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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 12:03am-12:30am CEST

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in last august's election the presidential vote rerun is now just three weeks away . russian opposition leader alexei in of on the has lost his appeal against a twenty day jail term a moscow court upheld a ruling jailing of all me for breaking the law and organizing public meetings the verdict means and yvonne they won't be able to take part in protests he has called for this weekend. in times of global tension the dream of a world without nuclear weapons wins this year's nobel peace prize i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons takes the award we talk to one of its leading members my name is christopher spring this is the day.
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this is a tribute to the tireless efforts of many millions of campaigners and concerned citizens worldwide who ever since the dawn of the atomic age love in protest of nuclear weapons i think this is a sentiment on the states in all states to continue to rely on nuclear weapons for security that it is unacceptable behavior the specter of nuclear conflict. once more. if there ever a moment for nations to declare their unequivocal opposition to go up in the sea that moment is now you can't threaten to indiscriminately slaughter hundreds of thousand civilians in the name of security and that's not how you build security and it doesn't make us safer.
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welcome to the program we live in a world that has grown accustomed to the existence of nuclear weapons but there are also many who haven't accepted that reality the people behind i can for instance the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons that organization has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize in a bid to remind us of its efforts to ban nuclear weapons at a time of growing tension and instability across the world. members of i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons celebrating at their headquarters in geneva switzerland after hearing the announcement of their nobel prize winner is also considered an upset victory since many analysts expected the negotiators who had worked out the nuclear deal with the ran in two thousand and fifteen to win however i can had already earned a significant victory when the un adopted a symbolic nuclear treaty they had devised addressing the issue of nuclear disarmament the chair of the norwegian nobel committee had this to say when you.
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take a historical look it seems like there have been moments where it's been more engagement among nuclear states to end. the solomon in the city of i do not believe we are in such a movement today the un under-secretary general and high representative for disarmament affairs izumi not commits to echoed those views and moving towards a waltz free of nuclear weapons is really today and priority. is the nobel peace price. very significant in terms of the timing and the situation in which we're all in the thing in today however none of the nine no nuclear powers have signed up for the new u.n. treaty pushed by icann the award also comes amid heightened tensions over north korea's nuclear development and us president donald trump is criticism of
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a deal curbing iran's nuclear program something i can find deeply concerning it. i think that they have an deal is really important and it would be really really unfortunate and a huge security risk for the world if that was ripped up especially at a time when iran is complying with the deal. so i think that treating the deal needs to remain and be supported i can has pledged to step up its campaign and do even more until all nuclear weapons are eliminated. ok joining us now a leading member of i can leo hoffman tellme he's the co-founder of the organizations german chap leo good to have you with us how surprised were you when you heard you'd won the nobel peace prize thanks for having me know we were very surprised of course there in the. speculation everywhere but frankly this is the
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kind of thing that even after it happened you can barely believe it and you know the norwegian nobel committee awarding this prize to you use the occasion to warn against a rising risk of nuclear conflict are things really that serious. no absolutely i mean after the end of the cold war people sort of forgot about nuclear weapons of course they stayed there in fact they are aging the soldiers moving them around cleaning them keeping them ready to use at a moment's notice very demotivated. now that we have huge investments going on into all the nuclear stockpiles so basically one hundred eighty four countries are doing great without nuclear weapons we have a minority of countries that still believe they need weapons of mass destruction to keep themselves safe and it's really important to have the nuclear treaty in order to show that the vast majority of states and in fact the vast majority of people also in the nuclear weapons states find nuclear weapons power and unacceptable and now they are illegal under international law so it's important to bring attention
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to this you and i can have campaigned strongly for the treaty you just mentioned the un's treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons adopted in july this year but yet it hasn't yet entered force because it still needs ratification her least fifty countries how helpful is the nobel peace prize in the bid to get that treaty ratified. yes i transitioned quickly to this treaty because the point here is not so much the prize awarded to ike and of course we're grateful for that and we buy by the on the receiving this prize but the whole point here is that through the boycott of the nuclear weapons days and also the boycott of countries like germany who have for the first time stayed away from that lateral design movement negotiations it is really important to bring attention to this treaty because as well as it's not going to have its effect which is to digitize nuclear weapons to make sure that even people like president or north korea's leader aware of the fact that everybody else considers nuclear weapons unacceptable and illegal and so while
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the dangers are rising and and calculation miscommunication and accidents this. would be naive to sit back and believe that we can just trust nuclear weapons states to design their weapons themselves as of course the people that don't have the nuclear weapons they have to step up to the plate and make sure that we put the pressure on the nuclear weapons states and really convince them that design moment is the only way to keep us all safe my question leo was you know does this prize help you in the fight to get the treaty actually ratified because at the moment it's not in force. yeah absolutely so we're not worried about getting the treaty into force it's going to be in force from the moment we have fifty ratifications one hundred thirty states voted in favor of this treaty at the united nations so we have a we're going to get easily was in a few years two thirds of the states in the world signing this treaty and ratifying it was in the next let's say two years. but the point is really that the noble
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peace prize will help us draw attention to the treaty so that people in every country know that there's an eternity if you don't have to just accept north korea and the u.s. and russia threatening each other you can push for your government to rectify the nuclear probation treaty and thereby increase the pressure for nuclear disarmament so it's really important through the nobel peace prize to get attention to this but the question also leo is how effective is this treaty going to be as far as i understand it doesn't apply to the countries that already have nuclear weapons so some people might say what's the point of the treaty. yes. first of all to the countries that have ratified the treaty but again if the vast majority of countries of the two thirds or even more of the countries on earth ratify this treaty it's of course going to have effects on everybody else how could it not we have only nine states with nuclear weapons and this is going to have knock on effects of rules of
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engagement violence is like nato where you will have to introduce an opt out it's going to have effects on banks which can no longer finance companies which are involved in the maintenance of a delivery you were equals for nuclear weapons and so on so it's definitely going to have legal political moral consequences and give arguments to those people that are trying to limit the money and the funds that are being wasted on weapons of mass destruction which can never be used and any circumstances and leo what do you say to the foreign policy hawks who say actually we need nuclear weapons for instance is a deterrent. to contain unpredictable leaders for instance such as north korea's kim jong il they have a point when they argue that way. not not to though that's a pretty self serving argument honestly north korea has only had nuclear weapons for the past ten years and of course north korea wouldn't have acquired nuclear weapons if you had banned them earlier and actually been on the past on the credible past was designed and of course most kristi's that we have we have
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absolutely no intention of going towards nuclear disarmament they feel threatened and as a poor country was badly was very weak military they. think that they need nuclear weapons in order to keep themselves safe. now ex post claim that it's really because of north korea that we have nuclear weapons is clearly wrong since we have had nuclear weapons for seventy years and that's really the major powers that are protecting each as a from the pressure from the nuclear weapon free states. ok the thoughts there of lee hoffman tellme co-founder of i can germany many thanks and congratulations for winning the nobel peace prize thank you for having me thank you again. ok to a story now that's going to cause quite a stir in the united states american shoppers inadvertently helping to fund north korea's nuclear weapons program an investigation by the associated press news agency has revealed that seafood to process by north koreans often ends up in u.s.
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stores in north korean laborers work in chinese processing centers in conditions some are describing is modern day slavery most of the money they earn channeled back to the north korean regime now the scheme helps young get around international sanctions imposed because of its nuclear program. we're going to talk now to one of the journalists who's worked on this a.p. investigation martha mendoza martha thanks for joining us walk first through the basic elements of the story how can it be that seafood bought in the u.s. and i believe also in some european countries is putting money into the cuff coffers of the north korean leader kim jong un so north korea is really unable to export very many products any more sanctions really clamp down so aside from what's being smuggled out they don't have the ability to raise money through selling their products and exploring and so increasingly they are exporting
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workers and well we found is that in factories in china near the north korean order there is economic zone where they have a bilateral agreement with china to export these workers and they process but they're not hey directly the government of north korea is. in the workers in the end will get a fraction of what they should have received and tell us a little bit more about the conditions these north korean workers are working under . right so these are coveted jobs for north korea and because it's not particularly for them to climb up an economic ladder that is because life is so tough in north korea this salaries and pay is so minimal there that said they were twelve hour shifts six days a week in factories they live in dorms adjacent to the factories and they're under the constant eye minders so they walk between their dormitories in groups they. get one day a week or they go into town and on that day they're minders with them and they
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remain in a group they cook for themselves they keep small gardens at their factories and they're there for two to three years. what would your investigation and how did you go about a tightening the pictures that by the way we've just been seeing and and the documents that you've also published. i have some very courageous and persistent colleagues who spend a good deal of time in this region looking at the factories in late august and early september so we had several different sources telling us that north koreans were indeed processing seafood that ends up in the united states i should backtrack and say that since about twenty fifteen i've been involved in news stories reporting about labor conditions in the seafood sector tracking back to an island of slate in in asia to see if we tracked to the united states and so in this case we said well let's find out if these north koreans who we know are working in along in poland and in construction in russia and even on fishing boats and what
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a guy let's see if in these chinese factories where that seafood ends up and inside some of the factories there actually was packaging from the rape and the supermarket chain as well as germany's all fish branded and using trade in customs export records we were able to show that these factories also shipped to us supermarkets including places like wal-mart or already and i understand that your latest investigation has already caused quite a star in the u.s. wal-mart has reacted to u.s. customs and border protection reviewing the situation tell us exactly what's happening. they actually really are reviewing the situation i just got off a phone call with u.s. customs and border protection who were asking me there is specific questions about the companies and our details and data there is a lot in the united states that says it's illegal to import products that are made by forced labor and in these most recent law that president trying to sign related
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to sanctions they say let's there's going to be a presumption that any north korean working is for in a forced labor situation what that means is that it's illegal now to import anything that is made by a north korean no matter where they're working and what that what that means is it's also a crime and so they're talking about unfortunate law ok martha many many thanks for talking to his mother mendoza joining us from los angeles thank you. after days of tension in spain the tone may now be softening somewhat in the conflict over the autonomy of catalonia the spanish government apologizing for police violence during sunday's an authorized independence referendum in catalonia the police operation in marin member to stop people voting left more than eight hundred people injured is what the spanish government spokesman had to say growth
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will result in most we all know that the security forces were carrying out the judge's order to prevent a vote that was a legal they were acting because the local police had to do so. they went in to prevent voting and not to target voters. don't buy the fact some people did suffer the consequences of that is regrettable. itself there are signs the region's leaders may be inching away from a pledge to declare independence next week the speaker of catalonia regional parliament telling her colleagues in a speech that the cattle and president will answer questions on the turbulent political situation on tuesday she made no mention however of an independence vote . against this backdrop spain's national soccer team has been in action playing a world cup qualifier in qualifying by the way for the well cup in russia on twenty
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eighteen with one of the side's key players share our p.k. a prominent supporter of the catalan cause though there was a clear strain on squad harmony ahead of the game. tough times for spanish football gerard piqué is participation in the catalan independence referendum has met with a furious backlash he said he'd be prepared to step down from the national team now he says he doesn't want to give his critics that satisfaction. quitting now would be giving in to all those people who think the best solution is whistles and insult. them quitting would give the impression they had one and i won't give them that luxury. when i see them as it hasn't been an easy week for anyone politics has been mixed with sport. and i think that was the big mistake. p.k.
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does still have plenty of support and at next year's world cup spain will need experienced players if they are to succeed but the catalan independence issue continues to cast a shadow over the squad. ok let's get more now on this from journalist martin roberts who's in the spanish capital madrid. martin i'd just like to stick with football for a minute spain in action tonight in this world cup qualifier qualifying for next year's world cup there has been as we just saw a lot of controversy surrounding p.k. who is from catalonia he's been booed by national team fans in the past in the recent past what was the story tonight what what happened during the game tonight well i'd say that's a nice games far. when they struck. because in fact towards the end of the game you know he rested and. sons were actually chanting his name in approval and
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again not you know generally don't break because as you say it was a commanding victory and number four to work out next year so. dysfunctional around well i mean football is a very passionate sport martin and you know temple is. quite quickly sometimes football actually entrenches division what you're talk telling us about this evening's game is that actually it's brought people together of course we have people and dress and yesterday the iconic captain of barcelona he was speaking out yesterday again today calling on people to to engage in dialogue or just have a listen to what he had to say today. the lonely got the bottom of this and the only thing that we can hope for is that everything comes down. and we must all be able to live in peace by moving away from the tensions that we all feel the lonely that's what everyone is asking for.
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us then they're going to. martyr i guess the question i'm asking you is is football helping to bring. the spaniards in the catalans together or is it dividing them i would say no you know i think it's just a risk selection and you know that you know passions and tensions are running very high and just how this issue is actually dividing. to learn europe or elsewhere in spain i mean if you look at twitter i mean the reaction. in the asters coverage yesterday and today you know themselves to be very divided about it but he hasn't done enough to condemn the violence. politics. managing it so again very divided and that was in the wider reaction whatsoever martin in the political arena mixed signals today i mean we saw some small steps towards
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a more conciliatory approach you know from the spanish government apologizing for the police violence the word of mediators in barcelona you know are there any signs that the two sides are going to perhaps eventually sit down and talk. well what i think is interesting is that the same government spokesman. just now ologists response on sunday has also reiterated his own worry about the dialogue you decide are. remarkable because i don't think any of the folks recently on the other hand he did. just as it was money under a wholly prime minister of the church has said that national unity demands a referendum then out of a negotiation or he hinted that you know everything else might be so at least we have a chink of light there was absolutely nothing before so you know there is
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a little bit of progress and do we know how that apology from the spanish government was received in catalonia. again. much as with. you know any asters comments. or super independence people said it was too little too late. you know the city probably got too far you know. what the independents what we should be given the concessions again into you know and it's a very divided. over i say that i'm nice you know i was just will reflect what's at least you know some people do see a couple of very small steps in the right direction ok martin many thanks for that martin roberts in madrid. in the u.s. investigators looking into the mass shooting in last vegas say they're still struggling to find
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a motive last sunday you may remember sixty four of stephen paddock shooting dead dozens of people from a high rise hotel room before killing himself the victims of the shooting included music lovers and an aspiring performer. you should be. there with year around me. around in stuart an avid music fan who wanted to be a country singer he was one of the fifty eight people killed at the harvest music festival last sunday. his sister and his best friend are still trying to come to terms with the loss. yet you don't really know. who has it all and real. don't. think it's going to be on a walk in the. across town a vigil for another victim of the mass shooting charleston hartfield was
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a police officer who had attended the festival off duty fifty eight victims fifty eight stories of bereavement. the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history was possible because the gunman stephen paddick had modified his arsenal of weapons with legal so-called bump stocks. these devices allow guns to fire at a rapid rate almost like fully automatic weapons. in the wake of the shooting the trumpet ministration deflected initial calls for tighter gun legislation. but now the chiefs of the national rifle association have released a statement in a surprise concession for an organization that famously opposes any hint of new restrictions it calls for a federal review of bomb stocks that make rapid fire easy with semiautomatic weapons. moments after the white house press secretary praised the announcement.
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that afternoon members of both parties in multiple organizations are planning to take a look at the stocks and related devices we certainly welcome that would like to be part of that conversation. but the organization that the n.r.a. wants to talk with handling the bomb stock issue is the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms a move that has already been interpreted by some as a strategy to keep the issue out of congress and avoid any more sweeping gun controls. in a country where since the attack on sunday at least eighty seven people have been killed by firearms the n.r.a. is proposal is a far cry from corrective action. a hair raising experience during yesterday's storm here in germany for the passengers of this emirates flight landing it doesn't offer airport it looked as though it was
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touching down perfectly but. it was caught by a powerful cross wind lurching precariously as you can see across the runway before its pilots then brought it back under control plane enthusiastic cargo spotter recording the footage and publishing it on his you tube channel to them praised the skills of the pockets and coping with the turbulence. well be back. thanks for watching this program from all of us here in berlin have a very good we can. already checked go. duramax looks at winter fashion trends. designers are rediscovering some traditional. what will the style see
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