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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2017 4:03am-4:31am CEST

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keep the anti-corruption campaign or off the ballot. meon maher has told the united nations refugee agency that its top priority is to bring back the hinge of muslims who have fled to neighboring bangladesh the two countries have agreed to set up a working group to repatriate more than half a million ranges that escaped an army crackdown in northern rakhine state myanmar officials accused her him to militants of launching coordinated attacks on police posts on august twenty fifth that sparked a mass exodus. las vegas under fire in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history as the dead are laid to rest and the injured fight for their lives the nation asks why is this happening yet again i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.
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yeah i heard it. and they kept going even the referee off they just kept going and going. for an hour suspect was a den of pride as stephen crane paddick sixty four years old a white male from the skin of that we believe the individual killed himself prior to our entry. he brutally murdered more than fifty people. and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil in time such is the i know we are searching for some kind of meaning in the case it's some kind of life in the dark the answer is do not come
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easy. check their gun laws i mean i just i don't know how many more of these tragedies have to happen for people to realize that we need to change the laws. tonight las vegas is a city and morning after what is being called the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history scores are dead hundreds injured and investigators are now busy trying to figure out why the suspect did it what we do know is that he was a sixty four year old white man from nevada who apparently turned an outdoor country music concert into a killing field shooting round after round from his hotel room above it was a festival vents that quickly turned into a scene of horror. this was the moment when music turned to gunfire. moments before it was just another vegas
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evening the crowd had been enjoying a country music festival. now they were running for their lives. as hysteria broke out the shooter continued his rampage. people at the scene described the horror they witnessed. i was inside. we refused to believe it was a shooting until they just kept going and going and then being the stage and then everybody surfing and we started we had to have a gate to get out. it was crazy i've never seen anything like that we kept shooting and shooting and shooting and we thought it was on the other side we just thought it was maybe play machine guns but it definitely wasn't fire guns. and it sounded like at least thirty rounds or more donald trump offered his quote warmest
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condolences to the victims and their families my fellow americans we are joined together today in sadness shock and grief. last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas nevada he brutally murdered more than fifty people and wounded hundreds more it was an act of pure evil. police rushed to the scene of the attack at the mandalay bay hotel and casino where the perpetrator had checked in as a guest from the thirty second floor he began shooting indiscriminately at concert goers outside an hour later police confirmed his death. we located numerous
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firearms within the room that he occupied and like i stated earlier is going to be of long and tedious investigation now we're bringing in all the resources of the f.b.i. to assist us in this investigation authorities say they believe the attacker a sixty four year old local white man was acting alone. the incident is now the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. and earlier i spoke with brenton when guard who was at that country music concert in las vegas this was his fourth year there and he never had any trouble until last night he described his experience. yeah we when we heard the gunshots it sounded like as iran's like said it by works or something like that so we didn't react to the first round second round by then we were looking around and there was someone i could see getting c.p.r. he was lying flat. and i could see jess no dane leave the stage so that was when i
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looked at my wife and my friends and and just sort of worked out what we were going to do they were crouched down so they ended up opening up a area underneath the. sitting area for the ip and we basically ran under there and hid down i was lying on my wife. making sure everything was ok just so scuse me and then. once it popped on a pos we listened to the shooting listen we listened and eventually just stopped and that's when we photos pretty safe to come out so i crawled out underneath looking around to see if we come out we were able to come out there was a security guy there and sort of pushing everyone to run just as fast as you can get out get out so i went back got a friend's wheel came out and we ran to the exit but we had to run across the whole field where the the shooting and taken places and i just you know did our guns don't look don't look because there was there was bodies being carried on makeshift
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stretchers which was then seen whatever they could find it was a lot of bodies a lot of blood lot of bad stuff and i just said keep running so we ran to the exit and they were police hidden behind columns there that i was still tucked away so as to get his impression that something could still happen any time so we just get running and got as far as we could away from the house side him heading down the strip and someone came running out from another scene a same as not to shoot it somewhere else which turned out to be false but i was saying this i want to be ok you know keep moving so we just kept going any way we could to siphon starting a lot. yeah it was just surreal it was amazing but. and breton i mean we can just imagine how how harrowing that must have been for you the scenes that you were describing there for you to have lived through that and we know that this is this is not the first time that you have been to this festival we mentioned this is the fourth year in a row presumably of the last time that your experiences were far more joyful than
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this particular one when you look around at this area perhaps you can explain to us a little bit more do you know why this attacker might have chosen this specific target. it was a is it i mean fortunately it's a great chance of that sort of thing to happen that thirty second floor is a great you down in. the area on and off site it was on the strip so the concert not myself and you can go up in the room and look down and that's a great view of the whole rainer and you know it's just you get a great there's a lot of view of the whole thing so unfortunately when there's bad people in the world like sex season take an opportunity to do what they do it's unfortunately a good spot for a bad thing to happen which is terrible branson what are you going to do now i mean we know that so many people there have been through this experience as you have i
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think more than than twenty thousand people were actually at this concert have you been offered any any sort of counseling or have the authorities been in touch with you. no nothing like that yet. and i was just taken the day my wife and i and left friends are basically bad now slate miners we came on this ng and it was hard the kids. were just going to die just watching t.v. and just just counting our lucky stars just that we had a device that got out no problem there was another lady under the area that we were in and we took her in we bought on with us until she could find her friends and get back to them a boyfriend drives from california that nine picked up later on the morning. just which. i didn't i. was at an event of another convention tomorrow and next weekend i mean it she doesn't want to go and she's really against big groups
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now we've got season tickets to the hockey the gold not somewhere sitting on the fence with that now two are just. things of chinese when you look at big venues with. united as it's different absolutely i think a lot of us will be thinking along similar lines in the future we thank you very much for for joining us after experiencing something so traumatic in the past day just for for giving us a little bit of perspective on what it is that you went through brant and when a guard. you know we mentioned that you've attended this concert many times in the past and we thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about it. and let's get more now about the law enforcement response to this incident we're joined now by alex del carmen executive director of the school of criminology criminal justice and strategic studies that darlington state university in texas thanks so much for joining us this evening thanks for having me. now we've heard that this was an incident in which the suspect is
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thought to have had multiple guns with automatic capacity given that what do you make of law enforcement's response. you know having reviewed the tapes and having talked to some folks that were actually on the scene i can tell you that the law enforcement response was superb when it comes to last vegas police department particularly this one team you have to remember that when when this stuff will be students to glaze there are multiple people running not only at the same time twenty thousand in this case but you also are receiving the nine one one this faction or is receiving hundreds of calls literally about different perspectives on the scenes of to be able to receive that information and put it in a you know an operational matter for law enforcement to respond to it does require some degree of art and i think they did a great job can you talk with us a little bit more about your frustrations as a law enforcement official dealing with a lone wolf who has a pretty amazing arsenal where we're beginning to learn because you know after these mass shootings like this in the united states the talk often goes to gun
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control for example nevada has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country we have to tell our viewers we've heard president trump's press secretary saying that now is not the time to renew that debate when you hear such things what do you think. well you know at the end of the day if somebody has the motive to kill someone or to inflict harm on a on a massive number of people they're going to find a way in which to do it whether you give them access to guns or not i mean frankly you know obviously we worry from the law enforcement perspective and as a criminologist that has trained thousands of police officers for the past twenty years i can tell you that our rhymes police officers in india united states are under armed they have lesser weaponry than the enemy does in this case along wolf attacker as in the case of the individual that killed fifty plus people last night so so yeah you know they are out of this advantage and we wish the equation would
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be different but at the same time i've always said that when you really study the psychic of somebody that does something like this they will find a way to harm innocent people regardless of what actions you give them to guns or not so to some degree i agree with the with the secretary of of media relations with the white house in the sense that right now is not the time to talk about it but obviously we need to have a discussion in this country not only about the accessibility to automatic weapons but also about what law enforcement can do to protect callers well it's still common executive director of the school of criminology criminal justice and strategic studies that tarlatan state university in texas we thank you very much for sharing your opinion i think as you mentioned it is a conversation that is going to be having be happening in the country in the not so distant future we appreciate your feel. catalonia is regional government is calling for international mediation on its bid for independence from spain this after
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a disputed referendum on sunday was marred by violence as police tried to prevent voters from casting ballots regional leaders say that ninety percent voted for independence but critics say that the results is not representative because opponents refused to participate which read has also dismissed the referendum as illegal and invalid. supporters of catalan separatism were in force again today providing a powerful backdrop for the demands of their regional leader. but despite the mood of defiance in barcelona he opened the door to deescalation. a woman i can show you. what i'm now recommending is mediation. and that mediation requires the presence of a third party. i think that on this you know but you see that party needs to be international for this to be an effective process this is important to restore the
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institutional normality which has been disturbed by disproportionate decisions from spain central government. it's also important to end police violence and the limitation of our liberty and also to create a climate of less tension for such a process of mediation that. some days violence was splashed across the morning papers as people caught up with events that could change the makeup of the country some cattle lands are outraged by police tactics others expressing reservations about leaving spain. i'm of the opinion that this referendum wasn't managed the way it should have been there may have been other ways so that we all would be happy with the results part of us catalans i believe and not happy with the result of the referendum. you know just. yesterday was terrible people like me i'm seventy years old i experienced
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a dictatorship under franco and this is the same. there see i don't mean laws. spanish police used heavy handed tactics on sunday to disrupt a vote the country supremes court has ruled unconstitutional central government in madrid has come under fire for its use of police force cattle an authority saying over eight hundred people were injured there now setting up a special commission to investigate claims of abuse. and let's get more now on this catalan independence vote we are joined by francisco de barge i last set us he is head of the madrid office of the european council on foreign relations also the author of a paper called three minutes about catalonia is independence movement francisco welcome to you. you know get it in and we understand that you're a critic of this vote and the whole process that has led to it in the past week we know that the referendum that was first banned by the central government and then
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marred by scenes of police violence that all of us had seen on television why not just let the people of catalonia vote. well i think there's a very simple answer for don't know if you know these refer and was criticised was known. or to. have got a lot of people and especially the opposition barred this week when this was. by they got them in parliament earliest of them are in minor the mideast as. well none of that since they left the bar lemond in this debate and that's the big fear of catalonia now a fractured society so this was this was never meant to be a preferred them about the referendum but at this moment and a show of force all the procession movement in the only which is true but were known this editions and he has don't no way with the either two got the law or it
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got the nationalists and if these would have gone forward in any way it has gone forward in sort of evil have meant to the provisional rights of all those people so this this was never going to be a little the question is what would have been the reaction to some who were discussing your yeah and i want to get to that reaction in just a moment but first i want to drill down a little bit deeper into the legitimacy of the vote because you wrote in your paper that in order for the cattle and people to have a self-determination referendum there would first need to be a fundamental reform of of you wrote the one nine hundred seventy eight spanish constitution but apparently there is no political consensus to do that it sounds like what you're describing is an impossible situation so what are supporters of independence therefore to do. yeah i mean it would be impossible but we don't know because the plan for proposed by the town and gordon was never
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discussed in madrid unlike a similar plan discussed by that bus government ten years ago. in the countenance have voted for for their state does not vote at least twice inhabitant thirty three times in the most cressy and twice in referenda one for the previous constitution overwhelming support ten years ago in this that is autonomy which was repealed by take out the parliament with this referendum on the disconnection of laws but it's important to understand that this was never about the vote is was oblivious and they're pushing ahead for you know drug aggression in the bendis which will make voters worse so what are they supposed to do well i think first of all is the rest of got the owners will be a good way to begin with and try to try to full our constitution framer because yes we could reform this constitution and there are forces in spend who think about reforming the constitution and this could be put to a nationwide vote berber so that the measure of friend i have to say most is the
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decision the motors is certain in the you know the low court that only the u.k. but it required their consent for which mr so it is i understand i mean it's a very difficult situation but i think we're conflate in some government with the right for in the been this and this is i think these are two different things a lot of food for thought there and a lot of very strong opinions we know both in spain and in catalonia we thank you very much for sharing your perspective on it francisco the boys i last had asked head of the madrid office of the european council on foreign relations. well now to a murder mystery that stunned the world on feb thirteenth kim jong il the a strange half brother of north korean leader kim jong un was killed in the middle of a koala import airport the weapon poisoned well today the two women accused of his murder saw their trial begin in malaysia the suspects were ushered into
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a court earlier today amid tight security as expected they pleaded not guilty to the attack with a deadly nerve agent the pair say that they were tricked into believing that they were part of a prank for a reality t.v. show they face the death penalty if convicted. and there are still so many unanswered questions surrounding that murder u.s. and south korean officials say that it was a cold war style assassination orchestrated by north korea a charge that denies let's take a look now at what we know. the last images of king john alive on february thirteenth two women rub the liquid into his face at kuala lumpur airport he reported the incident to airport staff saying he felt unwell he was taken to the airport clinic and thought on the way to hospital. kim jong nam was the older half brother of north korean dictator kim jong un they share the same father former supreme leader kim jong il. was the child reese father's first marriage and should
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have succeeded him as leader but by the early two thousand he'd fallen out of favor from exile in macau he criticized his half brother's rule and called for reforms. reason enough to have him killed according to south korean and u.s. officials who blame the north korean regime for his murder. and denies all involvement but tried unsuccessfully to prevent malaysian authorities conducting an autopsy the results showed that kim jong nam was killed with a nerve agent v.x. the murder spot a diplomatic crisis between the two countries can join them his body was returned to north korea in much part of a deal securing the release of malaysian citizens from the reclusive state. so was kim jong noms murder the result of a years long thought by pyongyang north korea has a long history of ordering killings just silence its opponents d.w. met with one defector who fled the regime and says that his life is still in danger
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. for one north korean dissident this assassination of kim jong nam last february wasn't merely news pox on hawk himself has been on the north korean government's death list for years the bodyguards around the clock tongue into my life is always in danger in two thousand and eleven north korea ordered a spy to assassinate me with a poison dart the following year and a north korean came to shoot me later someone brought a homemade bomb to my hotel there was a letter sent to me threatening not only to kill me but my whole family. grew up in a privileged family in pyongyang he worked his way up until he got a post in the program the ministry by one thousand nine hundred nine the poet was in the north korean elite he and his father defected to the south soon a pox on her life took a tragic turn. i lived quietly and saw for three years in two thousand
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and three an old friend who had defected as well came to tell me what had happened to my family that intelligence officers had arrested my uncles they were killed after being tortured my fiance was tortured terribly to my cousin had gone missing this is why i joined the north korea human rights movement park is now fighting another kind of propaganda war but on the other side of the korean border. he doesn't need weapons just leaflets transistor radios and us dollars when the wind is blowing off pot and his fellow activists drive to the border. they launch balloons filled with strong political messages. the north korean regime however fiesta free flow of information for its sealed off people. packs on hot notes from his own experience how a piece of paper can change lives. in one thousand nine hundred three i visited a classmate in one santelli at the square downtown people suddenly looked up in the
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sky in saw balloons state intelligence officers were carefully watching the balloons then they popped in flyers were scattered people were asked to turn them into authorities but some people put them in their pocket and i did too. that was when pocket realized for the first time what living in a country without oppression could actually mean. while most south koreans simply shrug off the threat from the north and go on with their daily lives activists like pox on hot approve of a cold war conflict just a few kilometers away. young viewers spock's regular balloon launches as a provocation and tries to shut them down with the tillery still pox on hack hopes to achieve his dream of a unified korea one day connell even though i come from a good background and had a comfortable life back then i don't think i could have been happy in the north in
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saw all i learned to appreciate the value of freedom this is why i became an activist and pockets not planning to give up his efforts his goal is a free north and south korea and he will do whatever it takes to achieve it. well the day is almost done but don't forget as always the conversation continues online you can find us at twitter either at t w news or you can use my handle which is at sarah kelly t.v. don't forget you can use the hash tag the day i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you very much for watching we'll see you got to. go. to sleep. dortmund show the head with a women odds good to see her so is it. only one point for
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billy under their interim coach sun old and can't seem to win even in berlin. with like different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of voice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. i am through.


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