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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 3:03am-3:15am CEST

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nairobi marches also took place in other major cities the demonstrators are calling for the dismissal of electoral board officials involved in last august's election the presidential vote rerun is now just three weeks away. at. independence at what cost asked catalonia pushes to break away from spain economists are fearing interest rates will soar and foreign investors will pull out of the region also south africa's cape town is suffering from a dire water shortage amid the worst drought in over a century and a saudi women are eagerly anticipating the drive car dealers are just as
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impatiently awaiting a brand new group of customers. this is a business i'm christopher welcome the harder catalonia pushes for independence the more jittery the region's business community is getting now ratings agency fitch has warned it may downgrade catalonia sovereign debt rating that just one day after s. and p. issued a similar warning now the government in madrid has passed a degree helping companies shift their legal headquarters out of catalonia. catalonia spain's most well off region ten of the country's forty six saving banks headquartered here but for how long some businesses have already voted with their feet bank is the country's third largest lender it announced on friday it will move its headquarters from barcelona to valencia and it's not the only one saturday spain's fifth largest bank has already got the movies in its new headquarters will
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be in an accounting on the east coast analysts say the unknown surrounding the region's future when the stakes are high likely they're going to judge us by the list of all of spanish bonds a rise in interest rates an increase in the risk premium and the possible hole to foreign investments in catalonia and spain other consequences of the risk posed by the political and economic situation they were just approved in the. and here at barcelona industry week companies with operations in catalonia have been expressing their concerns. not knowing the future of catalonia whether it will be inside or outside of spain makes entrepreneurs think carefully about their companies but there's a lot of what you will always go in the safest direction. no one was. able to catalonia accounts for a fifth of spain's economy but financial markets have been shaken this week by
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fears that secession would undermine the euro zone's fourth biggest economy dealing a heavy blow to spain's finances and sending the catalan economy into a tailspin. to the united states and a mixed picture for the u.s. economy which shed thirty three thousand jobs in september the labor department blaming those losses on harkins irma and harvey which hit the south of the u.s. a few weeks ago a key indicator of the country's economic fortunes wage growth is picking up workers are on average being paid about three percent more compared with last year which is faster growth than analysts expected. and for more let's cross over the wall street and our markets man yes yes what did investors focus on today the weaker job data or the growth in wages. well to be honest neither nor because the september was an exception not the norm was the hurrican.
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and harvey that caused a lot of destruction and yes in general it's a good sign that wages are increasing but that is probably because of those hurricanes effect that most of the. labor jobs and those are less paid and therefore you can't really read too much out of the wage growth either overall the economy seems to be rather strong during that week we got a good report from the manufacturing area from the u.s. car industry so at the end of the week this jobs report didn't really count that much and say every asian juggernaut boeing is beefing up its investments in antonymous and electric hybrid planes tell us more. well we are talking so much about driverless cars and boeing seems to be one step ahead or. agreed to by flight sciences and that company
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is specialized in drone drones and in pilot flying systems they already have a partnership going on with over so boeing now getting into this area was pilotless flight systems and we can expect that a lot more money will now flow into that area yet scored in new york thank you. cape town in south africa has for months been in the grip of what some call the worst drought in over a century authorities are trying to make people more aware about water saving no carwashes pools remain empty showers need to be shorter less frequent and the water is to be reused. in cape town tourists are having to save water as well at this hotel shower water is collected in buckets. as is the dirty water from washing machines faced with drought hotels in cape town are trying to be practical soapy
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water for the plants is better than no water at all but with two and a half million tourists visiting cape town every year hotels are also the largest water consumers in the city and the current water scarcity is hitting the poorest the most. is the local every time they cut the water off i'm shocked they don't even tell me before they do it what can i do i need water for the children to cook and wash. the region is experiencing the worst drought in more than a century. the rainy season came but with little relief the water was not enough to replenish the dams and it's a worrying weather pattern that looks set to continue. even in twenty fourteen the dams in cape town were only seventy three percent full and the water volume has been decreasing since then this year the dams were only twenty percent full and at the end of the rainy season the dams were only slightly more full than during the
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drought the previous year. cape town plans to invest almost twenty five million euros over the next two years to improve its work to pipelines which still cause a lot of water to be lost but they say loan will not be enough. for some more analysis let's bring in philip the veteran drabness burke is a correspondent for the mail on the garden newspapers philip this drought has been going on for months so how are people coping with the constant shortage of water. well not securely well ok so it's years struggling and suffering significantly not only on the personal level we see trouble in the baby factory sick too it seems trouble in the agricultural sector and of course the drought also extends over the larger parts of the country into the eastern cape which is quite dependent on agriculture into the northern cape which is quite thin that's an agriculture and we have not found the ways to cope with that just like it or not what's taken amik
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tall this drought has taken so far. it's hard to tell we know that tens of thousands of jobs have been lost already just how media is hard to count somewhere between twenty and forty thousand people have already lost their jobs we know that upwards of ninety percent of businesses in their waist and cape that is across services manufacturing agricultural ninety percent of those businesses a sighting is a number one concern at the moment the world situation approximately fifty percent of south africa's total agricultural exports which of sites will explode for us come from the waste and most of those and districts now and that's of course before the dams dry out its entirety not speaking of the dams the mayor of cape town says the day when all the dams will be unusable daisy for that matter is just six months away are authorities doing enough to prevent the scenario. not as
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such what's in place at the moment of issues such as reducing the pressure of the rule to reduce leakage just to very closely monitor and pieces find people who don't stick to the water restrictions but we know that that is not enough we know that ciro day is approaching so the plans that are being made at the moment is where exactly to situate looks at dam post how many soldiers you will need to protect those day posts and then how to manage the lines when people come with buckets to to collect the data direction of what. for the bed and janice byrne thank you so much for your insight. from south africa saudi arabia where the ban on women behind the whale has finally been lifted for women it means more freedom for car dealers it means an important new market has opened up and female motorists just might pick my pick out their personal ride at the riyadh motor show the luxury motor show which runs through sunday. saudi women
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behind the wheel a grabbing hold of a long awaited freedom and call make as a grabbing the opportunity to sell cars to a new market this is a luxury motor show in riyadh and for the first time women have come to check out the cars they want to drive i came today to exhibitions i'm very excited after the king and also when i like to drive so i said i'm going to come look for my future car after that the end of it. yet i've come to choose the car that suits me but i'm planning on visiting all of the sections of this exhibition to make sure that i find the right car. the companies have office today and they will provide us with driver training as well i am of the african american ear discerning customers eager to sit in the driving seat but first they will need licenses there have been concerns that backlash to the reform means women could be deliberately failed in
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tests the government has pledged to enforce the law by any means necessary and setting up women only driving schools still it seems that brand representatives here have mastered the sales pitch. we are ok with the decision and like to live in the society and also in business wise guys that would. business of the boss had a lot of market. analysts say the arrival of women drivers could lift saudi cost sales by fifteen to twenty percent annually but for women this is just one gay shift on the road to equality. and one that was long overdue of our supper program from all business no simply follow us on facebook or twitter for now thanks for watching and have a great weekend. this
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month as germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders on some we must overcome it.


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