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for what we are worth the family unbelievable. to me a son mia phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a sunny. this is d. w. news live from berlin tonight the day after in germany a politically weakened chancellor angela merkel begins the top task of building a new government she's ready to talk to former partners of the social democrats but they've already ruled out a return to government that could mean merkel working with two parties who have
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little in common also coming up the rise of the far right the alternative for germany is now but third largest political party in parliament we'll hear from our correspondent in the east of the country where the a.f.d. performed best and a vote for kurdish independence a referendum could pave the way for talks on an independent kurdistan as the counting begins people are celebrating despite warnings that freedom could be met with fuel. i'm bored off it's good to have you with us we begin with the fallout from the german election tonight the longest serving leader in the western world is politically wounded and the doors of parliament are now open to a far right party chancellor angela merkel today began the search for
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a new partners to build a government now this will be her fourth term as chancellor but her support has dropped significantly she's expected to seek a deal with two unlikely bedfellows the pro-business free democrats and the greens all of this with one very big elephant in the room a far right party entering germany's parliament for the first time in sixty years. nothing in the german parliament will stay as it was behind the scenes power plays and party leaders sounding each other out the first bombshell came from the f.t. as one of the leaders of the far right party walked out of its news conference. i have decided not to be part of the f.t.'s parliamentary group but to sit independently in parliament for the time being. it's. petrie is unlikely to be the last in the f.t. to distance themselves from the extreme right elements within their own party but
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chancellor angela merkel is facing bigger problems after the social democrats ruled out forming a grand coalition with her conservatives the three way partnership with the business friendly liberal democrats and the environmentalist greens seems the only possibility even if it's all smiles in public their political outlooks remain worlds apart they are likely to demand a heavy price for making any compromises meanwhile the bavarian christian socialists the c.d.u. sister party are also threatening to quit their alliance with merkel's conservatives unless their demands are met. in my view it's absolutely essential that we set out a clear commitment to stemming the influx of refugees in other words a cap on numbers. that's what we've promised people. the f.t.p. and the greens are unlikely to go along with any cap on refugees it almost seems as
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if the chancellor is already missing her old coalition partners in the s.p.d. . clinks we will begin having exploratory talks with the f.t.p. and the greens. but i would like to add also with the s.p.d. because it is important that germany form a strong stable government. after them ring at the polls the social democrats are looking to reinvent themselves the last thing most members want is a rerun of the last government with on the macro. if she wants to call me she can i think that since the so-called elephant round of talks yesterday she has better things to do with it on thinking call others. the new parliamentary groups will come together for the first time on tuesday the power plays just getting underway. and how exactly the new german government shapes up will that is being watched carefully in brussels berlin remains hugely influential in the european union but
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some officials are concerned about the influence that. could have moving for no one in the european parliament is exhaling just yet although chancellor merkel will likely remain in office her position is weakened lawmakers in brussels are deeply concerned about the strong showing of the far right in germany's election. experience has shown that such a right wing radical party can really poison the discourse. that's what we've seen with ukip the u.k.'s pro breaks it party it had no members in parliament but still managed to turn the debate toxic if you discuss issues in france you have marine le pen weighing in and it will be the same with the f.t. in germany unfortunately. the pedant. it was the same story in the netherlands when far right populist jews strong support in that country's recent parliamentary
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elections dutch lawmakers say german voters sent a similar signal the signal that i saw from the german elections is really that no one is immune to change and there is more fragmentation in germany while the center is still strong. i think we have to be mindful of what the far right is going to do the german green party's foreign affairs spokesman says this is a wake up call on the future of the e.u. . with this three pronged alliance between brussels paris and berlin we have a window of opportunity to take the initiative to bring the e.u. closer together but berlin has to be willing to play along. which being a voice with the far right is growing support in europe it may compel the e.u. to pay closer attention to the concerns of all europeans. i'm joined now here by our chief political correspondent melinda gray. of the different world than it was twenty four hours ago it seems like both and indeed we ushered that big transition in the new well you're quite a nice let's talk about the far right they look set to have some ninety seats in
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the new parliament in the buddhist target i mean that's a significant number how much power with will they wield and do they have enough members or people who are qualified and competent to sit in parliament well great questions the fact is are they even going to be one block normally parliamentary groups have a certain amount of cohesion we've already seen a major a.f.d. leader saying today she doesn't want to join the parliamentary group because essentially she thinks that the people in the party many of them are not serious enough about real policy making and that is the big question with this party many of its voters and many of those who put themselves on the list to be elected are essentially they are out of protest they want to send a clear message to established politicians and parties saying they are not happy with germany's. approach to migration they want a limit on migration they want to deport migrants who are here but is that enough
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to carry them through in parliament that is going to be the big question and there are enormous divisions within this party yeah i mean it makes you wonder too if they're just there to protest will the party fall apart whence it gets down to having to do business in legislators isley merkel the chancellor she has to build a new coalition to build build a new government and she's got some unlikely bedfellows to deal with pro business f.t.p. and the green she's facing lots of divisions herself also starting with of her own party we're seeing a lot of pressure now from the more conservative the varian sister party for her to go in a certain direction that would surely not be aligned for example with their own one of those prospective coalition partners the greens the greens quite liberal on a number of matters including migration if the chancellor was under pressure to move further to the right could make it hard to find agreement these three potential partners are going to be taking out their programs and seeing where there are possible areas of compromise and where there are pretty deep divisions and one
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of those divisions there a critical will be for example on approaches to european union integration the business friendly free democrats have made a lot of noise about wanting a much less integration friendly policy than either the chancellor or the greens lean to that for example could torpedo good cooperation with the new president of france manual mac aw the chancellor was looking to work with him that may be very difficult with that kind of a coalition if she can even get there i mean there's so much horse trading going on right now will we even have a new government come christmas and if not dare i mention the words new elections very problematic she was asked last night could we can we get there by christmas she expressed optimism but it is a very open question and there truly are there a deep differences between these. parties now some of that may have been tactics during the election campaign it's possible that the free democrats may roll back on
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some of their or more difficult statements nonetheless if they can't hammer out a coalition new elections is normally what happens in a parliamentary system the thing is no established party wants to see that happen because if they look incompetent that could drive even more voters into the arms of the far right a f d so a lot of pressure on everybody it seems to be clarifying minds to some degree but it's very early days this is going to be a long tough process linda green political correspondents another long day the insights the human. well the if he did especially well in eastern germany that's also the part of the country that gave rise to the anti islam protest movement known as peta w.'s fabienne funded mark is in the eastern city of dresden tonight where a big need a demonstration is underway he's innocence report. here right at the market place
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where the movement is meeting this movement against the so-called islam is ation of europe as they call themselves and when you look behind me here you can see people with german flags but there are also clearly right wing extremists among them there are people and groups that are observed by german services racists right wing extremists but when the speaker here came to the stage he welcomed everyone we are the resistance and this is the capital of the resistance and they clearly support the a.f.p. when they was when they spoke about the a.f.p. result the end tires square behind me scream a f t f t these are just about four to five thousand people but they clearly support the far right a.f.d. and the speakers here on the stage today said since yesterday those people their voices would have an arm in the parliament with a f.t.
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. that was falling from the mark they're reporting from dresden well the political uncertainty here in germany following those elections has financial traders on edge daniel me they don't like the news do they know really in trading on the blue chip stock index the dax was quite restrained today brant the longer coalition talks run the more uncertainty for business whatever the outcome companies here hoping for a quick resolution but that's not the only thing worrying business leaders in germany. shocking that's what folks bogen c.e.o. mathias miller called the far right parties entry into the bonus time thanks. to the test he and other business leaders are calling for the rapid formation of a new government. and what's important for us irrespective of party politics is that it doesn't take too long to conclude coalition talks the very difficult negotiations but they have to agree on
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a forward looking program so that business is aware which conditions will apply in the future will be crucial to. the federation of german industry is the b.t.i. wants to avoid damage to germany as a business location it's calling on the government to provide a three hundred million euro investment package saying companies need clear signals germany's chambers of commerce and industry are making similar demands. the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement or investments with three focal points investment in education in a modern infrastructure and in spaces for entrepreneurial activity. our country lives off ideas and the work of businesses and their employees. those are resources. another important focus is continuity and that's just what chancellor angela merkel is providing with
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a fourth term in office according to door to bank bank executive say her experience and rational approach to governing could help germany and the european union move forward in the coming years. so we've. rated than others i asked the president of the european school of management on technology here. if he shows the worry that long coalition talks will impact businesses. obviously it will take time therefore potus that have to come to a conclusion on where to go at the same time the economy is doing well all the parties have a rather stable view on what needs to be done the differences are also by international standards not too big so therefore i think there's no reason to worry . evelyn's supervisory board has given the go ahead to further acquisition talks today the bankrupt line is meeting with love tons and easyjet discussions are
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giving hope to eight thousand employees whose livelihoods are on the line a deal for the future of air berlin is taking form the bankrupt airline stated after a board meeting on monday negotiations with lufthansa and easyjet are being held until october twelfth. comedy. considering the difficult situation i'm relieved to say that after our negotiations we are on the way to achieving good job prospects for around eighty percent of our colleagues are terrible in with our bidders in the name and. so finn's and technical details will be thrashed out in the coming weeks and any final deal will need to be approved by european regulators at stake are the carriers one hundred forty least aircraft coveted landing and takeoff slots at german airports some prime berlin real estate and the livelihoods of thousands of employees easy jet is
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only interested in parts of the passenger airline while the town's a spade includes austrian airline nikky as well for sale she generates some three hundred fifty million euros two hundred million of which will come from love tons of that's good news for the german taxpayer because the one hundred fifty million euros in bridging modes provided by the german government can be paid back in full . american stocks slid it downwards in monday trading that's with diplomatic tension increasing between the united states and north korea u.s. president double trump said the country's leader kim jong un wouldn't be around much longer north korea replying but it has the right to take countermeasures and claiming the u.s. has been directly declared war on the country. so if he is on wall street force so vague comments from north korea have made some investors cautious. yeah well even if chums might say now that he didn't
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declare war on north korea it is not him to decide how he is going to take this comment but it is on north korea and if they heard war they will act accordingly and this is exactly what investors on wall street are worried about right now so it was on the white house press secretary this monday to explain that the u.s. has not declared war on north korea even adding frankly as a suggestion of that is observer so investors still look at those was quite some discomfort and you could indeed see this in the stock prices today on monday at the same time the commons viola's safehaven acid so far favored by investors in times of crisis the price for all example was rising and so did the yen investors looking to safety that the big story here in germany as we've heard all day is of course the election results here what has been the reaction on your side of the atlantic what investors care about two things uncertainty and instability and the results of
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the german election showed exactly this uncertainty and incivility as the results show how toin the german population is so now investors are asking themselves what is this right wing movement going to change regarding germany's role on the international stage and also if the free democrats party is going to be apology of the coalition this might mean some instability for the eurozone economy let me quote its chief economist lucille carroll anyone who might have thought that the european political risk head disappeared will have a rude awakening now and on top of that some investors think that this result might even change the e.c. these plans to end their money is similar so it seems like a big mess for investors on wall street right now so if each man's can york thank you very much. and now brent's talking breakfast's is exactly right daniel thank you britain and the e.u. returned to the negotiating table today and it comes just days after britain's
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prime minister to resign may give a keynote speech in an attempt to revive the stalled brics it talks but the frustrations are still apparent the chief negotiator michel barnier said the e.u. would not discuss means call for a two year transition deal until progress is made on issues such as money and citizens' rights while his british counterpart david davis reiterated the need for those issues to be discussed at the same time a lot at stake here our very own correspondent barbara visa was in brussels she's been following those negotiations between the u.k. and the e.u. closely for a long time it seems like barbara good evening to you david davis all right he was confident in his statement what were his main points on the eve of this fourth round of negotiations. his main point really friend is a nice little line and blackmail because as we just have heard he said series a may
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in florence in nouns that britain would obey and sort of. honor its obligations however money would not be talked about before the negotiations had reached the end around and that is the round where the talks in turn to the future off the relations between the european union and great britain and we are absolutely not there yet so no money from from david davis forthcoming until the e.u. moves forward the talks so that is not exactly what barney would call a constructive attitude. michel barnier you said the e.u. and i'm quoting here is keen and eager to understand how to resume a speech will translate into the negotiations i mean is there still too much confusion on key issues even after that speech that the british prime minister made last week. you want the e.u.
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ones and what michel barnier once the chief negotiator is facts and figures he wants really hard and concrete proposals on the table and not lofty speeches and a lot of rhetoric and none of that has been forthcoming as so far from the british side and he of course friend had his own little bucket of cold water to pour over proceedings as we have just heard when he said that the talks would not proceed to the interim the transition agreement before the divorce was settled so what we see here is that to negotiate is going in circles and if this is moving to the same arguments over and over again this is a game of chicken the question is who blinks first my guess would be not me show barney and barbara you know a question just watching what's going on in the u.k. do you think that theresa may in her government are they paying enough attention to
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these negotiations. if you look at it from a brussels perspective the answer is a clear no because policymakers here in the european union have the strong impression that to resign may her party and her cabinet and the tories amongst themselves are still talking to each other and sort of just going around and around over the same arguments without ever reaching a conclusion and they also feel that the enormity of what is supposed to happen you know hasn't really reached the government because the deal between the e.u. and britain would not be threshed out in one long summit night and second point bryant is. not at the last moment come in to save britain particularly not after the elections that we have now seen in germany so it deal needs to be reached at the negotiating table and that means bums on seats and facts and figures in files on the table and we don't have any if that sounds like a
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a mother's experience there steve b. in your voice. on this story for us tonight in brussels barbara's always thank you here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a new report says that russia is committing grave human rights violations in crimea the un says these include arbitrary arrests and torture and at least one extra judicial execution moscow and next the crimean peninsula from ukraine in two thousand and fourteen police in say the death toll has risen to twenty seven in the wake of hurricane maria's strike on the caribbean island another twenty seven are missing or ria caused widespread devastation in flooding when the category five hurricane slammed into domenico last week. disgraced former u.s. congressman anthony weiner has been sentenced to twenty one months in prison he was convicted of sending sexually explicit material to
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a fifteen year old girl wiener will also be added to a sex offenders registry. the votes are being counted after iraqi kurds went to the polls in a controversial independence referendum today which is strongly opposed by the government in baghdad the vote took place in the autonomous kurdistan region and some other disputed areas of iraq yes result would give kurdish leaders a mandate to start talks on breaking away from the rest of the country iraq's immediate neighbors syria turkey and iran have condemned the ballot. right the holding of the independence referendum. but that it got. out today we voted for the independence of kurdistan and it's a session from iraq. we want to change our iraqi identity to kurdish.
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i say goodbye to iraq and yes to independence. the non-binding fights with talent despite pressure from all sides iraq central government said it would never accept the speaking up of the country internationally the united nations wants the kurds push for independence could ignite more regional conflicts by the u.s. feed it would distract from the fight against so-called islamic states. that could say the fight is partly about acknowledging the contribution of the peshmerga fighters in confronting i.a.'s. god gives us this land and we have to protect it with our blood. we made sacrifices for the land and god willing the kurdish state will be announced soon and we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for it.
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iraq's neighbors also have significant populations of a heads need is they worried if i could fuel kurdish nationalism in a country. jim said he's done so lot of question that our attitude on this issue is very clear. regardless of the results with the clear this referendum and voyage. it is not in conformity with the current law in iraq. we declare it illegitimate. turkey has tightened up security on its border to kurdistan where its carrying out military exercises. is also threatening to turn off the pot which carries oil from kurdistan through take to the outside well and. japan's prime minister
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shinzo abbay has called the snap elections meaning the country will go to the polls next month a year ahead of schedule his approval ratings were at a record low earlier this year is enjoying a surge in support amid rising tensions with north korea he's expected to order a major economic stimulus package as part of his campaign an exact date for the election has not yet been set. here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you has urged germany's political parties to help or form a stable government conservatives will seek talks with the social democrats who have ruled out entering a coalition. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight a special edition of the day the day after the german election.
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he's a son of the revolution. c.n.n. santa of tunisia since the revolution he's been working to strengthen the young democracy fighting for the environment jobs and against voter apathy.
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believes in the power of his generation. for tunisia's future. the three thousand and sixteen. the youth. germany decides the election in germany the historic turning point big losses for the two main parties. for the far right angle america remains chancellor but forming a government will be easy. what is the result for germany german elections the day after the news on d w. on freedom and hope. where i come from the region is rich in history and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it special you difficult for and dependent on it i see many of the younger promising genitive now
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making names for themselves all over the world. some might get along the way some might follow. with continued. experience of freedom. is like the unions of the day you can visit it but you come back. my name is your fish wood and i work at the dump in. germany after the election the twilight of a chance there is power and the dawn of the far right rise now that is one way to read the results tonight europe's strongest nation asking itself is the glass half empty or is the glass half full i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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