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starting october fifteenth on the w. and online stories that people pulled off for g.w. on facebook and twitter. to date and in touch. from the us. this is you know we news live from berlin point of no return spain plunges deeper into its biggest political crisis in decades the country's top court suspends a catalan parliamentary session to block separatists from unilaterally declaring independence also coming up. this year's nobel prize in literature goes to
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presume ishiguro judges praised the originality and emotional depth of the british offers work including his best known novel the remains of the day. and a taking environmental time bomb are both shows are becoming choked with plastic waste including tiny particles that could enter the human food chain we ask an oceanographer if the tide can be turned. to her great to have you along. catalonia is big for independence has had a deadlock spays highest court now says it is banning a parliamentary session in catalonia scheduled to take place on monday catalan lawmakers plan to use the session to declare independence from spain madrid says
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it's illegal for the region to break away but can learn leaders continue to push on with their plans despite divided opinion in the region itself. not everyone in catalonia once independence these demonstrators in the regions capital barcelona are against the independence process which the spanish government also rejects is illegal. criticism of the movement following sunday's referendum has also come from spain's king philippe in a television address to the nation the king accused separatists of being disloyal a charge which catalonia as leaders dismiss. the king's speech was an endorsement of the policies of prime minister roy policies that are catastrophic for catalonia . madrid has appealed to catalonia as leader to respect spain and its institutions that happens happens mr puts demands messages a journey to nowhere because there is no democracy outside the law there is no
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clear existence there are no rights outside the law for a long time is to put demand has been living outside the law outside reality and outside sanity. catalonia is leaders are planning to make a formal declaration of independence on monday in barcelona people say they just want the politicians to strike a deal. very well aware of the problem we are facing and a solution must be found this is like a divorce there's no coming back you cannot divorce today and get married to morrow . the situation is very tense we've reached the stage where the spanish and catalan governments need to ease tensions they need to talk and international mediation will be perfect. only care about their seats they only care about their salaries which we pay with our taxes i'm watching a train crash
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a confrontation and i don't like it. for now the deadlock continues the spanish government has rejected an offer from the separatists of fresh talks but the catalan leaders insist their independence will become a reality. where we can take an hour or two or barcelona to do that we use and so even he was standing by anna sophia this is looking really bad is there any way out of this confrontation and his sentence being discussed where you are that would allow the two sides to back down possibly save face without going over the cliff. well it is indeed a very complicated situation and one saw it would have to back down as you just said but right now there are no indications that this is going to happen in fact catalonia the catalonian president bush at the moment he has already made some very
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careful office concerning negotiations with madrid but madrid has made very clear that there won't be any negotiations until the catalonian government gives up their plans for independence so what happens next now and a selfie with the both sides digging in. well what happens next is first of all one thing happened today actually which is that the constitutional court in madrid has decided to suspend the catalonian government session that was actually planned for monday where they wanted to evaluate the referendum results and probably declare independence so this session is not forbidden that doesn't mean that they do not declare independence overall. so what could happen still even though the session is now for bijan that they still declare independence and that then madrid which trigger an article of the
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constitution that would basically end the autonomy's autonomous status that catalonia has within spain or so we're heading into an even more dramatic showdown in a couple of days now some high level officials fear that things could go over the cliff spiral out of control people where you are worried that that could happen. they yoweri not so much is my personal impression that them might break out civil war or something like that but they are very concerned very frightened about what might happen especially in the socially because this is science that is very divided people have a feeling people from both sides have the feeling that they can't really speak out and say that opinion freely because you have a saw you might attack them and the other thing is that many people i have.
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economical fears that the economy here might go down so the fears here all right anna sophia you see even reporting from barcelona thank you british novelist and short story writer because they were sure has been awarded the nobel prize for literature the sixty two year old is best known for his novel the remains of the day the swedish academy said they wanted to recognize his works of quote great emotional force the decision to honor she grew marks there were turned to a more conventional recipient last year the committee stunned the world by awarding the prize to american singer songwriter bob dylan. so happy to have here with me my colleague smart to talk a little bit more about this why do you think the picked him this year for the prize it's very hard to second guess the academy they're very secretive about their work i personally think it's a wonderful choice because i am a big fan as a young woman i read two of his novels the remains of the day and
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a pale view of hooves both very different although they have similarities i'll talk about that in a moment. this afternoon at a press conference guru said that he thought that not only individuals but also people and communities tend to bury uncomfortable memories of the past this is a big thing that goes right through his writing i think that's one of the reasons they carry has rewarded him and remains of the day his most famous book and which was turned in one thousand nine hundred three into a very memorable film starring anthony hopkins and emma thompson is about a very repressed but who remembers his time in the war second world war and post-war period working as a butler for a north who turns out to be a nazi and it turns out that the housekeeper who he so admired actually loved him he could have had intimacy with him this speaking in the first person they named in
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the novel the but tells the story the oppression is all there with the reader see it. comes from a japanese background his parents moved to england when he was five and many critics say there is something about very definite is about his novels even the ones that are about english people let's hear him talk about japan are always said throughout my career that. i've grown up in this country and i'm educated in this country a large part of my way of looking at the world more artistic approach is japanese because i was brought up by my japanese parents speaking in japanese inside the japanese home and so. i think i've always looked at the world partly through my parents' eyes just as we ought to. so i've always had
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a part to be. that is japanese. also that begs the question how much of a surprise was that when the nobel committee announced him as the winner of the literature prize. they have a shortlist of five people the academy they don't reveal those names for fifty years so people can only speculate and guess and also people place. so the favorite . who wrote the wind up the chronicle which many viewers may have read margaret atwood who's come back into prominence because of the t.v. series the handmaid's tale wonderful stuff also kenyan right. from ken said kenya he is the great figure of world literature and he was one of the favorites so this is a bit of a surprise but the literary community will be very happy with this decision he's a great writer and a mirror briefly if you can do see bob dylan was the winner last year round as this
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market return to a more conventional recipient it does and i think that was to be seen because the academy felt somehow stunned by the reaction to bob dylan but if you google is now working on a comic book so i think the academy has to look towards the young people who watch screens who listen to music and broaden their definition of what's true and be inclusive. thank you so much to see smart for bring us your analysis on that thank you. we want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a suicide bombing in southern pakistan has killed at least twelve people and injured dozens more in the blast went off at a shrine in baluchistan province a local official says one of the dead was a policeman who tried to stop the bomber from entering. russia has been rolling out the red carpet for saudi arabia's king solomon this is the first time
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a reigning monarch of the oil rich country has visited moscow the oil market and the war in syria are two of the subjects that president putin and the saudi king and i discussing during this high stakes meeting. strong winds and rain are battering northern germany uprooting trees and forcing the cancellation of many train cancellations of many train services at least ten people have been injured in the port city of hamburg one woman died after a tree fell on her car authorities in the city of warned residents to stay indoors . and this to gators in the las vegas massacre suspect that gunman stephen paddick may have had help and possibly plan to escape there are still no concrete clues about the motivation about the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history the shooter's girlfriend meanwhile says she has no idea what prompted patrick to go on a shooting spree with key questions still open in the case investigators are
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pouring over the evidence police say the last vegas shooter's stephen paddick rented a room at this downtown hotel the during a music festival last month called life is beautiful it's not clear why he made the booking. reasons that ran through paris mine is unknown but it was directly during the same time as life if you will. we have very soon recovered evidence from that location we don't know if it is evidence but we have recovered items. video it was from another hotel the mandalay bay the paddock fired the shots which killed at least fifty nine people attending a country music festival route ninety one and injured nearly five hundred investigators have recovered a note and several surveillance cameras from the scene they now believe the shooter intended to escape after the massacre and did not initially planned to kill himself
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police also hope this woman marilou danley will be the key to unlocking the motive behind sunday's tragedy in a statement patrick's girlfriend denied any knowledge of his sinister plans he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of. but i understood it anyway to be warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. investigators say the shooter led a double life that he spent decades acquiring weapons and i mean ition they described him as disturbed and dangerous. near the scene of the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history those caught up in the aftermath of the still left asking how could it have come to this. well so have a lot more to tell you about here's what's still ahead. plastic waste is threatening the world's oceans we'll find out what your plans to do about it at
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a major conference on marine conservation. but first there is new development in catalonia of course in the mix of that the crisis in spain that's worrying financial markets and the exodus if you like it begins spain's fifth largest bank bank. considers to shift its headquarters away from catalonia somebody else shares rose sharply on the news and it's the first major sign that the wealthy regions push for independence from spain could scare away big business. which is based in barcelona says it's also considering a similar move both banks fear a catalan declaration of independence could see them kicked out of the euro zone and out of the jurisdiction of the european central bank. quite dramatic developments there let's bring in only about some another frankfurt stock exchange really what exactly does it mean for a bank to be outside the e.c.b.
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jurisdiction. well the e.c.b. provides safety and security and it provides a not only for the bank itself for the management dependable regulation. rescue plans of the bank goes under but that means a lot to the customers as well and not just private customers like to you and me for example but also big companies they want to do banks they want to do business with a bank that's again to guarantee to stay in business to say solvent and it can do that with the e.c.b. in the background we know that from the financial crisis many years ago and also the customers deposits of course are guaranteed in the e.u. up to a certain amount and who knows what regulation would mean under catalonian rule and last not least the euro very important for doing business in the e.u. or elsewhere for these banks all right so the wish to move is understandable but
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can the bank move its headquarters so quickly it can. but it must prepare i think that these banks must have prepared for such a situation in order to be able to say that yes they are considering the move and you can work with counselors and lawyers to prepare that for but for example case your bank need to ask its shareholders before actually making a final all right when he votes in frankfurt thank you very much for this. european one production is down in germany produces will hold twenty percent less compared to last year due to unfavorable weather but the good news is the vintage will most likely be of superior quality of what's more your favorite recycling ball . will not get more expensive next year is why. most of this year's crop was harvested especially early late frost summer hail storms and foggy days are all to blame wine producers say climate change is
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a growing factor the climate change and extreme weather mean different conditions in individual growing areas a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean every produce it was down twenty percent between when you took your one infant for twelve but the three largest wine producing areas in the country right has a the polite an eight and bought in each saw drops about twenty percent from the year before the few gains came mostly from the east germany's numbers are comparable to overall declines across europe italy and france are also reporting much lower grade fields yet there is good news the quality of this year's grapes is better thanks in part to late september sunshine what does it all mean for consumers the price of riesling could rise but wine producers could also take a hit with them but it was a big challenge for individual produces they'll lose money no question because
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international competition is too fierce for them to raise prices accordingly internet and out of it perhaps their course quality will have to make up for the difference. and you cherry you whine even more now political leaders i believe currently tackling the problem of pollution of the ocean now it's a very worrying development monica it's one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time today world leaders and leading experts are discussing ways to protect the oceans that cover seventy percent of our planet the international our ocean conference kicked off on the mediterranean island of malta with plastic litter accumulating at an alarming rate even in the remotest regions marine pollution is one of the main topics on the agenda the talks post that this year by the european union will also look at ways of protecting ocean ecosystems while creating a sustainable economy. while other day there will also be talking about the major
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threats to our oceans they include of course over fishing as the world population grows so too does the demand for fish about a third of global fish stocks are close to depletion climate change is another one another key issue our oceans absorb access greenhouse heat and c o two gases which impacts underwater organisms rising sea levels also threaten the livelihoods of many and then there is of course marine pollution and not just the trash that washes up on our shores contaminants such as micro plastics are accumulated through the food chain as well now for an example of how pollution is impacting our oceans let's go to two islands off the west african coast south told me. disposable plastic bottles are common there because tamp water isn't always safe to drink but without a proper collection system many of the discarded bottles end up in the sea now an
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initiative called no plastic is trying to mobilize locals to help keep plastic out of the marine environment. this elena fernandez has a busy day ahead of her the twenty four year old is committed to making principal his dream of becoming free of plastic come true one. good morning i have come for your plastic bottles today's collection day. that you got i'm already. recycling plastic has become a major activity on the island since twenty fourteen when the no plastic campaign started. without a proper disposal and recycling system all these plastics could have ended up in the sea. fernandes works for the biosphere research team that started the campaign for every fifty bottles they hand out a reusable container made of stainless steel. a bit of metal over the plastic so we
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have four tonnes of plastic stored on the main island of south america a maritime transport company is helping us by taking it to lisbon free of charge to recycling companies there will receive it. they want the island free of plastic by twenty twenty one of the challenges actually comes from the sea tiny particles known as micro plastics washed up on shore spanish scientists might have a sense c.e.o. has been asked to analyze the beaches. most of the sample is organic material and not many plastic particles at first glance that's a good sign the beach appears to be very clean but we can identify many fibers with the naked eye what looks like hair could turn out to be plastic it needs more analysis. but while the sand is relatively clean that could still be a high concentration of micro plastics in the sea. going plastic free it's no easy
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task but the people of principle are determined to do what they can. and a spy these initiatives of course plastic waste remains a major issue and around the world let's bring in eric from this ability is a climate scientist at university and he researches the impact of the plastic waste pollution on oceans a very good day sir thanks for coming on how much plastic waste is there in the oceans there's enormous amounts of plastic when it's we estimate that just you know the classical the surface of the ocean is two hundred fifty thousand metric talks but what's even more marine is that the amount of president going into the ocean every single year is five million metric tops now not to be defeatist but can plastic waste at this stage still be removed from the seas or is it too little too late well no i don't think it's too little too late i think it will be hard to
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take out what their first in the ocean right now especially the most harmful that secure really small plastic that we also saw a report of the that is almost impossible to dig out at this point but it keeling is that there's more plastic coming our way we are producing so much new plastic every single year that if we don't do anything about it in five years time we'll have maybe almost double as much plastic as we are using now it is going extremely fast so what could we do what's the best way to protect the ocean said going forward. i think that we really need to focus on the lads that is where the plastic come from and that is also where we need to sit stop and drink the environment and if you are there are closer to the source as we do that the better it is because if you think about it it's not only the plastic in the ocean is harmful it's also the plastic on the beaches so the glass going to reverse is
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a plastic anywhere in our car you know carts so really trying to stop it close to where the source is a you will make a huge changes all the down the environmental sludge and the so do you think a way to start is to just ban a plastic bag says many places have started doing well it's really about reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment the plastic back that could certainly be part of that. legislation to stop plastic in cosmetics is also part of that but i also think it is about getting a better waste management system about making sure that if people do recycle their plastic that they can be certain that that plastic actually dent doesn't end up on the fire line right to it across a bit as a climate scientist at is deafening versity in the netherlands thank you so much for providing us with your insights. all right and now we want to bring you some
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sports news now and former byron coach sure painters so has confirmed he is close to a deal to take charge at byron munich for a fourth time the seventy to seventy two year old would coach the german champs until the end of the season following the sacking of carlo ancelotti well. most recently most recent tenure and byron ended with his retirement in two thousand and thirteen after he won the champions league three times and in this league and no he went three titles that you've won this league and german cup titles and the champions league i should say. the world cup qualifying now and germany plays northern ireland in just a couple of hours in a match that pits the first and second place teens in that european group while meanwhile in asian competent in the asian competition serious hopes of reaching the world cup for the first time are still alive after a dramatic draw with australia robbie across it put to australia ahead in the first
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leg of their play off but a late strike from on what is so much syria level the game was played in malaysia because of the war in syria second leg is next week in sydney. all right before i let you go and remind you of our main stories this hour spain's top port towns banned a cattle and parliamentary session on monday in which the region's lawmakers were expected to declare in the pendants from spain the country is facing its most serious political crisis in decades after catalonia held an under authorized independence referendum on sunday. oh that does it for me and my lock in berlin on behalf of the entire new saying thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we'll be back at the top of the hour.
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in a good shape. this time we'll be talking about data from five p. tough i'm hispanic. no idea what that is all turds from but you fake
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buddhist fighting system just. as much more to indian holistic medicine than just relaxation techniques. good. news d.w. . more drita international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week germany's recent national election has triggered a huge debate about divisions between east and west so how divided is germany and for that matter your of find out on quadriga. quadriga in sixty minutes on d w. my first vice i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them buy cycle of my home and it took me years to
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been might have. finally gave up and went to buy me and my cycles but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice as now i want to reach out to those women back home who are bound by their duties and social goals and inform them about that basic rights my name is the matter of the home and i work i need to. welcome you in good shape here are the topics for today show kicks the diseases they carry and how you can protect yourself.


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