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gers thinkers and took over in the garden just what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution and the people. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth two dublin. this is the w. news live from berlin a battle of wills over the future of spain madrid says it won't be blackmailed over catalonia as demand for independence and rejects calls for mediation catalonia blast the country's king and pushes on with the threat to secede i'll ask our
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correspondent if there is any way back from the break. also coming up the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman speaks out she says she had no idea he was planning the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. protecting the world's oceans the e.u. announces new measures to tackle threats from pollution to overfishing will the rest of the world follow suit. plus is the glass half full or half empty for german wine makers industry experts say this year will see a twenty percent drop in production with climate change the number one cost on the plus side two thousand and seventeen should be a tasty vintage for wine lovers. i'm see me so much gonna good to have you with us the crisis over cattle on independence has had a deadlock spain's government has rejected call. as for talks over what it calls an
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illegal movement and says it won't give in to blackmail officials in catalonia have threatened to announce their split from spain as soon as next week they claim some ninety percent of catalans voted for independence in last week's referendum. not everyone in catalonia once independence these demonstrators in the region's capital barcelona are against the independence process which the spanish government also rejects is illegal criticism of the movement following sunday's referendum has also come from spain's king philippe in a television address to the nation the king accused separatists of being disloyal a charge which catalonia as leaders dismiss. the king's speech was an endorsement of the policies of prime minister roy policies that are catastrophic for catalonia . madrid has appealed to catalonia as leader to respect pain and its institutions.
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mr putsch demands messages a journey to nowhere because there is no democracy outside the law there is no clear existence there are no rights outside the law for a long time is to put demand has been living outside the law outside reality and outside sanity. catalonia as leaders are planning to make a formal declaration of independence on monday but catalans on barcelona's famous last rambling about have mixed views. the man said was very good he rejected the king's speech because in the end what we want is to achieve independence and we're not harming anybody because this is something we've wanted for a long time. to moan has opened pandora's box he wants independence i respect that but i think the number of votes doesn't reflect the majority of the catalan people this referendum doesn't count. the man
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was good and proper he should act in accordance with what people voted whether the king likes it or not democracy must prevail. spain's constitutional court has banned any split by catalonia and madrid is fending off calls for outside mediation but in the catalan town of villa mio it's international support they want with a special message to europe. let's go right to barcelona that is funny for chara standing by for us with more funny ed it looks like at this point there's no sign that either side is going to back down how great is the potential that this crisis is going to ask away. assuming in fact if you look behind me you see a lot of tourists here so it's not really a picture of aspiration right now here in madrid and also part of the spanish police and of the police yeah the national security forces are going to be pulled
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back to madrid i have a little sign of ask elation or deescalation so rather has to do with the fact that there is a football match coming up tomorrow so certainly the police is coming by by monday the latest of the part that's going to be removed today because that's the day that's been announced yesterday by many members of the catalonia now parliament when they are possibly going to declare independence and that's exactly the problem here and where ask elation kicks in virgo ask relation which has to do with the fact that puts them on to the catalonia president is pressing for the declaration of independence and on the other side the central government madrid is saying that they are not ready for any kind of dialogue with barcelona the catalonian regional government unless they every to lead to the table of law and order twenty what have people in barcelona been telling you they must be concerned are hearing talk of civil war. in fact just is international
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concern at this point. in the european parliament has been quoted as saying that this situation may actually ask towards a scenario similar of a civil war and then people hear that and when they hear about these concerns they are really getting extremely worried in fact just before i've been talking to a man who is living here in barcelona but who is originally from other it and he says he really doesn't care at this point anymore whether there is any political movement forward or against independence the only thing he cares about dialogue as long as it's possible and as long as the window is open. what would it take for that window to open funny what would have to have to happen for the catalan leaders to take a step back or for this crisis to somehow be resolved. this
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though some legal measures to say so that i have not been applied here yet to sort of increase the pressure on cuts alone here for example to take that step and not call for the independence or not because their independence that would be a typical one hundred fifty five in the spanish constitution mudra it could apply to the parliamentary majority article one hundred fifty five you should basically mean suspending the autonomy of the catalonia government and even dismissing the government the regional government here in catalonia because it does the stability of spain according to disparage constitution and then on the other hand barcelona could sort of go or how to move forward some sort of a light independence that that would be politically or declare independence you don't actually executing it but declaring it to make a political point here either way avar barcelona. but it's. the central government is really stuck fast that if that happens if
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a declaration of independence happens they're going to use any method that is a whale of according to the constitution to make sure that this does not happen that barcelona does not break away from spain all right with the very latest from barcelona thank you funny now the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman has spoken out for the first time in a statement marilyn donnelly said she has no idea what prompted stephen paddick to carry out the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history she was in the philippines when patrick gunned down fifty eight people on sunday dahlia now returned to the u.s. where she's being questioned by authorities. this is the woman who police hope will be the key to unlocking the mystery behind the motive of sunday's mass shooting investigators have been questioning mary lou donnelly the las vegas shooter's girlfriend in a statement read by her lawyer she denied any knowledge of his sinister plan c.
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never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of. but i understood it anyway to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. investigators say the shooter led a double life that he spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition they described him as disturbed and dangerous we have found no evidence to this point to indicate terrorism. but this is an ongoing investigation we're going to continue to look at all avenues we're not closing down any doors u.s. president donald trump met with survivors of the attack many of them still in hospital but i just have to tell you that i just met some of the most amazing people we we met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded and
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the doctors the nurses all of the people of the hospital have. a job that's indescribable. and they were for the night that it happened before it happened and they found many people tramples met with some of the first responders and said in a prepared statement that they showed the world what professionalism looks like. near the scene of the attack people unite in grief their wounds fresh and their resilience strong. the disease causing phenomena is following the latest developments in las vegas for us i spoke to him earlier and asked him how investigators are reacting to the statement given by the government's girlfriend well obviously i cannot really say for sure if they believe her what seems clear is that investigators from now don't seem to see her as a suspect they see her rather as a witness or
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a personal interest as we've heard in the report the girlfriend mary lou definitely was not directly involved in the shooting she was not even in the country last sunday apparently two weeks ago the shooter had bought her a flight to the philippines to allow her to visit have family there in the way it seems like he was trying to get her out of the way and according to that statement the mrs then lays lawyer read yet also wired her a substantial amount of money while she was in the philippines which in hindsight could be seen as a kind of parting gift i have to say though that for me personally it still looks sort of strange that mrs bentley who has been living with mr paddock for years would have noticed nothing. about her boyfriend basically meant he was in the possession of forty guns he knew how to handle them even to modify them so we'll see if this is really the last word when it comes to the question what mrs bentley
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really knew he did his cousin phenomena reporting there for us in the u.s. now to some other stories making news around the world iraqi prime minister hyder other body has told the french president that he wants to avoid a armed conflict with a rocky current. minor mccall has offered to mediate between baghdad and iraq autonomous kurdish region following his meeting with a body in paris today kurds voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence in a regional referendum late last month. meanwhile iraqi forces have announced they have captured the last stronghold of the so-called islamic state a terrorist group in the north of the country iraq's military backed by a u.s. led coalition launched an offensive last month to retake the town i am still controls a stretch of iraq's western border with syria. tens of thousands of thais form kilometer long lines as they waited to pay their respects to king bumi pond today the late monarch has been lying in state since his death last october and this is
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the final day that mourners can see the much revered royal before his cremation later this month. still to come on the program waste plastic just one of several threats about health of the world's oceans we'll find out what your plans to do about it as a host a major conference on the rain converse conservation. for so how does one the cattle on crisis seems like a all this turmoil is affecting the markets god it is indeed spanish stocks have been hit yesterday by the council and prices especially banks were affected and they dragged spain's main stock index ibex down with them it dropped two and a half percent today the spanish government has auction government bonds with some five billion euro so let's check in with ali baths in frankfurt only how did this auction go. well first painted fun relatively well i talked to a trader who trades bonds here on the frankfurt floor and he said that they got
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what they wanted in volume not just with the five year bond you just bulk up but they also auction off a million euros a little bit over a million euros in a ten year paper and the yield for that that is the interest that came out for the investors expressed with the term yield was one point eight six percent that's half a percentage point more than the last auction so there you can see that spain is paying more for ten year paper and for five year paper and the interest rate is hold onto your hat zero point five three percent that's less than one percent that's about half a percent and that's also more than that the last option when they paid practically nothing and these low numbers they can be explained mostly i think not by the risk assessment of the markets but if there wasn't the e.c.b. and the background gobbling up paper all over the market also spanish paper with their bond buying program meant to pick off growth in the euro zone then of course we'd be seeing much different interest rates here just across the border in france
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it looks like the government that was playing matchmaker in the banking sector what are you hearing that. that's right in a french paper that investigative claims that money when my call is all four billion pay a huge bank very profitable high market valuation linking up with a come out spunk that's germany second largest bank and its market valuation is not high it's struggling that's making profit but not very much and the german government rescued at two thousand and eight and the saying is that would like to see pay and pay take over the government stake the german government's stake come out spunk of course is going up a little on this news and it's. on up in the year over merger talk in the market as high on this news of course all of this is not yet official we may be hearing more
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about that though. he was telling us about it thank you very much tony bottom going for right now he's the bad news for wine fans european wine production is down this year in germany for example wine makers were bottle twenty percent less compact last year due to unfavorable weather but do not despair even though the vintage will most likely be of sapir a quality your favorite riesling bordeaux oaky and you might not get more expensive next year because an extremely competitive market will keep prices down most of this year's crop was harvested especially early late frost summer hail storms and foggy days are all to blame wine producers say climate change is a growing factor in the climate change and extreme weather mean different conditions in individual growing areas in a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean every producer it was down twenty percent between went into q one infant went to sheepish for twelve but the three
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largest wine producing areas in the country ryan has the plot in eight and botton each saw drops about twenty percent from the year before the few gains came mostly from the east germany's numbers are comparable to overall declines across europe italy and france are also reporting much lower grade fields yet there is good news the quality of this year's grapes is better thanks in part to late september sunshine. what does it all mean for consumers the price of riesling could rise but wine producers could also take a hit for the anthem between it was a big challenge for individual produces they'll lose money no question because international competition is too fierce for them to raise prices accordingly internet and out of it perhaps their courses quality will have to make up for the difference. well we'll see can wine buffs be looking forward to an exceptional vintage and how is the industry coping i'm all joined by nina kaplan she's
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a wine writer and joins us now from london enough we've heard about the situation in germany in our report what are you hearing from vineyards in other parts of europe. unfortunately very very similar news. spain is down italy is down i mean usually it's only had crossed in april all over the peninsula that's that's that's highly unusual and obviously not good news for grapes which it at that point in their infancy and france you know neck of the line and others is also had problems. german line is apparently not getting more expensive as we've just heard what about french one. french one i think it will really depend i mean when we when you talk about of wine prices there is that is there and to preach to trash is really there is that the bottom end and the bottom end is about mass production and having lots and they will still have not i mean an
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area like none we don't really see or that is down six percent it's not it's not a comparable to an area like bordeaux for example where they're saying they've had the west harvest in terms of quantity. which is going to world war two. so they will there will be there will be wine for the entry level drink. and at the top end there will be wine and it will be expensive but that's nothing new as usual with these things it's the squeezed middle it gets squeezed in terms of produces an intended drink it's talking about a producer isn't enough how are small growers like boutique venia how are they coping with this. well i think this will be difficult for them but again it will depend on quality because a small grove doesn't have very much wind to sound like. this lady is going to have
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to go prices up a little bit in order to you know what it to break even so it's going to be a careful balancing act between not alienating drink as you don't want to pay more for wines and not sending themselves into into bankruptcy but it is worth remembering that wine is is is there any i mean there are some places where they will they will be selling their twenty seventeen vintage very rapidly but there are there are also places where those winds will be waiting and we early and into jazz which have had a happier levels of quantity will be will be on the market first so this is not an immediate problem necessarily in a cup and that one writer from london thank you very much thank you and that's it for me back to use of thank you gary hart well it's one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time world leaders and scientists are meeting in malta discuss ways to protect the world's oceans now they cover seventy
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percent of the planet and a major threats to our oceans include overfishing as the world's population grows so too does the man demand for fish now about a third of global fish stocks are close to exhausted or have already collapsed another key issue is climate change our oceans absorb excess greenhouse heat and c o two and that impacts underwater organisms and rising sea levels also threaten coastal communities and livelihoods and pollution it is also a major threat to oceans it's not just a matter of trash washing up on our shores contaminants like micro plastics risk getting into our food chain well the use chief diplomat of federico is at the conference in malta she had this to say. well oceans healthy they are one of the greatest resources we have if the oceans we're a country they would be one of the greatest ward connerly miss and for sure they
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would have a seat in the g seven. millions of jobs and livelihoods depend on our fortune. well let's look at how pollution is impacting our oceans are on the island of principle of the west african coast people have a set themselves the tough task of preventing plastic waste from ending up in the sea. saline or finance has a busy day ahead of her the twenty four year old is committed to making presuppose dream of becoming free of plastic come true one. good morning up i've come for your plastic bottles today's collection day. that you got i'm already. recycling plastic has become a major activity on the island since twenty fourteen where the no plastic campaign started. without a proper disposal and recycling system all these plastics could have all the weiss
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ended up in the sea. fernandes works for the biosphere research team that started the campaign for every fifty bottles they hand out a reusable container made of stainless steel. a bit of metal over the plastic so we have four tonnes of plastic stored on the main island of south america a maritime transport company is helping us by taking it to lisbon free of charge to recycling companies there will receive it. they want the island free of plastic by twenty twenty one of the challenges actually comes from the sea tiny particles known as micro plastics washed up on shore spanish scientists might have a sense you has been asked to analyze the beaches. most of the sample is organic material and not many plastic particles at first glance that's a good sign the beach appears to be very clean but we can't identify many fibers with the naked eye what looks like hair could turn out to be plastic it needs more
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analysis. but while the sand is relatively clean that could still be a high concentration of micro plastics in the sea go in plastic free it's no easy task but the people of principle are determined to do what they can. earlier didn't respond to enrico breve you know and he's the european commission as the spokes person on a maritime affairs and a fisheries we asked him what hope there was of getting the whole world to agree on a sustainable way to protect the oceans. well i have to say that the european union is put it on the table some clear commitments on several fronts concerning i mean the monitoring of the seed through satellites can see them in concert also restricting the use of plastic especially single single use objects on the other hand so we have some clear commitments that will be. that will
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be exposed today around the i would say five hundred million if we take everything into account today he should do against pollution they should do for maritime security they need to do for sustainable fisheries and we are very happy we are having commitments from the public and private sector we are here also representing the our very big industry has taken some clear commitments and of more than one hundred governments so we are talking about something in the order of billions that will be announced tomorrow in order or clear commitments that will be also measurable and controllable in the future. all right time for a bit of sports now and in football i germany's world cup qualifying campaign continues on thursday night when they visit northern ireland the world champs are the only team in group c.
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with a perfect record and they would qualify for next year's world cup in russia if they avoid defeat at northern ireland at the second fast in the group having lost just one so far. the germany team braving the elements in belfast on wednesday as they prepare for their clash with northern ireland the germans have won every world cup qualifier so far most recently dealing norway a six neil spanking but they haven't always looked at hundred percent convincing and coach you walk in live knows one of their biggest enemies will be complacency. shocked a lot of. it's clear that next year as reigning champions and confound cup winners the hardest thing will be to maintain and call on this. superhuman motivation. that will be our biggest task. and not just with equal. germany will be facing a northern ireland side that are guaranteed second place in group c.
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leap frogging germany into first is all but mathematically impossible that means they'll need to win out in a playoff against another group runner up to qualify still germany aren't taking anything for granted in this contest. and on going into their very unpleasant opponent to be facing supported by very loud fans it'll definitely be a tough task of. anything but a win will deservedly or not unleash becky elation that this germany team isn't at the level of the unit that won the world cup three years ago that shows just how high the expectations are. ok we just have time for a minder of our top story at this hour madrid has said it won't be blackmailed over catalonia is the man for independence and have rejected calls for mediation in the dispute that's as officials in catalonia say the region could split from spain as soon as next week. thanks for watching we're back at the top of the hour.
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fitness residence designed by. a must a piece of modern architecture but what's it like to defend. your old x. . she took a big risk and paid a heavy price for it gary and war correspondent. in a basement in aleppo syria she found garion made weapons that had been supplying to islamic state and she wrote a new story about it and lost her job she was questioned by both kerry and security officials and now she's fighting for journalistic credibility. in sixty minutes on t.w. . they cover me as son mia where does it come from the polity the munge of the interest of. starting october fifteenth on
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w and online on the vast steps of central asia and expand dition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the saigon antelope. a year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and are those that are alive endangered. psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary at d w dot com site us. welcome to the say that kicks off today with a reason the top european cities.


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