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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life. this is e w news live from berlin a piece of work for increasingly dangerous times. than a week nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seventeen to the international compay and to
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polish you play with. nobel judges chose i can as the risk of atomic war for breaking out rises for the first time in a generation. also coming up catalonia scuppered its president carlos wisdom on will address the regional parliament on tuesday that's after spain's highest court barred catalan lawmakers from meeting on monday to debate the region's independence . i'm sumi some misconduct to have you with us a committee and also has awarded the two thousand and seventeen nobel peace prize to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons also known as i can the nobel committee weighed up nominations for two hundred fifteen individuals and one hundred three organizations in the end they chose icann for reviving efforts to
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prohibit nuclear weapons at a time of renewed global tensions. price is a tribute to everyone everybody working for disarmament we have focused on the i can because we feel the norwegian nobel committee that they have taken a leading role in really vice tonight seeing this process and they have managed in . admirable manner to combine. a popular engagement almost becoming a grassroots movement the executive director of icann said the group was overjoyed at the award from the nobel committee it's in such a important signal to everyone who's worked tirelessly for nuclear disarmament for since nine hundred forty five. it's a huge tribute to the survivors of nuclear nations. in japan and also the nuclear
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test victims in martial law in the. united states around the world. so it's a really an issue that doesn't get enough attention. and i think that this crisis just really make it worth all of those hours and. the years that people have spent working on this. well let's get some reaction to the announcement with dan smith he's the director of the stockholm international peace research institute dan thank you for joining us your first thoughts when you heard i can one. i think it's a very appropriate choice i really do i was thinking before him. hopes that the committee it would decide to direct attention towards their weapons issue because it has been rising up the political agenda of this year in a way that we haven't seen for decades really because people are beginning to feel where of increasing nuclear risk and i think that they have done it look committee
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that is have done it rather cleverly by pointing to a groove to a campaign which is imagining a nuclear free world and that imagining an alternative to the risks that we see today so i think i think going to be congratulated on their choice and i can is to be congratulated as a very worthy recipient it's dan i can as a campaign is it have the imagining a nuclear free world at the same time none of the nine known nuclear powers have signed up to a nuclear weapons ban in that sense what has this organization achieved. well i think first of all over cheve the nuclear weapons ban is there on the political agenda and it's true as you say that none of the nine nuclear weapon states nor many of those are through example the nato states have not signed up to it but over one hundred twenty governments worldwide have indicated their support for the treaty when it was drafted and they're now considering their signatures and their benchmark adherence to the treaty so i think that is
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a pretty big shift and i think what's worth emphasizing is that the the campaign and the ban treaty and the peace prize award are all encouraging at least five of those nine nuclear weapon states the. five permanent members of the u.n. security council to do what they have signed up to do because under article six of the nonproliferation treaty from one nine hundred seventy nearly half a century ago they are committed to achieving you can there's some and they've gone some way towards that and there are a few nuclear weapons today than there were in the end of the cold war but there's still fifteen thousand warheads left in the world so there's a lot of work for those weapons states to do and encouraging governments to do what they've all probably already promised to do seems to me pretty common sensical thing to go for and in practical terms do you think this award for i can well boost to now or give new impetus to these efforts internationally to achieve a nuclear ban. yes i do think so i don't know that this will be the thing
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which finally generates success for that for them for their campaign but i think it must push the conversation forward and give it more profile you know after all when is it. the first item on news reports around the world has been discussing the proposition to create a nuclear free world so that. it's already achieving that a sense of greater coverage and greater consciousness right dan smith the director of the stockholm international peace research institute thank you very much for joining us thank you and on social media lots of reactions to the announcement a unesco director general irina bokova called the decision a resoundingly call to global responsibility and stronger diplomacy for peace the nobel prize twitter account praise the winner for being the leading civil society actor in the effort to achieve the prohibition of nuclear weapons under international law tim bright the asia pacific director of icann has responded to
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the award saying a great honor that we have just been awarded the nobel peace prize two thousand and seventeen for our work to outlaw nuclear weapons and a possible referring to u.s. north korea nuclear tensions one tweeter writes let's hope future historians won't note the irony of i can winning the nobel peace prize on the eve of nuclear war and let's talk more about the significance of this war and with scott lucas he's a professor of international politics at the university of birmingham scott thank you very much for joining us your reaction to this announcement. well i think i call a lot of what dance tests and that. the nobel peace prize is not always for what has been achieved it is for what we hope can be achieved and this was a message of hope today that the nobel committee recognizing that we actually are on a bit of a downward spiral over nuclear weapons the north korean crisis threats to the
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possible nuclear deal to the nuclear deal with iran that was signed only two years ago tensions over the future of russian activity as well as existing large stockpiles that the us house and of course the fact that israel continues to have under clinton for weapons all of that is in play and i think that the committee sort of draws our attention to them but they do a second thing and they say that by recognizing i can't which is a civil society group they say what this just isn't a matter where you look to presidents or chancellors or prime ministers that you to you know as an activist can make a difference you know you can make your voice heard you can inform yourself on this and i and i think that's laudable israel has got this does come at a time you mentioned the iran nuclear deal it could be unraveling a u.s. president donald trump seems to be set to abandon this agreement let's listen to what he had to say on this last night the iranian regime supports terrorism
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and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. scott how damaging will it be if donald trump abandons this deal. home it will be very damaging you know the fact is the disagreement has successfully contained iran's nuclear program iran has agreed to this has complied with the agreement despite what trump has said it opens up the door to try to talk about other issues in the middle east broad and i think a word of caution here trump actually i think took a step back from withdrawing from the agreement yesterday while he said the u.s. would decertify iranian compliance you know he effectively kicked the issue across to congress and said well you decide what to do about it why because his senior
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adviser said this is still a worthwhile deal we should not scrap it and that again is where activism like that if i can and like that of civil society can make a difference in keeping that message heard it's got do you think the nobel committee's announcement might weigh on washington decision makers minds i think very little weighs on double trumps mind other than what donald trump things but i think for those who are around him his national security advisors i think that will take note right scott with this from the university of birmingham thank you so much for joining us on a program and more on the nobel peace prize announcement and its significance on our web site www dot com now to the u.s. where members of the las vegas police department have gathered to remember a police officer who was killed in the mass shooting on sunday charleston hartfield widow and his son and daughter were joined by several hundred people during the memorial park field was an off duty attending the festival when he lost his life.
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now to some other stories making headlines around the world the body of the former iraqi president jalal talabani has arrived in the country from germany where he died on tuesday at the age of eighty three taliban he stepped down as president in two thousand and fourteen following a stroke he was the first iraqi president of kurdish origin and has been hailed in death as a unifying figure in iraqi politics. at least twenty two people in central america have died after a tropical storm unleashed heavy rains storm nate's head coast of nicaragua and honduras and it's moving north forecasters say that nature could strengthen into a hurricane headed for the united states northern germany has been hit by a massive storm that's left at least seven people dead and forced the cancellation of transport services in many areas the german weather service says when sweeping the region had speeds of one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. and a top hollywood producer harvey weinstein has apologized after the new york times published an exposé alleging decades of sexual harassment against women weinstein
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is taking a leave of absence from his movie studio his hits include academy award winning films like goodwill hunting and shakespeare in love. now in spain catalan leaders have said president carlos preacher manuel addressed the regional parliament on tuesday this comes after spain's high court barred cattle on lawmakers from holding a parliamentary session on monday to discuss the region's bid for independence it is unclear if the lawmakers will defy that order or earlier today in madrid catalonia as police chief and two prominent separatists were released after appearing at a court hearing they were under investigation for sedition in connection with the region's are independent. and with us here in studio is marie cupp rats she's a representative of the catalan regional government here in germany ms comforts thank you very much for joining us here on d.w. first of all this planned session that the carlsberg the most that he's planning to
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go ahead with this coming week on tuesday is that really the right choice after the spanish constitutional court has said this meeting is illegal well the spanish constitutional court is very active and they cleared a parliamentary session on monday illegal but on tuesday it's illegal so it will be a regular part of a terrorist session it's very surprising that as parliamentary session can be declared illegal or within the constitutional court so it will be a regular session and. as the president quite alone has the right to address the parliament and will he declare independence we will see that do you think that's the right step to take. declared independence yes at this point seeing the violence after the referendum vote and also that spain essentially doesn't recognize where the violence was during the referendum vote and not caused by the catalans after state and. what we are looking right now for is
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a meditator someone who could bring us to the table and make us talk with the spanish government because this is the what we really want to do we don't want to break rules we don't want to break. treaties we want to talk and we want to agree and coins and we need to do that so we need someone who could do this for us or offer himself as a as a peace negotiator what is the catalan government looking to get out of this sort of mediation that you're looking to to take carry forward where we are unlike since twenty two thousand twenty to twenty five for it to trying to talk to the med writ government in order to improve our autonomous government and it doesn't really work because there's this this is no and it's illegal and all these answers that didn't doesn't really help and so what we want is to to step on and try to talk by other
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means but always peaceful and quietly not with someone else talking about riots or we don't do that what about the referendum vote in the first place it is after all illegal according to the spanish constitution. yes well but. the spanish constitutional court is as you may know you know very politically influenced by the governing party. so you say this was a political decision wasn't political and there is actually an author of this constitution he says that a referendum could have a place within the spanish consider houston and we fight for our right to have this closed this referendum and to to have our own voice heard you want to have your own voice heard in the catalan government claims that the majority of catalan support independence what kind of independence would this be if the spanish government doesn't recognize it when that could be another countries to recognize that it's not necessarily that the spanish government the european union says it's an
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internal matter of spain yeah that's very surprising i because we saw in last sunday so many were so many. police violence going on and it doesn't really fit into the european values i think so i think the european union should take some arts should be interested in and talk about that with the spanish government and the catalan government and we really like to learn to love we love to her the arguments from the madras side we've never heard but we have a lot of off steady arguments to talk about and we hope that they have they were the value within the debates what are some of those arguments or what is the catalan government's position here what is wrong with the status quo as being a part of spain and as catalan is in the moment when you so there's a lot of issues there are many issues. from the social side from the economic side from the cultural side and and all these are very deeply rooted in the society in
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the current society as one example is that created there recently has fought against thirty two laws from the from the gotta learn parliament which is a. when you are at a loss like for instance and equality between men and women and this is really surprising and we need to have these kind of laws but madrid doesn't allow us to have this kind of so self-determination you mention the economy doesn't the catalan economy also benefit from being a part of spain maybe and we hope oh sure for sure we but we'll have a we having a steady export economy and we have brought international investment and got to know nya also so if you suggest that there could be a boycott from the spanish side so maybe but it's not really so important to us as other things but you say mediation is the way forward that's what you're hoping for
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that's not what we're hoping for a free cup press representative of a couple on regional government here in germany thank you very much for joining us on the program thank you very much you're watching t.w. still the comma in sports spain's preparations for a crucial world cup qualifier are destructed by the catalan independent fed with a defender gerard piqué in the eye of the storm. now i've german exports show no sign of slowing down here hard to see with more on that that's right so we germany has a reputation as being a strong export nation and the latest figures from the ministry of economic affairs show it is staying true to its name factory orders at the end of august were up an impressive seven point nine percent compared to the same time last year outpacing analyst expectations by far the appetite for products and parts made in germany was particularly healthy outside of the euro zone now let's see what that means it's
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bring in our financial correspondent olivas who standing by in frankfurt industry orders. why is that significant and what does it actually say. well in this case the number is significant seven point nine percent over the same time last year and when you look at the month on month comparison august to july it's also an impressive number also surpassing expectations and of course the factory orders they are the turnover they are the exports of the future and so with people putting in orders please give me this product here's my here's my name and number and please deliver this that as well for the business of the future and the job situation taxes rolling and one must put a little bit of water into the wind though because and economists analysis that i saw says that because of the holiday situation here in germany different regions have different dates this august had particularly few people on holiday so the
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numbers are a lot better than usual special circumstances one doesn't expect the same kind of verb to be in the market in september but still a very good number and the kind of number that supporting the good atmosphere here at the frankfurt stock exchange a good atmosphere the stock exchange in frankfurt that will stay with us for a second while we take a look at spain where the atmosphere is slightly different the stock market that has come under significant pressure once again as the political crisis is intensifying in catalonia. spain's main equity index lost almost another percent financial stocks are among the biggest losers as spain's fourth largest bank bank was about this announced it will move their headquarters out of the breakaway region of catalonia. which is based in barcelona says it's also considering a similar move analysts see that as a first sign that the push for independence could scare away big business only that's come back to you the banks are leaving catalonia the eye of x.
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is under pressure do market participants really expect catalonia to go independent . i don't think so i think everybody is expecting a declaration of independence on monday but for the catalonians to actually go through with it i don't think many people are saying that's a realistic scenario. there are lots of hurdles that are in the way there are the political hurdles madrid will certainly say no to any independence and will certainly try and someway to prevent that and the catalonians might weigh in in the end and cave in in the end because they see that the resistance is their trading partners for example who will say we're not going to trade with a catalonia that's no longer in the e.u. and demand other prices if they're not trading in your us don't have certain regulation that's involved and already companies are leaving just a few so far so you're seeing disadvantages for jobs or for taxes i think people
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here are looking at that kind of scenario not happening in the end not coming true if it were to come true you'd see a different picture in the markets to leave us and fans with keeping an eye on the markets as usual thank you very much now turning to india which has the highest number of undernourished people in the world some farmers say part of the reason is that the land is so contaminated with chemicals that food is it produces has virtually no nutritional value is now a move afoot to introduce organically farm food even though it might be beyond the means of poor people the trend is evidence that a growing consciousness of healthy eating is not limited to the rich western societies all reports are is on that story in new delhi. in the heart of new delhi crowds gather for the sunday morning farmers market. stalls test and organic produce free from chemicals fertilizers and pesticides.
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and most of the customers belong to india's growing middle class some of the products cost twice as much. i would prefer to not spend much more money because i feel that this is something that we deserve and we should get and in fact i think the chemical bit is so bad that you end up spending more money for your health care afterwards if that would do it no good you don't get better broke for your body or everything as has come good programmer good and others is that i didn't need a car because the rest is going towards organic food you must be a reason for that so why do you have to go through the same cycle you first go to g.m. and then come back to organic. as an organic farmer who lives south of india's capital there's a bit of yours his career has taken a huge. seven years ago here in just a company but sold it to become an organic foma. because
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a decision was made or dated not by money but passion he says decades of chemical use have destroyed india's soil and he wants to help turn things around there is an absence of. life in the soil. which fundamentally means that all your god is rich look and the rich don't have all the nutrients their human beings need and. ses india's government gives to organic farmers that given empty promises and the money just lives into the cities. but the number of organic farmers is growing steadily thanks to increasing demand from the city's online retailer i say organic now supplies ten thousand households. they offer around two hundred products including free to vegetables. and she could pull founded the company in twenty eleven which now employs about fifty people. in the business sector has been one of the biggest challenges in this young market is knowing
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whether or not the certified products offered by the farmers are what they claim to be with us and. all we have to go beyond certification do our own quality checks and sort of make sure that the farmer selection the product selection process with those filters so i think you know for that resort a vacation becomes more of a formality than of actually adding value and making the lives easier. in the future wants to offer other products like who can make bread. he hopes his new range to convince even more people to go organic. that's it for me monica jones will have a business update for you in the next hour back to thank you had time for some sports now in germany booked their place at next year's soccer world cup in russia the defending champions won three one in northern ireland germany got off to a perfect start sebastian brody open the sky. henri in the second minute sandro
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wagner doubled germany's lead in the turn twenty first minute just one chemist added another late in the game to put germany on course for russia twenty eight team. world cup qualifying continues later today in two thousand and ten winners spain can clinch their birth in russia when they play albania but ahead of the match in alicante a harmony in the spain squad has been tested by the catalan independence referendum . tough times for spanish football gerard piqué his participation in the catalan independence referendum has met with a furious backlash he said he'd be prepared to step down from the national team now he says he doesn't want to give his critics that satisfaction. quitting now would be giving in to all those people who think the best solution is whistles and insults. quitting would give the impression they heard wong and i won't give them
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that luxury. strain or to be fully focused on friday's world cup qualifier against albania but the squad has been dealing with distractions. and it hasn't been an easy week for anyone politics has been mixed with sport and i think that was the big mistake. piquet does still have plenty of support and at next year's world cup spain will need experienced players if they're to succeed but the catalan independence issue continues to cost a shadow over the squad. for top story at this hour this year's nobel peace prize been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the nobel committee in austin praised i can't after it's to establish a global treaty outlawing the devastating weapons at the time of the new nuclear tensions us. thanks for watching to stay with us.
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laundry guy international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week germany's recent national election has triggered a huge debate about divisions between east and west so how divided is germany and
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