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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2017 12:03am-12:31am CEST

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and accounts were compromised but on tuesday it tripled to that figure it's understood to be the biggest data breach in history the stolen information includes names e-mail addresses phone numbers and birth dates but yahoo says passwords and banking details were not compromised. it was sixty years ago today that russia launched the sputnik satellite into orbit around the earth marking the beginning of space exploration and the space race sputnik which means fellow traveler in russian was tasked with sending radio signal messages back to earth. not backing down catalonia as leader pledges to push ahead with independence from spain the country looks poised for a major showdown as both the e.u. and madrid urge adherents to the rule of law i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the
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day. he calls pushed among the cattle and leaders slams the spanish government as a responsible for not accepting mediation over the region's independence bed he criticizes the king and says that the vote for catalonia is independence from madrid cannot be stopped spain's political crisis deepens. spain's political crisis is escalating catalonia its regional president gave a defiant address on wednesday he confirms that he would push ahead with catalonia secession from spain and urged the spanish government to accept mediation calls pushed along also took time to condemn police action during the reuters random hundreds of people were reported attacked and injured by the police when they tried
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to vote on both the spanish prime minister and the spanish king have struck back virtually against the catalans following the referendum pushed him on had harsh words for prime minister mariano rajoy saying that he was irresponsible for not accepting mediation. we will have live to madrid in just a moment but first our coverage begins in barcelona where some of the catalonians are feeling deserted by the european union. european flags and signs calling on the you for help are a common sight among the crowds of protesters in catalonia many here are asking why isn't europe stepping in. we feel abandoned by the you they should have intervened because of the police violence on sunday so i don't know. the only way. today is the european parliament in strasbourg lawmakers from catalonia are asking
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the same question. being a clear breach of fundamental rights and european values in get along in the use of by a lens against peaceful voters goes against basic values against the libyan charter fundamental rights so this is not an end the spanish matter catalonia us president pushed him on has repeatedly asked for europe's help overs regions future but brussels is in a bind. but the commission cannot force the spanish government into dialogue this is of course. entirely up to the government of madrid which is by a provision in the treaty safeguarded from intervention from you commission. and so there as the commission has already stated it will not enter into domestic affairs in strasbourg a commission vice president plans to months reaffirmed his support for madrid if
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the law does not give you what you want you can oppose a little you can work to change the law but you cannot ignore the law. meanwhile catalonia its leader has vowed to declare independence within days that you might shed its caution if the situation continues to deteriorate but for the moment it is in a bind hoping a compromise will emerge and let's get more now on this tense situation we are joined by correspondent guy hedgecoe who is there with the latest from the spanish capital madrid good evening to you guy we just saw the leader of the cattle and region giving a speech a short time ago how do you think that this is going to be received not only in the catalan region but also in the rest of the country especially where you are in the capital. well i don't see it as being very likely to change
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many people's minds here in madrid i think the two sides are so entrenched that today's speech from cars pushing on is unlikely to change the mind of the government i think or the spanish state in general probably a lot of his speech seems to be addressed i think to his own people in catalonia calling on them to remain united and supremacy in a way that he would remain as he put it serene and firm in not straying from the path of his government's objective another objective of course is independence but on the other hand he did. as we just heard keep the door open to the possibility of mediation so there was a message there from madrid but the big question now is will the spanish government take up that that offer and let's turn to let's drill down a little bit more into that because i mean do they seem to have an open ear to picking up that offer because we heard king fully of speaking last night taking a hard line with his comments warning that national stability was in fact in peril
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do you think that this help or hurt madrid's position. well i think i mean i was in barcelona yesterday when the king made his speech and i think a lot of catalans were disappointed with that speech because you know when the king addresses the nation there's a feeling that has to be important so there's a lot of expectation ahead of it and some people even suggested there might be a possibility the king would offer to mediate himself somehow now that certainly wasn't the case when he spoke he spoke very sternly about the independence movement saying it's completely outside the law so i think many cattle and certainly those who voted on sunday and those who want independence see the king now as part of. what you could say the enemy boats but on the side of the spanish government now so in that sense things seem to get more entrenched yesterday there has been talk
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today about the possibility of the catholic church mediating however so there do seem to have been some kind of meetings between the church and with the spanish government that could possibly be a way out of all this because the catholic church is quite close to the conservative popular party of mariano rajoy the prime minister and that wouldn't be an outside mediator would be an international mediator which is what the spanish government certainly doesn't want but we certainly don't have any confirmation of whether such a mediation is going to go ahead or not yes and speaking of mediation i mean there's also been a lot of talk about the european union's role in all of this and we know that on for example european commission vice president franz timmermans basically weighing in on this today this seems like a valid veiled threat in fact in fact to the catalonians when he said you can work to change the law but you cannot ignore the law how is that line of thinking being received there and catalonia and does it seem as if the e.u.
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regards this as a purely spanish crisis. well he does seem to be regarding as a spanish crisis or trying to regard it that way i think it this is clearly a very difficult situation for the e.u. . it doesn't want to be seen to be getting involved in a sovereign countries affairs it doesn't want to be seen to be rebuking a government although earlier this week the european commission did seem to rebuke the spanish government slightly when it talked about the fact that violence is not a solution and negotiation is but it hasn't really got its hands dirty in any of this and i think it it doesn't want to sort of wade into it. so it's a tricky situation at the moment i think cattle and those who voted on on sunday or wanted to vote feel disappointed by the people i spoke to in catalonia the last few days a lot of them were saying we want the e.u.
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to get involved in this this is a european issue human rights are being violated i heard that over and over again. and it looks as if you know that that's not going to happen either doesn't want to get involved in this certainly not at the moment so guy just briefly before we go and just take us through the possible scenarios over the next couple of days because if the catalan government does go ahead with this declaration of independence as they have promised to do sell how could this play out. well. looks like on monday there will be a meeting of the catalan parliament and the pro independence parties have a majority in the parliament and that they could well issue a unilateral declaration of independence if the situation is not diffused before then the spanish government seems to be considering the possibility of using a article in the constitution which would kind of emergency article which would give it special powers to intervene in the region of catalonia that would be kind of the nuclear option for the spanish government and it could essentially take
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control of the police force the regional police force it could even call regional elections in the cattle and region that clearly would risk further escalating this crisis but the spanish government feel it has no other option guy had to go with the very latest from madrid we thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about the tensions in the country at the moment we appreciate it . u.s. president donald trump has visited las vegas three days after a mass shooting at an open air concert that killed fifty nine people and injured more than five hundred trump touched down in the nevada desert and that was survivors of the attack and first responders it was the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history he had this to say to those he met but i think the only message i can say is that we're with you one hundred percent we are for a day invited a lot of them over to the white house is if you don't read what you're going to
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walk over to the oval office and they're also going to do it how do we do it not ever leave me out. and as the president met with many of those affected by america's deadliest modern day massacre investigators have been trying to establish a motive for the attack they say that the shooter prepared extensively and meticulously. the view from the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel where the gunman opened fire on to a crowd of concert goers below. he smashed two windows in his suis to take game as his victim's. body comforts it shows the police scrambling to locate the shooter and get people to safety they say the bullets rained down for between nine and eleven minutes.
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the killer sixty four year old steven paddock a millionaire real estate investor and high stakes gambler investigators are still puzzling over his most of but they believe he meticulously planned the attack they say he even set up cameras outside his hotel room possibly to see if police were approaching this individual as premeditated obviously premeditated the fact that he had this type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room it was preplanned extensively investigators find twenty three guns in the room along with so-called bum stock devices for taurus he say they could have been used to modify his semiautomatic guns allowing them to shoes rapidly and continuously. they found other stashes of guns in paddocks homes in the nevada tens of reno on misc eat
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federal agents are hoping his girlfriend can shed some light on his motives she's being questioned after returning to the u.s. from the philippines. and earlier we got more from las vegas where carson phenomenas standing by covering the aftermath of the mash unit and we asked him if trump seemed to be striking the right tone with this as it. looks like it definitely donald trump struck the right tone when he praised the police and the first responders and all those all there is citizens who helped those victims of the attack. even though their own lives were in danger and he praised the courage of the heroism all of these people and this is definitely was the people here expected also many of the survivors i talked to who also praised the police and their fellow men and women at the venue on sunday night because they said there
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were so many people who helped each other this fight over the all in the chaos and in spite of the horror definitely the president praising these people was the right thing to do. one thing that the president has also said in the past couple of days is that now is not the time for debate when it comes to gun control and that is of course not what everyone feels in the united states in fact a senior u.s. democratic senator had this to say i want to listen and then get your reaction there after karsten so much said we shouldn't do this now we should wait now is not the time you have to say enough is enough you have to say that there is no reason to make. a semiautomatic assault weapon into a fully automatic battlefield with. carson just walk us through how this debate on gun control is playing out there in the united states because i mean we've seen this debate time and time again in the wake of these things is anything different
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this time around. i wish i could say yes but it doesn't look like it it's pretty much the same thing of course everybody at the beginning is shocked about what has happened but then the usual playbook of the gun lobby and the republicans and congress is brought into play that means they say now is not the time to debate this to start a political discussion now is the time for mourning and they say our we need more information about what really happened and then in the end they say well there's nothing we can really do about this clearly the gun lobby the national rifle association also its supporters in congress but also we have to say many ordinary americans who really believe in the right to bear arms they don't want any restrictions on guns at all because they fear that would open the floodgates and
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then in the end there would be no rights to bear arms anymore so this is really not so much about sensible pragmatic steps this is about principle and that makes it so complicated so that's what the politicians have to say from south but how about the survivors because you you spoken with many of them there in las vegas what are they saying on the matter. what's interesting among the survivors that we talked to of course a number of them said there should be stricter gun control there should be limitations there should be limitations in particular on military style rifle semiautomatic or automatic but also some of the survivors we talked to who said well it's part of our identity to have to be able to go hunting to be able to defend yourself so it's not that everybody who was there and suffered from this attack said that we have to get rid of all the guns there were people who said it's
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terrible but that doesn't mean that the principal the right to bear arms is wrong. carsten just generally speaking what is the mood like there in the city and what are people hoping to hear from the president today. when on the surface most of las vegas is back to normal in many ways the bars the restaurants they a casino is also the shows are full people are going about their business but when you talk to people even in the casinos i talked to a number of people at a slot machines there said well i'm doing this i'm gambling now because i want to distract myself i want to get back to some kind of normality so basically under the surface the city is still in shock and i think people don't want at least not now political debates here they want to get over this they want to feel
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the comfort of the president being here talking to them they want to feel the solidarity of the nation and this is at least so far what they're getting but of course they cannot avoid having that political debate also in the next few days and months ahead. yahoo now says that it is likely that all three billion of its user accounts were affected by the twenty thirteen hack there by tripling its earlier estimate of the size of the largest breach in history the company said that user information such as passwords credit card numbers or bank account details were not compromised the company also said that they are taking quote significant steps to up their security let's get some insight now from jonathan a cyber security specialist at comfort in san diego thanks so much for joining us jonathan. well thank you for having me why do you think that it has taken so long for yahoo to reveal this mess in breach of security. well i
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think it's difficult to say this you know when companies experience that data breach like this they have to hire an instant response team to do forensics and take a look at deeper look at the security configurations at the company to determine how the hackers got in and i think in this case when yahoo hired that forensics team they were going through the exercise to understand how the hackers got in and they discovered that the hackers you know apparently had access to more data than they originally so it's difficult to say how they got in but you know you know it's good that they continue to do this with forensics so what were the hackers looking for do we know that because i mean we've heard that you know credit card details passwords for example that they were not apparently not compromised. yeah that's right that's what it seems it seems that they weren't after the credit card numbers
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and things like that in part details but user id's passwords they got access to names earth day it's basically if i didn't if i did the case and you know personal identification and even though they got hold of security questions and answers to user i.d.'s and passwords so it's things like that that the hackers were after because they could take that data and basically sell it on the dark web and it's here where they plan to expose it and get money for it and three billion accounts i mean a staggering number of their accounts that are affected just walk us through i would say that where yahoo use their what does this breach mean for those three billion users who accounts whose accounts are affected. yes i'm actually a yahoo user and i was i was five and what it meant to me was i received a notice from yahoo saying you experienced
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a breach you should respond by you know resetting your passwords and and things like that so if we put it in perspective the three billion accounts were three billion as of august two thousand and thirteen so at that time you know even though we discovered the additional two billion accounts now you know that's when everybody was exposed so most likely now in two thousand and seven see people of either the reset their passwords hopefully they reset their security questions and answers and you know hopefully they check you know other areas that may have suspicious activity and determine if there are project or not but the main thing is you know i reset my password and anything else that used uses that yahoo user ip as an entry point into web sites companies well people need to take a deeper look at that now talk about a deeper look because i mean we all know that we said from time to time reset our passwords and things of that nature but i mean you mentioned some of this
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information for example being being sold there on the dark web what else should users know now do you think i mean what is just good cyber hygiene generally speaking. yeah it's one thing that is really big promoted right now from a user point of view is when you're in the mail when you're responding to taking a look at your yahoo or other e-mail accounts like that he carefully on what you click on. because typically this is where a ransomware or a malware a load some sort of malicious activity is kept it's in a file that looks like it's intended for you maybe from a friend or from up a common account or you're expecting you know to receive an e-mail but instead it actually contains a virus or trojan or something that tracks activity on your on your desktop or
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laptop or even mobile device so you careful what you click on is probably the number one best thing to do number two you know try to to you know update your passwords and if not what i like to suggest people do is to put it on the web site that you go to is trying to activate a second form of authentication everybody has a user id we have a password to enter our website but at the website offers a way that you can also receive a tax that has a special code that needs to be typed then at the time you're logging into that web site that also prevents you know situations where a hacker could get hold of a user id and password they still may not be able to access your account without you know that we're or that second method to collect that data so it's assigned to the website if he so that's what we recommend is you know to form authentication and reset your passwords don't click on anything that could be suspicious some very
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helpful tips a lot of food for thought there for our viewers i thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about it jonathan devel security expert at con fort in san diego . let's head to the united kingdom now where prime minister to resign may have struggled through what miko down as her most calamitous speech ever the keynote address at the conservative party's annual conference was intended to drum up a doozy as some for her gender but things went from bad to worse after a prankster handed her a paper usually given to people when they leave their job have a look. and it's the conservative party that has a vision of an open global self-confident britain.
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with a foreign policy of neutrality and prepare for a run on the ground. some people say we've spent too much time talking about jeremy corbin's past. ok. you. know years. we've created record numbers of jobs. the deficit is back to pre-crisis levels. it sounds if my voice isn't wrong try.
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to britain in all its diversity and compassion right that was. something about. our house i. designed. a masterpiece of
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modern architecture but what's it like to live. next. the take away. with. the game so special. true for. more than four. hundred the say that kicks off today with the top european cities where you.


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