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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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returning to our web special meeting at the refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d.-w. maybe for mine. this is the w. news live from berlin confrontation in catalonia on the eve of the independence referendum thousands gather in barcelona and in madrid for rallies to oppose sunday's disputed vote but the catalonian government insists that the referendum
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will go ahead as planned. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says washington is in direct contact with north korea revelation comes as tillerson met with china's leaders to discuss taming north korea's nuclear ambitions. i met her welcome to the program tensions are rising as catalonia prepares to hold its independence referendum on sunday now cattle in the forty's say things are in place for the vote to go ahead but spain's central government is calling the ballot illegal and has sent thousands of police officers to the region to stop it people have occupied many schools in catalonia that would be used as polling stations to try to assure that the referendum cannot take place. ahead of sunday's
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planned independence votes the cavalry has well and truly arrived breaking cover after camping out on ships in the ports around four thousand extra police officers have been deployed to catalonia assembled from across the country and sent with love from madrid. in the capital a show of spanish unity the sea of red and yellow sending a message please let's stay together. the spanish government has declared to vote illegal and is making every effort to stop it from going ahead. with. the magazine. in barcelona capital of catalonia the relationship status with spain is well let's
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just call it complicated there were clashes between supporters from both sides outside the regional government building on saturday emotions are running high yet if you ever. come here because i think that it has been committed here in catalonia i'm in favor of democracy and respect the rule of law. respect that. local place has been tasked with shutting down polling stations and removing anyone occupying them a balancing act between duty to region and country. the spanish government's actions violate rights people can't vote they can't express their opinion web pages have been closed it's a complex situation. the fear is that the votes may well turn violent all those remaining in schools and other polling stations have been given an early morning ted lying to clear out. well journalists.
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is in the capital. so people are gathering in the city center what has the atmosphere been like. yes good evening well as we just saw the atmosphere there has been tense when clashed with each other because of trade these kind of march and then the protests again as the referendum happened on the square so clearly pro spanish. is not very common here in march that out and that's why there were also those clashes and a fear saying that it. stands. i would say that people here still have the feeling that things will. mostly because bertie proud of. having these two protests and they i think they are going to trying to be that way. right will spanish police do have orders to clear schools that double as polling stations tomorrow are those confrontations going to be peaceful. that's one of the
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very big questions yesterday and today they cannot get on regional police have been visiting some of these schools most of the schools. they have or they're not to use that force and so they haven't about any of the schools in which they found people nor they have sealed off the schools and this was a cut on police so we see now they were very early to morrow it's again they get the number zero if they go would see whether they use the force you know maybe despise authorities prefer to send police forces in these schools actually provoke complication but as i said it's an open question to us all right now. in the run up to this but we've seen plenty of rallies pro independence today we saw quite some against the idea so it seems kind of lines are split or are they going to remain split no matter how this vote turns out. that's a very interesting point because actually in almost all little rooms that grow and
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i guess in the end that's where where like almost fifty fifty during the whole time thing and all the right yes yes yes in the end and into late and i pray that these the by now has become more polarized and even whatever happens tomorrow whatever happens on monday i'm worried that the bad now and the only eyes well first the twins and at that one at that has become bigger and more polarized and then we think i don't know maybe between those and those i can't stand the independents so it will be up to politicians and cities as i believe there is to try and reach this and bring that again. or if this folk goes ahead some semblance of this vote and voters do choose independents what's the next move but i just said if. i think it's almost sure that yes we'll win so many question is that there are now out. how many people will get to vote in the school i think the
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public the public reaction of the cabinet we must depend on this they hired it did turn out that more legitimacy of a that we feel and depending on these that we may be declaring that and then. try to initiate a political dialogue we suspend our rights we go to you in barcelona thanks very much for joining us thank you. at least fifty people have been arrested at a neo nazi rally in the swedish city of gotham burke around six hundred black clad members of the anti semitic nordic resistance movement marched and some clashed with counter demonstrators a court had bar the neo nazis from passing by a local synagogue one police officer and several other people were injured after the clashes broke out. well we have a correspondent of the washington post in stockholm on the line now have you were
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in gotham bird for this rally i understand could you describe what you saw. well today. their first see if there were many as you describe. fascist protesters but also the same time there are roughly around ten thousand numbers estimates of. fascist protesters though the scene was quite peaceful at first and then steadily as they grew on more and more clashes occurred well of police were expecting some kind of trouble or thought it might happen what kind of preparations did they make where they adequate. yes definitely there was a rich very huge police presence. protesters i talked to today said they felt extremely safe. that the situation seemed under control also i know there were additional preparations for. one police garage was converted into
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a holding center for possible zanies later on since they expected violence to occur. can you tell us a bit more about this nordic resistance movement and how big a profile do they have in sweden. they're probably one of sweden's largest neo nazi of course near nazi to be part of. a fascist movement is not illegal in sweden they were founded in the ninety's. and have been steadily growing ever since and they have presence all over scandinavia in finland in norway. and beyond there are even protesters that flew in from germany last night before the protest. i believe twenty danish and german individuals who are affiliated with the movement were arrested prior to the protest right up briefly if you could is there anything
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about gotham burg as a city why they might have chosen this place for that was the site of the rally. what a governor it is sweden second largest city.


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