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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2017 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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hello i'm terry martin welcome to the show fresh details are emerging of the horrific shooting in las vegas that killed fifty nine people and injured more than five hundred investigators say the shooter prepared extensively for the attack even setting up cameras outside his room in the mandalay bay hotel to warn of approaching police the massacre has renewed the debate around gun control in the u.s. as president donald trump prepares to visit las vegas these eateries have begun returning to the iconic less vegas strip but the city is still recovering from the horror of sunday night when it became the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in mother u.s. history. the killer sixty four year old steven paddock a multi-millionaire real estate investor and high stakes gambler from his hotel room on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel paddock fired on
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a crowd of concert goers for nine to eleven minutes officials said investigators are still pass hold over his motive federal agents are questioning his girlfriend who has now returned to the u.s. from the philippines on tuesday officials revealed that he had to set up cameras inside and outside his room to see if anyone was coming to take him into custody. it was premeditated obviously premeditated the fact that he had the type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room it was pre-planned extensively and i'm pretty sure he evaluated everything that he did it is actions which is troublesome at paddocks home in the rather town of misc eight police recovered nineteen guns in addition to the twenty three found at the last vegas hotel. officials said the killer had manipulated the rifles using so-called stocks the
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allow semiautomatic guns to shoot rapidly and continuously as if they were fully automatic weapons the massacre in vegas has reignited the debate over gun laws one that has divided the country for decades democrats have renewed their demands for tougher legislation i have requested of the president to call us together democrats and republicans to come up with a reasonable solution before he was a candidate and marched in lock step to the n.r.a. donald trump expressed a very reasonable position on gun control in fact he said after sandy he supported the kind of bills we support let's hold him to that. but the white house is resisting the pressure on cheese the president said gun laws will be discussed quote as time goes by or joining us now from las vegas is our senior washington correspondent carson phenomena causton is there any sign that president
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trump and his fellow republicans in congress are willing to consider tougher gun control laws. i don't think so basically we've been here before every time something like this happens of course everybody is shocked and sad but nothing much changes our colds especially from the democrats for stricter gun control stricter gun laws but then they get old so there is the very strong gun lobby the n.r.a. the national rifle association which is an important part of the coalition that supports the republicans and the gun owners are an important part of that coalition and they're also a very important part of the coalition that brought in donald trump into office the president himself during his campaign and also since he's been in office has always said that he would protect the rights to bear arms and to be fair it's not just
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lobbyists and politicians it's also many ordinary americans who see guns as part of their identity as a symbol of their independence they want to use those guns for hunting for self-defense and it's very difficult to overcome these perceptions of course there are people who disagree today we went out to the streets year in las vegas and talked to people on the streets for this random survey and let's have a listen what they had to say something she began i guess more and a better look and who's able to actually get a gun i mean me personally i don't like them i don't believe it and i'm completely against guns but everybody's entitled to their own opinion and free speech down i don't know that gun control could ever prevent something like this i haven't heard what type of weapons he used but i have to soon it was not a readily available type of firearm to do what he did with it people killed people i have nothing against guns going on is fully automatic guns i see no use for that
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i have no issues with guns it's people not the guns the only people who actually own guns in the military and police really. citizens in a gang green. and they have a gun and this is what happens. yes as we can see not only in washington also here in las vegas the view was quite divided here and i think this controversy will stay with us for the foreseeable future now donald trump understand is due to visit last vegas later today how do people day or feel about his response to the shooting so far. well of course once again depends on whom you are those who simply reject this president and his whole approach to the issue and there are those who are sympathetic to the president and that of course also there to that question but i
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think in general the president response so far has been seen as quite presidential he has tried to stay above the political frame of course his. statement that he would look into the issue at some time has been criticized by those who are for stricter gun laws because they think he's just playing for time and hoping that the shock and the horror of all of this incident will just go by what everybody is looking forward to him coming here they want to see what he was say and what he would do cost and stay with us we'll come back to you in just a moment i want to take a look at how people respond responding to all of this in the midst of the carnage there were some remarkable stories of compassion and heroism a number of the concert goers threw themselves on to loved ones to protect them from gunfire others risk their own lives running to the aid of victims twenty nine
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year old sonny melton was among them he was killed as he shielded his wife heather she survived the attack heather says her husband was the most kind hearted loving man she'd ever met almost all of the fifty nine victims have now been identified friends and family have been paying tribute to their loved ones they include charleston hart field he was an off duty police officer military veteran and a youth football coach he leaves behind a son and a daughter twenty eight year old jessica was a single mother of four children she was in las vegas deciding her fiance a family friend has set up a crowdfunding page to support her children adrian murph it was a fisherman from alaska he was at the concert with his best friend they were taking a photo when adrian was shot. mother of two stacy at uber was told
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to run and hide by her husband an off duty police officer he rushed to the aid of gunshot victims she lost her life as she fled. let's bring back in our washington correspondent coston phenomena who's standing by for us in los vegas so how are the victims being remembered there. well the vigil several ponse of the city one is right behind me you won't be able to see it because it's too dark but people are standing there they put down candles and they're remembering the dead and of course also the media just like we are doing it. telling the stories of those victims to bring more human face to those terrible figures carson thank you so much t.w. senior washington correspondent coston phenomenon there it's morning live from las
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vegas. now president trump's planned visit to las vegas comes a day after his first trip to hurricane hit puerto rico at least thirty four people were killed when the storm thrashed the u.s. territory two weeks ago thousands are living in shelters and large portions of the island are still without drinking water and phone lines the trumpet ministrations been criticized for its response to the crisis and comments during his visit including the suggestion that the storm had quote thrown the u.s. budget out of whack have done little to calm swelling anger and island in ruins it's been two weeks since hurricane maria rang through here and there's still no electricity or running water. roberto cologne he's seventy years old he says he's had no help from authorities sorry he's having to climb onto the roof himself to repair what he can he's using his car as a generator but he's paying
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a small fortune for gasoline he isn't expecting a lot to come out of the u.s. president's visit. and i hope donald trump will help put a recurrence you know that the u.s. is spending many millions because of the hurricanes in florida and houston so we must be patient. i mean so much i mean you and you know donald trump has rejected claims he's government's response has been too slow and he suggested hurricane maria wasn't as bad as previous storms. but what i would like every death is all right but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that. trump met a few selected storm survivors and officials during his visit but he is fleeting it
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barely registers with residents like roberto cologne all he managed to see was a quick glimpse of air force one as it flew his destroyed harm trumps visit doesn't change much for people in puerto rico many he is saying they feel like second class citizens abandoned by washington. stable at bellwood some of the other stories making news around the world today the troubling ministration has expelled fifteen diplomats from cuba's embassy in washington the u.s. state department says cuba failed to protect american boys and who have been targeted in mysterious attacks causing health problems such as hearing loss and headaches last week the state department pulled more than half of its own diplomats out of her of allah. and france's lower house of parliament has approved a new anti-terrorism law that makes permanent several controversial measures in place under a nearly two year old state of emergency authorities will be allowed to confine
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suspected you how to sympathizers to their neighborhoods and carry out more on the spot identity checks all without prior approval of a judge. you're watching the news still to come more details on the biggest data breach in history that says yahoo admits a two thousand and thirteen hack effect of all three billion of its users. and pressure mounts on british prime minister theresa may as she prepares to address the tory party conference will break that setbacks cost her her job. in a televised address spain's king philippe has harshly criticized catalonia his bid for independence he accused council on leaders of acting outside the law in carrying out a referendum on independence last weekend despite that catalonia as leader told the b.b.c. the region would declare independence in quote a matter of days and his threat comes after thousands of pro independent supporters demonstrated in barcelona protesting police violence during the session but.
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after the violence that marred the referendum comes the response. side the offices of spain's governing political party striking port workers vented their anger over police brutality for their part spain's government blames catalan leaders for inciting rebellions on the streets. they showed that they were never there to deter people they were there to hit and provoke them after what's happened cotton on people expect everything from them. fearing more violence firefighters from to protect of line between the people and the police. yeah ok the state is inflicting violence on its citizens and therefore. we are here to protect people and as a consequence we are also exposed to that right. cross
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the region landmark shut their doors in solidarity public transport has been running a limited so. and highways have been blocked. nothing could stop the masses an estimated seven hundred thousand of them turning the city's streets into a sea of defiance beset by constitutional crisis bain's kang we did end with a message to catalan leaders. today catalan society is fractured and conflicted. these authorities have underestimated the affection and feelings of solidarity that have united and will unite all spaniards and with their irresponsible behavior might even put the economic and social stability of catalonia and all of spain at risk.
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with no mention of sunday's crackdown it was a message unlikely to go down well with those outside the national police headquarters late into the night. our correspondent has been covering the story for us and joins us now from barcelona on tuesday the spanish king took that unusual step of addressing the country we heard a short excerpt in our report what else did he have to say. oh tara let me tell you it's quite unusual that the king said anything at all because normally you hear him talking or addressing the nation during his annual christmas speech so that already tells you the level of the crisis to imagine that this country is in now he started saying he pretty much made clear from the beginning who is responsible for this situation to cut the loney and government he went on to say that the government risks the stability to social and economic stability of
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catalonia but also of the entire country of spain he said government broke the law but also the status of its autonomy and really the question is a lot of people ask what does that exactly mean is basically preparing or helping to prepare for the central government the dismissal of the regional government here or is he just basically trying to build up some pressure here that catalonia government does not push through independence we don't know yet what we have seen have a this was a very harsh speech and tells you that the dimension as a say of this crisis came to a new level. the catalan leader has said in an interview that he is planning to declare independence in a matter of days is that what the rest of the country is expecting now. well some people say that this man wants to write some history he wants to have his name in the history books and he's very determined to push through with
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independents in fact he did say prior to the referendum if more than fifty percent all catalonians or of those who actually go to vote say yes to independence he's definitely going to make sure that that independence will be declared on the other hand if you see if you realize he's going to have it has a tent as well because he's been calling for international mediation here between madrid and barcelona if he's not getting that sort of help from brussels that he's hoping for the question then is if he's still going to push for independence because the bottom line is catalonia is not really interested to be outside of the european union they very much depend on the european union as well we will see what we see right now is playing a game game for time and we will see what the next few hours the next few days will bring probably thank you so much to his family from charles there talking to us from barcelona. was you
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want expect a recent upheaval in catalonia is having an impact on the spanish economy that's right terence actually the uncertainty that is affecting spain's richest region and the country on the whole some say that catalan break away from the country could leave spain vulnerable while it is still on the road to recovery but pro independence activists say that the region sold its too great a burden during spain's debt crisis. spaniards like us or for gomez lost their jobs when the country's banks were on the verge of collapse she runs this community group one of many for those affected by the credit crisis for them no investment from banks meant no opportunities for businesses to grow cutbacks followed unemployment has since dropped nationwide but spain is still very much in recovery pro independence catalans are confident they say their industry and tourism will help them go it alone but breaking away would certainly slow down spain's return to
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the level of its pre-crisis economy however it would be wrong to overstate the impact catalonia attracts fourteen percent of all of spain's foreign investment still it lags way behind the spanish capital madrid which brings it almost sixty five percent despite being a top tourist destination and a big exporter catalonia comes forth in g.d.p. per person behind other regions madrid the basque country and navarro. independence could have a downside for the catalan economy to hundreds of companies have chosen to move headquarters elsewhere in spain worrying that disruption and change in catalonia could upset their business that's cost the region billions of euros in lost opportunities many firms are coming up with backup plans in case of independence. the outlook here in barcelona is usually sunny but the economic clowns for both spain and catalonia won't go away as long as the independence question goes
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unanswered. so mixed let's bring in for the chief. longer spanker joins us now from there. how bad they would have breakaway of cup longer harm the spanish economy. i think of the harm will be felt because it is uncertainty which will prevail in such a situation and uncertainty means less capital investment because risks will be seen more significantly but it will have no impact to the rail the recovery of spain and told will we have seen growth rates of roughly three percent over the time over the last few years and even more so it could. diminish the growth momentum in spain by roughly zero point five percent that's not very much but the euro has lost some ground in the wake of the crisis how dangerous is that
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what's happening in spite of the moment for the common currency well we have we don't only have a loon you know we have the north of italy we have a nation we have a couple of regions who want to go on their own and leave their countries and if. catalonia would be successful in doing this this would have had and what have an impact on these countries also so it means more political turmoil within the eurozone and that weighs on the euro for the time being but i can see last impact really because the general recovery is still intact we have the biggest highest growth pattern in the eurozone since the outbreak of the crisis and it could diminish grows in the euro zone by zero point one zero point two percent that is not too much but i want to point out one issue on. plays with the fate of the u.k. with the brics it they are overestimating their role they are overestimating their
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political importance and in that respect i still expect the benign i'll come over the next few months. actually families that pay my land is joining us from put him in this morning thank you very much for analysis you're welcome. back to terry and a huge hacking scandal that's right there hard it's hard to believe the mass of this has hit for a for yahoo is really really. unimaginable yahoo now says it's likely all three billion of its user accounts were hacked by the two thousand and thirteen attack the companies said user information such as passwords credit card numbers or bank account details were not compromised companies also said they are taking quote significant steps to help their security. well for more on this now let's
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go to dublin and talk to security cyber security expert brian honan he's also an advisor on internet security to europol that's the organization of course that assists e.u. member states in their fight against international crime and terrorism thanks for talking with us to tell us brian what does this breach mean for those three billion users whose accounts were affected. but potentially what occurred to me terry is that those those users in those accounts could be on the control of criminals. and those crimes could then you potentially try and access those accounts and use them or forging proxies now when we think about e-mail accounts we often think about what doesn't matter just my email if you can free look at people. people thematic ounces often a lot of presents from ation there may be financial information world bank details
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or credit card details shopping center message but often people in their account is their call central to their online identity if you need to reset a password on your social media or any other web site you access you often get a reset or you are sent back to or to. count on if you control that e-mail account you can then reset the password for other systems potentially takes state somebody that i don't see online sellers very unsettling especially for yahoo's customers what should yahoo users be doing now what would you consider good cyber hi jean. well the straight away of what i'd recommend. to do would be to change the password and change it to a secure password. to make sure it's not a password that you're using already somewhere else because again that's a method crimmins used to hack multiple counts get on to somebody if they preached
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one very often people use the same pass or across different websites and then crimmins know that they can try next or try and make sure you separate passwords for each of your creepy accounts a lot of online accounts beat out your email and social media also have what's called two steps a tenth occasion where you can configure accounts to send you a text message if you log in from a long time before act this means that. i also need to have your mobile phone to get that message to to an expert because it's been so i would turn those those pictures on as well brian thank you so much for that advice brian honan the cyber security expert and special advisor on internet security to europe. no problem. now protecting europe's be the populations of honey makers in romania demand compensation in. over an insecticide that wiped out their love
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their hives and the genius of the land other the binchy from paper to reality we visit a new exhibition that's turning his machine designs into working models all that and more still to come here on d w neighbors. luis at full speed. always shining. but always on the move. mobility today and in the future. driving in sixty
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minutes d.w. . hijacking the news. where i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born god and i work in the.
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physics. medicine. chemistry. economic sign says. things. well the way that twenty seventeen nobel prizes. you will follow in the footsteps of the greatest minds ofat time. the nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week and to bring you news. welcome back you're watching t.w. news i'm terry martin our top stories police have revealed more details about the mass shooting which killed fifty nine people in las vegas they say the gunman was extensively prepared using cameras to warn him of approaching police as well those so-called bump stalls to increase his rate of fire on the crowd below him. and
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spain's king for leave it has intervened in the country's worsening constitutional crisis criticizing catalonia his independence bit as unlawful that's as hundreds of thousands poured onto the streets of barcelona to protest police violence against but. two weeks after outlining her brags it plan in florence british prime minister theresa may is holding another key speech today in manchester this time she faces her own conservative party conference amid threats to her leadership and rifts over britain's divorce from the e.u. yesterday lawmakers in the european parliament voted overwhelmingly not to advance breaks it talks to the next stage because there hasn't been enough progress. five hundred fifty seven to ninety two votes it was an overwhelming majority with which european lawmakers slammed the british government for their lack of. progress on bret's the negotiations they're fighting amongst themselves like ferrets and are such well the u.k.'s national interest however we define it is ignored by them it's
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only shame on them it is not good enough for europe it's not good enough for the u.k. either so in its final resolution the european parliament's declared sufficient progress has not yet been made on major issues such as citizens' rights the irish border and the financial settlement. a surprise for lawmakers. the ranks of tears. believe. the tiniest little bit in their own propaganda and they were surprised that they were so successful in fooling the british people and unprepared as they have that they now are in the mess that they created so in a way it's not a surprise just last week u.k. prime minister theresa may appear to have broken the stalemate in negotiations after signalling for the first time her country is ready to settle the bill to the
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six hundred thousand british parliamentarian say the criticism is unfair when it sent the bash up the great state isn't it you have not given one iota it's all very well holding twenty seven member states together in terms of unity but quite frankly what we saying now is a first so what i think from the poll meant in terms of the negotiations they are not serious and the sooner this country the united kingdom leaves the better. he says all does well today's low that's not binding it reflects the current mood in the e.u. parliament the body that will have to approve any final deal between the block a. little bit to have to. offer more on the current state of briggs and goetia i'm joined now by barbara basell in brussels and in manchester at the u.k. conservative party conference we have to get must so welcome to you both. let's
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start with you we heard it in the report accusations of brit bashing in the e.u. parliament what are delegates at the tory party conference saying about that. well tory party conference delegates really looking at themselves that's really the overarching motto of the tory party conference is my impression they are really looking at why for example have they lost the intellectual momentum they're not discussing only breck's it but they're really one question that looms large about the tory party conference is why is jeremy korb and so successful the country is deeply divided over brics it but also over for example issues like austerity and the labor party just one week ago had a successful conference and the tone is rather muted so breck's it is one issue that people are debating about but really they're looking at themselves and they are asking themselves how can they regain the momentum how can they start leading
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again at all staying with briggs it for a moment let's go to barbara in brussels what in piper do you think yesterday's vote in the e.u. parliament will have negotiations. it was slowed them down even further i mean when the point really is that the negotiations are losing time and in a bad way because this means that yesterday's votes which is also reflected in the majority of. a knife in black. without a real freedom. that is the life of the woman in saudi arabia. those some restrictions have been. the best struggle of saudi women for gender equality and. the secret traveling should. close in forty five minutes on d w. w's program
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