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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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my name is the i'm out of the go home and i work i've eaten. meat the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american cake music takes a look at germany it is increasing at the traditions every day lives and language i can just come out of my lungs and so i'm young good. looking back i am going to w. dot com meet the germans. hello and welcome to drive with a d w car show coming up we put toyota's little e.r.'s hybrid to the test.
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look at a bear of an s.u.v. this go to kodiak. and go for a spin in a mercedes am g.g.t. . long. og. this is the sound of a high performance sports car a mercedes sports car ob lab the mercedes a m g model family has acquired a few new members since the first was first rolled out in late two thousand and fourteen and now includes six street legal barriers for who pays and to roadsters one model range with numerous variations porsche has been pursuing this strategy for years with great success now mercedes am she is following suit.
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you know the car tester son shaken up will be test driving an entry level version of the mercedes amc g.t.s. and if i was the term entry level shouldn't who anyone is but is has specs not even found in most top level models three hundred fifty kilowatts of power as zero to one hundred kilometer an hour sprint in four seconds and three hundred four kilometers per hour top speed all that for the entry level price of at least one hundred seventeen thousand euros. that kind of power might give some drivers pause to think and think again but this v eight unit seems pleasantly team in the active suspension and traction controls comfort mode it responds like a mid-range sedan with a solid engine. doesn't it the obsession discovers that changes radically when he switches driving modes from c. for comfort to sport or sport plus just a bit more pressure on the gas pedal and away it goes. by lateral dynamics
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precision steering response and an incredibly direct reaction to even the slightest touch of the steering wheel it stays in and so many rounding curves at high speeds and keeps its cool even when taking curves while braking. sasha wouldn't want to open up the g.g. teeth full throttle anywhere but on the race track but on country roads it certainly has a ration is appetite or cds reads fuel consumption at one point four liters per hundred kilometers is getting closer to fifteen point eight leaders without too much in the way of supporting ambitions he doesn't even want to know what the fuel consumption would be on the racetrack and even the cells. she tease stands for grand juries month long and emblem of high performance automobiles mercedes's had the g.t. in its range since two thousand and fourteen now it's updated both technology and the sign for the next. phase of the models lifetime.
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reveals the heart of the g.t. . for leader to enter bobi eight it puts out an extra ten kilowatts for a total of three hundred fifty redesign has also teased out another thirty new meters of torque so the entry level g.t. sends a maximum of six hundred thirty new meters to the transmission. in keeping with their slogan one man one engine a single worker assembles every drive unit by hand at the a m g plant there is a cost but limits showcase the mercedes super cars truck it accommodates a mere one hundred sixty five leaders enough for a few groceries or a short weekend trip anyway of the miles liason that bite us so she doesn't think the broad rocker panels help anyone trying to climb into the g.t. but once safely in the am she performance seat it feels like
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a sports car seats are electrically adjustable with very good lateral support. performant steering wheel with twelve o'clock marking provides a good grip with its microfiber cover a large center console has eight knobs a reference to the v. eight engine under the hood. one sasha's comfortable behind the wheel he's ready to start off what he misses is the drive selector behind the steering wheel it's wandered down between the seats rather far back. that that's not too much of a disadvantage after all this is a sports car and not a luxury limo. that's it is not the sasha is certainly c.v.s. has learned a lot from porsche in two thousand and fourteen when the energy. he was first
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launched it was positioned as a direct competitor of the nine eleven and now the four door g.t. coupe a comes in direct response to the porsche panamera like for these two kindred spirits and performance matters the number of potential buyers is constantly growing even if the pressure to move away from such environmentally unfriendly cars is growing too perhaps the biggest of this incentive would be the one hundred seventeen thousand euro starting price in germany. this year. with the introduction of its new jarosz toyota recently decided to stop offering its diesel powered version in germany taking its place is hybrid gasoline and electric drive to yoda's had these combined drive trains in volume production since one nine hundred ninety seven one of the few subcompacts with a hybrid drive the iris starts off with hardly a sound. david
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on t.v. cartoons there on the left stick doesn't see hybrid drive is just a gimmick but is truly the best choice with the r it's the gasoline powered versions consume a lot more fuel. energy efficiency is the small hybrids main selling point most of the technology has been taken from the second generation prius in the new european driving cycle the full hybrid consumes just three point three leaders of fuel its emissions of seventy five grams of c o two per kilometer are impressively low. decline rummy discovers that was some concentration he can keep the fuel consumption around three point three leaders even without concentrating consumption stays under five leaders for city driving but that comes at the expense of road performance at takes a while for the engine to eve the hour is up to its top speed it is paid go. toyota
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provides its hybrid drive buyers some help for driving optimally and info graphic in the infotainment display tracks the flow of energy recuperating of braking helps to keep the battery charged as long as the braking isn't too sudden and a light touch is needed on the accelerator to stay well inside the green eco area. to mention with runny nose that the standard out of magic transmission may unnerve drivers who is sensitive hearing michelin ever he excel or race he hears a monotone vac round noise. but if you flow with city traffic at a moderate speed they continuously variable transmission and the hybrid technology tend to make life easier relaxation rather than driving fun is the idea behind the hybrid compact and it deserves mention that the engineers have toned down the
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background noise compared to previous models through small improvements to the drive train and engine mounts. alongside the exterior badges blue edged toyota logos referred to the environmentally friendly drive technology. the interior offers little to complain about the controls for the sat nav may be narrow but they're clearly marked. attack ometer is nowhere to be found. since the batteries mounted under the rear seat the cargo space is the same as in the non hybrid yahoos. run he likes the fuel efficiency and long lasting quality if you need an undermanned and. car for the city stop and go
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traffic this little japanese hybrid might not be a bad choice. he is expanding his family of s.u.v.s adding to the sorento and the sportage the smaller key astonied based on the rio around out the smaller end of korean carmakers s.u.v.s range there's a choice of three gasoline powered engines and one diesel all with front wheel drive and ranging from sixty two to eighty eight kilo us prices start from fifteen thousand seven hundred ninety year olds. their trucks is celebrating the launch of its new fuse so he can tour in new york it's the world's first all electric light truck in volume production deliveries to car buyers in the u.s. europe and japan will happen this year the e cancer should help reduce noise levels in big cities large scale production is planned to start in twenty nineteen. this.
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card to stay in his path he is here with the new skoda kodiak it's named after a type of ground bear that inhabits the islands of the kodiak archipelago in alaska i see from the side it does resemble the long gated silhouette of a bear but is at the top predator of the urban jungle or just a teddy bear let's find out how tough the odds that all of. the kodiak offers a choice of five engines three gasoline and two diesel. we're testing the weaker diesel engine the two leader t.d.i. with one hundred ten kilowatts of power this model also has a permanent all wheel drive and seven speed dual clutch transmission. the bear can lead from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in nine point eight seconds.
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front assist with city emergency brake and pedestrian protection is standard the function initiating braking automatically to make city driving safer a maneuver a system minimizes the risk of collision while reversing the system area view is a new addition for skoda it offers virtual displays of the area around the vehicle making it easier to drive in confusing situations or rough terrain. from the front the bare legs tough but not aggressive. as a first for skoda standard equipment includes l.e.d. lights that look like a work of art a roll of l.e.d.s. along the bottom of the rake headlights work as indicators as well as daytime
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running lights. and in case you forgot your umbrella if there's one stored in the driver's side door. top outdoor protectors mean no more chipped edges. in a says the van like design perfectly accommodate so third seating row but the use of space is flexible you can get more leg room by moving the second row up to eighteen centimeters lengthwise you can also change the angle of the back rests and out. and .
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as far as or tester is concerned adults would have enough space here in the back row even with the back rest up in the middle the only downside is you can't change the angle of the backrest here. no matter which of trim lines you choose the third seating row costs an extra seven hundred fifty euros. our test vehicle is outfitted with a top of the range style option as a great deal and the workmanship is of the highest quality in germany the price of our test model starts at just under forty thousand euros but with fewer features and a smaller engine you can get a kodiak for a little over twenty six thousand from. the third row of seats down easily when they're not in use.
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and that he misses the well as she is these have never been the most fueling fish. an option the makers are trying to keep it economical with the fission engines in lightweight construction in addition the kodiak has six different driving modes so you can choose the profile that suits best that way the driver can decide if they want to experience the bears wild side or if they prefer a fuel efficient and resource oriented form of transport and on the fall of ninety . while in sport mode the kodiak delivers high performance and top speeds and eco mode it activates their free will function as soon as the driver takes their foot off the pedal when traveling over twenty kilometers an hour the engine is uncoupled from the gearbox and kicks into coasting mode.
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but that is humid and that throws a code in a sense that four point seven meters the kodiak is a substantial car but was seating for seven people it's a good option for families with city driving there is of course the challenge of being able to find a big enough parking space but if this is a car that suits your needs then the skoda kodiak presents great value for money as far as this class of vehicle goes and titles close latham's had no suddenly left outside on the boards. the mazda two super many has been around for over fourteen years and three generations the current generation has boosted sales by more than one hundred forty percent nevertheless mazda has decided it's time for an update.
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aboard the current history manuel shaffer says while the third generation mazda two is only to you. years old the japanese carmaker has decided to give it a make over it not so much outside inside a few mia but in an r.v. at. the new mazda two has lots of new driver assistance tools that's not a standard in this market segment there's a parking sensor and an emergency brake system for city driving the car can detect driver fatigue or a sudden lane change most of these aids are optional. and i know i like the fact that this new must have two is noticeably quieter but what if a lot of insulation has been put in around the engine and under the dashboard and it
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shows especially when you get up to higher speeds you notice there's much less noise from outside and that makes the drive much more pleasant. vectoring control and doing is improve with just a minimal adjustment to the engine torque. the changes to the overall design have been minimal. the chrome trim reaches from the front end of the headlights. ele the headlights will set you back from six hundred fifty to seven hundred fifty euros extra. the sportsline includes sixteen inch alloy wheels. from the side you instantly notice the elongated hood but at a total length of four point six meters this is still definitely a supermini. all the lights use the technology except the
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taillights. almost the two engines use sky active technology. in combination with turbo charging they buck the downsizing trend. the cargo space ranges from two hundred eighty to nine hundred fifty leaders. the interior is well organized. the steering wheel has the usual controls. the pricier versions come with a seven inch color display. the seats are comfortable and offer good lateral support. and there is plenty of room in the back.
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our test card chief sixty six kilowatts of power in a maximum speed of one hundred eighty three kilometers per hour. the endo in the emanuel says that changes to the mazda two are mostly fine tuning except for the driver assistance which represents a huge leap forward to going to make this one of the safest cars in it segment. prices for the mas the two in germany start from twelve thousand eight hundred ninety year olds but if you want all the safety features you'll be looking at a minimum of nine hundred thousand two hundred ninety or us a bigger engine and a few more extras quickly bump the price up closer to twenty three thousand.
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so i invented. journalist much as current says the bentley been to get is really impressive it's big expensive and luxurious which in my. not appreciate all the work that goes into making it when you see one on the street so he's come to the bentleys plant and crew to see how this super s.u.v. is produced on social. surrounded by idyllic countryside the crew factory is located in cheshire and the northwest of england along with the men take bentley also produces other luxury cars like the flying spur the most sane as well as the coupe a and convertible versions of the continental here but unlike at other plants the cars are made by people rather than robots. they're also made with wood lots of wood from vulcan before to says weeks before the actual production begins everything starts with this sheet it
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would more or less easy point six millimeter think veneer gives the interior of every badly and actually every been taken a truly individual touch indeed to eleanor to feel light but. that's because every piece of wood is different if one sort is used up it can't be replaced all of the veneer used in a vehicle is cut from a single piece of wood or larger surfaces several sheets of a near known as leaves are painstakingly glued together to create a perfect mirror image the wood is then cut into the desired shapes using a laser before being attached to a backing and placed into was sam leach press. and then it's sanded down over and over again the surface must be perfectly smooth before the wood inlays can be lacquered and polished. but
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a bentley is made of more than wood. the hide from seven cows goes into making the leather upholstery for each pentagon preferably from cattle that have great. didn't mountainous regions free of fences and mosquitoes with their well trained us bentley workers find and mark any imperfections in the weather then they cut it with a little help from a computer taking the markings into account the machine arranges all of the pieces needed in a way that reduces waste to a minimum the rest of the work is then once again done by hand. of postering all the seeds for a vehicle can take many hours. to says you only find this tool in the cafeteria at most car plants but terry here finds it also comes in handy for making steering wheels as he shows us the on click wheel.
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i see a very interesting saw that you also have always had the same distance between though it's got the same height but we don't. other than the sun valmont this is intriguing and such a simple utensil can help to produce high quality steering wheel and the finished product will look like this one here than. the others that has this really fine stitching which thanks to the fork it is as even as it should be everything is hand crafted i people like terry and the steering wheel is really the most important instrument in a car who says because your hands around it all the time how do i get zero money guns and sides i'm ahead of the knobs since i'm a dollar. even during assembly robots are only used to assist the workers like here where they help install the dashboard lights tasks
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that are normally performed in seconds at other plants can take several minutes a crew to ensure that the workmanship is top notch every screw every panel every wire is put in. by hand even at the vital stage when the body is fitted on to the chassis. says after this week's long odyssey a new van take the world's off the assembly line every fifteen minutes or so and ready for delivery. and next time on drive it we check out a fun city car then you see. and look at this sun sporty crossover that is monk's.
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is d.w. news live from berlin a deadly shooting on the las vegas strip. thank you gunman opens fire at a concert killing at least fifty people and injuring more than two hundred police say they have shocked at the suspect a sixty four year old man.


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