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have plummeted and the brands seem down but have to leave the playboy lifestyle to the very end. you're watching the t.v. news still to come u.s. president donard from unveils his long awaited tax proposals he says slashing the corporate tax rate is a norm that goes a bit part of the plan but where does that leave a low income has. been visiting from our businesses because that story you're watching the news coming to you live from london. much of it in africa and. your link to news from africa and the world to your link to exceptionally stories and discussions for more news as easy to our website d w
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dot com slash freak out join us on facebook at g.w. africa. to seventeen beethoven c'est gone from step two learning to oct first. to the. u.s. president donald trump on bale's his long awaited tax plan it wants to slash the corporate right and says that it's not negotiable. and ryan air in a tailspin the budget carrier. cancels thousands more flights how much will that
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add up to wing customer compensation. i mean facility let's do business u.s. president donald trump has unveiled his long awaited tax plan analysts say it's short on detail but is said to benefit the wealthy and middle income families despite what trump says it's not clear where it leaves lower income workers but the companies they work for are in for a windfall let's take a listen in. we're doing everything we can to reduce the tax burden on you and your family by eliminating tax breaks and loopholes we will ensure that the benefits are focused on the middle class the working men and women not the highest income earners under our framework we will dramatically cut the business tax rate so that american companies and american workers can be our foreign competitors and start
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winning again. small businesses will also see a cap on their taxes the problem is a lot of them are already in a lower bracket which leaves them out of transfer form plans. lower costs see opened his bicycle sale and repair shop in washington d.c. five years ago business is going well so well in fact that he's about to move to bigger premises along with his five employees but despite lauren success his company doesn't make enough money to benefit from trump's tax plans mom and pop shops on main street are not the ones that are going to be affected by this from my reading of what the bill might be so it's going to be much larger businesses that are able to sort of benefit from the deductions that they will be able to take in the lower tax rate i don't think it's going to hit the people that you think of as small businesses so who would get a tax cut doctors investment bankers and high turnover companies for example and
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what's more the new proposals would also cut corporate tax republican supporters have long argued that giving tax breaks to big business will boost the u.s. economy they also say that cuts on everything there's other reforms through tax and they were talking about in tax form they're important full expensing making the tax code simpler easier to pay if they are to hire out accountant these are all benefits that help both small and big business. but as far as lauren is concerned the cuts do matter reducing costs for larger companies inevitably increases competition for businesses like his. the margins for small businesses are so so slim our profits are not huge you know we all want to be able to make a decent living but those that are making outrageously large profits i think that maybe there should be a little bit more tax burden on. the republican proposal would make sweeping changes to the tax code but it wouldn't change much follower and bike shop for the
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moment trumps tax proposal is just that a proposal he now needs to really supports before a more detailed bill can be put before congress but one big question remains such deep tax cuts would leave a large hole in the budget trump and the republican party have yet to explain where exactly the money to plug the soul would come from. well helena humphrey spoke to and khoja of the free university berlin about trump's tax plan she asked him about lower income americans and how they might benefit from it right now it looks like there's going to be essentially a sop a little bit could be coming out but when you hear a doubling of the standard deduction what is happening is a merger of what's called the personal exemption with the standard deduction so from the point of view of the small. poor family there might be
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a fifteen percent increase in this deduction which means a tax saving but it's it's peanuts compared to dropping for instance the personal tax rate for these so-called passthrough companies by the way the trump organization is a passthrough company and that would be an income tax rate of twenty five percent what are the chances that this reform well actually implemented. let's just say better than i think the repeal of obamacare with the repeal of obamacare was possible to mobilize people who are directly suffer the cuts the way this is all packaged is the necessary spending cuts will come in the future so the victims if you will or those people paying the cost of this tax reform won't be mobilizing yet . what about tax cuts for germans strong economic growth rising tax revenue sinking unemployment the new german government can expect some economic tailwind when it takes office they research institutions have amended their latest growth
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predictions for germany instead of one of the half percent focused one point nine percent growth this year and the experts are even more optimistic about next year they've raised their previous book us to two percent that's germany's strongest rate since twenty eleven researchers say increased consumer spending and a construction boom of the reasons for the boost. let's head over to frankfurt where conrad bruisin is standing by our financial correspondent conrad could we be in for some tax cuts here in germany. look at that smile then i think we can at least we can be sure that the three parties that are about to form a new coalition in berlin will not be able to avoid the discussion about tax cuts the budget surplus that the leading economic institutes which came out with their autumn report today predict are so high that the parties will not be able to at least consider the idea of giving back some of this money to the german taxpayer
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the economy growth in germany this year and in the coming years is so strong that the budget surplus for this year is predicted to be twenty eight billion euros for next year is predicted to be thirty seven billion and in twenty nineteen this birth budget surplus should be forty four billion euros according to those economists oh my goodness what are the germans going to do with all that money i mean it's a it's a great position to be in but i know germans get more of more of a kick out of saving their money rather than spending it. yes that's true but the economists which came out with this autumn report today have a few ideas what the government could do with this bird budget surplus of course after having paid back some of the money to the taxpayers because those economists say that there are a few risks to the economic strength and the upswing for example the lack of
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skilled workers that more and more companies get to feel in germany some of this money could be spent on education of helping people in germany who don't have a job to get the skills to get a job this could be well spent money and what those economists also say is that social security payments are a problem especially for lower income people here in germany lightning the burden for them could be a good idea and i think this is a very interesting statement by the economists because i have the feeling that. up until the strong result of the right wing a.s.d. party german economists were not really interested in the fate of lower income people here in the country kharab are going to have to wrap it up there nice talking to you can read losing their forest in frankfurt. ryanair hasn't pulled out of its tail spin yet in fact things have got even worse for the budget airline it's announced it's canceling another eighteen thousand flights between november
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and march earlier this month ryanair announced it was pulling up to fifty flights a day through the end of october after it messed up the planning of pilots' holidays that is. football fan william turner frequently flies with ryanair to see his club when they're on the road he said five flights canceled shared it makes things difficult not what you need just one of them and increasing. their obviously. range things all of these and understand that significant you have it doesn't help anybody who's get their station even relieved passengers whose flights haven't been axed and the latest wave of cancellations might think twice about booking ryanair in the future the carrier announced it was scrapping another eighteen thousand connections this coming winter as it continues to struggle with pilot shortages caused by what the company says are scheduling problems what
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started as a debacle has turned into a public relations nightmare for founder michael o'leary at a press conference last week after the first round of cancellations he admitted to making serious mistakes that doesn't mean that from time to time we don't make mess ups and we do with this is clearly a myth i take responsibility for the mess that it is my mess up and therefore i have to clean it up a good place to start would be with the airlines pilots for many of them the relationship apparently isn't a cordial one in an attempt to cut fewer flights ryanair offered twelve thousand euro bonuses if pilots would agree to work just ten extra days and sign on for another year a significant number rejected the request the irish airline pilots association says that should come as no surprise big claims ryanair has fostered a culture of disrespect and fear among staff. now if you've got a thing for gems this next item might interest you auction house christine says
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still sleep palin's off the wall street from the bad. just a mess not only because compared to other jobs maybe it's a bit undervalued. to. me when my name is made by you bam as mentally.
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