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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2017 7:03am-7:16am CEST

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n. says violence killed or injured about eleven thousand four hundred civilians last year . the royal swedish academy of sciences has named three researchers winners of the nobel prize for chemistry they are a shock to bush era of switzerland the german born american your name frank and richard henderson of britain but their work helped develop cryo electron microscopy a technique that enables scientists to see details of molecules through. the tax man is coming and he means business the e.u. commission is demanding millions of back taxes to be collected from u.s. tech giants amazon and apple also the license for monsanto's life force eight is up for renewal in the u.s. and its facing challenges and
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a swiss investment group is helping to get iran's rail infrastructure back on track . welcome to your business i'm crystal kober in berlin the european commission is turning the screws on u.s. tech companies on wednesday it ordered amazon to repay a quarter of a billion euros and back at the commission is taking ireland to court for failing to collect billions from apple patience has run out of the european commission taking to the podium that you competition commission announced that brussels had on and in its sights taking the country's government to the european court of justice for its failure to collect taxes from us giant apple then a year ago the commission docked at the decision. requiring ireland to recover up to thirteen billion euros in the league from apple however i am has still not recovered any money not even in part. apple is
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currently appealing the case it argues that the revenues in question a subject to u.s. tax rules instead meanwhile luxemburg was also singled out by the commission on wednesday ruling that it has granted online shopping giant amazon on due tax benefits for the past eight years leading around three quarters of its profits untaxed the e.u. says that gave it an unfair advantage over other companies. not justified amazon now has to repay the tax benefit worth around two hundred fifty million euros plus interest the commission's position is clear it states that no matter your flag ownership paying your taxes is part of doing business in the european union. the crisis in spain over the catalonia independence vote has investors on the edge of their seats most european markets finished wednesday's trading session with losses there was one notable exception germany's benchmark
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index the dax reached a record high in wednesday's session the only top european index to end in positive territory strong u.s. data and gains from carmakers helped the dax hit the high but it wasn't smooth sailing. i think the worries over catalona catalonia dampened the market and the market lost steam but recovered towards the end so kind of a funny day people are worried because they don't know what will ensue but on the other hand people had the time and let's say the inclination to look at the strong points of german economy for example but also low interest rates offering little alternative to investments in equities elsewhere though the catalan independence crisis weighed on markets spain's it banks posting in the three percent loss major catalonia based banks bank and somebody sank the furthest in line with a rising political risk. the us was more or less unaffected by the turmoil in
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europe after a sleepy start the s. and p. five hundred reached its seventh straight gain with the dow also continuing to rise . and for some more analysis let's cross over to wall street and scored yes u.s. markets continue with their record setting run what's behind that. you know it's the usual picture over here another record's pretty much every day at the moment and even news flow doesn't really seem to matter we've got fresh data from the labor market in the private sector a less jobs got created than expected but nobody really seemed to a very also if you look at the earnings picture owning season is about to kick off next week we got numbers here on wednesday already from pepsi pepsi missed the revenue expectations but the stock traded to the upside anyway so nothing really
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seems to stop the market at this point i believe it was the forty second record close for the s. and p. five hundred just within this year and years i want to return to our main story here the e.u. is cracking down on apple's and amazon's tax avoidance schemes how is this news received on wall street well i mean taxation is a hot topic all over the globe especially for to get knowledge even companies but when it comes to the european union going after amazon and apple the big question is first of all will they really get the money luxemburg island apple amazon they actually can. appeal this decision and then even if they have to pay three hundred million dollars for amazon sure it's a lot of money but not necessarily for her and isn't and the same is true for apple we're talking roughly thirteen billion dollars but apple just sitting on
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on a cash load of about two hundred fifty billion and most of that money is parked over seas and especially in europe anyhow so wall street actually was not too current cern the stock of amazon gained almost one percent and epilogues so just traded slightly lower in court in new york thank you. google has announced its first smartphone made fully and house the pixel to boast of google says as the world's highest rated camera as well as an ultra vivid display it's the firm's first foray into hardware acquired key parts of taiwanese electronics group h t c. the european commission has to decide on whether or not to extend their license for glyphosate before the end of the year life will say it is a highly controversial chemical that the world health organization listed as cancer causing back in twenty fifteen years reports. a cotton farmer from the us called john barton has
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a stern warning for brussels he's fighting cancer and he's trying to prove in court that his disease was caused by the weed killer roundup like thousands of farmers worldwide he used the pesticide for decades and was always told it's safe and i expose my sons to round up when i was born you know i would give more backpacks and you know they would go out in the field and spray johnson grass so now it's a father i'm thinking my god. did i harm my own children in the class action lawsuit representing five hundred people comes as the e.u. is deciding whether to renew the license of the controversial weed killer the license expires at the end of the year the use food safety watchdog has declared that life was saved the key ingredient in roundup is safe but barton's lawyers claim pesticide maker months i'm told is deliberately hiding evidence about the safety of clyde for say forty years ago we were seeing studies that smoking tobacco
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was good for you that's what we saw big tobacco did that for years they bought scientists and monsanto has taken that playbook right from the tobacco industry the lobbying practices the u.s. lawyers criticized on their visits to brussels are a particular concern for the european parliament. in fact monsanto organized the whole scientific evidence in such a wave.


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