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here's where the story of whiskey begins the irish word for it is ish the baja which means the war her all her life. love her. oh and of course they couldn't have a typical day and dump them without ending it in a typical music hall let's go. right. to the river when things are going to. have a great track day and often hope you enjoyed it our way to welcome you all to my hometown of. would you like to show us around your hometown. become our travel guide. to find out how to check you out on our website at u.w. dot com slash travel.
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this huge field filled with steelies in the heart of berlin as the holocaust memorial almost three thousand concrete slabs have been arranged on the spot to commemorate the six million jews who were murdered during the third reich the memorial was inaugurated in two thousand and five. ballard is going to tell me more about it originally from ireland he's worked as a tour guide in berlin for several years he says a lot of people are interested in nazi era history how many tours about the third reich to offer all money i think whichever tour to in berlin that's going to come up of course every theme though a jewish berlin cold war berlin of course you discuss the thought harsh but i also would give tours on much earlier history and the evil berlin renaissance berlin when i would say the third isis the primary topic that's what most people are into . that in so that's the main focus of my work for sure and who are the people
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interested in the third reich all kinds of people often it could be school groups called age groups individuals families are mostly do private tours a small group tours but they come from all over the world and this is a very compelling interest for many people for sure now of course where the morial but the third reich was a lot more than not are there any remnants of that time maybe around the government quarter that we're in right now sure that's one reason why the jewish memorial is here to reclaim this quarter in a way because very close to here the chancellor only used to stand hitler's suicide was a few hundred meters away from us there are still building standing from the time that the nazis took over and the ability of the nazis created that are still standing so very close to here for instance is their former propaganda minister di the former air force headquarters there stone's throw away so reclaiming this area for memorials of course is the real priority here not i think berlin does that fairly well that that very well it's still an ongoing process to some degree but it
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took a very long time you must say and a lot of this process was impeded by the cold war and by the building of the berlin wall so soon after world war two so we're standing in the no months on the berlin wall now that would have been the two parts of the berlin wall flanking us here so again they're claiming this land to say well this was not done during the cold war so we'll do it in the space taken up by the cold war so i think it's belated it takes a very long time but there is this very strong effort in berlin to confront this past. across the street from the holocaust memorial you can enter the tear garden fan is going to show me two other memorials which also draw attention to atrocities committed by the nazis this one is dedicated to homosexual victims the video on the inside calls for more tolerance and inclusion. so it's the memorial to homosexuals persecuted on the national socialism it's three years younger than the jewish memorial so for sure it's directly visually inspired by the. jewish memorial but
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just one stone almost three thousand stones across the road. this one inaugurated in two thousand and twelve is dedicated to the half a million persecuted and murdered cindy and roma people. in the pong symbolizes the suffering and the tears shed by the victim's. friends gotta go the next tour group is already waiting i think i'll use this opportunity to take a stroll through the tear garden. the park is the perfect spot for a little break and it's right in the center of the city just behind the rice talk and the brandenburg gate an oasis of peace and quiet for berliners and tourists
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longing to rest their life. here in the park you can rent a rowboat chill out in the beer garden. bars sit back and watch the boats go by. the bank of the reverse bray is a great place to kill some time especially during the summer months because every day at dusk the government quarter turns into a huge open air thelema and the best part is it's completely free of charge. when the sun starts to set its a good time to secure. spot on the steps by the spray just behind and i stop as
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night falls the round window of the money elizabeth new to us house becomes a movie screen showing milestones of german history such as the end of the german empire and the birth of the weimar republic in one nine hundred nineteen. there are stock fire in one nine hundred thirty three. the second world war in the postwar era. the founding of the federal republic in one thousand nine hundred nine and konrad adenauer as election as first west german chancellor. the light and sound show on the banks of the spray lasts nearly thirty minutes and the central park is of course that fateful august thirteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty one when the berlin wall went up dividing germany for nearly three decades.
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then come the images from the one nine hundred eighty nine when the people of east germany took to the streets to demand their rights and refused to be ignored because i said after a certain historic press conference. the wall was opened on november ninth. it's one of the most joyful days in the history of the german nation and the highlight of the nightly open air movie. it's a great institution great film that talks about the best money to the freedom father people around the world i was a great film is about my life this area on the river banks the buildings that i stock it's really nice here that transition is it's really impressive the atmosphere is to just incredible. the open air presentation in the government district can be seen during the summer months starting at sunset.
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that was my day in and around berlin government quarter the political heart of the city and the country for that matter it was really exciting to get to know that part of the german capital and i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did so you know.
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news coming to you live from berlin and europe tries again to resolve its migration crisis the e.u. commission offers some new ideas but will the blocks members who are better leave divided on the issue except any of them will go live to brussels also coming up a bit more freedom for women in saudi arabia the conservative kingdom is finally going to let women drive activists have been fighting for that right for years and thailand's former prime minister yingluck shinawatra has been sentenced to five years in jail but she's fled into exile. plus a mega merger between europe's biggest train maker france's strong and germany's siemens sink their years long rival ready to bite off a challenge from china. hello
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i'm terry martin thanks for being with us migration to europe might have slowed but the issue remains bitterly divisive among the members of the european union the nations on the front line that's mainly italy and greece are still desperately calling for migrants to be resettled elsewhere in the e.u. but some other member states have bluntly refused now the e.u. commission has come up with some recommendations to address those issues let's take a look now the e.u. commission wants to let fifty thousand refugees come legally to europe it's allowing border controls inside the schengen area to continue for a maximum of three years and it wants to send home economic migrants there migrants just looking for a better paid job let's listen to europe migration commissioner at the briefing in brussels with more than sixty five million displaced that around the world. we're going to stop showing solidarity so what's this desperate people and
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the country is hosting. this is why we are proposing to support a further fifty thousand resettlement places with it billion. and i really count on member states to make shoes let. us is standing by for us in brussels where he just came out of that meeting with the e.u. commissioner that briefing rather they are caused by the e.u. plans taken fifty thousand refugees we understand directly from africa and them a little east what does that actually mean in practice. terria the migration rise is a complex proprietor problem and so it is a complex solution that the e.u. has suggested so let me break it down for you on the resettlement program where the commissioner for mobile us has now suggested fifty thousand the idea really is as you have said it is to take people directly so for instance so far twenty three
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thousand have been resettled since the migration crisis started and mainly from jordan and eleven months or syrian refugees these are people who qualify for a resettlement scheme and then take are taken from these countries and directly brought into european countries it is a recommendation so it's a voluntary scheme and i think that will go rather well with the majority of the member states who have always said let's strengthen the xstrata borders stem the flow of illegal migration and instead bring people in from the countries around those countries where people are fleeing from and help them a lift the burden so the so the countries neighboring countries of a crisis old such for instance as turkey can deal better with the refugees a completely different question is the question of relocation that is the idea that from one member state where people have already come in for instance italy and
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greece those countries who are at the forefront of the migration crisis that people are relocated and then even against the will of a member state brought to another european country today my impression was that the european union has taken a giant leap away from that ok now the proposed scheme you say is voluntary gay or given that countries like hungary the czech republic and poland for example are closing their doors to refugees how much cooperation can the e.u. commission expect from member states for its new proposal. i would say the e.u. commission today had a couple a couple of messages practically tailor made for the states for instance the commissioner said he. has to be brutally honest about the its return policy so people who do not qualify should be sent back immediately and these countries in the particularly in the east of europe have a particular problem with a relocation scheme rather than the resettlement scheme that the commission has now suggested which is voluntary so they don't have to participate if they don't want
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to at the same time the commissioner however made it clear that the relocation scheme as it has been agreed to with one hundred twenty thousand people to read would be relocated from one european country to another continues and the infringement procedures against these current member states in particularly in the east that this is the idea that agreed initially to do this in the european council but now say they don't want to take in people these cases continue and might end up in front of the european court of justice with a hefty fine for these countries garrick thank you so much i'm sure we'll be hearing more about this later brussels correspondent your glottis there talking to us from brussels now saudi arabia says it's going to allow women to drive it's a big leap forward for the ultraconservative nation the only one to bar women from getting behind the wheel a royal decree says the ban will be lifted in june the announcement came as something of
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a surprise and we'll find out why it's been made now first this report. the streets of saudi arabia have long been a battleground on one hand women wanting to drive on the other the religious conservatives who have called them too stupid their mobility a threat to society now it is the women who have won. king solomon has issued a decree giving them the right to apply for driving licenses and the freedom of the roads that will be implemented by june next year it's a huge step for saudi arabia enough to warrant a special announcement at the united nations you may be interested to know that a few minutes ago our oil rig.


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