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tv   Sarahs Music - Sarahs Music Soloists  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2017 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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hi and welcome back to sara's music today's episode is a compilation of some of my favorite soloists we've had on the program so far i love doing these compilations because it means i can delve around in the serious music archives for hours and revisit some of these fantastic musicians today we're starting off with a wonderful tradition of. so
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daniel we're in hamburg coffee house you're really all over the world you actually do like discovering these new cities or do you know them already well i love them all as when i was seven or eight like us that was my mind when i was a kid to look at the mess i would stand in the eyes. of a later or less than. one process. so when you come to a city it's like you know it over. eddie well of course that's still something to
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say that if my book which i ever got. is i usually. i usually like walking in the future exploring it and do you need your g.p.s. or can you just go oh you know i look at the month before you know and i just understand anything that's fantastic that's good for difficult piano pieces as well to have the ability to to look and then go. for lifted good you know the lonely life being a song was i'm a home play i mean i'm always with with an orchestra and we were together all the time which is sometimes too much somehow i would say it was especially more difficult than i was younger when i was seventeen or eighteen when i just started playing from the just let alone of course and to them it was mainly new to me because i'm just one condition in this you know sixteen and twenty so it's on a little opening. and that was in no way difficult
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because it was a first experience for me in the office along. so
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hawken welcome back to berlin thank you for playing a piece you know very well you've played over sixty times as aereo most of. the. thank you.
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what you've done for the trumpet world you have extended the repertoire beyond belief and that's what you really actually set out to do you've had people write things for you ever since the beginning if we're gonna try but. the possibility of being a solo instrument in the classical scene and the need to be substantial yes something that's not is really can compete with a group great violin concerto a great piano concerto a singer you know the choices that a conductor or a program committee are endless and the choice of so there was some serious music is also endless one of the biggest music events i've ever been involved in was the two thousand and fifteen your vision song contest in vienna no i didn't sing i was part of marching group because percussive planet ensemble and we played in the interval since then martin has been one of my favorites of the west so of course we have him in the program today.
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daniel i know everybody ask you this but how do you manage to fit it all in in the meantime it's a huge team around the world that that helps and supports me and you know with that team of course my wife is a big part you know she she's able to to also allow me to do certain things and we
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travel a lot and gather because i want you know my son to be around especially at this time and i guess it's just this love of music that keeps me going from morning till night you still have to come up with all the ideas for your books for your festivals for your programs incredible those seem to come very quickly that's not the problem is making them happen as you know with projects it's always one thing to think of the idea but you know follow it through i mean obvious because no one parent for years about actually getting together this is the first time.
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that's all there is music for today you can watch the complete episodes featuring our wonderful some of the whiskey on line in the series music archive but for now by see you next time i think we should reverse the challenge that i have for the trumpet. that's a note. she took a big risk and paid a heavy price for it not gary and war correspondent. in a basement in aleppo syria she found bunk area made weapons that had been supplied to islamic states and she wrote
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