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funk artists what do you feel like to live in times over the revolution and the people. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth t w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a battle of wills over the future of spain madrid says it won't be blackmailed over catalonia as demand for independence the end it rejects calls for mediation catalonia blasts the country's king and pushes on with a threat to secede i'll ask our correspondent if there's any way back from the
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brink also coming out the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman speaks out how much did she know about the killer's plot to commit the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. plus we'll look at the latest blockbuster movie to hit russian theaters it's a love story amid a fight to liberate an occupied land but that land is better known as ukraine's crimea now the filmmakers are facing accusations of producing propaganda. and reports say you pine kiss is heading back to buy in munich for a fourth spell in charge last time he sat in the dugout he won a historic trouble of trophies for the club in twenty thirty. below i'm terry martin good to have you with us the. prices over catalan
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independence has hit a deadlock spain's government has rejected calls for talks over what it calls an illegal movement in a defiant statement it said it would not give in to blackmail officials in catalonia have threatened to and else their split from spain as soon as next week after claiming some ninety percent of people voted for independence in last week's referendum welcome to the republic of catalonia say the flags but the issue is deeply divisive not just in the region itself but right across spain catalonia as leader accuses king philippe of abandoning his people branded them disloyal following sunday's referendum the king's speech was an endorsement of the policies of prime minister roy policies that are catastrophic for catalonia. there's been widespread condemnation of police violence during the operation aimed at preventing the referendum from going ahead. more than nine hundred people were hurt
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commentators say that strategy was deeply flawed. madrid shouldn't have sent police to try to prevent the referendum they should have let it happen the results are legal anyway the images of violence and galvanize the independence movement. a treaty in two thousand and six offered catalonia more independence but it was blocked by spain's prime minister mariano rajoy then leader of the opposition he along with spain's constitutional court objected to a reference in the treaty to a cattle land nation. this wasn't stupidity or short sightedness this was political tactics polarize people as much as possible promote anti catalan sentiment and the votes in the rest of spain are there for the taking the laws passed by the semi autonomous catalan government often run into opposition in madrid and end up before spain's constitutional court
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and. these new laws don't necessarily relate to the independence needn't they can also govern issues such as gender equality energy regulation etc etc. the constitutional court has banned any catalan split from spain in the catalan town of villa maior they're calling for outside support. the message help us europe. did obvious funny is covering the story in barcelona and joins us now funny this is a very tense moment in spain's history we've seen some very ugly scenes last weekend of violence in barcelona during the referendum how much potential is there for this crisis to escalate. well in fact just a few minutes ago the chairman of the european committee for foreign affairs has
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said that he's worried if the declaration of independence is going to be made on monday the situation here breslow and to need to situation that we saw almost the crack three sticks of a civil war alone the words say by european deputy of course is much that has to do with a lot of concern also internationally even though the mediation process has to take place with him. that it. has and also here at the port of barcelona you have the god the the national security forces pretty much prepared for everything and they should be because if you listen to the speech from last night of the catalonia president who with the clear to statement here behind me in his office he said he's pretty much going to stick to the road map and he's going to the independents in the next few days so that's what we're hearing from officials in this crisis they
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keep pushing things to the edge what about the people on the streets of barcelona they must be very concerned hearing talk of civil war. in fact a lot of people are surprised that in just a matter of a few weeks actually barcelona cut the when the and spain as a whole is in such of a dramatic situation a lot of people that i'm talking to our worried want snacks regardless of the fact actually that it is support independence or not ever there was very much radical about that this independence decoration must take place support of course the catalonia regional government here and they say he must to take this to the end regardless of the costs regardless what that is going to mean for the stability of the country because this is the way to push forward and this is the only chance to actually again independence and. of course others are just simply upset about the violence here that was actually he did the buy
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a spanish police and they say they don't necessarily want independence but definitely this should be a consequence on this should be a consequence when it comes to the violent crackdown of the referendum by spanish police on sunday from a given the potential for this thing to spin out of control how how likely is it that cooler heads might prevail and find mediation or some legal way of resolving this crisis. well one way would be actually that even before this independence is the coup a by the any idea by barcelona that mud that it is going to actually invoke article one hundred fifty five which gives them the which gives according to the constitution in spain the possibility to suspend and this miss the government but also suspend the autonomy the status of an autonomous region of how to know when
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you know if this is going to happen probably even know by to morrow when the spanish government the central government is going to call for an extraordinary extraordinary meeting tomorrow so this is the legal way forward to say so ever as i say the president of he's going to push i had the. independence so we will see it really reach a legal a message through is going to be applied and what that actually means bonnie thank you so much. reporting there from barcelona. to the u.s. where the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman has spoken out for the first time in a statement mary lou danley said she has no idea what prompted stephen paddick to carry out the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history she was in the philippines when paddick gunned down fifty eight people on sunday and lee and has now returned to the u.s. where she's being questioned by authorities. this is the woman who police hope will
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be the key to unlocking the mystery behind the motive of sunday's mass shooting investigators have been questioning mary lou donnelly the las vegas shooter's girlfriend in a statement read by her lawyer she denied any knowledge of his sinister plans never said anything to me. or took any action that i was aware of. but i understood it anyway to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. investigators say the shooter led a double life that he spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition they described him as disturbed and dangerous we have found no evidence to this point to indicate terrorism but this is an ongoing investigation we're going to continue to look at all avenues we're not closing down any doors u.s. president donald trump met with survivors of the attack many of them still in
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hospital but i just have to tell you that i just met some of the most amazing people we we met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded and the doctors the nurses of all of the people of the hospital have. a job that's interest group of. and there were four the night that it happened before it happened and they found room for many people trump also met with some of the first responders and said in a prepared statement that they showed the world what professionalism looks like. near the scene of the attack people unite in grief their wounds fresh and their resilience strong. joining us now on the line from las vegas is our senior washington correspondent causton phenomena carson police have been piecing together
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information about the gunman stephen paddick what sort of picture is emerging of the killer. it's a more more complex picture that we're getting not just from investigators but also from media reports of also doing some research so there's sure to peddle seems to have led a secluded life in recent years if you didn't into act a lot with his neighbors in the town of misc near las vegas where he lived as a retiree before that he had seemed to live regular life you worked even as an agent for the internal revenue service as an auditor for private companies he then made a fortune as a real estate investor and therefore could afford to retire early. he left his home in mesquite upas the regularly those who stay at casino hotel and reno and las vegas for several days each so he was a committed gambler that we know he would spend lots of time of those because he
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knows where you mostly played video poker he was not one of the biggest spenders he was no way unless those casinos call that but he was there often enough to get complimentary rooms at a number of hotels and casinos including the mandalay bay which is used as a base for his attack on sunday so according to the reports you see he was a very methodical gambler not the passionate guy but someone who would quietly calculate the odds and quite often actually win substantial amounts so one casino expert said today that for this man gambling was work no passion we have no indication that he lost a lot of money on my just being and that i had other problems and never run into trouble with the police himself even though his father was once convicted as a bank robber so actually it still remains a mystery why he did what you did on sunday. what about the gunman's girlfriend tossed mary lou dan lay she says she knew nothing about the gunman's plans to
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investigators believe her when obviously i cannot really say for sure if they believe her what seems clear is that investigators from now don't seem to see her as a suspect or rather a witness or person of interest as we heard in the report the girlfriend mary lou dentally was not directly involved in the shooting she was not even in the country last sunday apparently two weeks ago the shooter had bought her a flight to the philippines to allow her to visit have family there in the way it seems like he was trying to get her out of the way and according to that statement that mrs stanley lawyer read yet also wired her a substantial amount of money while she was in the philippines which in hindsight could be seen as a kind of parting gift i have to say though that for me personally it still looks
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sort of strange that mrs bentley who has been living with mr paradox for years would have noticed nothing. about her boyfriend basically meant he was in the possession of forty guns he knew how to handle them even to modify them so we'll see if this is really the last word when it comes to the question what mrs than lee really knew cost and thank you so much t.w.s. coston for naaman there talking to us from los angeles vegas. and now some other stories making news around the world today iraqi forces say they've captured the last stronghold of the so-called islamic state terrorist group in the north of the country this footage shows fighting in how we just three days ago the country's military backed by u.s. led coalition launched an offensive last month to retake the town still controls a stretch of iraq's western border with syria. thousands of people have taken to the streets of togo's capital in fresh anti-government protests the opposition
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demonstrators are demanding that president for nothing but a step down he has been the head of the west african states since two thousand and five when he was installed by the military after his father's death meaning that the same family has ruled the country for fifty years. and tens of thousands of times formed kilometer long lines as they waited to pay their respects to king bonny paula today the late monarch has been lying in state since his death last october this is the last the final day that mourners can see much revered royal before his cremation later this month. you're watching news still to come a new film celebrates russia's annexation of crimea is it propaganda or just a simple love story our moscow correspondent goes to the movie. first i go has more on the catalan crisis it seems the turmoil is affecting the
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markets as well terry spanish stocks have been hit yesterday with a cutline crisis especially banks were affected and spain's main stock index ibex dropped to enough percent that's quite a drop today the spanish government is opening government bones with some five billion euros and that's cross over to only bonce and frankfurt only what can we expect that that. i think we can expect that the interest rate the spanish government has to pay investors will be higher than it has before at the last auction the yields that is the expression of the interest rate in comparison to the price the price falls the yield rises the yield has been rising for some days now and it's high it's reached a high point today since the month of march the catalonia crisis is probably going to cause a weak auction that's what one analyst said here in frankfurt investors are worried
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and bond prices bond yields are reflection of how investors see let's say the guarantee is that the government can give by the minute here in the markets the e.c.b. bryant buying program though will probably kick in so investors going and initially know that the e.c.b. will gobble up at least a part of these bonds so a freefall for this auction is not expected but it's expected it will that one can see the market is nervous about spain and catalonia from spain's of france is the french government is trying to act as a matchmaker then the banking sector what are you hearing. yeah the government spokesman for a man who will not crown said that. it would be nice if b.n.p. pari and come out spunk linked up one would look favorably at that and that's seen basically as a wink from the president himself that he would like kind of a german french banking to link up as
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a symbol for the european banking union forging ahead perhaps as part of his greater plan for european unity and come out strong certainly needs a strong partner it's known that the german government which rescued it by buying stock in two thousand and eight wants out and maybe b.n.p. perry is the company that can step in and take over the shares as yet though there are rumors being denied by by many people but interesting rumors that are meeting with some credibility here in the market only once and for thank you. well u.s. lawmakers are giving the green light to autonomy as cars the representatives voted unanimously to enshrine rules for thomas vehicles in federal law that will help comic is like general motors ford and google's parent company alphabet to bring eighty thousand self self driving cars onto american roads if they pass safety tests the senate as
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a whole still has to vote on the proposal before it'll be sent to the u.s. president to be signed into law. earlier this year apple supplier fox kong from taiwan said it planned to build a ten billion dollar factory in the united states but it didn't say exactly where but now the company has revealed its chosen mount pleasant in the southeastern wisconsin it's a rural area for now but it's close to both no walk into the chicago state promised three billion dollars in incentives for the company which will make flat screen displays that foxconn is best known for building apple's i phone but faced criticism for its use of low wage factories in china. across europe one production is down in germany produces will bottle twenty percent less compared to last year and that's mainly due to unfavorable weather but do not despair even though the vintage will most likely be a superior quality your favorite riesling bodog will not scarce more expensive next
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year and here's why. most of this year's crop was harvested especially early late frosts summer hail storms and foggy days are all to blame wine producers say climate change is a growing factor the climate change and extreme weather mean different conditions in individual growing areas a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean every produce it was down twenty percent the between when you took your one infant winter she could be twelve but the three largest wine producing areas in the country right has a the polite an eight and bought in each saw drops about twenty percent from the year before the few gains came mostly from the east germany's numbers are comparable to overall declines across europe italy and france are also reporting much lower grape yields yet there is good news the quality of this year's grapes is better thanks in part to late september sunshine. what does it all mean for consumers the price of reasoning could rise but wine producers could also take
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a hit with them but it is a big challenge for individual produces they'll lose money no question because international competition is too fierce for them to raise prices accordingly and of course quality will have to make up for the difference. well let's hope so that's all for me back to terry thanks. to russian our politics in motion pictures collide in a new film called crimea the big budget blockbuster plays out in ukraine leading up to russia's twenty fourteen an exception of the peninsula it's already being denounced as propaganda but the makers of crimea insist it isn't a political film but a story about love conquering hate the w.'s and only sure one takes a closer look at. modern day romeo and juliet she's from kiev he's from sevastopol in crimea she's pro ukrainian and he's pro russian the film is
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a love story and an action packed spy thriller showing russian forces as the liberators of the crimean peninsula. crimea was partially funded by the russian ministry of culture and the ministry of defense despite mixed reviews from the critics the blockbuster is proving a hit with cinemagoers and topping the box office after its first weekend. it's a great film based on real events it was a love story and it reminded me a lot of events we already saw in the news. when two hearts unite there are no borders there is no politics there are just feelings. the film has struck a chord with russian audiences for them crimea remains an emotional topic. even though the annexation was condemned internationally independent surveys show over
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eighty percent of russians supported the takeover at the time three years later support is still high at over sixty percent. but it's impossible for people to be in a state of patriotic euphoria for three years after half a year old nine months there was a drop in the euphoria. but the effects of the annexation have remained and support for putin and his politics peculiarly his international politics remains high. scoring minutes from the whistle camorra from. the russian government also wants to put a patriotic spin on the more distant past a surprise box office hit last year with the film pun feel it's twenty eight men it told the disputed story of a group of russian soldiers defending moscow against german tanks during the nazi invasion. more recently russian state t.v. premiered the series ancestral land about a family during the second world war surveys show the soviet victory in the war is
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the event russians feel the most proud of the annexation of crimea is number two on the list. don't think the film crimea is an attempt to return the topic to the order of the day. because for the russian government this is not a problematic topic crimea is part of russia and there's nothing to discuss here. with the director of crimea also insists the film is not political but observers point out it has been released ahead of presidential elections next year which are scheduled for the same day president putin made crimea part of russia. sports news now in reports suggest that by munich will hire their former coach hein crews to replace the sacked carlo ancelotti until the end of the season the seventy two year old hine kiss would take charge of the german champions for a few fourth time his most recent tenure ended with his retirement in two thousand and thirteen after he led by into rubble of champions league bundesliga and german
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cup titles. well for more on that story we're joined here in the studio by tom good noise from sports to say tell him. what would buy and be expecting from hein kiss if his appointment is confirmed if his appointment is confirmed that's an important thing to say the moment it's just sort of a pull. but we do know that bill's and kicker tend to get their facts slightly too about this sort of thing now in terms of what they can expect is basically a steady hand on the tele you pine because he's somebody who's done the job before he knows the bosses that bind which is very important he knows the kind of tactics that he wants to play that's was a very important was a bit of a problem the answer last year in his building and he's also of course very successful like you say the last the last time he did this job he won the treble bar in his last two matches in charge with a cup final in germany which he won and the champions league on which he won his
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c.v. is very impressive very successful coach but they're just talking about him filling out the rest of the season who might be in line for the bye and coaching job on a longer term basis well bruce you don't win coach thomas too who is a name who's been mentioned quite a lot. but the fact that if this does happen because he's been announced until the end of the season would suggest that perhaps the talk without a new has led no because he would have been available to be appointed immediately i think it's probably more likely that unionized is not from hoffenheim will come the fact that there is an interim appointment suggest they've waited for him until the end of the season when he potentially be free and won't have to give up his job and i'm immediately and he's been known for quite a while as. he's annoying to successes so i think he's probably next in our hands now hi chris as you pointed out one that trouble of trophies with by and back in two thousand and thirteen do you think this by onside this year can repeat that the
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i think that's probably quite unlikely i mean there are so some of the some of the players from his trouble. season back in two thousand and thirteen interested in the squad but they've aged. by and haven't made the greatest start to the season they've had some disappointing results especially against p.s.g. in the champions league which really revealed what a gulf there is to tween how by now at the moment in the current form and the real elite of europe so i would be very surprised if anybody can do it will be high because tom thank you so much will be watching that of course tom get away from d.w. sports. and just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d w news madrid has said it won't be blackmailed over catalonia is demand for independence and has rejected calls to mediation in the dispute that says officials in catalonia say the region could split from spain as soon as next week. you are watching d.w.
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news coming to you live from berlin we have more at the top of the hour and you'll find all our stories online a d w dot com thanks want to. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian maybe you is getting increasingly fed up with hungary its refusal to take a share of buy goods and refugees on the home run off the new regulations more's
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regular series budapest is all time callbacks the prime minister's international spokesman how long is his government thank you playing the bad boy in brussels the for next d.w. . these problems need to be addressed more aggressively we have to change people's mentality kenya a country in a vicious circle of poverty. but some people work hard to improve things long term i believe that education is the best empowerment that you can give to any child in this world and we try to give them education. kenya's forgotten children. forty five minutes on. climate change. waste away pollution. and isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing the way they are meant for the
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better it is up to us to make a difference the good god. is a. d w. make your small team even smaller with a w. so small. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. depth. you decide what's on. find out more at the w john smart. the e.u. is getting increasingly fed up with hungary its refusal to take a share of migrants and refugees rauf to new regulations and laws my guest here in budapest is. the prime minister's international spokesman how long is his government going to.


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