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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2017 3:03am-3:16am CEST

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and manages to combine the excitement of the big city with the charm of the village and everything's easy to reach even the alps proximity to nature is another of zurich's big attractions. it has lake zurich and the river lima on its doorstep all this water is lovely to look at and it's a key factor in quality of life. and even take a boat across there's always a if you want to get to the office you have it as soon will like i think it's one of really one of the great things come a. you see that zurich really turns into a mediterranean city the way the city uses its rivers the way use its lakes i can't think of many european cities that have that and then are really using fresh bodies of water in the way that europe does. bahnhof strasser in downtown so it has one of
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the most upmarket shopping streets in the world. the city is a hub of international finance traditionally one of its main features are banks but zurich is changing the creative scene is flourishing and helping to regenerate neighborhoods that used to be rundown and seedy. i think of all of the cities that we've looked at in our quality of life rankings zurich has witnessed the most extraordinary transformation if i look back fifteen years ago sixteen years ago zurich was still very buttoned up that's changed now and you see that because whole structures of the city that the reinvention of christ fear try these these neighborhoods which actually start to feel like a slightly more sanitized swiss a fide version of berlin kai sphere is the former red light district these days it's popular with a young crowd and google opened offices here in the summer two thousand people from
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around the world to now work here. a spate of new hotels restaurants and shops have opened breathing new life into the neighborhood a former pharmacy houses the ultra hip pseudo design stores places like this are turning the area into zurich's most cosmopolitan district. coffee it's got good cafes good nightclubs good bars very specialized sections to do with it's a district that represents who we are it's lively it attracted a mixed crowd and we feel very at home here. with who is his award. monocle magazine also good. they're part of what makes such a great place to live. culture and colinear experiences new things happening lots of innovation great hotels. you know each
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neighborhood has. got their own flair and great place. everything's within easy reach. everything. it does have to be said but zurich is also one of the most expensive cities in europe it could do with becoming more affordable even monocle says so apart from that zurich strikes the perfect balance between financial hub modern metropolis small town coziness. what's your favorite european city love to hear your thoughts so please do write in to us and let us know at the end of the week will select one of the names at random and your way and i pod shuffle and a backpack full of loads of travel goodies you can see those on the table there but also a plug adaptor and many many others inside this. so you can save the quick contact form on our website and that's below and you'll also see the top five cities posted
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on on instagram. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our duramax instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow us on instagram. how we love instagram but there's always new apps to discover to the latest wrong to catch our attention is wrong code yeah it's a combination everybody's not chat and years and is basically a shopping poll it's a way video is most popular with fashionistas but it's constantly growing and if you are still confused and here's a bit of an example. you know. what right.
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this isn't m.t.v. and it's not even a music video it's actually a sales portal run. by you. it's amazing. to be honest i really like this video my so what i do is click here unfortunately the t. shirts already sold but this is definitely a very fun way of selling a t. shirt. melanie moore came up with the idea of creating a marketplace where users can sell their products with video in may twenty sixth she launched big a shopping at a lively mix of snap chat and you tube. we all know how much kids teenagers use their mobile phones they're always making videos for snap chat and instagram and so on. me thinking about how to improve t.v. shopping. this fifteen year old user goes by the name prince of passion day
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specifically targets his age group the fourteen to twenty two year olds. yes i think this is the very last letter from the first merchandise collection and it could be yours. this is how it works uses shooter videos select the music apply a few virtual stickers and sell their product games uses range from private to professional sellers and the numbers are growing the app is available in one hundred sixty countries but now the majority of users are teenagers. i'm so impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of these teenagers spirit. we are seeing brands on our platform where the c.e.o.
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is fifteen years old shifted from france to this. is financed by investors proton bought by melanie before the launch. don't have to pay a sales job or even professional sellers for the time being the app is free and you don't have to be a teenager to enjoy shopping just got a whole lot more fun. being so far is. very. well let's leave the woman for myself i'm behind from my own now as the most famous department store in berlin is celebrating its anniversary the coddy of a is the harrods of linen has been around for about one hundred ten years now offering customers there should dish no way to shop it several false of clothing home goods toiletries appliances stationery and on the top a food flaw custom is can enjoy
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a wonderful pit stop for coffee and cake. even a. cow hostess weston's or in berlin is germany's most famous department store.


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