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shailesh us he is head of the madrid office of the european council on foreign relations also the author of a paper called three myths about catalonia independence movement francisco welcome to you and. we understand that you're a critic of this vote and the whole process that has led to it in the past week we know that the referendum it was first banned by the central government and then marred by scenes of police violence that all of us have seen on television why not just let the people of catalonia vote. well i think there's a very simple answer don't know if you know these referendum was criticised was known. or to. have they got a lot of people and especially the opposition parties which when this was. by they got them in parliament there really is at them or in minor for many says. well none of that since they left the bar lamenting this a bit and that's the big fear of catalonia now
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a fractured society so this was this was never meant to be a preferred them about the referendum but at this moment and a show of force all the procession movement in the only which is true but were known this editions and he has don't no way with the either two got the law or it got the nationalists and if these would have gone forward in any way it has gone forward in sort of evil have meant to the provision of rights of all those people so this this was never going to be a lot of the question is what would have been the berber reaction and this is something we're discussing here yeah and i want to get to that reaction in just a moment but first i want to drill down a little bit deeper into the legitimacy of the vote because you wrote in your paper that in order for the cattle and people to have a self-determination referendum there would first need to be a fundamental reform of of you wrote the one nine hundred seventy eight spanish constitution but apparently there's no political consensus to do that it sounds
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like what you're describing is an impossible situation so what are supporters of independence therefore to do. yeah i mean it would be impossible but we don't know because the plan for proposed by the got on board and was never discussed in the grid unlike a similar plan discuss by the basque overman ten years ago. the continents have voted for for their state as i voted at least twice and have old and thirty three times in the most cressy and twice in referenda one for the previous constitution overwhelming support ten years ago in the studies autonomy which was repealed by take out the parliament with this referendum on the disconnection of laws but it's important to understand that this was never about the vote is was oblivious and they're pushing ahead for you know drug aggression in the pen this which will make voters worse so what are they supposed to do well i
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think first of all is the rest of got the owners will be a good way to begin with and try to try to full our constitution framer because yes we could reform this constitution and there are forces in spend who think about reforming the constitution and this could be put to a nationwide vote for so that the measure of friend i have to say most because they do so on the motors is certainly in the you to no teleport that only the u.k. but it required their consent for which mr so it is i understand i mean it's a very difficult situation but i think we're conflate in some government with the right for independence and this is i think these are two different things a lot of food for thought there and a lot of very strong opinions we know both in spain and in catalonia we thank you very much for sharing your perspective on it francisco the boys i last had asked head of the madrid office of the european council on foreign relations.
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well now to a murder mystery that stunned the world on feb thirteenth kim jong il the a strange half brother of north korean leader kim jong un was killed in the middle of a koala and core airport the weapon poisoned well today the two women accused of his murder saw their trial begin in malaysia the suspects were ushered into a court earlier today amid tight security as expected they pleaded not guilty to the attack with a deadly nerve agent the pair say that they were tricked into believing that they were part of a prank for a reality t.v. show they face the death penalty if convicted. and there are still so many unanswered questions surrounding that murder u.s. and south korean officials say that it was a cold war style assassination orchestrated by north korea a charge that denies let's take a look now at what we know. the last images of king john alive on february thirteenth two women robbed
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a liquid into his face at kuala lumpur airport he reported the incident to airport staff saying he felt unwell he was taken to the airport clinic and bought on the way to hospital. kim jong nam was the older half brother of north korean dictator kim jong un they share the same father former supreme leader kim jong il. the child reese father's first marriage and should have succeeded him as leader but by the early two thousand he'd fallen out of favor from exile in macau he criticized his half brothers rule and called for reforms. reason enough to have him killed according to south korean and u.s. officials who blame the north korean regime for his murder. and denies all involvement but tried unsuccessfully to prevent malaysian authorities conducting an autopsy the results showed that kim jong nam was killed with a nerve agent v.x. the murder spot a diplomatic crisis between the two countries can join them as body was returned to
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north korea in much part of a deal securing the release of malaysian citizens from the reclusive state. so was kim jong nam as murder the result of a years long plot by pyongyang north korea has a long history of ordering killings just silence its opponents d.w. met with one defector who fled the regime and says that his life is still in danger . for one north korean dissident this is a nation of kim jong nam last february wasn't merely news talks on hawk himself has been on the north korean government list for years the bodyguard around the clock tongue in my life is always in danger in two thousand and eleven north korea ordered a spy to assassinate me with a poison dart the following year and a north korean came to shoot me later someone brought a homemade bomb to my hotel there was a letter sent to me threatening not only to kill me but my whole family. grew up in
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a privileged family in pyongyang he worked his way up until he got a post at the provoke onda ministry by one thousand nine hundred nine after a round of purges in the north korean elite he and his father defected to the south soon a pox on her life took a tragic turn. i lived quietly and saw for three years in two thousand and three an old friend who had defected as well came to tell me what had happened to my family that intelligence officers had arrested my uncles they were killed after being tortured my fiance was tortured terribly too my cousin had gone missing this is why i joined the north korea human rights movement park is now fighting another kind of propaganda war but on the other side of the korean border. he doesn't need weapons just leaflets transistor radios and us dollars when the wind is blowing off pot and his fellow activists drive to the border. they launch
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balloons filled with strong political messages. the north korean regime however fiesta free flow of information for what sealed off people. pox on happening most from his own experience how a piece of paper can change lives. in one nine hundred ninety three i visited a classmate in one santelli at the square downtown people suddenly looked up in the sky inside balloons state intelligence officers were carefully watching the balloons then they popped in flyers were scattered people were asked to turn them into authorities but some people put them in their pocket and when i did. that was when poc realized for the first time what living in a country without oppression could actually mean. while most south koreans simply shrug off the threat from the north and go on with their daily lives activists like pox on hard proof of a cold war conflict just a few kilometers away john young viewers spock's regular balloon launches as
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a provocation and tries to shut them down with the tillery still pox on hack hopes to achieve his dream of a unified korea one day. even though i come from a good background and had a comfortable life back then i don't think i could have been happy in the north in saw all i learned to appreciate the value of freedom and this is why i became an activist and pockets not planning to give up his efforts his goal is a free north and south korea and he will do whatever it takes to achieve it. well the day is almost done but don't forget as always the conversation continues online you can find us at twitter either at t w news or you can use my handle which is at sarah kelly t.v. don't forget you can use the hash tag the day i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you very much for watching we'll see them to.
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create a new. all all. all. inspiring . presage. lifestyle your read. your romance next to. each of it. surely two news from africa and the world your link to exceptionally stories and discussions for more news as easy and while website debutantes much freak out join us on facebook at g.w. for.
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a. while ground zero one of all new week of your mikes i'm louise house and i will be him bringing you the latest and lifestyle news from europe today on the show we have. fashion icon a new museum in paris pays comin to evaluate. citibank this week we'll highlight the best quality of life. for a girl in spain with a store tan one hundred ten. it was one of the most famous design is in the well. wrong the french designers started his career at dior and nine hundred fifty seven four years later he founded
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his own brand with his own name and for many years he worked in paris in a corner building near the eiffel tower this house has now become a museum which opens this week. eve celeron spent the better part of twenty years here. in this room he sketched his designs and held his fittings. there is personal belongings lies strewn around the desk as if he just left the room. the fact is intentional. former company headquarters has now become a museum. the concept is to leave visitors with an authentic sense of the place. the desk is full of things he kept around all his life that were very dear to him like the public figures that stand for his dogs. we want it to be moved that
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a museum a fashion more like a place of remembrance of a historical museum. we're trying to recreate something that doesn't exist anymore a time when you have played a major role when collections were developed in a very particular way. ok the question was could shouldn't southam many. over five thousand dresses complete with accessories as well as sketches photos and films can be found in the new museum's archive. kept everything including his very earliest creations. this dress from one nine hundred sixty two was the very first he made on commission for a client. museum goers can get up close to the finest gowns it's your at i level. you son a whole. if some a little was the first design of the archive his clothes previously they used to
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give them to the models of the fashion shows i'll sell them straight to the customers but he kept the original prototypes so we can exhibit them today. and also me he was also the first designer to stages fashion shows in other venues instead of artist could you house in a hotel for instance if he. did that he did that made the main event and they still are today. in two thousand and two the first rock star designer took his leave of the fashion world with a grand show. he passed on six years later at age seventy one in two thousand and fourteen his partner both professionally and in private conceived the museum project. was an exceptionally rare talent. you know. he left a colossal legacy and has had a huge influence on society. if fashion were about nothing but creating
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a certain aesthetic in addressing wealthy ladies it would have no real significance for marriage but fashion as a lot more than that it has a social dimension. drugs said functional so you hope all could. from men's fashion like the tuxedo or the overall and transform them and made the wearable for women. so the women kept their femininity but they were able to feel equal to male macbook and he latched on to the tendency in the one nine hundred sixty s. and held on to it right up until the end of his career. among the french designers favorite models was a young the indian model first took to the catwalk for eve celeron in one nine hundred seventy six. i mean. at first glance even celeron made a very reserved and shy impression on people. but in smaller more intimate company
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he could be completely different he told stories and was good at imitating people in general he was an incredibly polite respectful person. in the thirteen years i worked for him he never acted like a star during fittings he even asked me what i thought everyone could have a say on the one i ve long but. after the paris museum a second eve celeron museum is due to open in america shana tova nineteen. the fashion designer was born in algeria and spent a great deal of time in morocco and influence that could be spotted in his creations. he originally came from north africa he grew up there and that's where he got that feel for color a completely different feel than what was normal for paris at the time yet. he favored warm colors and strong contrast like in india we also mix orange and pink.
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it's quite at home in america it reminded him of his childhood. we'll never see the two new museums opened he passed away on september eighth but his greatest wish has been granted he's made even sell a long the artist and visionary the first fashion designer to have not one but two museums devoted to him. and we have on the press which has always featured three stop stories in europe. germany's first same sex marriage was celebrated in berlin on sunday bodo mender and carcano had waited thirty eight years for their special day. in june the german parliament approved marriage equality which already exists in thirteen other
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european countries the new law went into effect on october the first same sex couples don't have exactly the same status under german law as heterosexual couples wedding bells also rang for gay and lesbian couples in hanover and hamburg. the show andrea is growing taller for vivienne westwood took place at paris fashion week on saturday strong on color and prints the twenty eight hundred spring summer collection was designed for the first time by vivienne westwood sauced green husband. meanwhile cosmetics giant low rio transformed the landmark shows that he's a into a best catwalk. celebrities including helen mirren and jane fonda a model for the latest makeup looks teamed with classic french fashion design by the likes of bellmen and isabelle moron.
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comic con russia drew to a close in moscow on sunday with their cars play competition. participants dressed up as their favorite comic book or video game characters such as torn from world of warcraft or characters from the which are. caused play events grew out of the japanese manga and anime craze of the one nine hundred ninety s. tend to become common creatures that ban convention. a city where living in the price is a green army the transport system well the british ice and magazine monaco has recently published a ranking of the top twenty five most populous cities to live in they can get it says status.


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