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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2017 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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and a lot of uncertainty if any fish are reporting from barcelona thank you. u.s. musician and songwriter tom petty has died after suffering a heart attack in california he was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at his malibu home the sixty six year old is best known as the lead singer of the rock band tom petty and the heartbreakers which recorded a number of hits in the nineteen seventy's and eighty's. all right stick around monica jones is up next now so you can at the top of the hour. when the history books are brought to life. maybe the stories they're in will get
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a rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers along the border. what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution and the people. and i think to the russian art revolutionaries the. nineteen seventeen the reluctant starting october twenty fifth on g.w. . it is spain's biggest crisis in decades council and separatist staged a major strike to voice their anger at madrid protesters have been blocking major roads in catalonia forcing many businesses to shop for the day we talk to one
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business owner about the wider repercussions. also coming up as german celebrates twenty seven years of unification differences remain between east and west not just in people's heads but even more so in their wallets. welcome to do business i want to jones in berlin good to have you with us so two days after the violent referendum on independence in catalonia rage and uncertainty are taking their toll on the economy in spain's richest region unions in catalonia staged a general strike to ramp up the pressure on the grid the protests brought large parts of the region to a standstill from public transport to air traffic catalonian independence would be a blow to the spanish economy and the regions you want to catalonia it would no longer be a member if it splits from spain. so let's find out more about the economic implications by talking to a businessman in the region carlos and by the way our vice president of the
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impresario steak of the lumia catalonia is business association good to have you with us first of all i mean you are there right in the maid of it and your experience you live it every day what is the situation for business at the moment. hello everyone hello to all of the audience well at the moment as you can imagine the situation after it's of instability we live in uncertain times unfortunately provoked and it's something i think it's very important for you to be aware of this because the regional government the regional parliament clearly violated the regional laws in the constitution last september the six six this is the origin of any trouble when you have a party that wants to play it out of the peach but but they still have i think. they do have some support i mean we could see that certainly during the referendum activity on on sunday and those separatist catalans who supported they say that the
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region would be economically better off outside of spain given the economic power they have do they have a point yeah absolutely not it is like believing that really our wealth you know and our industries come out of nowhere or they live in a vacuum you know i always put this example when we talk about economics and businesses many people don't understand is like parser you know garson but actually we just talk about the bar suppressing the right a bar so that made important factor of success in the last decade they won as you know for champions league it's not messi. it's the spanish meaning what i mean and they don't understand that they are you pretty shocked when i when i told them that the truth of how a business and how society works playing and sharing in the spanish league barsel with around the three makes them both of them very strong in these synergies about
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competition and collaboration are a key factor for any successful business i mean we are in the spanish market we are part of it the rest of us spain it's by far our most important clients so you say this is a consistent you say not only a big part of spain as it is at the moment is a win win situation economically for both sides how do you as a businessman how do you shield yourself from the current crisis not yet knowing what the result will be. well right now what we feel is uncertainty and the stability and definitely this is going to bring a lot of massive exodus of companies we already seen that until now we have to draw the line between september the six before and after before september the sixth it was very uncertain there was a lot of instability we saw two thousand companies in five years living catalonia we saw a decrease of foreign investment yes the different investment alone increase it
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because the whole it despite its economy was growing at a rate of more than three point five but barcelona is growing two percent why madrid is growing eleven and the spanish average is growing eight percent in terms of foreign investment it means there is some uncertainty in many investors don't trust but this is before september the sixth which was enough i mean bad enough right now it's uncertain we don't have that out of course as you can imagine but it's going to be dramatic in terms of tourism in terms of investment i mean who's going to invest in catalonia there is when you have a regional that is the that is the big question who invests when you have uncertainty well all the best colors that even though we are there vice president of the catalonian business association thank you so much for talking to us. pressure. well twenty seven years ago west germany inherited an east germany economy that lay in tatters then chancellor helmut kohl also known as the father of german unification promised very soon flowering landscapes would appear in the east
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but to this day differences between east and west remain and they are quite steep just take a look at disposable income with an average per capita income of nineteen thousand euros the lowest earning regions are still mostly located in the former east germany areas with a per capita income of twenty one thousand euros tend to be those bordering the former east and in contrast germany's wealthiest regions are all in the former west humber the rial and of area and in the south boston burton back have an average per capita income of twenty three thousand euro's or more but there are also examples where east and west have grown together right here in turin job we found a company where workers from the east and west are reaping the economic rewards of reunification. around one hundred people work here a proprietary limited in highness off the range which was once in east germany close to the border with the various in west germany they manufacture technical
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ceramic components the workforce here was born and bred on both sides of the border she said you know some of us are from the west some from the east but we all get along with each other very well so i think. the factory stands in the middle of what used to be no man's land between the ranger and varia on the death strip between east and west germany. like everyone around here noise remembers the time when germany was divided only a few meters from the factory there's still a small piece of wall as a reminder the citizens of the g.d.r. were told it was for their protection. they were under special observation here in the border zone then on the nineteenth of november one thousand nine hundred eighty nine everything changed the whole and noisy bar was there when these pictures were taken. from the east people came running towards the still closed and heavily guarded border. town bands from both sides were also there peacefully and
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without violence they broke the wall down. have you look if they all rushed over there everyone was in each other's arms and then the two music clubs united and played together then we all marched over in the direction of highness doff. or learn more about what ran from west to east and rare scramble in the g.d.r. it was coming in the opposite direction. no one knew how long the border would stay open they didn't want to go to highness doff and then suddenly find that the border was closed again and they couldn't get home the guards were here with machine guns nobody really knew what was happening and like it was there was always the events of that evening are impossible to forget since then a lot has happened for and they are scramble and the others here things have gone well in a reunited in germany. even so many young people have moved away highest office just seven hundred inhabitants much fewer than before the wall came down there's no
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butcher no baker and no supermarket it was mainly the older people who stayed you know i would think we believe that we are disadvantaged in terms of the pension and in the ceramics business that's not something people are worried about and the employees are happy that they're paid in line with western wages but they're aware that the atmosphere is not so rosy everywhere in germany and in. london in the new federal provinces the former eastern states the unemployment the lack of work lower wages i really think that people have been left behind the english on this image not me i'm fifty losses and but the people who work in this factory don't feel like they've been left behind they're grabbing their fight with both hands just like they did in one thousand nine hundred nine. thousands of tourists have left bali when the hungry have to local authorities issue to highest alert level amount to
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the islands highest mountain and still active volcano experts warn it might erupt soon spread many people's lives as well as bodies multi-million dollar tourism industry. empty streets in ahmed usually a favorite destination for tourists but these days no one wants to do any sailing fishing diving or snorkelling instead boats are on used restaurants empty local shop owners and others catering to tourists are deeply worried. yeah. and situations like these guests are departing because they're afraid of the volcano along at they're afraid of the eruption of summer diet and snorkel but our income is getting short. of course it's not only tourists who left more than one hundred forty thousand people have been evacuated from the area around mt of whom many of them staying in temporary shelters the older ones
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remember the volcanoes most recent eruption in one nine hundred sixty three when over one thousand people got killed ever since scientists have been tracking all seismic activity recording hundreds of volcanic earthquakes daily as a mountainous fissure by rising mark mark and occasionally spewing ash over two kilometers into the sky some in ahmed however are on faced. if you come back to ahmed it's amazing the diving is amazing here the weather is great so it's all fine apparently for less adventurous souls all is not fine most visitors have packed their bags and gone home residents of bali hope that they will come back one small difference is silent because. that's all for business now here on more in the next hour with my colleague for now thanks for keeping me company.
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