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tillerson resignation possible resignation of secretary of state we'll have to wait and see what comes next week and you will be keeping tabs on those events for us carlito many thanks carlina chinoy there in washington. plenty more background and news for you on our website if you wanted to dummy dot com you can also stay up to date by following us on facebook and on twitter you're watching the news in but then more from us at the top of the l. w's program guide to the highlights. the whole. dot com highlights. when i'm traveling i like to be comfortable.
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but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news and events. and d.-w. make snap are the traveling easy because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts to ships worldwide. where have you found a domain signing send us a picture that shows d w in your room and you could win a great price d.w. dot com travel quiz. shift living in the digital age. coming up freemium gaming an app for gore makes and skateboard acrobatics. but first
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cyber bullying these days many youngsters are getting abuse via text message messenger service or social media but more and more victims are fighting back and make their plight publicly known. poland loves chatting to friends every day the thirteen year olds spend several hours online then one day he began receiving abuse on his smartphone from a text messaging service that keeps the senders identity secret they think enough i think it happened because i supported a fellow student who was being bullied that's how it probably started. to fall on funk tommy franks and in the beginning it felt kind of we are going to school knowing someone in class must have sent these things. but i didn't know who it was that this lucasville victim to cyber bullying something that one in four german students come to experience most victims are teenagers twelve years old and above
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once tormentors hone in on their victim they're usually relentless. in the beginning lucas didn't know how to cope with the abuse which he didn't just receive when he was at school even came when he was home. i would receive messages as late as ten or eleven pm. and then it would start over at six am. all day long. first i received generic abuse like you're ugly later i even got messages saying we'll destroy your family or we'll murder you know you better stay at home. is the media educator he offers workshops for students and teachers he says cyber bullying is an issue in almost every classroom it's a form of digital violence that can take many different forms. thanks to cyber bullying tends to start with insults sent over the net social media or messenger
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services like whatsapp messenger. then there's something called an outing and trickery. people pretend to befriend you. then they share your personal details publicly for exam. in a group chat. that causes frustration and leads to isolation it can even result in depression and suicide but philip knows what youngsters can do to protect themselves. if you're a victim of bullying don't react to the attacks. talk to your parents teachers and social pedagogues. get help and make everything public and if it gets too bad you can even call the police for help. teenagers and families can get plenty of help on the internet there are platforms that offer information chat conversations and telephone hotlines. parents can take action to for example by using apps to
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monitor their children's online communications. increasingly victims of cyber bullying are making their plight public. they take to social media to share their experiences and support others. highrises there isn't going to be my. experience i decided to tell my english teacher and she was very very understanding and helpful please don't listen to billy. lucas too is fed up with being a victim and he's got a clear message. i'm not going to let this issue rest i founded a cyber bullying support group with a website and telephone counseling cyber bullying can't remain a taboo subject it's not shameful to be bullied it's shameful to be bullying others . the attacks let up once lucas began talking about his ordeals publicly now he's sharing this experience with others. shift says stand up to cyber bullies.
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time now for the shift ranking countries with the best online bargains. in fifth place italy a social. commerce group analyzed prices for goods offered on amazon across the globe two hundred forty different products were compared to calculate an average price turns out in italy the average bargain can be bagged for about sixty four euros the country famous for its fashion and coffee culture offers particularly affordable computers. in fourth place canada the vast country has some incredible bargains on offer with the average deal at sixty three euros it's particularly affordable here to buy a sparkly present for mother's day as jewelry can be had at low prices in third place mexico the popular holiday destination has some pretty sweet deals in store no where else in the world can you buy suitcases and backpacks at such
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a low cost ideal if you're planning to bring back some bottles of tequila. or runner up is germany in the nation of poets and thinkers shopping is what's actually on people's minds here the average online purchase will set you back fifty nine euros. sports equipment is especially affordable on amazon dot d. . and the winner is china this online shopping mecca boasts bargains for only fifty one euro's on average toys and baby products are extra affordable so maybe it's about time to start a family. that was this week's ranking and now. the computer and mobile gaming industry is booming they're making plenty of revenue even though a lot of games are free so called in game purchases mean players shell out hard earned cash to enhance their gaming experience.
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with the german e-sports fars broadcasting a league of legends tournaments the popular game is free to play so gamers don't need to buy it. it's a common business model in the gaming industry the game it's. self is free but the revenue comes from additional in game sales extras like a new look for your alter ego can cost somewhere between five and twenty euros a month because you want the character to look differently or get a new outfit and sometimes they'll get different effects or another voice and so on but i think that we don't understand what it's expensive so that's the problem with . this is probably a professor of entertainment computing might mazel has been studying this trend in the gaming industry for a while developers have invented various tricks to keep gamers hooked yeah i know you could be getting started is really simple gamers quickly get better and build things defeat enemies until they hit
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a point when they realize they can't progress further commish right though i would on that stage they might already be hooked and consider investing money to keep playing with one of these free to play or freemium games or a lucrative business for developers suite they produce six hundred fifty nine million euros in revenues in germany last year alone. fantasy currency special weapons vehicles and avatars they're all available to buy. you know we think the gaming industry copied this business model from razor manufacturers when they're you're not actually paying for the razors but for the razor blades you use by free to play games do the same you purchase things you use while playing beautiful bought eighteen year old nice here is one of those who's invested in new gaming features then what i want you start buying things you kind of want to keep buying them it's called but only a small fraction of gamers is actually willing to part with their hard earned cash
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that's why offers are specially tailored to individual gamers. if you could how your game developers usually have exact data on who last bought what when how and when someone needs an update so an offer usually emerges at that moment when gamers are. thinking should i buy something new or do you mean granted then the offer pops up possibly discounted and gamers jump out and if you don't see it is us on the phone today. so at the end of the day not you know well played. free games are actually there for developers to make money. shift says the where a freebie in gaming. and now short and sweet the shipped out shocked. you're on the go curious and hungry with a little time to spare. then the bite might be perfect for you it lets tourists go
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on culinary adventures in several cities so far it's available for berlin jerusalem tel aviv rome and barcelona. each tour takes you off the beaten track to different snack spots. years and with whom our app doesn't necessarily take you to the major tourist hotspots instead we take you deep into neighborhoods to hidden places small tasty eateries that you might never have come across and discovered otherwise in. the culinary tours last between two and four hours and you can take a break whenever you like tours cost between eighteen and thirty five euros per person and can be paid directly through the app. that was this week shift app shot. want to get more stories from the digital age then visit our facebook page d.w. digital there you can find the latest digital news and trends as well as recommended apps tech gadgets and helpful tutorials and of course our shift reports.
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follow us comment and tell us what you think visit d w digital on facebook. as usual we leave shift through the exit with the internet find of the week today skateboard acrobatics. jose angeles loves navigating urban obstacles in it unconventional fashion for example using skateboards. he's got quite some acrobatic talent. in. this league and he's got plenty of skills to show off but he makes an impressive park or one or two very much less because of. this video artist devin graham has recorded the incredible stunts using his eight k. cameras we make the most of. his devon supertramp you tube channel has plenty of spectacular extreme sports videos on offer. thanks.
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shift says break a leg. and next week on shift. social media has become very important in countries that curb free speech that's why many satirical cartoonists in the arabic world take to the internet middle eastern web satire next week on shift. she took a big risk and paid a heavy price for it in the caribbean war correspondent and. in a basement in aleppo syria she found gary and made weapons hasn't been supplying to islamic state. she wrote
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a new story about it and lost her job she was questioned by john kerry in security officials and now she's fighting for her journalistic credibility. next on d w. already checked go. euro max looks at winter fashion trends. designers are rediscovering some traditional. what will the sunset where he says. sixty minutes on d w. make your store t.v. even smarter with the d w four small to. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what songs find out
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more than double dog come smart. he tells us starring stories so. it makes us laugh. and cry a leg tremble and smile thanks magical images and emotions going out the fuck you know the busy every gent on d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery catalonia national.


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