed the new boss with a credible because let's just say the i.f.t. tell the truth. previously you couldn't say what you really thought because you would immediately be labeled right wing just because you had a different opinion of like thank you so much and so i think it's really good the
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support. i'm not right wing but i want to be able to say what i think. so those who are there we did find a few voices of people who said they cast their ballots for the a.f.d. and they were happy to do so but the majority of people saying this is a bad sign for germany they're worried about the future one man told me he thinks that germany could be drifting towards where america is with donald trump right now here and certainly i wonder how much economics is played a role and they have to be success there because this is a region that has stagnated since the collapse of the east in germany. yes so you're right you know we've heard from a lot of analysts that economics haven't played a big role in this vote that's not what we've heard here we've spoken to so many people who say that east west divide is still something very real it's not a remnant of history something they live every day their salaries are not as high they are struggling even with full time jobs a to get by with their pensions and that was a deciding factor for a lot of people here in choosing to vote for the f.t.
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or for the other side of the spectrum for the left party and what was it that they embrace the i have to say and it's on its policies as that gentleman the best seem to be saying or was it that they wanted to register a protest vote against the others. well thought i think it's important to say that the f.t. self has admitted that a lot of their votes have come from protest voters to so to say in fact the public broadcaster aired you had a poll out last night where they talk to voters and sixty percent of them said they wanted to send the mainstream parties a message and that's why they cast their ballot for the far right populist party that being said the f.t. also represents a platform for people who feel like their views conservative right wing maybe even alter right wing views haven't been represented in the passenger many particularly as chancellor merkel has moved her own party of the c.d.u. formerly conservative now more and more towards the middle and so there are the voters who have come to the f.t. because they are convinced that this is the right party to represent conservative
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perspectives within germany to assume some risk on the finance thank you so much. i don't get you can always get the w. news on the go just download it from google player from the apple store i will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to send us the photos and videos in situ up to date on how football for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course is always the website that's d.w. dot com have a good day. story so that people the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. when i'm traveling i like to be comfortable.


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