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unbelievable. that the is suddenly a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is the w. news coming to you live from berlin spain plunges deeper into its biggest political crisis in decades the country's top court bans the cattle on parliamentary session in a bid to block separatists from declaring independence to live barcelona and madrid for more also coming up a devastating storm kills at least seven people in northern germany that's as
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hurricane force winds sweep across the region bringing down trees and forcing transport networks to close. and the most senior catholic official to ever face sex abuse charges appears in court in australia cardinal george pell is one of the pope's top advisors and could face trial for years of alleged abuse against multiple victims. hello and welcome money terry martin good to have you with us spain's highest court has banned a parliamentary session in catalonia that had been scheduled for monday regional leaders had signaled they were going to use that session to declare independence from spain but it's unclear what effect the course ruling will have cattle on lawmakers have already defied a previous ruling by holding last sunday's unauthorized independence referendum.
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it's the latest twist in a political crisis that's dividing not only spain but also catalonia a crisis that seen both sides digging in and refusing to budge. this is the catalan parliament where the region's leaders were expected to declare independence from spain on monday but spain's constitutional course has now banned their parliamentary session from going ahead the castle president says he is representing the will of his people there were a majority of catalan voters did not take part in sunday's independence referendum the spanish government says he's acting outside the law by trying to enforce an illegal referendum result that happens happens mr putsch demands messages a journey to nowhere because there is no democracy outside the law there is no clear existence there are no rights outside the law for a long time is to push demand has been living outside the law outside reality and
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outside sanity. in barcelona people say they just want the politicians to make a deal. i'm very well aware of the problem we are facing and a solution must be found this is like a divorce there's no coming back you cannot divorce today and get married to morrow . the situation is very tense we've reached the stage where the spanish and catalan governments need to ease tensions they need to talk and international mediation would be perfect. for now the deadlock continues the separatists have called for mediation but the spanish government says it won't enter dialogue until they drop their threats of declaring independence. well for more on the independence crisis i'm joined by our correspondent. and journalist martin roberts who is standing by in the spanish capital madrid first to you fanny in barcelona do we know what the
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catalan parliament is planning to do now will it defy that court ruling and convene on monday anyway and it wouldn't be the first time that they would defy a decision by the constitution of course we've seen that play out of course with the referendum and also if you listen to the reactions that we are given here yesterday by the president of the catalonia parliament who sad that this decision by the constitutional court curtails the freedom of expression here and he's basically sort of like a censorship to the work of the catalonian problem it sounds anything but positive or rather very defiant even though the president of the catalonia problem and did not say whether there were the push across the had the the session be the parliamentary session on monday it very much looks like that's going to happen that have a stick to this road map on monday and even possibly the independents terry march in madrid a very different perspective there of course if the couple on parliament does
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convene on monday what options does the spanish government have. well the most obvious one which is being resisted out of weeks or even years. ago. which would allow the central government to actually directly. because of. that speculated that they might do about to dissolve the council and fresh elections. but you've got to look to see what i. think the process. that could lead to. problems on the street you have to then you especially if they transcend. at least go to try to impose tariffs now finally many voices are calling for dialogue between the two sides those voices include the mayor of barcelona and barcelona's world famous football club any sign of that dialogue materializing
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that is correct also the government here behind me the government of qatar no one is calling for that dialogue not for the first time but only under the conditions that the independence of liberation is not going to be negotiated now under dos conditions i got in madrid is not willing to step in and to have a dialogue because they say that's only possible if got to know and yet returns to the table of law so pretty much there's a deadlock and so fog is no sign that this deadlock is going to be resold why the time is running it's friday now and as i say a possible declaration of independence it's possible consequences or violence etc is in the arrange could be viewed in the next few days that that declaration of independence on monday is made now when complex get to this point a deadlock often there's mediation martin do you see any signs that the government
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in madrid could take a more diplomatic approach and consider a path of mediation. well i think the problem we have here is that neither side has been showing any signs of. i'm not as for the madrid government's well yesterday many an overhaul of the prime minister. rights rule times and the prospects of talks on the unity of state. and again i think the i do see said i'm not going to. ignore the constitution i'm not going to get into the black mail as they say on the other hand don't even have to say so i don't think they've ruled out any other options you know as hard hitting speech the other nice the king day say that within the framework of the constitution said look we can work this out you know we've been through more difficult things but one of the options being bandied about for years now has been since the tax day you know. your biggest op does seem to be one of the biggest group says that you have is this time situation
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as they say you know most of the special don't get that although again. we would say well actually we have a lot more. so i mean there is a possibility what ra is that is please don't declare independence of ours in the consequences ok thank you so much with that was martin roberts there talking to us from madrid and in barcelona. thank you both very much u.s. media reporting that president donald trump could soon declare that the iran nuclear deal is not in the u.s. national interest deal saw the easing of sanctions of course against iran in return for curbs on its nuclear program white house sources say trump is expected to decertify the nuclear deal soon that would leave the republican controlled congress to decide whether to reimpose sanctions trump has long criticized the pact which was one of the major policy achievements of his predecessor barack obama.
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international monitors have found that iran is fulfilling its side of the bargain trump however says that's still the case the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement and. a washington correspondent carolina chinmoy says donald trump is set to deliver a major speech on the ram before october fifteenth that's when they report to congress on the iran nuclear deal is due well the move for to mark the first step in a process that could eventually result in the reception of us sanctions against iran and we are expecting dollars to deliver a speech on the iran deal next week just days before the october fifteenth that
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line to report to congress congress will have to the side then if iran is complying with the agreement and vote on whether or not to impose further sanctions but it is still unclear if even the republican led house would vote in favor of killing the iran deal the fact that the u.s. international atomic energy agency has confirmed that iran is still complying with the deal could that maybe encourage the u.s. congress to vote in favor of maintaining the deal and therefore against trump. is carlina chinmoy there in washington will staying in the u.s. members of the los vegas police department have gathered to remember a police officer who was one of the people killed in the mass shooting on sunday charleston heart fields widow and their son and daughter were surrounded by several hundred people during the memorial part field was off duty tending the festival
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when he lost his life. the shooting left fifty eight people dead and many more wounded now even gun lobbyists in the us are calling for more regulation of a device used by the shooter that allows weapons to fire faster meanwhile investigators are still trying to understand what the shooter's motives were police say the las vegas shooter stephen paddick rented a room at his downtown hotel the ogden during a music festival last month called life is beautiful it's not clear why he made the booking reasons that ran through patrick's mind no but it was directly during the same time his life. we have received recovered. evidence from that location we don't know if it is evidence but we have recovered items and video it was from another hotel the mandalay bay that patrick fired the shots which
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killed fifty eight people attending a country music festival route ninety one and injured nearly five hundred investigators have recovered a note and several surveillance cameras from the scene they now believe the shooter intended to escape after the massacre and did not initially planned to kill himself police also hope that this woman mary lou danley will be the key to unlocking the motive in a statement read by her lawyer to end they denied any knowledge of his sinister plans he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of. that i understood in any way to be warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. investigators say the shooter appears to have led a secret life that he spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition they described him as disturbed and dangerous near the scene of the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history those caught up in the aftermath are still left asking how could it have
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come to this. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in russia at least nineteen people have been killed in a collision between a bus and a train near the city of blood or beer one hundred ninety kilometers east of moscow a statement from the regional interior ministry said all the victims were on board the bus and the head of brazil's a limpid committee has been arrested as part of a probe into alleged vote flying to win rubio's bid for the two thousand and sixteen olympics seventy five year old carlos are two unknowns bundt is accused of helping to arrange a two million dollar bribe to secure the games for the city for northern germany has been hit by a massive storm which left at least seven people dead and forced the cancellation of transport services in many areas winds reaching one hundred eighty kilometers per hour swept across the region causing chaos in their wake. the
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magnitude of storm c.v.r. has caught germany off god its winds have lashed the country's coastline cranes have been toppled and trees uprooted some falling onto vehicles with fetal results. those lucky enough to walk away from the wreckage were shocked by the sudden onset of the storm. and the water for it was nothing unusual beforehand we were driving along calmly and then my windscreen was suddenly smashed to pieces. in berlin taiko and shauna felt airports temporarily suspended operations on the ground the national rail system was brought to a standstill. but passengers found traditionally german ways to pass time. so we bought some beer and ice and things will get going again at some point. but it will take more than beer to get things going again at this industrial complex in
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payment where the roof blew off or for those who lost property and lives to the storm. watching d.w. news still to come the most senior catholic to ever face sex abuse charges and one of the pope's top advisers cardinal george pell edges closer to trial for historical abuse allegations. first though we've got a scandal rocking hollywood's movie business get hot yes you can say that teri movie mogul harvey weinstein is taking a leave of absence from his production company a report in the new york times claims he sexually harassed women over decades weinstein is one of the most powerful producers in the u.s. film industry and is the man behind films like pulp fiction and the english patient weinstein apologized for his behavior saying it had caused a lot of pain the paper said he'd reached settlements with at least aged women
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among his accusers his film star ashley judd she told the times once you have invited her to what she thought was a business meeting two decades ago instead she says he asked her to massage him and washing take a shower. right now there are in addition to you and me roughly seven point five billion other people on this planet and the u.n. estimates they'll be roughly ten billion of us in twenty fifty one of the most important questions facing humanity is this how are we going to feed all those people traditional farming will likely not yield enough so alternatives are needed you know the food and beverage fair and cologne you can taste today what we will eat tomorrow. there's nothing like the taste of a freshly cooked the furka but mark post wants it without the beef the researcher has been busy for more than a decade developing a method to artificially grow muscle tissue in
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a lab test tube of beef so to speak then in twenty thirteen came the breakthrough. the stem cells he needs can come from a steak or a cow and the animal doesn't even need to be slaughtered the first burger created from the artificial meat cost around two hundred fifty thousand euros but mark says his idea is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we eat my personal vision is that at some point you know twenty thirty forty years from now we will eat culture no longer for us i will probably look back at this time as sort of barbaric that we still killed animals and used animals to such a degree for our meat consumption. but until then he's got competition there are other future foods on the horizon insects for example are packed with protein and nourishing snack and even if many westerners can't yet to bring themselves to fight between the liquor locust
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a whole host of looking to convince shoppers otherwise. other companies are placing their bets on plant based never meant to helping to better use the space that cereals or vegetables need to grow to that end then looking up literally vertical gardening could soon be making a contribution to the diets of people worldwide. insects and vertical gardening barks one of the inventors of the artificial meat there within the report is joining us now mark possed is a professor for physiology at the university in the netherlands and a co-founder of most certainly the drug company that wants to bring the first lab grown beef burger to the market mark thank you very much for joining us this morning first things first what does it what does it taste like and don't say like chicken. now it tastes like beef actually. it did the first version was still pretty dry because there was no fat tissue in it but we are
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now also growing the tissue so the second one should be a lot better. if you actually like it to enjoy beef in general i love it yeah and so do a lot of people that's the problem. so when can we stop killing cows. well that first hamburger will be on the market in about three years all the companies that are working on this seem to think the center along the same lines that will still be small scale in order to replace the entire industry which is obviously a massive task that will probably take more like decades so currently that this bug would cost two hundred fifty thousand euros that's a bit steep for my taste one can buy one for two years and fifty cents maybe. as i said in three years on the market probably around ten euro for a hamburger so not quite to two fifty in order to get through to fifty or even
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lower than that the technology needs to improve we know where to improve it it just will take another couple of years to get there. it sounds a bit gimmicky at the moment but will it really help feed the well that's the solve the problem in the church and in the world. yeah the problem with meat or animal proteins in general is that there are very expensive it costs a lot of resources to get there and this production method has in it that it can be much more efficient so much more efficient use of resources and then if we try and form to debt we can easily feed ten billion people do you think it's adopt this technology is adaptable or is it complicated can it be can factories spring up anywhere in the world. it's not very complicated we actually. designing a machine to do it at home so it is that easy you can you can transfer it for me to
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do something that you can do at home and so if you can do that you can do it pretty much at any scale anywhere in the world marc klaas a professor of sociology at maastricht university thank you very much for joining us this morning welcome and that's it for me back to town and the scandal dogging the catholic church yes very big deal indeed all straight in australia top advisor to pope francis being charged with multiple sex crimes has appeared in court seventy six year old cardinal george pell is the most senior catholic official ever to face such accusations hell was accepted as courted to enthrall milburn's magistrate's court in his native australia as some protesters jeered at him the focus of his court appearance had been on the planning for a committee hearing that will decide whether he goes to trial.
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well here to talk with me about this is our religious affairs correspondent martin got hello martin. the cardinal cardinal pell case it's attracting a lot of attention in australia and internationally must be said who is cardinal pell and what role does he play in the catholic church. is a very powerful figure within the church he has been largely a show of sydney an archbishop of melbourne he was a maximo authorities so the highest authority of those truly in charge and in two thousand and three he was made cardinal by john paul the second so he became actually a very prominent figure within the vatican specially one that became sort of the figurehead of the vessel the visual agent of the more conservative wing of the cardinal school. at this point i mean he had become over the last two years his supervisory figure within the financial within the financial operation of the vatican and the pope this pope put him in
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a position of both administrative and supervisory d.v.d. within the within the institution that of course means that he had enormous amounts of power within within the vatican and within the church as an institution so they are a high ranking church officials are very important person in the catholic church what exactly is cardinal pell accused of well nobody really knows because the church has had not been made public this is something that we will know only this moves to trial if this moves to trial what he was sworn of essentially today was that in fact there will be. a mental process that is to say there will be a process of revising whether that you say she is have any merit and they actually can be turned into a trial and that will happen in march it will begin the fifth of march when we do know what the church is what the charges are it will be only at that stage at this point what we know is that they're talking about historical section. abuse
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allegations. in recent years we've seen numerous cases of child abuse by church officials how is the catholic church dealing with such cases at this point in time for most observers i think unless they're very close to the church their reasons that they are quite timid in really pushing serious reform and this is something that has been said by association of victims who have pointed out that there is a lot of political will at the very top of the church that would be the pope himself that there isa lot of him by the mint and hurdles that actually occur at the lower ranks of the church which is a very very best bureaucratic machine one of the main things that will continue to be discussed is the fact that the church that's not have a regulation that obligates bishops and other members of the clergy to actually turn accused stations to national authorities the church is meant to or according to the vatican it's meant to resolve these things internally and when we're talking
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about crimes and crimes of the sexual nature and crimes of a sexual nature against children of course the thing that most people think is that national authorities should be immediately involved this i think it's one of the things that broadly will be on the table for the next couple of months. as this process evolves arjun thank you so much religious affairs correspondent martin doc i push her. now later today the swedish academy will award the nobel peace prize will have the winner for you as soon as that happens but for now a look at yesterday's newly crowned laureate british author ishiguro won this year's nobel prize for literature a triumph he called amazing and totally unexpected. every year when the nobel prize in literature is announced there's a media circus this year it's especially big the jury has selected an international superstar author who was not even one of the favorites to win the japanese born
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british writer ishiguro he's a very interesting martyr in many ways i would say that if you mix jane alston on her comedy of manners and her psychological insights with kafka. then i think you have she girl in a nutshell the sixty two year old has been writing since the one nine hundred eighty s. his most famous book the remains of the day was an international bestseller with a successful hollywood adaptation he she goes earlier books explore the japanese experience of the second world war his characters are often alienated from their families searching for themselves the author told reporters when he first heard the news he didn't believe it i was sitting in the kitchen. writing an email and i received a phone call not from the swedish academy from from my from my agents from people over there and they were watching the live announcement of the nobel prize i don't
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i don't think they were expecting me to have one they were just they want to know who had won this yet and so i could hear hear the life go across coming over on the other end of the first and go cause i thought it was a hoax in this time of fake news and everything i thought but so i asked them to check up because i hadn't heard the talk i thought the normal procedure was that i would be told you know that the winners told first book so i didn't believe it for a long time and then next up my publisher phoned in and finally when the b.b.c. found i thought it might be true. he she google will receive his prize on december tenth in stockholm. just a reminder of our top story spain's top court has banned a key. parliamentary session on monday in which the region's lawmakers were expected declare independence from spain. you're watching to double your news we have more coming up at the top of the next hour and all our stories online it
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called thanks for watching. you go off like we take football personally. i do it. all is money coming from and how is that affecting football. the beautiful game
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big business still fun family test. next. more intrigue on the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week germany's recent national election has triggered a huge debate about divisions between east and west so how divided is germany and for that matter your up find out on quadriga. quadriga in sixty minutes on d w. good cub. mia son mia where does it come from the polity of the month of the two is all of us. starting october fifteenth on the w. and on line going to the bit that no w.
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we speak your language our spanish program only until. always willing for less openness and i can buy to always close to the action but i'm not going to bite my photo coco folk everyone looking like i'm guessing that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you more of the royal. we.


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