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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is it on the news live from berlin on a national holiday that celebrates the past germans are asking questions about the future germany celebrates twenty seven years of reunification but after the recent general election outcome the country's president warns new walls are going up
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inside people's minds we'll bring you the speech with full analysis also in the show america mourns the victims in las vegas vigils calls to prayer and calls for gun control after the worst mass shooting in recent u.s. history. and carol-ann demonstrators poor onto the streets of barcelona protesting police violence during sunday's in the pendants referendum the central government in madrid accuses collen leaders of court inciting rebellion and that the strife the spanish king will address the nation later. and one of the most recognizable voices in rock crawl silent. tom petty of the heartbreakers and traveling wilburys dies after a heart attack at the age of sixty secs.
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so glad to have you along germany is commemorating its national unity day to mark the rediff occasion of east and west while events have been held across the country and german leaders gathered in the south western city of minds to join twenty seventh anniversary celebrations well we're told we're third marks the official date of reunification it happened one year after the fall of the berlin wall to fall. all right we've got lots to discuss and with me here is the w.'s a shall apostle to thank you so much for being here for an international audience explain the weight of this date it's a really really important day to all germans but particularly to those germans who lived in former east germany and the g.d.r. including for example german chancellor angela merkel who grew up there and she
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said today that she and the others who lived under. a socialist rule for so long that they were commemorating those of the day of freedom from dictatorship and we have to remember germany was separated forty years east and west germany and twenty eight years of that literally five paraded by a wall so this day of unity is a very important day to all germans and ever since then there have been a lot of positive developments but also some negative development are going to be talking a lot more about that please stick around because to commemorate the twenty seven years since so we know for cation german present funk about the steinmeyer spoke at an event and touched on the successes and concerns in the country let's have a listen to his remarks and then we'll continue our conversation with charlie. i have no nostalgia for the old days for old worries on the dog germany and germany united again. only i am torn.
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about president madam president on this one under scott mr president i want to start on her present madam chancellor president of the federal constitutional court excellence in peace and excellent series ladies and gentleman the biggest guests if i owned in talk that we are celebrating the day of german unity as we do every year. and we are right to celebrate it. the third of october the day on which we danced and west became one in germany. yeah it was empty yet this year it is a little different. not just begin man whom i quoted at the beginning of my remarks but many other things are looking at the inner unity country with questions with concerns and with uncertainty thus. it is one side of today
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and it is one that we feel strongly this year obvious keep going on but there is another side as well and i see that side collected here in this room and young people and students from schools and sixteen federal state you are particularly welcome here today was. the. charter boats and i know german unity day. you will be asking why just once a year. german unity is every day from and three hundred sixty five days a year since twenty seven years now and you have never known it any other way and jetman an entire young generation full of life.
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has been born and grown up in a unified germany has been born and grown up in a unified germany. you young people the future of this country belongs to you you cannot leave that generation of parents and grandparents know it to you. to pass on to you what we achieved twenty seven years ago a unified free and peaceful germany and guns and ladies and gentlemen no matter what moves us today be it joy or sense of feeling tauren disappointment or hope a unified germany a free and democratic germany and germany they can look to the future not with fear but with that confidence. this is the german a ladies and gentlemen that we owe to our children. was
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. to our young people yes german unity is every day. that means what we are celebrating today is something from our everyday lives but it's not something you can take for granted those who were born after german unity who cannot know what it was like i advise you to ask the people who were there and ask our guests from eastern europe to ask particularly now people from poland hungary whose will to freedom to democracy toppled the. eastern bloc and put the first cracks in the berlin wall. ask the east german youth who made this well for not through hatred not through violence but through peaceful protest and with great courage so. ask the statesman or if i look to our
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young people i should perhaps a google the statesman in the west and in the east who believed that we could make a unified germany be a peaceful germany. and this year especially ask about the statesman the german you have here not from rhineland fights here want to see is the historical moment and. made the act of unification politically possible helmut kohl who died three months ago. that is the germany ladies and gentleman and into which you young people were born as i know germany and that has come a very long way from unbridled nationalism that brought war and destruction to europe . a divided nation in the cold war. to
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a democratic and strong country at the heart of europe ladies and gentlemen. i pass must continue to be in peace and friendship with our european neighbors it must never again lead us back internationalism thank. god i'm going to ladies and gentlemen in german unity is every day but do we feel it every day. when the moments in our everyday lives that we become aware of the fact that we are part of
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a community of eighty million util for many. that happened nine days ago on the twenty fourth of september. the free and equal right to vote is something we have in common and we feel it every time when we stand in the queues in front of the polling this with our neighbors and on the twenty fourth of september considerably more people than in the last two national elections exercise this proud right. that is the good news. but on the very same evening many of us didn't so much feel a secure sense of unity but. we looked at a country with small and big cracks running through it that we cannot ignore and. no i don't think much of dark race to the bottom scenarios of which we have heard plenty in the last nine days. but i do believe that even though it's
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a public holiday we cannot pretend nothing happened just put it behind us and continue with business as usual and we cannot simply pass the buck of a lection result two parties parliamentary groups in coalition negotiations of course they bear the brunt of the responsibility. but the signal was sent out to all of us and we must all respond we germans and that starts ladies and gentlemen with the question. who is this we germans. today on the third of october. we can safely states that german unity has become part of our political every day life the big wall that went straight through the middle of our country is gone but on the twenty fourth of september it became clear that other walls had been put up less visible walls without barbed wire and death
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strips but it was in the way of a shared sense of belonging a sense of we. i mean the walls between our lives between urban and rural lives online and offline rich and poor old and young. walls behind which we clearly have no sense of other people on the other side of these walls i mean the walls around the echo chambers in the internet where the tone of voice gets louder louder more and more insistent. and still there is beach missing us because we hardly hear the same news read the same papers watch the same t.v. shows. and i mean the woes of alienation disappointment anger that among some of us are so strong that arguments no longer permit them behind these
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walls a deep sense of distrust is being incited of democracy and its representatives what's called the establishment that seems to cover everyone by turn except the self-appointed fighters against the establishment and i don't get me wrong ladies and gentlemen not everyone who turns away is immediately an enemy of democracy but ladies and gentleman. all of them are not there for democracy. and this is why i'm the third of october especially we cannot be silent about the twenty fourth of september naturally controversies are par for the course and differences are a part of who we are we are a diverse country. but ladies and gentlemen what's important. is that our differences not turn into hostilities and that differences don't mean we're irreconcilable thanks thank
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you i mean to find him showing that hostility does not embed itself in a society that irreconcilable differences do not become political reality that is what politicians are supposed to do and nowhere is more important for this than parliament the third of october this year is in an interim period the old parliament will not convene again the new parliament has not yet been established but one thing is for sure the german parliament that was elected nine days ago will be different if it were flat the stronger differences and the discontent in our society. the debates will become harsher the political culture will change. but you. members of parliament who are here with
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us today you can do democracy every real service so you can show them that democrats have better solutions than those who badmouths democracy and you can prove that at the end of the day anger cannot replace it. taking responsibility you can prove that breaking the taboo might not get yourself invited back to the next talk show but it's not going to solve a single problem and i believe ladies and gentlemen that you will prove that arguments go further than slogans of outrage thank you if
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i were very interested in. we need arguments instead of outrage when it comes to an issue that has moved our country more than any other i believe migratory flows and people are fleeing their homes. no other issue sees the different opinions so irreconcilably divided even down to families even at the dinner table what some see as a categorical humanitarian imperative others see as a betrayal of our own people. it isn't gentleman so long i fear that as long as this issue remains a moral battleground between these two poles we will not do justice to the actual task at hand which is to reconcile the reality of the world and the opportunities that our country our first. people need must never leave us and
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different the opposite is true we must do even more to bring about peace and to help people in need in many parts of africa. constitution guarantees protection from political persecution for good reasons for historical reasons as you well know here in germany reasons we remember all too well. but i believe we will only do justice to people who are politically persecuted in the future if we distinguish once again between those who are politically persecuted and those who have fled their homes seeking a better economic future yet we must be honest ladies and gentleman about two things. firstly. even if in both cases there are human fates behind the reasons that make people leave their homes they are not the same and they do not justify the same unrestricted in title meant of our
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constitution and secondly we also have to be honest about the question of what kind of immigration and how much immigration we want or maybe even need. from my point of view part of this means that we can't just wish migration would go away. but quite apart from asylum and common european efforts we need to define legal ways of coming to germany to manage and control migration in accordance with our needs. only when we are really honest about both of these issues ladies and gentleman where we overcome the polarization in this debate and i believe that if politicians take this job on we have a real chance to pull down the walls of irreconcilable lety that have grown up in this country around these issues and we need to do this.
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was going to end ladies and gentlemen not the debate about migration of people fleeing their homes has stirred up germany. but it is also a consequence and reflection of a turbulent world looking at the turbulence around as the many international crises and conflicts i have heard many citizens in recent years say i don't understand the world anymore and to be perfectly frank i could well understand this sentiment. this year and in my new role there's another sentence i started to hear though. i don't understand my own country anymore and this sentence to be frank worries me a lot more now after the g. twenty protests i spoke to shop owners from hamburg shanta neighborhood who said we
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had to stand by and watch ordinary passer bys turned into not just gorgeous but plunderers. and they deferred a woman said to me recently i actually wanted to go and listen to an election campaign speech but there were fellow citizens their neighbors who really scared me looking at me with their hate filled. in stuart guy i met someone who worked in the automotive industry as son of turkish guest workers by the way who said you know for years i was proud of working in germany showcase industry but now everybody is asking me if i was involved in cheating. and it was many a time that i've heard in eastern germany my company is broke my village is empty it's fine that you're taking care of europe. but who's going to take care of us.
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ladies and gentlemen i know we don't like to hear things like this on a public holiday like this one but if somebody says to me i feel like an outsider in my own country then we can't just answer by saying well times have changed when someone says i don't understand my own country anymore than we have to do something here in germany. and do more than just look at the good economic figures and statistics because understanding and being understood is something everyone wants it's something everyone needs if they are to live their lives in a confident way. understanding and being understood that means feeling at home. and it's my firm conviction that if you are longing for a sense of feeling at home you are not from yesterday quite the opposite the faster the world around us changes the more we longed to feel at home. and for
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a place where we know our way around where we have orientation where we can rely on our own judgment for many in the fast paced of change in our world this has become more difficult. but longing for a feeling of home isn't something we can leave to those who construct homeland as an us against them as the nonsense of blood and soil who conjure up an ideal of german past that never existed. ladies and gentlemen long and first sense of being at home longing for security for a down gearing for cohesion and recognition that this ladies and gentleman is not something we can leave to the nationalists. thank was
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no i believe a sense of hope leads to the future not to the past. a sense of home is something we have to create as a society it is a place. where we becomes important a place that binds us across the walls of our different dives and this is something that germany needs a democratic community needs travelling around germany i find again and again that wherever people feel a sense of being at home there's a lot to talk about a new film by is done cavort man called zama fest summer party is
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a film about people's lives and their sense of being at home in the or valley in it mr lamb a dyed in the wool book and says listen. there are histories all over the streets you just have to collect them up. now ladies and gentlemen i'm saying this to you because i think this is where we need to begin we mustn't ignore one another we need to collect each other's stories but. after the twenty fourth of september in the evening everyone in their little social naish shook their heads where we talk over one another and ignore one another we need to learn once again to listen to one another. to find out where we're coming from where we want to go what's close to our hearts. around them is done in german person talks about how radically their home changed in east germany after the fall of the wall that
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the new freedom wasn't just something they longed for but it was also something they experienced as an imposition that much was lost through the process of change things they wanted to keep and this is also part of our german history of. creating unity was a monumental effort of course mistakes were made as well. in the years after nine hundred ninety as well there's no need to be silent on that count you know after german unification eastern germany has experienced breaks and losses in a way my generation in the west never did. and yet these eastern german stories have never become part and parcel of this sense of we as the stories from the west and ladies and gentlemen i think it is high time that they became it. thank
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the mood to go under a. courageous lawyer and arthur. said to me recently my heart leaps in my breast when i'm in istanbul and see the bosphorus once again. on the way back to berlin my heart leaps once again when i see the t.v. tower. this story contains something as simple as it is important home exists in place. i know it's not a person can have more than one home and they can find a new home. and this is something that germany has proven for millions of people they have all become part of our. entire generations proudly say today
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germany is my home. and this has enriched us ladies and gentlemen. excuse then does so enjoy the mind's eye and if this is a shared experience ladies and gentlemen then this should make us up to mystic when we look at the major integration tasks facing us. even if we say the home is open that doesn't mean it is arbitrary and for the newcomers that means learning our language because without language there's no being understood and no understanding but it's more than that. those who look for a new home in germany you come into a community that is defined by the rules and regulations set out in the basic law our shared convictions the rule of law respecting the constitution and on gender
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equality. all of this is not just the letter of the law it is crucial if we are to live together successfully here in germany. and ladies and gentlemen this cannot be the subject of discussion. thanks research and finally. despite all of the debates with due respect for all of our differences one thing is not negotiable in our german democracy and that is a commitment to our history and history which for younger generations doesn't mean personally guilt. but it is my firm conviction that it does mean a lasting sense of responsibility learning the lessons from two world wars the
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lessons from the show. and the rejection of all nationalist thinking of racism and anti semitism also the responsibility for the security of the state of israel for me all of this is part and parcel of being german. thank their spirits and so that's what being german is about a part of becoming german is acknowledging and accepting our history and i say this to those who come here from eastern europe from africa or from the muslim world and if you are looking for a new home in germany you cannot say that's your history not my history. month.
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but ladies and gentlemen how can we expect this kind of commitment from immigrants in fact the heart of our democracy it is being challenged and this is why i say in no uncertain terms that responsibility for our history knows no drawing of lines under it certainly not by m.p.'s of the german bundestag thank. you. thank these in london to belonging to this country means sharing in its many advantages but also in its unique historical
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responsibility for me that is what an enlightened german patriotism is all about and if there is one thing in germany that distinguishes us then it is difficult afton painful if you. critical examination of our history and looking long and hard at the deep shadows cast by germany is only a few as that are just as important as this many bright side. others appreciate this. and esteem us for it and that is something we can be proud of. thank you in some schools and finally. after the national german elections i read far too often that many people were disappointed by germany by
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democracy and its institutions you know what people who are disappointed by germany . expect it to do a great deal and it's my firm conviction that we can expect a great deal from this country as a country that has and many in this room will remember freed itself from many a crisis with policymakers who don't just talk right over open questions but take their future in their own hands and if that becomes the principle that guides us policymakers then we will preserve the germany that the overwhelming majority of germans want a democratic country a cosmopolitan and european country a country that stands together and it will stay this way it must stay this way. it will stay this way because it is not the know it alls and complain as those who are
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constantly outraged those who nourish their anger every day at everything and everyone they are not the ones who define our country. i'm i don't know ladies and gentlemen what makes me so optimistic are the millions of others who do their bit who work every day for community and for successful outcome in our country every day those who don't have to but who do look after their sick neighbors who read out to people in old people's homes or help refugees settle in who maybe give a single parent an afternoon off. ensure in countless clubs and associations that our country retain its cultural richness those who ensure that you can live a good life in our villages those who in the evening after work do their bit for the local councils to preserve the local library or public swimming pool. those who
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support the dying in their final hours. in a nutshell then all of those many people who do more than just take care of themselves. and those people ladies and gentlemen they are the ones who hold our country together flying in the face of all the know it alls they are the people who create unity day after day thank you. president to find out their steinmeyer there is a dress marking national unity and party still here with me to provide some analysis and background to that speech we just heard the president refer to new concerns for the country moving forward what exactly is he referring to well let me first say i think there are a lot of positive developments the sense that a twenty seven years of reunification for example the unemployment is at the same level now in west and east but of course there are also no concerns as frank i just
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am i am mentioned and he was talking about invisible. areas that are maybe of even greater concern than those economical beriah said still exist and a recent survey confirmed that two thirds of germans think that there are still invisible barriers that there is an invisible burden wall between east and west germany and the german president he was referring to a wall of mistrust and and anger and you saw that in the election results the far right way of the party the newcomers to german problem and nationally they got twelve point six percent of the vote but if you look at the numbers in east germany it was much higher and in one state in particular in saxony that even came out as the strongest party surpassing the established party in that's in that state and that is something pretty amazing and it shows how great of a frustration there still is in east germany that some people some voters there
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feel left behind after so many years of german reunification and the president during his address make some concrete suggestions as to how to overcome that sense of distrust and division in the nation yeah i think he did he said we need a stronger debate again in the german polya men but also in the german public we need to listen to each other more especially we west germans to east germans listen to their concerns address their concerns but one very concrete thing he was talking about was the issue of migrants that really has polarized germany in the past couple of years and he was urging for a and it immigration law jimmy doesn't have an immigration law yet that is something that christian democrats have so far rejected and he was urging for a new law to to open access to migrants on a on a legal way into germany and that is most certainly going to be
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a very. matter of heated debate in the german parliament once once they find together. all right shahed prost thank you so much for bringing us some of that analysis greatly appreciate it. all right and now we have some new developments in our other top story spain's king philip it is set to address the nation on television about twenty minutes from now he's expected to comment on the crisis over catalonia is bid for independence in barcelona thousands of people are still out on the streets after a day of protests in support of independence many businesses stayed closed and supporters blocked roads and subway stations the crisis has deepened since sunday when the national government use police to try to stop a disputed referendum catalonia as leaders have called for international mediators to help resolve the crisis. and as the nation prepares to hear from the king of spain himself over these escalating tensions let's gauge how his address might
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go down and for that stephen burgeon is a journalist based in barcelona he joins us now good evening stephen how unusual is it for the king to make a televised address and can he play a mediating role. it's very unusual except on ceremonial occasions or white christmas or particular public holidays so this is pretty unusual i don't think anyone. will care what he's. which doesn't mean it's not important there are rumors that he's going to oust the catalan president. was about. to sit down together something that. was not hard and clearly needs to happen. but i think as far as people are concerned they're not. so. ok.
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all right steven i believe we have audio issues so what we'll do is we'll try to reestablish a connection a little later on but unfortunately. we have not been able to hear anything that you're saying right now or at least i am not able to hear anything that you're saying. all right. we're going to move on to vegas now oh oh where people have been gunned down while enjoying their favorite music fifty nine people are dead and hundreds injured in a horrific attack on a country music festival and las vegas well the shooting has renewed the debate over gun control in the u.s. and las vegas locals and survivors are rallying together to comfort each other. the grief and horror of a city in shock
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a quiet candlelight vigil replaced the customary neon glitz of the las vegas strip tales of her bravery emerged from the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. it was carried. over they were dead or alive as many people as up also truly maybe two trips back and forth just to try to bring people out of them one story will. when you have been cleared of anybody who's alive. stayed with the police the form of for their church for people caught up in the tragedy there was some comfort in coming together. good on my teammates by my side and just yet there were these this is the gratitude that you feel for be evil being was just think was the community for the able to come together for people. and this is the man said to be the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick a multi-millionaire real estate investor and high stakes gambler. patrick had
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checked into the iconic mandalay bay hotel from his room on the thirty second floor he had a perfect vantage point above the music festival to carry out his gruesome shooting spree. at patrick's home in the nevada town of miskito police recovered nineteen guns in addition to the twenty three found at the las vegas hotel where the fatal shots were fired well you're concerned as anybody would be and we were that somebody this close to home would. do something like that but. today seems to be have no hope of the place and so you just don't know who may british police have yet to uncover any concrete motive. with the investigation into the massacre in las vegas still in its early stages the debate on gun control which has divided america for decades can only intensify.
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while the massacre has reignited a spirited debate online about u.s. gun laws and our social media editor carl now one is here with me to walk us through a some of that to what are called when a car what are people saying i mean this really is a debate as we heard that just keeps coming up time and time again after these shootings and this time the conversation was led actually in part by us late night t.v. hosts take a look gun violence should not be a staple of american life. some say it's too early to talk about gun control for those victims last night it's fox who likes just like many of you i woke up this morning so the devastating news coming out of las vegas another mass shooting this time somehow even deadlier than all the other mass shootings and they say that this was the worst in american history but every shooting is the worst for someone . yeah big discussion happening amongst these late night shows about gun control
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actually the most emotional response came from jimmy kimmel he's also one of these talk show host he's actually from las vegas here's what he said last night we have children without. fathers so on the mothers were out daughters i've been reading comments where people say this is terrible but there's nothing we could do about it but i disagree with that intensely because of course or something we can do about it there are a lot of things we can do about it. but we don't which is interesting because when someone with a beard attacks us we tap phones we invoke travel bans we build walls we take every possible precaution to make sure it doesn't happen again but when an american buys a gun and kills other americans then there's nothing we can do about that holding back tears there i mean these shows are usually all about comedy not last night and a girl is to echo some of the sentiment there that kimmel expressed we've seen so many of these mass shootings unfortunately take place in the u.s.
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is this one that is going to be the tipping point that's what everyone's asking will this is the worst that the country has seen in in modern history but it really doesn't seem to be that way and neither side is changing they're both just digging in their heels that's the discussion we're seeing online as well but there are maybe a few people for whom this has changed their view about gun control especially people that were actually there and this is one of them this is caleb keiter he's a guitarist with the band of level ninety five wizards he performed at that festival in las vegas and he's had time to reflect on the shooting and he says that witnessing the massacre shifted his views on gun control he wrote i've been a proponent of the second amendment my entire life until the events of last night i can express how wrong i was though we actually have members of our crew with concealed handgun licenses and legal firearms on the boss ever useless we need gun control right now my biggest regret is that i stubbornly didn't realize it until my
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brothers on the road and myself were threatened by it americans have witnessed shooting after shooting and nothing has changed in terms of gun control it just seems that many feel like even this massacre won't be enough. change the tone of the conversation our karl thank you so much for bringing us that side of the story and greatly appreciate it. and we want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. egypt's intelligence chief says that cozy because arrived in gaza to join talks between rival palestinian factions he brought a message from gyptian president satisfied to his sisi calling for global support for reconciliation while up earlier foes he met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the west bank egypt is mediating between abbas's photo faction and the militant group hamas. iran and libya by the u.s. defense secretary james mattis says if iran it hears to the nuclear deal it agreed
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to in twenty fifteen he would advise president dollars to stay with a modest that was testifying before a u.s. senate committee has it criticize the deal and called for it to be renegotiated or canceled or. facebook says around ten million people in the u.s. could have been exposed to political ads from russia in the weeks leading up to last year's presidential election on monday the company turned over three thousand russia linked to the u.s. senate m agree on growing government probes into alleged russia interference in the election. mean maher has told the un refugee agency its top priority is to bring back where henschel muslims who have fled to neighboring bangladesh the two countries have agreed to set up a working group to repatriate more than half a million ranches that escaped an army crackdown in northern state.
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are you watching the news there are still a lot more that we want to tell you about here is what's coming up tom petty one of rock music's most celebrated recording artists has died from a heart attack marc a spare from our. we'll be here to discuss his enduring. they are ones to delay the next phase of brigs that negotiations lawmakers in the european parliament have voted overwhelmingly not to advance talks on the case were drawn to the next stage because there hasn't been enough progress made in settling the divorce itself. five hundred fifty seven to ninety two votes it was an overwhelming majority with which european lawmakers slammed the british government for their lack of progress on the negotiations they're fighting amongst themselves like ferrets and are such well the u.k.'s national interest however we define it is ignored by them solely shame on them it is not good enough for europe it's not good
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enough for the u.k. either and its final resolution the european parliament declared sufficient progress has not yet been made on major issues such as citizens' rights the irish border and the financial settlement. a surprise for lawmakers the praxis. believe the tiniest little bit in their own propaganda and they were surprised that they were so successful in fooling the british people and unprepared as they have that they now are in the mess that they created so in a way it's not a surprise just last week u.k. prime minister theresa may appear to have broken this stalemate in negotiations after signalling for the first time her country was ready to settle down. to the six hundred thousand so british parliamentarian say the criticism is unfair. when
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they bash up the great state isn't it you have not given one iota it's all very well holding twenty seven member states together in terms of unity but quite frankly what we say now is a fish and fish from the poem meant in terms of the negotiations they are not serious and the sin of this country do you not to kingdom leaves the ever misused by you says well today's vote is not binding but it reflects the current mood in the parliament still the body will have to improve and you will find out a deal between the blog and. a little bit together have to the nobel prize for physics has been awarded to a trio of u.s. researchers or inner barry c. bearish and kip thorne the share of the coveted prize for helping improve the existence of gravitational waves on their work confirmed a theory put forward by albert einstein
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a century ago the swedish nobel committee called the trio's discovery the opening of a new window to the universe. us musician and songwriter tom petty has died after suffering a heart attack in california the sixty six year old is best known as the lead singer of the rock band tom petty and the heartbreakers which recorded a number of hits in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's to talk more at a little more about perry and his band on are joined in the studio by my colleague mark asking or from our arts and culture that's good to see you mark what made tom petty stand out as a musician well he was the real master of the use of the power chord in pop music and punctuated it with a survey can sometimes be quite aggressive lyrics but he could also pan a perfect sort of pulp rock ballad anthem. that was sort of riven with carefully
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considered lyrics and also carried by a fragile sometimes vulnerable but always focused voice no better place can this really be heard than in one of his best hits i went back down and i think we've got a clip of it here. and that mark tom petty of course was also highly admired as a song writer where did he get is ideas from who were his sources well he met elvis or at least he was on the set of one of elvis is films at the age of eleven and that gave him he said the bug for rock n roll but really he woke up with the rest
8:52 pm
of america to the huge hysterical scream of she loves you when the beatles appeared on the ed sullivan show and he sort of recognized the that was how he could get his music out a band of people together guitars and drums and him at the front singing so that was sort of what gave him the sort of push into the world of rock n roll but he also cited as influences the rolling stones of course with a bit more of an edgy guitar line to carry his music. you can hear in the nuance of the work as well his jangly guitar which is redolent of the byrds and that sort of country tinge to music which is also there in terms of songwriting he talked about it as an almost magical experience he'd sit with his guitar and the music would come to him and as it took shape and took form he would fashion it into a song and he was quite reticent about describing it in any other terms or than that because he found it quite a mysterious process and it didn't require any further analysis lyrically. he drew
8:53 pm
from a number of sources working with bob dylan when they were on top together they wrote a song together called jam in me which has some great service loretta then we got a clip here. you can see there what i mean about him using both guitar and vocal to really get his point across and tom petty of course whereas a new zation musicians because he really collaborated with a lot of other performers as well talk to still a bit about that's absolutely true i think he's a really open hearted musician is interesting if you look at all these photographs of him he's that of standing on stage with this hands and heart open and that seems to be the kind of musical embrace he offered
8:54 pm
a lot of his collaborators as i said he wrote with bob dylan he also wrote with dave stewart of the review rhythmix don't come around here no more that wonderful hit was co-written by the two of them. he also probably the pinnacle of his collaboration so i was with the traveling wilburys which was the super group formed by george harrison from the beatles comprising bob dylan jeff lynne from e.l.o. and roy orbison for the first album sadly the band never toured the george harrison had wanted them to and tom petty would brought it back great that it didn't have to happen with zero three and there's talking about collaborations there's a fantastic you tube clip with him jamming with prince which is really phenomenal tom petty big believer in artistic freedom what can you tell us about that as i said earlier he really believed in this creative spirit and letting that free and that kind of spilled over into our generosity towards other artists to how shall i say borrowed from his work. the strokes song last night has more than
8:55 pm
a. passing resemblance to american go. with me you can hear more than a. back down in both of those songs but he was he didn't begrudge the metol he was very generous. that you don't know where these creative influences come from and sometimes they come out when you've heard it before and maybe think that an imitation of course is the highest form of flattery i'm going to put you on the spot which number tom petty number is your favorite well i went back down for me i mean the big hit but when i was a university that came out in the summer and all of the windows were open and it was drifting across the broad street it was quite a memory really thank you so much mark for sharing that all with us we greatly appreciate it. all right you've been watching news we've got lots more coming up at the top of the hour and of course you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site i'll see you again tomorrow.
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