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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com art a freedom. crime fighter the new season of radio crime thrillers. for investigative cases that will keep you on your toes. stories of the best idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighters and share tell a friend tell a friend tell a friend. cried fighters. hi there and a warm welcome from our studios in berlin a city that lit well ever since blockbuster television hit series like breaking bad
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or house of cards came along television has been giving cinema a serious run for its money with brilliance elongated storytelling and sophisticated acting well here in germany many directors are working hard to deliver just that combination to german audiences and the latest effort babylon berlin looks like potential binge material based on a novel by far the story takes place in one thousand nine hundred twenty nine berlin as the weimar republic crumbles and the nazis are lurking in the wings a setting with no shortage of thrills and thursday night was the big premiere in berlin. babylon berlin isn't ready making history it's the most elaborate and expensive series ever produced by german t.v. it tells the story of a police detective environment era been in production costs have topped forty. a
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million euros babylon berlin had its international premium in the german capital on thursday three experienced writers including tom take worked on the script for five years and then directed the series as well. as governance because i'm going to expose one for the whole project was an unbelievable explosion of creativity art and culture and it was a heck of a lot going on in the one nine hundred twenty s. especially about land from hundreds of thousands of migrants that arrived most of them from eastern europe we can. they make it with the rest of the population and they were welcome here or you simply wanted a new start in life and for. the series looks at birdland as it was in the spring of one nine hundred twenty nine. the weimar government was still dealing with the after effects of world war one poverty and unemployment were widespread in the german capital. but at night the bars and
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clubs were full of people celebrating pour trying to forget this scene shows the legendary maka f.t. nightclub. in the thick of it is detective gary on the hot played by fall couple. was transferred to berlin from cologne for disciplinary reasons and soon finds himself involved in a complex web of corruption prostitution and arms deals. for decision of a man calling i know this is. reason was a boiling cauldron of contrast in lifestyles. it was extreme wealth and extreme poverty. people would throw amazing parties. and people had no idea where the country was going politically politician was for several parties were trying to get established. time there was lots of uncertainty and soul searching. this as. that side of the sides of. a number of scenes were
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filmed at original berlin locations but most of the outdoor scenes were shot on the set at bubble's bank studios near potsdam. a huge sound stage with four different streets that are decked out in various architectural styles and more than fifty different building fronts the facades were based on thousands of photographs of pre world war two beilin the series is based on a novel by phone. that novel gave us the framework that allowed us to tell our story. detective stories does a hell of a lot of research and gives you a real feeling for the times. side of the production team also watch documentaries and original material from this period to help to make the series as realistic as possible that we don't burn in not only tells the story of the city but also of the berlin society i did time when for example of the role of
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women was changing rapidly many started wearing short skirts and lipstick and took a no holds barred approach to life much like the youngster not prefer name shall not have played by live lisa freeze. and for. us i think that the women of today can identify with this era things were changing fast and society was on the move in a way that affected women. as they started to drive cars for example about allison and i'm feeling even though the series is set roughly ninety years ago there are interesting parallels between weimar era berlin. and contemporary berlin. in badness believe in during both maryanne's palin was an international city cases that had not been for several decades of course poland was destroyed during the war occupied by the allies and so forth the new berlin became cosmopolitan after the
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wall came down. from babylon berlin will have its german t.v. premiere on october thirteenth on the pain channel sky it will be broadcast a year later on three german t.v. the broadcast rights to the series have already been sold to a number of countries overseas and the financing for the third and fourth series isn't ready in place. exciting stuff and we will surely keep you posted on future seasons well even if you can't speak a word of danish you actually almost can because lego an abbreviation of leg got which means play well is a word that most of us know very well nearly sixty years after the patenting of the first lego plastic building blocks lego is still all the rage with kids big and small and on thursday in below the home of the company a new lego house just opens it opened its doors and the building bears the signature of one of denmark's brightest lights in architecture. and his from bake.
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and multi-colored the new lego house and below and then mark looks like a gigantic version of a child's twenty one brick lego house. with a surface area of twelve thousand square metres the whole building is a celebration of these popular plastic building blocks for danish architect and his architecture firm a big this was a labor of love. honestly i love lego ever since i was a kid when i was five i got my first lego set a yellow castle probably the best lego set ever made i actually told my team that if big had been founded with the purpose of building just a single building it would be the lego house inside is a huge waterfall made of lego bricks everything here is designed so that visitors can touch and play with it. especially impressive is the gallery of
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masterpieces these lego dinosaurs are made up of three hundred thousand bricks and they weigh more than four hundred kilos fundamental to their league wide learning through play so the children develop best by playing and when we decide on their sneaker house the idea was to really show what's behind the lake why and when you look at it i think it is an architectural masterpiece it couldn't have been any different and it really expresses what licorice all about. the building is crowned with a gigantic lego brick complete with typical legal starts the building block motif can be seen everywhere here the rooms dominant colors represent the stages of a child's development blue stands for called mission red for creativity and yellow for emotional development. architect. wanted to create an ambience that was light and transparent.
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if you arrive and everything feels almost effortless but there's a lightness and a playfulness and how it's done and when you walk around here so for you of course like everything flows very naturally you have a feeling it takes they just stack the lego bricks. and then they were done when you come in the likeness and the effortlessness really strikes you that. you can sense how much work actually got into this because it really feels very simple in those works in this office in copenhagen the bianca in those group of big is internationally renowned for daring playful designs of a close to nature. in twenty sixteen in those one the city of frankfurt international high rise award for a skyscraper in new york that he designed it stands out sharply from the surrounding buildings and provide space for socializing and green in a courtyard. the world architecture festival
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gave mounting dwellings in copenhagen an award for best residential building. the super killen park in the danish capital was concede that a site of integration people from various cultures live together here. a youth center the city hall entirely and buildings in copenhagen spirit start district. and vancouver. and now the lego house the new a sensation from the big architecture it's expected to draw quarter of a million visitors a year. among the first to come danish crown prince frederick and his family who arrived for the grand opening of the lego house. and that incredible lego house building also exists in miniature form now this behind me here is the toy model of the engles latest achievement and belonged and
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we are giving an exclusive set away we had. asked you this week to send us pictures of your dream house and as usual many many viewers responded different strokes for different folks of course is always the rule and that goes for houses too we received lots of photographs but also found to see drawings and sketches for instance this pair with a door and of course some of the houses are so inspiring you could move right in like for instance this one here and this dream house was sent to us by andrew pham from los angeles who is our winner for today we hope he enjoys is new model lego house it's almost on its way and on that note we'll continue now with yet another architectural masterpiece. the eiffel tower n. paris turned into a ninth birthday celebration of the landmarks three hundred million face of the revelers were greeted with a light show and d.j.'s on every level of the iconic tower the three hundred twenty
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four metre high structure was completed for the eight hundred eighty nine while fast constructed entirely of on it's still considered a model of engineering every year some seven million visitors scaled the eiffel tower which remains one of the world's most photographed monuments. a major show of masterpieces by the groundbreaking sixteenth century painter. has opened in milan entitled inside. the exhibition aims to shed new light on the artist known as the master of shadows twenty paintings were x. rayed in an effort to reveal his creative process noir the. use of x. rays the same ones that are used in medical diagnosis we can see the list changes that have been made and in certain cases we understand why he didn't like certain thing and decided to eliminate others and how he modified the composition else.
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more difficult but it's. the results reveal mid process modifications that point to a painter who was wont to change his mind the exhibition runs until january twenty eighth twenty eighteen. it's been billed by its own makers is the most boring film in history. now about land as premier in london with a running time of eight hours attracts herd of sheep grazing on a field in essex. shipped back in one. drift off to she. no people no dialogue no action. movie is the latest and possibly weirdest contribution to slow cinema as your own are based on long and contemplate of takes. from slow cinema to something much more dynamic and two young men from stuck in
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southern germany make videos that take us on a tour of their city at extremely high tempo with a mixture of pacu or and freestyle acrobatics this is high heart rate stuff and so we want to see how it all comes together. they call themselves the good times crew. their speciality is breathtaking acrobatic displays right in the middle of struck out. they use stand cases and scaffolding as part of their act. it looks easy but behind all this activity is a lot of hard work. paid to church and alexander straight flow do a lot of practicing in the gym before they take to the streets. until you shoot them if you don't get it right and just look bad and it's always good to end on something soft him of us
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a month off in. office right now. soft landings are also a good idea for several kinds of other freestyle sports that peter and alex also enjoy. both think that skiing or snowboarding are boring by comparison they get a lot of their ideas by watching videos of other athletes in their freestyle routines they try to combine physical strength stamina and agility particularly when they're out on the street. gave them it's a name you try to include part of the local environment. if you're running around the city and you spot an obstacle you think. i could do something with that. stuff that gets in your way yeah exactly yeah yeah but there's no input to it's like i'm not in fitness center if you want to do something athletic outside instead of just jogging i don't like jogging anyway i'd rather do this. it makes you
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stronger that increases your body control and it's a heck of a lot of fun. and that's not the only guy. this is the ideal sport but alex and pater they're both film students and they've been training for the next. video where will they turn out next. to lead a load of one of the a lot of older folks i wonder why we run up boys and stuff until they say that's not a sport but i've never heard anyone complain and if we do it right people love the acrobatics. because i'm from the ford world if you get a chance to see the good times crew in person you'll be truly amazed otherwise you'll just have to wait for the next video. back to berlin which is not only one of the hippest european cities to visit it's also a melting pot of cultures with people from one hundred eighty nine countries calling
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at their home that stands to reason then that their presence has influenced the city's cullin area scene as many of them have brought a taste of their homeland and culture with them our series fifty kitchens one city features the foods that make berlin so rich and this time santiago fire fun market makes us some argentinian and. i still miss argentina i miss my friends rest of my family and the weather and the flies on. them that is the winter here in germany is that a doctor made so don't give me. some to go fuck on mccain was born in northwestern argentina in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine the oldest of four children he studied agricultural engineering and then went to work on his family's farm in the province he met his german wife in argentina. they
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married in two thousand and twelve and moved first to hamburg and then a year and a half later to berlin. in hamburg santiago found a solo argentinian wines and met maximiliano pollicie who bought whines from him for his restaurant gloria in berlin it was the start of their business collaboration together they developed a new concept for the restaurant centered around the empanada a stuffed turnover a bit like ravioli. or a very you know. i think you simply are not as with your fingers it's a dish you can eat anywhere at home or on the street really fast or in the office. all that often timmy and eat them business meetings business meetings. and.
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empanada those are a part of daily life in argentina. the recipes are regional and vary widely starting with the dough itself as an alternative to large margarine or butter can be used and instead of flour corn flour what's important is to come up with dough that's easy to roll out and doesn't stick. the fillings are virtually limitless here too every region has its own variations. northwestern argentinians generally make empanada us with beef. the empanada shapes can also vary according to the region they can be half moons or triangles. argentinians love there and once
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a year the two c'mon province honors its best empanada baker. d. and by last i mean guns with empanada as a written all over south america. is that in argentina there are a second national dish after barbecue. and i get a slice of the and we make that the fans are not as the same way as in argentina but we also have fairly is like the vague and that i adapted to german texts we have spinach corn or soy for example. we don't have those in argentina so it just gives the thing that continued. at the gloria restaurant they serve empanada as with fourteen different fillings both traditional and new creations but many latin americans come for the argentinian atmosphere. the restaurant opened in twenty thirteen with seating for about forty patrons
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inside and once a month it boasts an evening of tango with live argentinian music the hosts set out to create a platform for argentinian culture. the restaurant is named gloria after a well known chilean film. gloria here. four years ago was very famous here in europe and the director was one of our co-founders and. why they named the restaurant gloria as. the gloria is in berlin's courts her district right beside a vibrant gurlitz or park in an area with a high concentration of bars restaurants and ethnicities. kreutzer bird never sleeps people can find food and drinks the whole night through
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if they desire germany's capital doesn't have any citywide legal closing hours. world culture not germany culture of the it's a multicultural here. they were coming here patrons from many different countries and in there for many tourists as well as lots of germans who live in the neighborhood. in question all of. the empanada as are so popular that the managers have now opened a small empanada snack bar in the eastern part of berlin. well over about i want to make a day as. one throw it joe. making me hungry well don't forget that you can find all of the yummy recipes from our fifty kitchens one city series on our website so be sure to have a look when was the last time you passed
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a musician playing on the sidewalk if you stop and drop a corner to into their battered hatch or instrument case it's a special talent when musicians can make the masses stop and linger and so in our series this week the berlin town musicians were featuring talents just like this and the linnaeus armadillo has more than just interesting sounds to offer. been my name is the lone e.-s. armadillo and i play street music on my own kind of instrument an instrument from mine i get a hot tub i developed and built it myself i call it a distraught city it's actually kind of a digerati do it grew out of a didgeridoo it's made from drainage pipes and cable ties.
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i started playing a normal didgeridoo but it didn't get enough attention on the street with this model car you know kids are often totally thrilled with they've never seen anything like it you see in the i'm from texas originally they can't so i first came to germany in one thousand nine hundred two as a soldier and after i mustered out in one thousand nine hundred ninety two i stayed here. you could believe in. the first. thing i knew i was a drywall builder but i had a couple of hernia so i had to quit it and only thirty two when i worked in an office as a translator and then i was unemployed. i'd rather be a street musician than sit around and collect unemployment insurance children and even. so i don't have as much money as
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other people but i'd rather live without stress and make a living from music. but i make people smile. and before you know it it is time for us to sign off so i'm till next time from all of us here in berlin. on the next edition of your imax the highlights of the week. paris fashion week. come back and. top fifty. six.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin and their bodies in beijing it seems but will china and the united states crack the north korea crisis the us secretary of state gets a warm welcome from his chinese counterpart and tellers and says the u.s. is.


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