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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2017 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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you hang on d w several people have sustained injuries off to scuffles broke out between riot police and voters outside polling stations in catalonia the region is pressing ahead with a banned independence referendum the spanish government has called it a false and urged catalonia to end date. plus all the time we have a now do join us again at the top of the hour if we can next to only a football auction and at the end is me get on helen hunt trade imbalance thanks for watching on the fourth assume you against. me take football personally un with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans to all my.
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make up more than football online. learn german with d w any time any place. whether with joe joe and your friends i make stuff to do. or with friends all over the world online and interactive. german to go and. learn german for free with d w. following a debacle for the six german t.v. in europe this week welcome to match day seven right here on the bundesliga these guys behind me dortmund were among the losing side looking to get back to their winning ways. the black and yellow have been better than the rest
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a mystic leap testing their undefeated armor on the road on saturday we follow their buzz and more coming up in the show. dortmund were looking to lick their champions league outskirts for russia on a mission to maintain their league dominates facing their biggest challenge to date and undefeated hanover head out of lubbock hanover have been a handful of problems for teams this season while blood need a win after an embarrassing defeat last week. i'm chris harrington welcome to another soccer field saturday with dortmund leading things off their calling dortmund dominant is an understatement sitting at the top of the table but black and yellow have been bossy in the point is the ego the most dominant often steve hits and possession in the league if any team can
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put a dent in their armor so alex burke after losing their opener they have yet to leave the pitch with out a point a three game winning streak have put them in european contention were they up to the task. and dortmund were out to prove a point after they made a weak thumping at the hands of around madrid with coach peter boss making five wholesale changes to the starting eleven out. and the swaps pay dividends as the black and yellow has hit the ground running four minutes in who missed out midweek sent the corner ran and dortmund took the lead at the first time a asking have andreae malenko back hitting the ball to school his first win as long a goal for the club since his move from dynamo kiev in august. seven minutes later alex but finally showed up and got themselves back in the game you'd be levelling the score was his second of the season and only the second goal dortmund conceded so far this campaign gets four back and showed the watching fans
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why they have the team to beat this season seemed to calcutta with a sublime goal to reestablish the lead. was. in the eightieth minute the video referee intervened and awarded dormant a penalty for this foul by joshua lucas pissed chick. pia emerick about me i had the balls to put the game beyond doubt to defeat his shots on goal was lackluster at the best in the end it didn't matter as dortmund won the match two one a victory that helps put the midweek did buckle behind them as the black and yellows continue to dominate the league. with. way to go dormant but how about buyer the biggest news that sits shockwave to the
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bone as they do this week was most definitely the firing of their coach carlo and to lucky the italians ray only lasted fifteen months and his departure has left a void and assistant is feeling for the time being but for how long former dormant coach thomas to call is apparently already in contact with byron management two cols dortmund side defeated byron at the german cup last season which should help his chances of getting hired in munich however it byron's next match against head to berlin where they send you all the assistant will be in the dugout the frenchman is also hoping to prove his game plan works in the coming weeks. and the ball keeps on rolling with our match day seven round up in one of the games frankfurt welcomes to guard interesting match there frankfurt yet to earn points at home would stoop yet turn points on the road could be a table set for
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a great finish but first some history the most played fixture in the league is hamburg versus regional rivals braman it's always a big fight to the bitter end but scoring goals has been an issue for two sides this season who would score bragging rights in the north. it's not a happy time for a dubey both hamburger and braman are down the bottom of the table hamburg's got to go suck i nearly brought in the mood early on the japanese right back got painstakingly close with the best chance of the first half. after the break braman keeper yearly pub lenka bailed his side out as hamburg continued to have the majority of the chances at the other end christan martini are blocked braman is best effort to keep the game goalless and milner draw that doesn't really help either team. it's been nothing but draws for.
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minutes he faced his former employer minds it looked like he was on his way to a first win when you're short not enough to fifty five minutes. but almost twenty minutes later. equalize with his third of the season. to add insult to injury and tap was sent off for a second booking. vosburgh coach martine schmidt still can't win. on the net and our performance doesn't reflect the talent we have here and we need to get more out of them to get on the right track. frankfurt have so far failed to get three points in their back yard shortly before half time and to rivet got the fans hopes up capitalizing on a whole good bunch tuber mistake. in the second half stuttgart strikers him on to
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a lot of coast college grabbing his first born the seagull just thirty eight seconds after he was subbed on he then got seaman follett sent off for a push. but in the ninety third minute frankfurt strikers it best in the last scored in spectacular fashion to secure our first home win this season. congrats to frankfurt for satisfying their home crowd our next featured match the lot to hand over in a fixture that rarely sees a drawl a home side welcome back goalkeeper younes over with out of last week they conceded six goals six seven years ago was the last time that happened to the foles hanover on the other hand are trying to rebound the red sox are red hot and beaten going into this match their best start in club history this with them returning to the top flight after a season in the second division so who'd come out on top. part of it made the fans
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wait for the answer kickoff was delayed after their bus was stuck in traffic after that there wasn't much to see until the thirty six minute when lost in the unleashed this cracker which went wide although it did hit the back of the net. fans hoping for a better second half we're in for a treat a glass but free kick made its way to summer signing mathias into one nil to the home side with a small dose of luck for the scorer who grabs his first for the club. another set piece another goal this time for hanover martina haneke was the one who rose the highest in the books to get his fifth of the season. then the ref tonight had over the chance to pull ahead after waving away their appeals for a penalty. but the visitors were undeterred keeping the pressure on as
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martina harnick managed to hit the crossbar from just two metres out. deep into extra time vengeance a green for was brought down at the other end prompting the referee to have a second look despite pointing to the spot and actually a check of the footage saw him stick with his decision. scores a second spot kick of the season two one if in the referee's made the right cold they used everything available and got it right there was contact it was a penalty. kind of his coach galland in what was his team's first defeat of the season. season's first defeat always a tough pill to swallow take a look at all this week it was also farther north darby hamburg brame and share the spoils but they did fight are both sides glad hand hand over as we just saw their first defeat frankfurt get. our first home win over stuttgart was for mind share
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the spoils dortmund's shinji kagawa of course the decider against outskirt friday night shock and laver couzin drew in three results will be played out on sunday moving over to an update on how the table has been set at least until sunday dortmund as we all know is still at the top but you know that gap can close depending on the buy in and hoffenheim results tomorrow moved up to six frankfurt's went give them a boost as well and now let's take a look at the bottom half so you can see a little movement down here we have four teams with seven points and braving have moved up a bit but still in a relegation danger now let's take a look at a couple of the best tweets from our viewers a dortmund fan who we can assume is a dortmund fit extends his congratulations to she could gob off for breaking the
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record for the most goals ever scored by a japanese player in the league with a total of thirty eight well done shinji and peter moore who seems to be a byron fan decided to give pierre emery some grief for what can only be described as a weak attempt to convert a penalty a shot that he of course was unable to put in the back of the net. to the twitter verse we asked you out there on twitter what your play of the day was and the winner with over sixty percent of the vote with andre your malenko this cheeky back heel in the fourth minute got dorman off to a flying start great technique that ukrainians first what is the goal turned out to be crucial to his dortmund struggle to a two one win over andre norman lego is your play of the day. and don't worry don't fret if you forgot to cast your vote this time around you'll have another chance next week and remember you can keep up with all the bonus to get action on sunday on our website dot com or on facebook or twitter here are all
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of the addresses when your screen. so they go please write us with your comments and questions tell us your big talking points and we can address them right here on the show that's all for us sit back and enjoy shinji kagawa is incredible go for dortmund get out burke will be back on sunday for me in the team. i'll be does it. your a max this week so i'm going. to talk of the town and mountains at the ready to wear shows in paris. who's been signed the new album on to museum and
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then. the walls of one of the mifi palace in edinburgh. your moment. on d w. these problems need to be addressed more aggressively we have to change people's mentality kenya a country in a vicious circle of poverty. but some people work hard to improve things long term i believe that education is the best empowerment that you can give to any child in this world and we try to give them education. kenya has forgotten children. forty five minutes on d w. with like different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of voice global news
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that matters to a w made for minds. they make a commitment they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the minds. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. w dot com africa on the move. greetings from the german capital once again and a warm welcome to our highlights of the wig.


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