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of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. don't come to freedom. this is deja vu news live from berlin a crucial intervention in spain's constitutional crisis king philippe slams catalonia as independence bit as unlawful that's as hundreds of thousands rally in the streets to protest police violence against voters look at reactions from
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barcelona also coming up. with. her own. police release dramatic body camera footage of the los vegas massacre investigators say the gunman was methodical and the to kill us we'll have the latest. and a new method for a visualizing even the tiniest bio molecules wins the nobel prize for chemistry so why does it matter our science correspondent has the answers. i'm sunni so much going to thank you for joining us spain's can fully pay as harshly criticized catalonia as bid for independence in a televised address he accused catalan leaders of acting outside the law and carrying out a referendum on independence last weekend. spite that catalonia as leader told the
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b.b.c. the region would declare independence in quote a matter of days his threat comes after thousands of pro independence supporters demonstrated in barcelona protesting police violence during the session. impassioned voices some seven hundred thousand strong these pro independence protesters marched through barcelona streets to condemn the government's strong armed response to sunday's referendum. weighing in on the fray spain's king philippe voiced his support for the rule of law scolding cut along authorities for willfully ignoring the constitution in their bid to assert their regional sovereignty. was official national know they will nominate their decisions have systematically violated the legally and legitimately approved rules and demonstrated an unacceptable disloyalty towards the powers of the state. but
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something precisely a state those authorities in catalonia represent. missing from his address to the nation any mention of the brutal crackdown by federal police on kata lines trying to cast their votes on sunday and a mission that didn't go unnoticed by protesters. he ignores the images of police violence seen around the world without any violence or provocation from the people. of course the spanish government and especially the king defend the unity of spain. it seems he's not interested in the opinion of two or three million people. so we're afraid that police violence will escalate we're waiting for some help from their european institutions so far the response from e.u. leaders has been muted but residents in one barcelona neighborhood are amplifying their message to brussels that this crisis isn't just down for spain but affects
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the entire european union. we have our correspondents on the ground covering this story for us funny for charice been tracking the latest developments in barcelona and max hoffman is in strasburg where the european parliament is discussing spain's political crisis good to see you both are funny let's start with you colonias regional government meeting this morning what more can you tell us. radical a problem and in fact still convenes and they're trying to decide or trying to answer the question not whether they're going to declare independence but when they are going to the clear in the pendants and a split from spain what i'm hearing is that the main policies of the government are asking the catalonian government to declare independence on a monday if that's going to be the final decision it will not know probably for even tonight at nine p.m. when the president of the government of the catalonia government is going to issue
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a statement or originally he was supposed to issue this statement at noon so there is some sort of a has it in here and probably that has to do with the fact that the government is also waiting for some reactions from brussels as the european parliament convenes there to you and put that issue of the independence movement on their agenda max let's come to you as funny said this is on the agenda there today where you are on strasburg and we have heard prime minister praised him or he's accused the e.u. of being indifferent to what's happening what's the response to that there. from the perspective here in strasbourg where the european parliament is we can't confirm any kind of indifference on the contrary some very emotional scenes also. involving spanish parliamentarians and also spanish officials one even cried today when recounting what was happening in his country and of course we have the debate
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that was that was scheduled for today at fifteen hundred so indifference would be the wrong word but of course it's true that the e.u. institutions especially the e.u. commission really hasn't done anything there would be some scenario is thinkable what they could do for example acting sort of as a mediator but other than that it's quite hard for the e.u. as a whole to act here because the legal situation is quite clear you have an e.u. member state acting within the legal framework that's what spain is doing on top of that prime minister most likely told his colleagues and the e.u. commission to stay out of it so from the perspective from strasburg and brussels we're dealing with an e.u. member state spain and not you member state catalonia. you mention those calls for the e.u. to mediate it is brussels are ready to step in is that going to be decided there today. that's not what the parliament itself could decide what
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we're expecting though is a whole range of opinions being expressed reflecting the whole debate and of course the two big moderate parties have already said that they intend to call for mediation not necessarily mediation from the e.u. institutions but to have the two parties get back to the negotiating table everybody condemns police violence although of course the more conservative party say listen what we have here is a state trying to uphold the rule of law and if we criticize that if we are not on board with that as the european union then the e.u. has a huge problem the farther left you go within the spectrum of the parties the more they condemn police violence funny let's come back to you know we heard max say there that the e.u. wants to get both sides of the parliament back to the negotiating negotiating table is it too late for that you said yourself that the government has said it would declare independence a by monday is there really no going back. well that's
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a good question i mean everything is possible in politics i would say as long as the channels of discussion of dialogue are open we haven't seen much of that in the theme of that aid and barcelona in fact none of that so far the president here of the regional government pushed him out is very very much determined to push ahead with independence now really the question is as i say what alice is going to happen today what kind of reactions and possible discussions come out of the european parliament what is the central government in madrid going to say we already heard the spanish king making a statement yesterday delivering a speech said they're different how do you say different political discussions right now today that may lead or not lead to that final question to the asked or the question will there be a declaration of independence next week next week at all or not. all right our correspondents are funny for char reporting from barcelona knocks off man from
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strasburg thank you both very much to some other stories now making news around the world turkey's president. has arrived in iran where he will hold talks with his counterpart hassan rouhani about the kurdish independence referendum in iraq turkey already has several thousand ground forces stationed in northern syria everyone has previously said he will not accept a kurdish state on turkey's border france's lower house of parliament has approved a new anti terrorism law it makes permanent a several controversial measures in place under a nearly two year old state of emergency authorities will be allowed to confine suspected jihad to sympathizers to their neighborhoods and carry out more on the spot identity checks all without the prior approval of a judge british media are reporting that aung san suu kyi she is to be stripped of the freedom of the city of oxford over her handling of the rohinton crisis the de facto leader of me and maher was granted the honor in one thousand nine hundred
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seven for her long standing struggle for democracy the city's council says it is no longer appropriate for her to hold it. fresh details are emerging of the horrific shooting in las vegas that killed fifty nine people and injured more than five hundred investigators say the shooter prepared extensively for the attack even setting up cameras outside his room in the mandalay bay hotel to warn of approaching police the massacre has renewed the debate over gun control in the u.s. as president donald trump prepares to visit las vegas the view from the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel where the gunman opened fire on to a crowd of concert goers below. he smashed two windows in his suis to take game as his victim's. body comforts it shows the police scrambling to locate the shooter and get people to safety they say the bullets rained down for between nine and
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eleven minutes. the killer sixty four year old steven paddock a millionaire real estate investor and high stakes gambler investigators are still puzzling over his most of but they believe he meticulously planned the attack they say he even set up cameras i'd side his hotel room possibly to see if police were approaching this individual was premeditated obviously premeditated the fact that he had the type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room it was pre-planned extensively investigators find twenty three guns in the room along with so-called bomb stock devices both oras he say they could have been used to modify his
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semiautomatic guns allowing them to shoes rapidly and continuously they found other stashes of guns in paddocks homes in the nevada tens of reno mesquite federal agents are hoping his girlfriend can shed some light on his motives she's being questioned after returning to the u.s. from the philippines. u.s. president donald trump is due to arrive in las vegas later today where he'll meet with victims of the a tough he has brushed off for new calls for greater gun controls saying now is not the time for a political to vase. trump's planned visit to las vegas comes a day after his first trip to hurricane head to puerto rico at least thirty four people were killed when the storm thrashed a u.s. territory two weeks ago thousands are living in shelters and large portions of the island are still without electricity drinking water and phone lines the trumpet ministrations been criticized for its response to the crisis and comments during
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his visit including the suggestion that the storm had quote thrown the u.s. budget out of whack have done little to call swelling anger an island in ruins it's been two weeks since hurricane maria raged through here and there's still no electricity or running water roberto cologne is seventy years old he says he's had no help from authorities so he's having to climb onto the roof himself to repair what he can he's using his car as a generator but he's paying a small fortune for gasoline he isn't expecting a lot to come out of the u.s. president's visit. donald trump will help puerto rico you know but the u.s. is spending many millions because of the hurricanes in florida and houston so we must be patient. donald trump has rejected claims he's
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government's response has been too slow and he suggested hurrican maria wasn't as bad as previous storms. but what i would like every death is all right but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that. met a few selected storm survivors and officials during his visit but he is fleeting it barely registers with residents like roberto cologne all he managed to see was a quick glimpse of if force one as it flew his destroyed hong trump's visit doesn't change much for people in puerto rico many he is saying they feel like second class citizens abandoned by washington. to some breaking news and now a turkish court has handed down guilty verdicts and life sentences to thirty four
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of the forty soldiers on trial for plotting to kill president erda one during last year's failed coup now the court in the southwestern city of moola is near the luxury resort where erda won and his family narrowly escaped a team of rogue soldiers stormed his hotel on the night of the coup the trial is part of us we think government crackdown in the wake of the failed putsch and it's the biggest such case to reach a verdict so far. still to come on the program these images here our thanks to crypto electron microscope we will explain what that is and why it has won this year's nobel prize for chemistry. and a long road out of the darkness how one young syrians left paralyzed by the civil war and found a new lease on life with sports. more now on european efforts to make tech giants pay their fair share of taxes gephardt and so i assume the and
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to trust commissioner of the pin union moderator. has finally taken ireland to task referring it to the blocks highest court on wednesday for failing to collect a massive thirteen the billion euros in back taxes from apple the commission had ordered island to do that one year ago new commission is also ordering amazon to pay two hundred fifty million euros in back taxes to luxembourg for starters said this small western european country have granted the online shopping giant an illegal tax break meaning almost three quarters of its profits have gone on taxed so the e.u. seems to be determined to collect its dues even against the will of their tax friendly members only bartz is joining us now from the frankfurt stock exchange any any signs that investors are concerned that tech companies bottom lines may be taking a hit. no i wouldn't say that there's
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a sign that their concerns are not spooked they are reacting there is perhaps a worry that this may hit the bottom line somehow but targeting amazon or targeting apple you're looking at huge companies with huge stock market valuations and except for amazon which is not so great on the profit picture apple facebook or alphabet the google parent company are making huge profits so the investors don't seem to be concerned looking at the kind of process that is unrolling here when i look at the share prices only amazon in european trading is reacting in any noticeable way it's going down a little bit by about one percent but the other three giants apple facebook and google parent alpha but they're hardly changed at all at the moment even cuts alone also affecting markets today what can you tell us. catalonia is one of the reasons
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why people are taking profits if you see the dax behind me it started on a great note with a record high almost touching thirteen thousand points but then catalonian the developments on rolling there were one of the reasons why festers to take decided to take a few of the profits the picture is much different in madrid at the center if you will the ibex thirty five is losing about two and a half percent to two point six percent and two big banks in that major spanish index that are based in barcelona are losing between six and seven percent so clearly investors are worried here the economics minister of spain seeing the need to calm investors to reassure customers for example of cattle on banks that their money is safe there live on sometimes good thank you. green energy grew at a record rate last year the international energy agency says almost two thirds of newly built power generation capacity in twenty sixteen utilizes renewable sources
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almost half of the new electricity was generated by solar cells the first time solar grew faster than any other form of energy even coal thanks to a strong push in china the i.a.e.a. says lower costs and also helpful legislation make this rapid growth possible and it says it expects the trend to continue for the foreseeable future. relations between the united states and cuba have gone from promising to ice cold in a matter of months last week the u.s. state department has issued a travel warning for u.s. citizens heading to the caribbean island it's a bitter blow for those on the island preparing for tourist boom. it's a picture postcard view of cuba but the united states says there's more than meets the eye its embassy employees were attacked and fellow americans should watch out. this hostile owner is disappointed. some. clients through
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agencies all have regular tourists over years that are coming from france germany spain but those who opened with american a tourism and mind have collapsed. europeans just can't make up for the economic power of americans so says orlando martinez who drives tourists around and have honoring cuba's famous classic car so yeah i mean obviously the affects us because as far as i'm concerned american tourism is the best there is there's no other like it in terms of tips and everything and you know i thought cuba had prepared itself for one hundred sixty thousand visitors from the united states alone this year a record for recent decades but it seems the predicted u.s. tourism boom will now be more of a bust. i want to the biggest hacking scandals of recent history is getting even bigger that's right there hard ya yahoo now says that all three billion of its user
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accounts were affected by a two thousand and thirteen data breach not the one billion it revealed late last year the company said user information such as passwords a credit card numbers or bank account details were not compromised yeah also says it has taken quote significant steps to up their security it is nobel prize weekend every day the royal swedish academy of sciences is announcing new laureates they have just awarded the two thousand and seventeen nobel prize in chemistry and researchers to him frank and richard henderson were granted the prize for developing a way to generate a three d. models of organic molecules such as proteins and the academy said the method deserved the award because the ability to image the molecules of life had taken biochemistry into a brand new era. and let's get more on the research behind the two thousand and seventeen nobel prize for chemistry with our science correspondent eric williams hi derek so the award was granted for improving imaging at the molecular level it
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sounds like better pictures why did this win the award well better pictures you know you've heard the phrase believe it when i see it and and that's really very much the case especially when it comes to things like bio molecules you know we've . just this this imaging does imaging techniques have allowed us to actually begin to see the process is happening down at the molecular level now we've been able to predict chemical processes for a long time we've known for a very long time for example that if you leave iron together with water in the presence of oxygen that's going to start to rust we can predict that but we've only been able to actually see. tomic level things happening for the last couple of decades but i want like us are also a whole different ball of wax than something like iron they're incredibly complex and the interactions that they have within the cells of the body are also incredibly complex and so really by helping us with this huge leap forward in being able to image them these scientists have done really nobel prize winning work but
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what had been getting in the way what were the obstacles of today's better images well there are a couple of different obstacles biomolecules are suspended in solution so water so their whole support structure is based on being in a solution or in water and as soon as you remove the water they collapse they just kind of fall in on themselves and so but there are all these there are a wide range of problems with imaging things that are suspended in a solution not least for example that if you want to use an electron microscope which has a much higher magnification than a normal light microscope does electron microscopes and water don't get along at all you have to remove the water in order to be able to to look at something at this level and there's a second problem an electron microscope also has very high energy which would be no problem if for example you were looking at a metal but as soon as you start looking at something that's carbon based which bio molecules all are it just incinerates them and so these these scientists were able to overcome those particular hurdles and as well as as increase the magnification
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really significantly so they can see biomolecules now with much greater precision how does that affect the average person will there and in many ways biomolecules aren't just intertwined with health your bio molecules are your house and so understanding what's happening at these kind of molecular levels at this sub cellular level how the interactions are working is key to understanding for example what happens with with viruses when they come and attack us as well or understanding for example the proteins that are on the outside of the envelope of a virus that gives people who are. new medicines the potential to it's no longer hit or miss they can see what's happening and seeing what's happening on the on the surface of that virus is going to give them very powerful tools for tailoring medicine so it's about sickness and health for all of us and definitely a nobel prize winning work here at an important breakthrough and a congratulations to those three winners of the two thousand and seventeen nobel
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prize for chemistry adair golems from our science desk thank you derek. now the syrian civil war has inflicted human misery on an unimaginable scale and children haven't escaped its impact one young refugee left wheelchair bound by the fighting has found solace in sports and a set asides on paralympic greatness meet . the thirteen year old boy with a paralympic dream just two years ago he was another young victim of syria's civil war we were on our way to the basement of our home he said in a bomb hit the second floor and i was injured more sports more sport. was going through. various injuries left now g. paralyzed from the waist down now granted asylum in greece sport has given him a new lease of life. and i am not really. was always tired.
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as soon as he started training he became very active again. just want to see if the. greece has been one of the more welcoming countries to refugees like now jeep under the shadow of the olympic stadium he trains three times a week. well you go around the bend. it's part of a program supported by the greek paralympic committee and the u.n. . is determined to succeed his mom was telling me that since he started doing that he is focused on he has. about his sports future. for now now takes part in national competitions his site a set even higher. now it was sixty years ago today that the world woke to the news that russia had placed
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a satellite in orbit around the earth it marked the beginning of space exploration and the start of the space race between russia and the u.s. sputnik which means a fellow traveler in russian glasses off into space with four giant antenna its job was to send messages back to earth via radio signals the satellite orbit of the earth ninety times a day before burning up twenty two days later. now of our top stories this hour spain's king philippe has intervened in the country's growing constitutional crisis criticizing catalonia independence bid as unlawful that's hundreds of thousands poured onto the streets of barcelona to protest police violence against voters. and the police in the u.s. revealed more details about the mass shooting which killed fifty nine people in las vegas they say the gunman was extensively prepared using cameras to warn him of approaching police as well as so-called bomb stocks to increase his rate of fire on the crowd below him. thanks for watching.
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