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tv   Made in Germany - Fake news and the damage it causes  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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starting october fifteenth on w. and online. they make a commitment they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the move. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. there's a lot of money to be made with fake news and new business models are springing up
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to stem the flood of false information that story a moron made in germany on ben physical and we start with something that seems so pile in the sky back in one thousand nine hundred thirty two that's when this model was created fast forward to today and we're finally there this next flying car could be the answer to the traffic gridlock and so many of the globe's megacities a dutch startup is set to begin mass production i reporter cast and i got to check it out. the first time i saw images of flying cars i have to say i was skeptical such pictures are all over the internet some of them seem to actually exist. but none of the companies i contacted wish to talk to me it was top secret they said well they didn't have time or they weren't far enough along and so on.
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only one startup in the netherlands called pahlavi said come on over we can show you something. this is a model of what the final product would look like here you see it all folded up and that's the way it'll be on the road these here are the rotary plates they'll have lost in the middle earth and the tail unit is inserted back here and so this is how it'll drive on the road too little have a total length of four meters in the width of two meters so it's a very compact vehicle that fits into any parking structure. in this park. a prototype was already driven and flown during a test run five years ago but a concrete runway and pilot's license are required for the flying car to take off.
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and i get the impression that handling a car like this is not as easy as you might think. this is your exhilarate of a flight mode you push it up and that gives you more power whereas in driving mode you regulate the speed with a conventional accelerator pedal and you also have a classic steering wheel for driving in flight mode you steal with a joystick. the prototype is no longer registered maintaining a permanent operating license is very expensive. if for the final product finished on fully registered is due to hit the market next year. the company has been working on it for nearly twenty years the team has grown to forty international engineers located just outside amsterdam. combining the functions of a car and an aircraft is no easy task. very new very exciting very challenging. lots of challenges every day for the engineer who walks in terms of what this
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difficult is where it's so keeping the weight down because you have this dual function out in driving and flying so keeping the weight down is very difficult and the other thing is system legislation so driving on the road flying in the air you have to set the rules and those rules the day sometimes by the tone so you so to manage both at the same time is very difficult the engineers spent years trying to modify a car engine to also function is the engine of an aircraft normally the two are incompatible investors have kept pumping millions into the startup even those setbacks have occurred on a regular basis. we thought it was much easier before that would we more like engineering less invention but we concluded after years of work that it's definitely a combination of inventions and a lot of hard work with this more difficult than we expected.
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now finally the power of the liberty is said to be almost finished the driving part of the flying car is already complete it's an odd looking vehicle that leans into curves like a motorcycle they can travel up to one hundred eighty kilometers an hour. and the cockpit is also finished both parts now need to be put together i had a slightly queasy feeling as we started down the runway in the flying part i'm afraid of heights. the palace started up and in just a few metres we were airborne. so this is what it feels like when a flying car takes off heading straight for our destination and leaving roads and traffic jams behind. us now that
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a flying car will soon be on the market potential customers a calling almost daily and requesting test flights there even some preorders for the policy liberty will cost a hefty five hundred thousand euros. we recently had a press release and now you choose video has got over five million clicks so far that means people are interested in flying cars. maybe it's not such a crazy idea after all flying cars soaring above congested roads when the power of the liberty goes on sale next year we'll find out if it really is ready for takeoff . to another business that's really taken off fake news some governments are right behind it others are trying to fight it germany has new laws requiring social media
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platforms to take responsibility facebook has introduced a fact checking system it has now approved effective and the thing is the internet giants are simply too slow to react at the end of the day but that spot a whole range of new business models. here in berlin millions of tweets and social media posts go online every day and some of them are abuse and lines. come work for a journalist group called quick t.v. . she exposes fake news. such as the story about a syrian refugee who took a selfie with german chancellor angela merkel in twenty fifteen. and so. he took a selfie with her. and later unfortunately people accused him on line of suppose that involvement in the brussels terrorist attacks.
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a groundless accusation made by xenophobes another example of fake news when hillary clinton was running for u.s. president she was accused of running a child sex ring. these are the kind of stories that cause teves fact checking team aims to expose it receives funding from the open society foundation and works with various news outlets in text if an article or a photo gets more than five hundred shares of say ten thousand shares then we know that it's getting a lot of use and we check to see if the video is real proof or if it's really what it says it is but it's not taken out of context and context and then leave her saw for example publishes a fact jack that explains whether it's true or not and in fact i'm sick of european formalised intonation the fact checking team french daily labor has you know it's called days on topics it debunks false claims to its own facebook have been accused
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of failing to clamp down on fake news when they do respond is usually due to public pressure they see themselves in social media platforms plain and simple. daniel curnow works for a company on the outskirts of berlin that's developed software for automated facebook moderation. the software is used by newspapers and t.v. broadcasters on their social media platforms. this app allows web editors to delete abusive content. when i was asked if you don't like a certain word if it's offensive or a swear word then you can say no. i don't want this word to appear in a comment will be deleted from the facebook page from the facebook page and. the
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two hundred sixty year is a month converse sario will moderate ten thousand comments social but are a particular problem these look like followers or accounts but generate messages using algorithms because they can develop into convincing internet personas they can actually shape public opinion phenomena like social bought the sario has its work cut out for it it's a fake account always be fake accounts and content that turns out to be fake news. so in that sense i believe that converse are you has a future to confess. what's true and what's. with him her liberation of fake news on social media and a growing number of startups have found a nice cleaning up the internet and. let's talk about lies hate and slander with alexander from eco the association of the internet industry now you could board nate the berlin office and you have an actual complaints office there what
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sort of complaints do you get on a daily basis. last you've received about two hundred fifty thousand complaints quite different more than just want to day that's true you have a team about five lawyers in cologne and they are charging about the quality of the complaints is it illegal content or is it just a complaint about something you don't like and it's not illegal and then we can't delete it and we can't get in contact with the police or something like that so how tough is the drawing the line between freedom of expression and something that is actually slanderous. this question that's really hard to answer and one thing is for sure we need to time for that we need competence of our employees to understand the context of the complaints and the text which is. received by our website. we calling that. we need time and competence because it's not easy
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to say ok this is illegal or this is legal but what is actually considered slanderous these days because if you go into something like trip advisor you're trying to find out is this a good hotel or not you've got such a wide array of opinions and posts how do you i can even work out as a consumer what's right what's wrong that's the power of the user nowadays and the internet to touch if you like to host a hotel or if you didn't like it for the company it's obviously hard to argue then against maybe something which was not fair but it's not illegal if it's something it's not fair then you need to get kind of reputation management and to answer about facts that it may be different than this user experience or what do companies actually need moderators so to speak going through the channels and sifting out what's right and wrong what's true what's false always a day off to
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a complaint don't do that proactive to go to through the internet and decide which is maybe which content of offensive or maybe illegal. and the law is if you receive a complain as an internet service provider then you have to duty to check it but you need time for that you need time to and money that you have and i know this how much does it cost for the corporations to put that about it depends on the size of the corporation of course for us as the association of the internet we finance five lawyers full time there so you can imagine what this cost and if you're a bigger company and need much more person of course it's a lot but i think it's worth that's not the point that you need to engage people who have the competence and that's a point why i'm a bit nervous when i see this algorithm doing the job all the time because they are not able actually to see. it's ironic this context or. they're just deleting it and
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with maybe another problem then we have in the context of freedom of speech ok alex we'll get back to you in a moment first of all i want to turn to facebook as you all probably know it's one of the most valuable companies in the world and it's all things to your darter of course the social network sells it makes a killing and you don't care all that much about it because the service for you is free. it was once just a small student project now it's a global corporation. around one quarter of the world's population is a registered facebook user. nearly two billion people post likes comments and pictures they spend an average of forty two minutes a day on facebook. the company almost tripled its net income over the past year. reaching the equivalent of nine billion euros. the company doesn't even charge fees
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so how is that possible the answer facebook members pay with their data every click makes the customers and their interests more visible. facebook then sells that information to other companies. so that they can tailor their advertising to each facebook user this is known as targeting. for example those who like cats get adverts for cat food and not just any cat food for one of its customers facebook sorted cat lovers into five personality types each one received targeted advertising in return for money facebook provides such data to all kinds of customers including political interest groups during the breaks it campaign people in the fishing industry who felt disadvantaged by e.u. regulations were specifically targeted on facebook then to great effect but unlike
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its users facebook itself is not at all transparent who is influencing whom and for how much money is not known and the website says it's largely not responsible for the content of posts executives are focused on growing the company instead facebook has been on a shopping spree further consolidating its dominant position on the digital market it's now the fifth most valuable brand in the world. so alex facebook is making more and more money as we learned there but is getting quicker at tackling this problem with a news first of all i can't speak for facebook but i know that the european union. initiated monitoring the numbers there they show they're getting better social media. companies getting better in the lead fake news or hate speech stuff but i think of course it's always
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a way to go to improve your processes why are they getting better is that the fines that they could be hit with. i don't think that this is the way sion. of their work right now because right now the situation is ok they are. responsible for the content if they know that there is illegal content on their website. but it's a learning process it's a corporation process between the police between companies between associations or a complaint offices like us. and you always learn more and more and if both sites getting better then the results are getting better but just briefly i find affected do you think not in the way they're disliked millions of yours other than the way they're discussed in germany because i think this is something you just push companies to delete content and if you delete content the hate is not gone or the fake news is not gone but the freedom of speech is in danger and then
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when is everybody going to wake up and realize do you think that the content they're putting out there. is up for sale and it's not really private at all despite their privacy settings the internet technology and open lot of cheese so we really need to get the people and u.k. to understand what technology they're using and what is behind this technology if you're just using it this is something i think we need to get into schools very early so if you know what you're doing and what other process is behind then you know what is the potential maybe. what you told me you are selling your information because if i'm able to understand what is happening behind the website then i'm able to decide if i want this to kids or adults that matter what age we can basically kids' privacy goodbye. i don't think so but i think we really need to do
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something to santa to the people they're reading it get to know what they are doing this is important alex i hope everyone is listening in i certainly am thank you very much for coming in today thank you. well this next piece of news is not fake and i'm sure a lot of you can verify this the berlin is in and tourism is booming the number of visitors to the capital has doubled in the past decade we're talking thirteen million a year that one reason for the burgeoning restaurant scene the tourists came to try out regional dishes with local projects that's exactly what you'll get on the menu at this next ultra cool leader eight the name of which has sparked interest across germany and beyond it translates to classy tough and dirty. the area is not exactly hip but it's home to a michelin starred restaurant noble and one of britain's most fashionable places to eat it opened in twenty fifteen with
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a start up capital of five hundred sixty thousand euros and a shift who had already made a name for himself. shaffer and his team cook up a ten course meal every day. the sort of the people we only use products from the area around palin and of course we only take the best ingredients and. when i serve the spring onions today. come first our little butter and that way but they'll basically just taste of spring onions. the full ten course meal costs about one hundred euros. the chef really means it when he says he only uses regional products there's no all of oil no pepper and no lemon i'm. not interested in finding the taste of this region. if you come here from sao paulo or san francisco or beijing you want to know what's the authentic cuisine of berlin the region. is it just done a sausage with car
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a catch up on. or is there more to it and when i spy on what i could study. of course there is more but even in the realm of fast food more and more regional and organic products are being used like a piece that sells only locally sourced meat virtually the entire animal is used she sells cuts of meat filets and steaks everything else lands in the mincer and then on the grill one of her burgers costs about five euros. she's nothing peaches says it's not a recipe for getting rich but she loves her work. was i want to know where the food that i eat comes from and that's difficult in berlin because it's such a huge city. food has become so much more popular because at least then customers
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know it can't be too bad. snitched social. for years now consumers have been more selective about what they eat more and more people want to know where their food comes from for them price is not the only issue when they decide what food to buy. they feel god does have a cook said i was happy your head tells you to pay more attention and your stomach does to the food tastes good it's also a very human thing and i don't want food from far away i want to be closer to whoever is producing my food that's me and me at the so i think. you could hardly get any closer to the producer of your food than in this restaurant here you can see your salad growing behind the counter. four weeks in the system so they're ready to reconsider it's called vertical farming and can be used
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for growing produce in a skyscraper or even a spaceship the future is actually now if you want fresh produce not everyone ever broke and i don't have a broken in my apartment so this is fresh vegetables in their quest this farming method uses no pesticides and surprisingly little electricity investors provided two hundred thousand euro startup capital this diner is the first of its kind in the world it's called the good bank and that's all the guns are dream is that they'll be lots of good banks that will open a flagship store where guests can experience good bank farming and our amazing dishes on a larger scale and also that will continue expanding even the experts. for now the growing butter head and oak leaf lettuce and baby kale it's harvested as needed so there's no waste and diners get a salad that's as fresh as can be. so eating well doesn't need to cost the
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earth neither does dressing well true style though is something you have or dart according to my fashionista colleague. in the latest edition of dress code he introduces us to some of the guys who most definitely have it. us right to me and they say i'd like to dress well for work but i can't afford a good suit i know the good stuff is expensive sometimes but it's not just about money it's about dedication let me introduce you to some of my personal hero. these guys live in the republic of congo where the average income is less than four hundred dollars. and yet they manage to present themselves with style and pride. so that's what they call themselves our movement of african dandies that took off after world war two with
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the republic of congo that's become quite famous now since a large be a company shot this commercial with them. i mean we all can take a leaf out of their book but there are few things you can do to save money only ever buy in sales and consider going second hand there are amazing bargains out there go look for second hand shop in mort's pensive areas of big cities this is where designer suits go to die go rescue us. this is. be yourself. very elegant indeed if you want to take a closer look at gad's wardrobe tips or any of our reports go to our website and follow us on facebook and twitter as well and see you again today.
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john said sir. it's a brand new trend in germany stand up paddling with your donkey. a bit of training on the right land. rover is ready to ride away don't stop having
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to be sure their head stays dry thank you. dog. to sing for the day sometimes you just have to pump up the volume. when they. come back support the music magazine on w. . physics. medicine. chemist. economic sign says. things. well the way that twenty seventy
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nobel prizes. low follow in the footsteps of the greatest minds of our time. the nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week going to w. news.
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this is news live from berlin a crucial intervention in spain's constitutional crisis king felipe a slams catalonia as independents bad as unlawful that's hundreds of thousands rally in the streets to protest police beilenson against us to react.


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