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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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joy chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us sponsored by distinctive instagram or zz. d.w. stories you talk to each week on instagram. of his debut news coming to a bar from berlin polls close after a day of clashes in cairo when you hold a band independence referendum cattle or authorities say hundreds have been injured as riot police forcibly remove people from polling stations the spanish government
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has defended the crackdown calling the vote in mockery of democracy we'll go live to barcelona also coming up in the french city of moore said two women have been stabbed to death in a knife attack officials say the assailant was shot dead by french soldiers investigators are working to determine if the attack was terror related. plus defying truong by taking a need in the us professional football players continue a controversial protest and the spotlight in police brutality this after a string of critical tweets from the u.s. president. i'm sara harmon thanks for joining me it's good to have you with us. in spain the catalan regional government says more than four hundred sixty people have been injured in a police crackdown on a banned independence referendum. ballots are being counted after polls closed
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following a day of tension across the region but in a spanish capital madrid hundreds protested against the independence vote and called for unity a spanish prime minister praised the police interventions and called the vote a mockery of democracy several european leaders have condemned the violence of the day and called for political dialogue. rubber bullets being fired at protesters. clashes between voters and police forces. it was a chaotic start to catalans band independence referendum. the central government in madrid deployed police across the region they seized ballot papers and boxes of polling stations and occupied the regional governments telecommunications center. in the town of sharona officers forced their way into a polling station where the catalan leader colace who demands was expected to cast
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his vote. voted at another location and he sharply condemned the spanish police crackdown. in the unjustified and irresponsible use of violence by the spanish state will not stop the will of the catalan people to vote and to freely decide about their future how does he chose. the flip them in the mccarthy come in. and indeed many catalans were not deterred by madrid show of force thousands came out to make their vote count polls are due to close at eight pm local time the catalan government says that if the yes side wins it will declare independence from spain within forty eight hours. correspondent pamela foley ellis is on the story in barcelona pablo what's going on there where you are were people actually able to cast a ballot. there they certainly were because there were long queues of people from
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early morning trying to get into the polling stations across the region in fact i was at a polling station not too far from where i am and central barcelona and there were long queues of people i spoke to one man and he was there for an hour and a half and he said he probably take another hour at least or an hour and a half to get inside to cast his ballot and i was in the late afternoon then we've seen across the region that the police have tried to close a lot of the polling stations so some people didn't manage to go because the way they changed the law essentially they allowed people to basically they didn't have to go to their local polling station they could go anywhere and vote so any place that any polling station that was open and you were resident in catalonia you could go and vote there so that's what happened today for a lot of people that they just moved around and made sure that their day they have a chance to cast their ballot clearly things are very tense there it's a controversial no tell us briefly problem why this is so contested the first place . what i mean this is a been a long process and what's happened was
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a few months ago the council and regional government legislation in their regional parliament which was the legal framework for an independent catalonia and part of that would be a referendum of course spain's that constitutional court threw that out because it goes against the spanish constitution the spanish government said that under no means there would be a referendum and basically we got into this stalemate situation and the cutline regional government said they were going to do it just fine ish government so they wouldn't on this is where we are today on october the first spanish police meanwhile been criticised placing force against protesters what you tell us now. well in spain has a quite a complex policing set up here at the regional police are called the most use and they are potentially going to be investigated by the courts because they stood back and they didn't i mean according to some reports they didn't really follow orders. at the national police what do you see really that they are they did act and they
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were very much. part of this sort of these images that we've seen of people being taken out of polling stations and a lot of the violence that we've seen in fact the regional government has already put the cigarette i would around seven hundred fifty people being caught up in the clashes or of being involved in the violence that have been injured so there's a lot of there's a lot of criticism not just here in catalonia but across spain and in particular from the opposition who have said it's about time that dialogue was opened and there's a lot at stake thanks for bringing us up to date that's pablo foley l.e.o.'s for us in barcelona. turning now to france where a man has killed two women with a knife the assailant was shot dead by french soldiers the attack happened at the train station in the southern port city of moore say police cordoned off the area as they evacuated the station france as interior minister has said the attack may have been terror related but that hasn't been confirmed yet french president manuel
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macron condemned the incident on twitter and praise security services for their reaction. i'm joined on the line by our correspondent anna lizabeth more today in paris and what else can you tell us about this attack. well the attack it's so perpetrated by. late twenty's early thirty's it was at the main train station in the fight. between a rise and he rushed to women travelling and he attacked them with a butcher's knife and he killed one of them had he stabbed in the stomach and the front of the other one he stuck to the back as he was trying to flee and seconds later literally seconds later he was shot. by a pretty sight it was too late the whole thing happened to. fly area around the station down with people off to remain at. the every
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indication we have is that this. is it is of course a terror attack but it is a terrorist attack the a special branch of the front specialized the search started working on the case to try to find connections to the home secretary mr cordle during a press conference said that he was known for. this final crisis also that he had several identities that he did not explain what he meant by several i've done but certainly that would have meant that he had various papers he had not known him but they were found and that would mean that obviously there was an organization that helps. organize the. analyser we've been seeing attacks like this in france becoming increasingly common over the last weeks and months how much concern is there amongst everyday people about being out in public places like a train station. it if you look statistically there have been attacks but if you
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look at the district where you realize that just crossing the street it just became more dangerous but people are angry people are also angry there have been questions above is there is this a terror attack it of course is a terrorist act who perpetrated it and whether they were organized is another question but there's a feeling that to some extent of the authorities trying to to make this ground than it really is so there is a political risk now for the government and also we are entering a week in which comment is going to fall to the bill that will change some dispositions of the state of emergency into particular and there has been objections in some in some respect i will say that this helps but certainly if you don't reject it you fight you are left with a position in parliament if. they mention that some measure of surveillance but necessary exactly at a time like this that analysts the best reporting for us from paris thank you
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thank you. here's a look now at smaller stores that are making news around the world police in canada are attacking the western city of edmonton as an act of terrorism the man's been taken into custody suspected of stabbing a policeman and later plowing a van into several pedestrians. legislation banning full face muslim veils in public spaces has gone into effect in austria only a hundred fifty or so women are thought to wear these kind of veils in the country but the government says the law which says faces must be visible from the hairline to the chin is about protecting all strain values so-called burqa ban law signals a shift to the white gay ministry in politics. shiite muslim pilgrims have gathered in the walkies city of karbala to mark the assured the latest festival the annual holy day marks the killing of the prophet in law for same in the seventh century a death that eventually led to a deep split between islams shiite and sunni branches. when the
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u.s. controversy continues over whether football player should stand for the playing of the national anthem more and more professional players have chosen to kneel during the anthem in an act of protest against police violence targeting african-americans . to return to the protests during a speech in alabama last month calling it disrespectful to the flag the protests have only grown since then. our correspondent alexander phenomena is at a ravens football game in the city of baltimore alexander i understand that fans in the stadium brewed the ravens players why what happened. well i was surprised myself because the ravens decided to kneel down as a team for a couple of minutes before the national anthem was played and then they stood up and that was exactly what the fans told me many of them told me that they wanted to
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see the ravens standing during the national anthem so i was surprised but then i asked a couple of fans here and they told me that it's going was not only about today it was about it's last sunday when the players decided to kneel during the anthem and that was the sort of sending a message that the fans don't many of them of these stones won their players their ravens to kneel during the national anthem and that we have to say that we've been told that some seeds in the stadium were left. as a sign of protest and the people told me that the situation in the stadium was quite tense today all right so some fans are staying home and some bands are verbalizing their failings why is this such a big deal it's just a song right. yes i told so many fans here and most of them told me some of them veterans that they think that it should be about
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sports not about politics and they want the players to do what all americans are supposed to do what the national anthem is played to stand and their hands over their hearts and respect that flag always of course told me that they think it's right for the players to protest but the point is when we look to what happens today most n.f.l. players still doing the national anthem and only a number of them decided to continue to needle or to raise their fists in practice so it seems like presidents trump and many of the fans have some success in their rejection of the players' trotters but we have to say that the controversy is from far from over and that's the underlying problem a feeling of racial injustice among many african-american. remains unresolved there's a lot going on sounds like we have not heard the last of it alexander phenomenon at a raven stadium in baltimore thanks so much. in sunday's bundesliga
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action byron shaky start of the season continued against here to berlin with interim coach willie sack placing sacked predecessor carlo ancelotti in the dugout fire raced into an early leave thanks to a mats hummels header on ten minutes robert love and doubled barnsley just after half time but the defending champions failed to close out the game or lose scored twice within five minutes through. and selman kolo to snatch a comeback or two and draw. here's a look at the rest of the results from this weekend's bonus league imagines in sunday's late match life stage defeated struggling cologne earlier in the day freiburg beat hoffenheim three two as we saw in berlin came back to draw with byron on saturday dortmund one and. also want to get a ten over frankfurt left to late against dick dark to win their first home game and mind sharing points in a draw and then there was that school a struggle between him and we're going to blame and in the nor darby ronnie knight
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there was no other draw between shell and labor cruzan. well don't forget you can always get all your data on the news only go where ever you are just download our app from google play or the apple store that will give you access to the latest news from around the world and do be sure to sign up for push notifications so you don't miss any of our breaking news you can even use the d w after send us your photos and videos. and you're up to date here on day w i'm sara her at the news desk thanks for watching i'll see you at the top of the hour for more about. the rational list or on the rise with morning wired contract great you can use their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking the board to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what this nation me to you. to show you.


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