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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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culture war we are we are not suppose for what we are we're a family unbelievable. musa new york phenomenon starting october fifteenth on t w. this is to give you news live from berlin a battle of wills of the future of spain madrid says it won't be blackmailed over catalonia as demand for good pendant and projects calls mediation catalonia blasts the country's king and pushes on with a threat to see look at the latest also coming up the girlfriend of the las vegas
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gunman speaks out she says she had no idea he was planning the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. and because you will if you google wins a nobel prize for literature judges praise the originality and emotional depth of his work including his best known novel the remains of the day will have. i'm so me so much gonna get to have you with us the crisis over cattle on independence has hit a deadlock spain's government has rejected calls for talks over what it calls an illegal movement and says it won't give in to blackmail officials in catalonia have threatened to announce their split from spain a soon as next week they claim some ninety percent of catalans voted for
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independence in last week's referendum. not everyone in catalonia once independence these demonstrators in the regions capital barcelona are against the independence process which the spanish government also rejects is illegal. criticism of the movement following sunday's referendum has also come from spain's king philippe in a television address to the nation the king accused separatists of being disloyal a charge which catalonia as leaders dismiss. the king's speech was an endorsement of the policies of prime minister roy policies that are catastrophic for catalonia . madrid has appealed to catalonia as leader to respect spain and its institutions that happens happens mr puts demands message is a journey to nowhere because there is no democracy outside the law there is no clear existence there are no rights outside the law for a long time is to put demand has been living outside the law outside reality and
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outside sanity for that. catalonia is leaders are planning to make a formal declaration of independence on monday in barcelona people say they just want the politicians to strike a deal. i'm very well aware of the problem we have facing and the solution must be found this is like a divorce there's no coming back you cannot divorce today and get married to morrow . the situation is very tense we've reached the stage where the spanish and catalan governments need to ease tensions they need to talk and international mediation would be perfect. as well attentions only care about their seats they only care about their salaries which we pay with our taxes i'm watching a train crash a confrontation and i don't like it. for now the deadlock continues the spanish government has rejected an offer from the separatists
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a fresh talks but the catalan leaders insist their independence will become a reality. let's get more on spain's political crisis now with james summaries a lecturer in law at lancaster university i thank you very much for joining us on our program now the spanish government has said over and over this referendum vote is illegal here are they way. well they're technically right in the sense that it's against the spanish constitution so hundred spanish law yes it is against the law under international law international or is relatively neutral the catalans have no right to declare their independence but equally there's nothing specific to stop them doing so either what really matters is whether spain agrees to kaplan is an attendance which of course is definitely not doing at the moment that that would be the crucial factor is just what legal basis so does the catalan government have here if you want your regular independence there unilaterally. is there really
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a legal basis what they're trying to show is that they got the people behind them and this referendum is a bit ambiguous on that point they got ninety percent of the vote but they did so on a forty two percent turnout so it's ninety percent of forty two which works out of around thirty eight percent of the total adult population so they haven't really shown conclusively that they have the people behind them so what the catalans are are central trying to do is is demonstrate mass popular support but i think what it what what we see so far is that they have a bout the support of forty percent of the population now they would argue of course of that vote was disrupted the ballot boxes were removed the people were prevented from voting and that is depressed the turnout for the vote and of course maybe some points to that but at the same time it's up to them essentially to show that the catalan people are behind them what we're seeing now is is in a sense
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a period of posturing in which both sides try to make themselves as strong as possible to pursue their objectives ok mr summers that just very briefly if you can what can europe do here yes. well europe will not want to get involved if they can they'll see this as a spanish internal affair and unless the crisis escalates to an extent that they have to intervene they will stay clear of it and this is what we see in the statements for example you're compounded by various come to fishless summers a legal expert from lancaster university thank you. now the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman has spoken out for the first time in a statement mary lou donnelly said she has no idea what prompted stephen paddick to carry out the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history she was in the philippines when patrick gunned down fifty eight people on
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sunday danley now returned to the u.s. where she is being questioned by authorities. this is the woman who police hope will be the key to unlocking the mystery behind the motive of sunday's mass shooting investigators have been questioning mary lou donnelly the las vegas shooter's girlfriend in a statement read by her lawyer she denied any knowledge of his sinister plans never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of but i understood it anyway to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. investigators say the shooter led a double life that he spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition they described him as disturbed and dangerous we have found no evidence to this point to indicate terrorism. but this is an ongoing investigation we're going to continue to look at
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all avenues we're not closing down any doors u.s. president donald trump met with survivors of the attack many of them still in hospital but i just have to tell you that i just met some of the most amazing people we we met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded and the doctors the nurses all of the people of the hospital have. a job that's indescribable. and they were for the night that it happened before it happened and they found many people tramples met with some of the first responders and said in a prepared statement that they showed the world what professionalism looks like. near the scene of the attack people unite in grief their wounds fresh and their resilience strong. now to some other stories making headlines around the
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world russia has been rolling out the red carpet for saudi arabia's king solomon this is the first time a reigning monarch of the oil rich country has visited russia the oil market and the war in syria are two of the subjects that as president putin and the saudi king are discussing in their talks. iraqi prime minister hyderabadi has told the french president that he wants to avoid armed conflict with iraqi kurds meanwhile a man michael has offered to mediate between baghdad and iraq's autonomous kurdish region following his meeting with a body in paris today kurds voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence in a regional referendum late last month. meanwhile iraqi forces have announced they have captured the last stronghold of the so-called islamic state terrorist group in the north of the country iraq's military backed by a u.s. led coalition launched an offensive last month to retake the town i asked still can control the stretch of iraq's western border with syria. now british novelist
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and short story writer. has been awarded the nobel prize for literature the sixty two year old is best known for his novel the remains of the day the swedish academy said they wanted to recognize his works of quote great emotional force the decision to honor ishiguro marks a return to a more conventional recipient last year the committee stunned the world by awarding the prize to american singer songwriter bob dylan. the a permanent secretary of the swedish academy sarah downey s was a few civic and her praise as she announced the award. you look. too far from the center to see you soon. to be a lot of. the world. right the way. you did. the serious moment when you. see smart has been
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a fall in the nobel prize for literature for us i don't see why do you think the academy chose this oscar this year or what have his contributions to literature been she is a fantastic writer i have to say that as a young woman two of his books made a profound impression on me. and they're very different books they sit in very different worlds a pale view of hills is a japanese middle aged japanese woman living in england and recording nagasaki in the post-war time you know if she was five years old when he moved to britain so his memories of japan had to do with his parents he'd hardly ever been back. so that takes us into this strange japanese mysterious world remains of the day the most famous and many viewers may have seen the film is the story of an
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english butler who's very prim and proper. in fact quite repressed and this is typical of issue goo that. the academy has has awarded him this for a motions but the emotions are repressed under the surface first person narrator so you have the repressed person talking and we the reader can see the real feelings they see through due to his cleverness as a novelist so a word the winner but does it come as a surprise that he was chosen this year from the academy does it comes as a surprise to me because in my preparations you see i've got my notes here in my preparations for this he was not among the favorites now we won't know who that short list of five were for fifty years the academy keeps it did secret but talk was of a japanese writer called her group the motor company it's very popular wind up bird
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chronicle many here is may read it margaret atwood who is the hen maid tales now on television has got a whole new lease of life whole new interest. there was also the kenyan write a good deal of who is a great figure of world literature and told us sometimes the nobel prize is awarded to people late in their life because it's for their whole body of work not for one work but for the body of work going in an ideal direction that's what they that's what they are but last year we mentioned they shocked the world when they named bob dylan of the winner of the nobel prize for literature does this mean that the cademy is now going to move back towards a more traditional path i don't think we can predict the future i think. we're a little stung with the reaction to the bob dylan thanks but on the other hand. it's easy to understand in this world where everybody is watching screens everybody isn't listening to music we have to question is literature just something we really
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need or is it or so will they give it to a screenwriter george c. martin the author of the books behind game of thrones was also mentioned in the in the predictions for this year's nobel prize alright adults the smarter covering the nobel prize for literature just awarded to writer because it will if you google thank you very much. and we just have time for a bit of a sports news trouble winning coach you're behind this has confirmed that he is close to a deal to take charge of byron unic for a fourth time the seventy two year old would coach the german champions until the end of the season following the sacking of carlo ancelotti his most recent tenure prior and ended with his retirement in two thousand and thirteen after he won the treble of champions league bundesliga and german cup titles. you're watching d.w. still to come bad weather means they'll be less german wine this year still the
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quality will be better prices won't rise so just how does that work. monika will have the answer for you coming right up in business. when she story books mark brought to life. maybe the stories there in will get
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a rewrite.


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