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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is the only news live from berlin point of no return spain plunges deeper into its biggest political crisis in decades the country's top court suspends a catalan parliamentary session to block separatists from unilaterally the clarion independence also coming up. this year's nobel prize in literature goes
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into could zero ishiguro judges praise the originality and emotional depth of the british author's work including his best known novel the remains of the day. plus investigators reveal more information after the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history they say the las vegas shooter likely intended to escape but his motives remain elusive. also ahead a deadly storm sweeps across northern germany these storm is toppling trees and has already killed several drivers and you're all in just a warning residents to brace for hurricane strength winds. and an and ryan mental ticking time bomb our oceans are becoming choked with plastic waste including tiny particles that could enter the human chick food chain can the tide be turned.
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well iraq thanks very much for your contrary. catalonia is bid for independence has had a deadlock spain's highest court now says it is suspending a parliamentary session in catalonia scheduled for monday while separatist signaled they might use it to secede from spain and the clear their independence but it's unclear what effect of course order orders will have cattle on lawmakers already to fight its ruling by holding last sunday's un authorized independence referendum. it's the latest twist in a political crisis that's dividing not only spain but also catalonia a crisis that seen both sides digging in and refusing to budge this is the council on parliament where the region's leaders were expected to declare independence from spain on monday but spain's constitutional course has now banned their
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parliamentary session from going ahead the castle president says he is representing the will of his people the majority of catalan voters did not take part in sunday's independence referendum the spanish government says he's acting outside the law by trying to enforce an illegal referendum result governments have missed to put demands messages a journey to nowhere because there is no democracy outside the law there is no clear existence there are no rights outside the law for a long time is to push them on has been living outside the law outside reality and outside sanity. in barcelona people say they just want the politicians to make a deal. i'm very well aware of the problem we have facing and the solution must be found this is like a divorce there's no coming back you cannot divorce today and get married to morrow . the situation is very tense we've reached the stage where the spanish and catalan
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governments need to ease tensions the need to talk and international mediation would be perfect. for the deadlock continues the separatists of called for mediation but the spanish government says it won't enter dialogue until they drop their threat of declaring independence. fierce even is covering the story here for us in barcelona you can join her right now and s.s.e. this is looking really really bad is there any way out of this confrontation and incentives being discussed where you are that would allow one of the sides or to save face without going over the cliff. well it is indeed a very complicated situation and the best solution to it would be you go she basically but that would mean that one of the saudis would have to give in and back away and
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make concessions and so far neither side is willing to make concessions they have think holds for mediation for example the european union. the mayor of wasilla. that coal but so far this is seems to be not being heard by the european union so far so it is a very complicated situation and as long as no one really gets on to making concessions then it's the solution is going to be really far away ok so the solution is nowhere in sight and sophia what happens now what happens next. well the constitutional court today suspended monday's planned session of the catalan government on the catalan parliament basically. so now nobody really knows if the session is still going to be held on monday or not and if independence is
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still being declared to not if it is being declared. madrid would have to act and one of the options madrid would have is triggering an article of the constitution which would basically strip off catalonia off its autonomous rights and basically that would mean that madrid would take over the power or the control here in catalonia in a possibly deteriorating already or very difficult situation imo sophia some high level officials say you alluded to the e.u. a little earlier on fear that things could go over the cliff spiral out of control our people that you've been talking to during your time there are worried that this might happen well yet people are definitely incredibly worried i was just talking to him and he approached me couple of minutes ago and he told me. he was very afraid and that he really didn't know what was
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happening and that what would happen next. i don't really know if people are really a phrase a civil war breaking out but they are definitely afraid of the social and the economical consequences that this situation could have. sophie seaven reporting from barcelona thank you. british author could sue or sugar or has won this year's nobel prize for literature of the year prize committee i hild his work for questioning assumptions about how we connect with the world around us while the writer himself called the wind amazing and totally unexpected and he wasn't the only one surprised by the nobel committee selection. every year when the nobel prize in literature is announced there's a media circus this year it's especially big the jury has selected an international
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superstar author who was not even one of the favorites to win the japanese born british writer ishiguro he's a very interesting martyr in many ways i would say that if you mix jane or spun off a comedy of manners and her psychological insights with kafka. then i think you have you should go in a lot show the sixty two year old has been writing since the one nine hundred eighty s. his most famous book the remains of the day was an international bestseller with a successful hollywood adaptation he she goes earlier books explore the japanese experience of the second world war his characters are often alienated from their families searching for themselves the author told reporters when he first heard the news he didn't believe it i was sitting in the kitchen. right through an email and i received a phone call not from the swedish academy from from my from my agents from people
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over there and they were watching the live announcement of the nobel prize i don't i don't think they were expecting me to run they were just they want to know who had won this yet and so i could hear hear the life go across coming over on the other end of the first on the golf course i thought it was a hoax in this time of fake news and the thing i thought but so i asked them to check up because i hadn't heard the talk i thought the normal procedure was that i would be told you know that the winners told first. so i didn't believe it for a long time and then next up my publisher for that and finally when the b.b.c. for i thought it might be true. he she google will receive his prize on december tenth in stockholm. and i will be taking a closer look at. the work and come. interview shows for the world of literature coming up a little bit later in the show but first we want to bring you up to speed with this massive storm raging right now in northern germany which has killed at least six
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people the german weather service says when sweeping the region could reach hurricane strength and authorities are warning residents to stay indoors. the magnitude of storm savior has called germany off guard. its winds up lashed the coast of hamburg uprooting trees which have smashed on to vehicles with fatal results the roof was torn off this building in berlin. and shoppers had to scurry to safety in the town center. capitals teagle action filled airports have temporarily suspended operations while trains are at a standstill in the northern ireland line. carolyn soon has had to close its doors to the c.b.s. set to reach hurricane strength as night falls for its use across the country wanting people to hold on to his example and stay at home. and porter alexa meyer is stranded at the main station in the city of hanover alexy are joining us on the
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phone please describe the situation there where you are. it's incredible i'm not going on my way to isn't going code is the worst stuck forty hours in the middle of nowhere i kind of made my way back to hanover found the bar and key off information and people crowding the whole of the main station which just want to mean changing point in northern germany so there's thousands of people waiting for information lines of people anymore trying to get attractive alter our hotel voucher because they have no idea how to get home or to get where they want to go originally. has offered now is seeking training that people can stay in ambulances have shown up because only they are expecting something funny going something to happen there but they also offering potatoes and creams to the people who want to really strain is there and have no idea how to go on so how would you say it going by your
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description there that the authorities have been caught off guard. yes definitely time i was concerned there was no information at all that the train even the train driver didn't know what was going on exactly they just told us that obviously no train was going anymore and it obviously a lot of trees had gone on to the right and there was no way i was going for our dog even back when i do we made it like ten kilometers back or at least so we were not in the middle of some ice field but there the information policies were really really awful today and people are still waiting for more information in the main station because they have no idea whether they are supposed to stay are whether they can go along tonight. reporter alex the mayor stranded there at the main station in the city of hanover we hope you get to go home soon thank you so much for bringing us that witness account you're welcome you're welcome. are you
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watching the daily news we still have a lot more coming up. environmentalist warn that plastic pollution in oceans is threatening our planet and our food chain we ask an oceanographer what can be done . but before we do that catalonia is the push for independence is making business is very very uneasy in that region more companies are starting to move out as catalonia as leaders say they will declare independence over the coming days now catalonia based lender bank. said today it will move its headquarters out of the region it's spain's fourth biggest bank now the country's leading retail bank bank which is based in barcelona is set to decide on friday if it wants to change its legal basis both banks fear of cattle and the collusion of independents could see them kicked out of the euro zone and out of the jurisdiction of the european central bank and it's not only spanish corporations that are thinking
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about relocating. protesters on the streets of catalonia aren't confident they're doing the right thing for the region many think the spanish economy is propped up by catalonia that they're the ones driving it and attracting foreign investors there are one thousand three hundred active german companies in spain catalonia accounts for almost half of these investors if this small northeastern region becomes a separate country the investments of five hundred twenty german companies would break away in one fell swoop. and if it breaks from spain catalonia would presumably lose its status within the e.u. firms are already alarmed with one trade association already advising german firms to put their plans on ice. and should abandon their own expansion plans at least for the next few weeks to see what happens it's always advisable to seek out other
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locations inside the european union it's clear for the corporations that access to the here a p and single market is of utmost importance. to see forty percent is that something the spanish government in madrid also has in mind they announce plans on thursday evening to make it easier for firms to switch headquarters a move designed to tempt companies to put catalonia behind them in the search of stability elsewhere in spain. cyber criminals are on the move and the more german companies are falling victim to them their recent ernst and young study almost half of the executives who responded admitted their company computer network had been attacked the number of assaults on large corporations was even bigger and a cyber attack can quickly become an existential threat. when machines order supplies over the internet the foreman organizes production via smartphone
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and everything is digitally linked you could say that a company's future proof the likelihood is it will also have opened its digital dollars to the possibility of criminal attacks these are on the right although only the biggest of them get media attention they want to cry attack in may this year was one example the malware shut down entire systems and demanded a ransom to unlock data companies in germany know the risks and according to a survey it's always the same suspects the main perpetrator is russian forty five percent of executives to see russia as a particular threat china is not far behind a third of respondents in germany believe that hackers from inside the u.s. could digitally spy on their companies or launch cyber attacks against them with the several damages can be a. better reputation you will face in the market. seeing current media really there's about a large head in the past for sure this damages your appreciation you can have
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a direct financial impact or you can always fall simply lose your complete business if no product information control in the product can be produced much much cheaper in a country by some estimates german companies are already losing fifteen billion euros annually due to cyber attacks and analysts say criminal groups are constantly planning the next big assault. european wine production is down in germany produced bottle almost twenty percent less compared to last year due to on favorable weather but do not despair even though the vintage will most likely be of the period quality your favorite racing will not be more expensive here is what. most of this year's crop was harvested especially early late frost summer hail storms and foggy days are all to blame wine producers say climate change is a growing factor the climate change and extreme weather mean different conditions
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in individual growing areas you know a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean every produce it was down twenty percent between when you took your one infant winter sheepish for twelve but the three largest wine producing areas in the country right has the polite an eight and bought in each saw drops about twenty percent from the year before the few gains came mostly from the east germany's numbers are comparable to overall declines across europe italy and france are also reporting much lower grape yields yet there is good news the quality of this year's grapes is better thanks in part to late september sunshine what does it all mean for consumers the price of riesling could rise but wine producers could also take a hit for the anthem but it is a big challenge for individual produces they'll lose money no question because international competition is too fierce for them to raise prices accordingly in and
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out of it. quality will have to make up for the difference. four days after the last vegas massacre there's no new information about the shooter as more thanks a lot. christoph because investigators in the las vegas massacre suspect that the gunman stephen paddick may have possibly planned to escape but there are still no concrete clues about the motivation behind the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history all with key questions still unanswered investigators are trying to understand the gunman's state of mind police say the las vegas shooter stephen paddick rented a room at his downtown hotel the ogden during a music festival last month called life is beautiful it's not clear why he made the booking. reasons that ran through patrick's mind is unknown but it was directly during the same time as life and. we have recovered. evidence
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from that location we don't know if it is evidence but we have recovered items and video it was from another hotel the mandalay bay that patrick fired the shots which killed fifty eight people attending a country music festival route ninety one and injured nearly five hundred investigators have recovered a note and several surveillance cameras from the scene. they now believe the shooter intended to escape after the massacre and did not initially planned to kill himself police also hope that this woman mary lou danley will be the key to unlocking the motive in a statement read by her lawyer danley denied any knowledge of his sinister plans. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of. but i understood it anyway to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen investigators say
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the shooter appears to have led a secret life that he spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition they described him as disturbed and dangerous near the scene of the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history those caught up in the aftermath are still left asking how could it have come to this. germany's top intelligence officials have just faced a public grilling in front of a parliamentary committee a first of its kind the session comes in response to controversy surrounding the work of german spies and calls for more transparency here's a look now at what intelligence officials reveal today and how the cases that have drawn public scrutiny. the some of germany's intelligence all in one place the heads of both the foreign and domestic security agencies col and one skilled mohsen and military counted telegin steve coast of comm have come together
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for open questioning by members of the bundestag for the first time it's a step towards more public control over the agency's since a series of blunders has served to discredit them in recent he is. the first slip up the domestic security agency was long unaware of a right wing extremist terror and network the n.s.u. could important evidence once again vanish without the federal agency finding out. in three days now they are legislative change and this change indicates that the domestic security agency must receive all information regarding extremism on terrorism not. the second mistake for years the foreign intelligence agency of the b. and d. money toward international partners with no legal basis a green party delegate ask what has changed its hasn't become more or less and can you give i mention my answer is very short most of it it has become much less. the
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third calamity all three agencies knew about and is a movie but the tunisian still managed to commit a terror attack at the berlin christmas market last year in the case of the intelligence agencies blame the police but their overall complaint is of germany's difficult structures the country's complex federalism the separation of police from secret service and inadequate take knowledge. after three hours of questioning members of parliament had mixed opinions so i would have thought for example that the opening statements might have been used specially on the part of the domestic and foreign intelligence agency to publicly apologize for the mistakes and scandals of recent years because i may say that it was a successful first performance even if we did not experience anything revolutionary today as expected. even so the intelligence agencies and this supervisors have provided more transparency and that after all was their aim the openness of the
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intelligence agencies is new but there are also many new problems cyber attacks encrypted messages and more and more potential perpetrators that's why the agencies have asked for improved working conditions and that's something politicians cannot publicly ignore. i want to bring you up to date now with some of the latest sports news headlines and former bahrain coach. has confirmed he is close to a deal that would put him in charge of bahrain munich for a fourth time the seventy two year old with coach the german champions until the end of the season succeeding carlo ancelotti who was lego i can say most recent tenure at byron ended with his retirement back in two thousand and thirteen after he won the champions league bundesliga and german cup titles. germany's world cup qualifying campaign continues on thursday night when they visit
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northern ireland while the world champions are the only team in group c. boasting a perfect record with eight wins in eight games but northern ireland are the second best in the group having lost just once so far while the germans however have some special motivation they qualify for next year's world cup in russia if they avoid defeat. the germany team braving the elements in belfast on wednesday as they prepare for their clash with northern ireland the germans have won every world cup qualifier so far most recently dealing norway a six neil spanking but they haven't always looked at hundred percent convincing and coach you walk in live knows one of their biggest enemies will be complacency. shocked a lot of suspects you can see it's clear that next year as reigning champions and conflict cup winners the hardest thing will be to maintain and call on this.
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superhuman motivation he lets you that will be our biggest task. not just because of. germany will be facing a northern ireland side that are guaranteed second place in group c. leap frogging germany into first is all but mathematically impossible that means they'll need to win out in a playoff against another group runner up to qualify still germany aren't taking anything for granted in this contest. going on going into their very unpleasant opponent to be facing supported by very loud fans it'll definitely be a tough task for. anything but a win will of deservedly or not unleash becky elation that this germany team isn't at the level of the unit that won the world cup three years ago that shows just how high the expectations are. as serious hopes of reaching the world cup for the first time were still alive and kicking after a dramatic one all draw with australia in an asian play off of the war torn
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countries national team has to play all its home games in neutral countries because of the fighting in syria the first leg of the play off was held in malaysia. they were a small but vocal bunch. banging the drum for their country's football team thousands of miles away from home for many this world cup campaign runs deeper than sports with syria in the midst of a bloody civil war. we have been in war for solo and if the world and they cannot united us so maybe the support on united us assyrians once inside the stadium these fans saw omar also must correlate penalty enough to earn syria a draw and cancelling out robbie cruz's first half goal for australia. really showed the idea that we needed a second go now if i wasn't home the opposition was going to come if there's a lot of still in australia we must work harder because the australian team will be
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playing in their stadium in their city in their country. all eyes will now be on sydney for the second leg on choose day when this incredible journey continues. or if that last were coming up but here's what's ahead. and vironment us warned that plastic pollution and oceans are stretching our planet and our food chains but can the tide be turned. and we have a story about mustache selfies we'll be back in just a few. the cuban revolution made him a legend. capitalism turned him into a brand. revolutionary. what was he. what was his philosophy and what were his goals jacob on the
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faces of. forty five minutes. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa the. stories about people making a difference shaping the nation. and their continent. multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. thanks todd doing all the stadium was sold out it was a really special event all remember all my life everybody have a dream. and you don't need your dreams when you see what's wrong the things are going well but we can still win and that's good enough i always believed to return
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to an international branch of. international brand. an exclusive journey into the song of buy in munich thank the media send me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w and on line. and this is our main headline right now. spain's top court has banned a coulomb parliamentary session on monday in which the region's lawmakers are expected to the cleric in the pendants from spain the country is facing its most serious political crisis in decades after catalonia held an unauthorized
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independence referendum on sunday. could sue ishiguro has won this year's nobel prize for literature in churches called him a deeply original author whose works boosted exceptional depth if you grew is best known for his book the remains of the day which was adapted into a hit movie. now it's one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time world leaders and scientists are meeting as we speak in malta to discuss ways to protect the world's oceans they cover seventy percent of the planet a major threats to our oceans include over fishing while as the population world's population grows so too does the demand for fish about a third of global fish stocks are close to being depleted climate change is another key issue our oceans absorb access a greenhouse heat and c o two gases and that impacts underwater organisms rising
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sea levels also threaten coastal communities and livelihoods and pollution of course is also a major threat and it's not just a matter of trash washing up on our shores contaminants like micro plastics risk getting into the food chain now the chief diplomat for the is at the conference and malta let's take a listen to what she said earlier. when oceans healthy they are one of the greatest resources we have if the oceans we're a country they would be one of the greatest reward economists and for sure they would have a seat in the g. seven. millions of jobs and livelihoods depend on our whole show. fizzer come we're getting a speaking there from malta well for an example of just how pollution is impacting our oceans let's take you to two islands off the west african coast to a south korean ship a well disposable plastic bottles are common there because tap water unfortunately
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is not always safe to drink but without a proper collection system many of the discarded bottles and up in the sea well now new a local initiative grassroots initiative no plastic is trying to mobilize locals to help keep plastic out of the marine environment. he said if a nanda has a busy day ahead of her the twenty four year old is committed to making principal his dream of becoming free of plastic come true on the. good morning up i've come for your plastic bottle so today's collection day. that you got i'm already. recycling plastic has become a major activity on the island since twenty fourteen when the no plastic campaign started. without a proper disposal and recycling system all these plastics could have ended up in the sea. fernandez works for the biosphere research team that started the campaign
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for every fifty bottles they hand out a reusable container made of stainless steel. have been made over the plastic so we have four tonnes of plastic stored on the main island of south america a maritime transport company is helping us by taking it to lisbon free of charge to recycling companies there will receive it. they want the island free of plastic by twenty twenty one of the challenges actually comes from the sea tiny particles known as micro plastics washed up onshore spanish scientists might have a sense c.e.o. has been asked to analyze the beaches. most of the sample is organic material and not many plastic particles at first glance that's a good sign the beach appears to be very clean but we can't identify many fibers with the naked eye what looks like hair could turn out to be plastic it needs more
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analysis. but while the sand is relatively clean that could still be a high concentration of micro plastics in the sea going plastic free it's no easy task but the people of principle are determined to do what they can. and the spy does and if it does of course plastic waste remains a major issue around the world let's bring in eric from this ability he is a climate scientist at it at university and he researches the impact of plastic waste pollution on oceans a very good day sir thanks for coming on how much plastic waste is there in the oceans there's enormous amounts of plastic waste we estimate that just you know the plastic on the surface of the ocean is two hundred fifty thousand metric talked it was even more marine is that the amount of president going into the ocean every single year is five million metric tops now not to be defeatist but can
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plastic waste at this stage still be removed from the seas or is it too little too late well no i don't think it's too little too late i think it will be hard to take out what their first in the ocean right now especially the most harmful plastic you're really small plastic that we also saw a report of the that is almost impossible to dig out at this point but if keeling is that there's more plastic coming our way we are producing so much new plastic every single year that if we don't do anything about it in five years time we'll have. maybe almost double as much plastic as reuse and now it is going extremely fast so what could we do what's the best way to protect the ocean said going forward. i think that we really need to focus on the lads that is where the plastic come from and that is also where we need to say stop and drink be environment and the girls are the closer to the source as we do that the better it is because if
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you think about it it's not only to plastic in the ocean is harmful it's also the classical the beach is sort of classic in a reversed it's a plastic anywhere in our car you know car it's so really trying to stop it close to where the source is and you will make a huge changes all the down the environmental. and the so do you think a way to start is to just ban a plastic bag says many places have started doing well it's really about reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment the plastic back then could certainly be part of that. legislation to stop blasting in cosmetics is also part of that but i also think it is about getting a better ways but it's about making sure that if people do recycle their plastic that they can be certain that that plastic actually dent doesn't end up on the fire
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line right to it across a bit as a climate scientist at is deaf to diversity in the netherlands thank you so much for providing us with your insights. on how we want to bring up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. a suicide bombing in southern pakistan has killed at least twelve people and injured dozens while the blast went off at a shrine in baluchistan province a local official says one of the dead was a policeman who tried to stop the bomber from entering the shrine. russia has been rolling out the red carpet for saudi arabia's king solomon this is the first time or reigning monarch of the oil rich country has visited moscow the oil market in the war in syria are two of the subjects that president putin and the saudi king are discussing during their high stakes meeting. the head of brazil's olympic committee has been arrested as part of a probe into an alleged vote buying to win rio's bid for the twenty sixteen
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olympics seventy five year old carlos arthur newsman is accused of helping to arrange a two million dollars bribe to secure the games for the city a former director of brazil's olympic committee has also been arrested. but. nasa astronaut so have successfully conducted a spacewalk to repair parts of the international space station two astronauts replace part of an aging well body armor used to ground visiting aircraft to more spacewalks are scheduled for the coming weeks to carry out her more maintenance. now what's in a mustache it's not just a fashion statement in india it can also be a matter of life and death in the state of gujarat it's led to a series of attacks on young men and didn't use a condom and is here to tell us more about it what's going on there yeah i mean apparently mustaches are taken very seriously in in certain regions of india so
8:40 pm
much so that there's been a recent series of assaults on young men allegedly because they were sporting mustaches and i actually have footage of one of the most recent victims here he's just seventeen years old he was stabbed in the back this week by two men on motorcycles while walking home from school last week his cousin was also attacked allegedly for the exact same reason and following these attacks protestors they took to the streets in this western state of gujarat where those attacks took place and now all of these victims they are leeds and that is a group that once occupied the lowest rung of india's caste system that system is since been abolished of course there are still lots of remnants remaining and lots of discrimination against this group as well even when it comes to something like facial hair apparently these attackers they allegedly targeted these youths and they're saying that they look mustaches they are only for the higher ranking members of society and how are you how is the dollar community reacting to these
8:41 pm
assaults when you saw those the protests in the streets those have now gone digital many leads are going online and they're posting pictures to their social media accounts yes they are featuring mustaches i really love this this is this young man across india now and they're taking pictures like these they're showing solidarity with the victims there proudly sporting their proudly twirling their moustaches here without any fear and these are just a few of the many photos we found today on twitter and facebook really powerful images there and they're using hashtags as well with mustache and mr delete and this is a campaign is actually. by one man and you see him here his name is. he's an activist he's a blogger in new delhi and he's also a delete he caught wind of these assaults he was inspired to take action and we actually spoke with him earlier today and he told us via skype why he decided to speak out. when
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we learned that because it was in the. phone these most of these. most beautiful still sound. you would welcome a flood of our. letter to get authority should it be. good to look at those among the you know you would be should go for it what you should is a lot of ways and. it was a. really cool campaign there really powerful activist you know the hope is that this at least sparks a conversation now in india about the remnants of the cast a system about the treatment of delegates and it's getting a lot of attention in india it's trending online as well so an interesting campaign maybe we'll start seeing a few more mustaches popping up in every there's lots here. thank you so much greatly appreciate it karl are we still have
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a lot more to tell you about or here's what's coming up. british novelist could sue ishiguro has won the twenty seven thousand nobel prize in literature while the nobel committee praised him for writing novels of great emotional force our culture reporter joins me in a moment to talk more about what makes issues work stand out. but first we want to take you to the ivory coast africa's fastest growing economy a since last year but about half of the population remains in poverty and there's one woman who's trying to change that or at least play a part in changing that that's right and this is a story about a woman on a mission with only a few people in ivory coast benefiting from the country's lucrative export of cocoa coffee beans or palm oil marie cola today wanted to make a difference she founded her baby food company with only a thousand dollars and with a straight forward policy at least fifty percent of the workforce is to consist of
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women and only homegrown ingredients are to be used the w.c. janish man met up with her matthew carney today is carrying out her daily quality control and carefully selecting her ingredients her company makes baby par each in children's food from local products like maize manioc and soya. i store it is my responsibility to buy local products to appreciate our own african brands our supermarkets to stocked with foreign products i want to support our economy so that we have our own products our own identity and with that i can help fight against malnutrition. america's. connotates products cheaper than imported ones she only source is her ingredients in ivory coast from cooperatives and fondness. she founded her company
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ten years ago with just six hundred thousand c.f.a. around nine hundred euros and now employs seventy five people in abidjan the company also provides work for at least eighty thousand families upcountry the growth of all materials such as maize and manioc. connotates sells her products to almost all the supermarkets in her country and can now compete with international market leaders connotates dale's manager and a colleague visit the shops to sign new contracts and see how the products promoted . the past also take the opportunity to do a bit of advertising and gives me advice to a pregnant woman. the boys are the model but i didn't say this is going to taze project is africa. african countries have common problems and she started this in ivory coast but the dream is to share this experience with other african countries together we can fight against malnutrition that is our
8:46 pm
bosses dream. of what to do if you have the the not about. these daily traffic jams getting to work on the only problem going to tafe places but she tries to stay upbeat. so. times it's not so easy with the states. even if it's done a lot to promote local businesses. we sometimes have problems with the justice system that ineffective. there's also corruption i don't tolerate corruption we have rules against it in our offices but sometimes it's just difficult. to defend. quality hasn't yet succeeded in exporting her products to other african countries but she hasn't given up her dream. what do fridges washing machines and t.v.
8:47 pm
sets have in common while they all need energy and they all have an energy label from very good to. adequate well this grading system has led to many customers buying more energy efficient appliances and in its latest report the international energy agency has a lot of this progress. big trucks. the exhaust from large trucks is a blind spot in the current emissions debate measures to reduce the emissions from trucks exist in only a few countries including china japan the usa and the european union. globalization is not slowing down an ever growing fright volumes are being transported around the world truck traffic is growing and will continue to grow the international energy agency predicts in the next three decades trucks are expected to produce as much pollution as all the coal fired power stations in the world according to the report there's also
8:48 pm
a message of room for improvement in the energy footprint of new buildings the international energy agency says that for two thirds of new buildings in the world there are no environmental standards in place in cities like beijing or new delhi buildings are expected to have a life of seventy to eighty years the report says that means that today's like of climate protection measures will pose a problem for many decades. if you're interested in art here should be heading to london this week as the annual freeze art fair opens there this year clever buyers are looking at women artists and those from minority groups. jeff koons has the world in his hands his works earn more money than those of any living artist one sold for nearly sixty million dollars a reflection of the arc world's willingness to spend other established artists have also seen auction prices grow works by american sculptor nick cave have been fetching well over one hundred thousand dollars. finding buyers for artists is what
8:49 pm
freeze is all about and while there is always an appetite for the big names buyers are also looking for up and coming artists whose works can quickly gain in value in today's market. this is an extremely important moment from the floor of the galleries and it's the moment when the whole world comes to london and a few summer sales taking place already here today from this of millions of pound range to you know this is a much lower price range. organizers say it's time buyers looked at minority and women artists like poland. they say these works are undervalued even as critics call them more relevant than ever. the mainstream is seriously looking. at this perhaps now more than ever because if we look at what's going on politically this is the strongest voice talking about sex and talking about
8:50 pm
politics freezes showcasing artists like sculptor melvin edwards whose work suggests the brutality of the african-american experience so perhaps buyers willing to invest millions in the likes of jeff koons will take another look at works like his. sometimes good news can be hard to believe a few hours ago the novelistic girl found out that he was the winner of this year's nobel prize for literature because i thought it was a hoax in this time of fake news and everything i thought but. when the news sank in and the japanese born british author finally realized it wasn't a prank this is amazing and totally unexpected news for me it comes at a time when the world is uncertain about its values its leadership and its safety.
8:51 pm
i just hope that my receiving this huge owner will even in a small way encourage the forces with good will and peace at this time. and my colleague david leavitt's from our culture desk is here were you just as surprised i think after bob dylan won last year no one had any idea what to expect so you know way yeah i think the big surprise this time around is that it's a pretty conventional choice she grew is not a rock star he's not even a political dissident he is a political star he is a literary heavyweights and the secretary of the swedish academy that's the body that gives up their wards she really sums his work out nicely she said he's a cross between jane austen's comedy of manners and franz kafka absurdism with just a little bit of purse thrown in there right ok well so he's in a very very good company people who haven't read his books may still know him because of two blog buster movies that sort of well one of them was so successful
8:52 pm
as a movie that many people don't even know it was a novel the remains of the day one ishiguro the man booker prize in one nine hundred eighty nine it's about an english butler who's in love with a former colleague a married housekeeper and for decades he's been trying to keep a lid on his feelings for her of course the movie stars anthony hopkins and emma thompson remains of the day isn't just about regret though it's about the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives and our mechanisms of self preservation and those are huge themes in his work he looks at memory and he also looks at what we choose to forget or to overlook in order to survive the other novel that he adapt that was adapted into a movie that i think we've also got a clip of that is called never let me go. and now like most of his novels this is a first person tale it's a dystopian tale about the school kids of the special school and they come to
8:53 pm
understand that they've been cloned and brought up apart from the rest of society as organ donors and that their lives will not only very long. do anything except keep. the life that is going to consist of fully and sometime around just those dimensions you sure like to be complete that's what you need to do i haven't seen the movie but i can tell you the book is a fantastic read he really creates his own worlds and sometimes they're very slow paced but they do still really just suck you know an ass that is nothing like a book of their sexy and wonderful wonderful had the nobel of course the nobel prize for literature is considered the top prize in the world and it comes with a million dollar million you know in your about about nine million kroner prize but beyond the money and prestigious also sometimes surrounded by controversy so how do you think this year's recipients this this choice how has it gone down with the general public well it's safe in the sense that it will not be as crazy as last year with bob dylan no bob dylan wasn't just controversial because he's
8:54 pm
a rock star and a songwriter writer here it was almost not even clear if there's going to accept your ward. and he basically kept everyone waiting to see if he would accept it wasn't until months after the ceremony that he went to sweden to give his speech you have to give the speech to get the award which he gave at the very last minute some people say he didn't even write him himself write it himself so i don't think there's any risk of that happening this time around the other criticism is that the jury is made up entirely of swedes and historically they tend to favor european authors as she grew up is a british author he writes in english but maybe the fact that he has japanese roots was born in japan maybe that a menace minimized the criticisms there was a laugh to see for the people who haven't had the opportunity to read his books are his books for everyone you know i actually have a funny story i was reading his way this novel is called the buried giant i was at
8:55 pm
a beach and i had the novel in my hand and a flock of seagulls came and tore the book away from me and ate half of it. so i would say that his book is not just for humans it's really for every one in seriousness you know his books they're not hard to read particularly they're easy reads and they're really they get to the heart of literature they're about what it is to be human and that's what literature is really all about sure and also what i wanted to ask you is do you feel that his background his japanese or is that you alluded to do you feel that that plays a role in the way that he writes the his style the whole theme of untapped potential maybe in some of his books. i mean there's definitely a flavor to it and he himself grew up in britain but he grew up in a japanese family he spoke japanese with his parents and that that really informed . the way that he approaches his writing and there's something very i don't want to
8:56 pm
say but. ok we should all be reading books or just revisit them again thank you so much david greatly appreciate it all right before i let you go i want to remind you of our main headline right now spain's top court has banned a cattle and parliamentary session on monday in which the region's lawmakers were expected to claire independence from spain. but there's a press we'll see you again tomorrow a. good bye. the
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cuban revolution made him a legend. capitalism turned him into a brand. revolutionary command. what was he. what was his philosophy and what were his goals jacob on the
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nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week monday during. which history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein will get a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ists what did it feel like to live in times of revolution the people. nineteen seventeen the real october started over twenty fifth to. climate change. waste. pollution says. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better and it's up to us to make
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