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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin thousands take to the streets of spain to demanded unity there are demonstrations in barcelona with people wearing white t. shirts. in a call for peaceful dialogue and in madrid
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a sea of spanish flags flood the capital we'll have the latest from our correspondent also coming up. in the united states people on the gulf coast prepare as hurricane it bears down on them the category one hurricane is expected to make landfall later today after causing more than twenty deaths across central america. and in german soccer you're picas returns to byron munich for a fourth time he's taking over as head coach of the bundesliga powerhouse until the end of the season. hello and welcome i'm michel henery it's good to have you with us massive demonstrations are happening in spain's biggest cities right now as the tussle over catalonia independence moves onto the streets and barcelona thousands of people
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wearing white have been gathering near the mayor's office to call for dialogue between supporters and opponents of independence production. at the same time people for spanish unity have flocked to the center of the spanish capital much red . d.w. correspondent funny for chart is unfortunate for us funny your the four flu rally right now can you tell us what's happening. right the demonstrations i actually just about two of spain asia people of course are still gathering in front of the mayor's office not just here by the way in barcelona but in many other parts of cross the country because this was basically that in the meaning of this entire demonstration is to call for peace to call for dialogue of people who have been talking to say that they are abstract about the fact that they feel they could be taken sort of like politically hosted you know way by the situation by defined exchanges between barcelona and like this and they didn't want they don't want to
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happen at the same time when the demonstrations started just one hour ago people said we don't want to have any political message we want to have a dialogue and peace as food but as a demonstration continued people started chanting the catalonian government must resign so they are for the crowd it's pretty much done what changing towards a enchant i in depend this movement here and also they say if you're against any form of nationalism. and help out in madrid we're also seeing thousands of people on the streets there what do spanish unionists want. that demonstration in madrid had a clear political message and that is unity that's saying must remain as it is and it should not be divided so that that the are anti independence movement now is the problem it could be ever growing and had been clear out all still as to start to
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take to the streets close to the anti independence movement and they could possibly flash but at this point for your interest alone not but also very much for this thing r t school as it hopefully remains pretty cool because most people here are worried about the violence and they just hope that this entire situation this does will be resold in a very peaceful way. you say that these rallies are peaceful but could think deep into spain's political divisions. if you look at a recent poll about fifteen percent only of all sign your unilateral independence now that number forty tired you only look at the reach of cuts alone and not a basic a has not changed in the course of the week cuts alone yet is divided over this question about their independence is the way but just some people who has think that after the referendum race after this violent crackdown took place even
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if they have not supported independence before you know they are going to so there is a divide there is a rift at the low and yet but as i say that has existed before the question rather is now how the political parties involved here barcelona and madrid are going to try to find a way out of the other so that neither one of them is losing sort of their political side. twenty are supporters and opponents of independence still on a collision course with a declaration of independence still possible on tuesday. that's the big question because nobody really knows what. actually going to happen if you say. that people didn't have enough say a declaration of independence just yes one other thing like the president all got to know when you're president which democracy thing you want to have a quote about the current politics or to change without mentioning the word
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mentioning the declaration of independence also have been some reaching out from think about that either side of the up or not but a mile in the top and on a sunday so the picture right now is to call our getting in one current bottle and the other on their own the whole nation if i have to put on some sort of upgrade your d.d. is not of but everything is possible on tuesday or even they start because already the country rushing to declare independence i think will go on from monday to say it's really unclear what happens if you stay and watch come to the what you can do and what you have on the president about the money is going to die or not stay on. sunday for charm barcelona thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news from around the world child russian opposition leader alexeyevna volunteer has called for nationwide protests to mark president vladimir putin's birthday today and on the a serving twenty days in
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prison after losing his appeal on charges of organizing an authorized public rally as a potential rival in russia's upcoming twenty eight thousand election of all these legal troubles may prevent him from getting on next year's ballot. the top administration has rolled back and obamacare provision that requires employee health plans to cover contraception as preventive care for women employers will now be able to opt out of providing no cost birth control on religious or moral grounds as the sea groups plan to sue to block the new rules. speaking to the youth wing of her conservative c.d.u. party interest in german chancellor angela merkel laid out her vision for the party for her fourth term in office merkel is under pressure after the success of the far right alternative for germany which came in third in national elections there are calls from within the c.d.u. to address its credibility image on migration merkel also announced talks with the
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pro-business free democrats and the greens to form a ruling coalition. for more let's cross live to correspondent rupert vader vald what was the focus of merkel's speech today any surprises. well clearly focused of course on the band election results two weeks ago saying that the result in the end wasn't so bad at all saying that the c.d.u. and sees you parties are too conservative pontius together reached all their strategical goals especially of both parties form the biggest parliamentary party in parliament saying she said that no government could be formed against her parties and said this should be taking into account too although she said that she she said she herself was also shocked that policy how to last eight percentage points during the election. the the use the organisation of c.d.u. c.s.u.
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the you know in your own today was quite ambivalent in taking this in there was of course quite a lot of applause for a party leader and chancellor angela merkel but there also was protest people holding up signs saying stop migration drop consequences out of the election result but in the end this protest was rather well behaved it was only one insists saying it again in one person who said uncle america needs to step back anyone else talking to angola markel first and then there was a little criticism but the criticism is there but only where a little. just how much pressure would you say is merkel and her party under because of the surge the support for the far right and left. well the pressure of course is rather high especially coming from the more conservative sees you sister party this is the party that that that that is exclusively in the very i see is you
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house called for a maximum number of refugees coming into germany for quite a while now but i'm glad merkel today said again this is not this won't be coming at all this shouldn't this wouldn't be possible especially if the c.d.u. n.c.d.c. would form a coalition with the center left green party and the free market liberals of the f.t.p. and so so this pressure is there but also have something on offer for a critics saying or saying that the result of the call coalition talks should be approved by the poppy members on the special party convention after the talks and this is something very new to the c.d.u. unseasoned thank you robert fate of all. hurricane name is gathering strength as it barrels towards the u.s. gulf coast with high winds and warnings of storm surges louisiana is one of the u.s. states in its path with the main city of new orleans bracing itself for
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a direct hit the deadly storm has strengthened to a category one hurricane. earlier made landfall and central america killing more than twenty people here's more once again u.s. residents are bracing for another here again that is about to hit the country. in the city of new orleans residents are stockpiling supplies in the fear that here a canadian could directly hit the biggest city in the state of louisiana. houses gone up three feet in. the paragraph nate can't be underestimated even if it's the weakest hurricane on a five category scale in nicaragua houses and boats are wrecked and people are left with a heavy deluge to cope with. where there was serious damage with lost everything food clothes we don't have water besides the rain that is falling down
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on us there are children dying my mom is eighty five years old she doesn't have anywhere to sleep will stay. erica nate has also devastated all of the countries in central america including costa rica one douras. back in new orleans some nearby coastal areas have already received evacuation orders as the storm moves to see us. but its mayor reassured residents there is no need to panic they show you in the public that we are very well prepared we have a great game of first responders and organizers we have been through this many many times before and we are ready for whatever nate brings our way the calm before the storm but that could soon change as they get closer. formula one news now and lewis hamilton will start and pole position at this weekend's japanese
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grand prix hamilton set the fastest ever lap at this is aka track to qualify in first place in japan for the first time in his career sebastian vettel will start beside hamilton on the front row the german driver is currently thirty four points behind hamilton in the drivers' championship with five races left to run this season. to football and spain have booked their place at next year's world cup in russia spain beat alabama three nil and cannot be caught at the top of the group italy could only manage a draw they go into the playoffs things are tight group serbia still remain on top despite their loss to austria but both wales and ireland could still sing as top of the group after their victories and goodbye iceland go talk after their impressive win in turkey courageous look back after drawing at home to finland and ukraine also still have a chance to qualify after their win. in the bundesliga byron munich have appointed your kind as their new coach this immaterial this coming out of retirement and i
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signed a contract until the end of the season its fourth time in charge at buyer. has retired from coaching in two thousand and thirteen and he went out on a high as one the travel with by at the champions league the bonus league and the german cup. his good friend by a president who missed played a big role in convincing him to come out of retirement many of the players know hank is from his last time in charge and they're happy to see him come back. they can feel it he knows a lot of the guys and he has huge experience he's a great coach and really understands the players i think he'll give the team a boost and make us better. i guess we'll take over training on monday and stay until the end of the season given by in munich time to find a suitable successor. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you and spain demonstrators in
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a sea of white have been pushing for peaceful dialogue on the streets of parcel and in the capital madrid thousands campaigned for unity over the catalan referendum it remains unclear whether catalonia still plans to declare independence from spain in the days ahead. you're watching news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our website that's dot com thanks for joining us. what does a foot. bowling loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german
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soccer made it back to the top. in our web special w dot com. football made in germany. sustainable protection for the earth ideas designed to preserve our ecosystems they exist around the world. global ideas takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. d w dot com slash global ideals. of the. following the controversial referendum protest is on the streets of boston want to see councillor mia become independent a soon as possible
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. the vast majority of voters hope to break away from spain but in the past week the political situation has been desperate. separation could have consequences for the spanish economy without catalonia spain would lose around a fifth of its economic power the car manufacturers say outproduce is in catalonia and the region also has a strong chemical and pharmaceutical industry. invest as a rattles. on the matrix stock exchange prices continue to slide more than three hundred points have shed over the past week. just a becoming year at my c.s. he said this independence attempt isn't getting done well. in media. but what i meant in the ninety's your sense and population was how shall i not simply go home . ignoring of income. independence may not be plain sailing for catalonia as
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economy if companies based that are not facts on the region. the spanish bank bank based in barcelona and bank have already announced plans to leave. both are worried about losing access to the euro zone and funds from the european central bank. german companies with branches in catalonia could also follow suit. there are five hundred of them and they've been given this advice. pantheons put any potential expansion plans on meeting and see bones in the coming weeks and for us to see in its own way this one is about to have a few other locations around within the. person on your own when you are coming into the market is dicey in the parish has been marked to see from cent to list. the spanish government in madrid also knows this on thursday
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evening they said they want to make it easier for companies to establish new sites in spain. patients at the european commission is running thin island's government is in trouble for failing to collect taxes from us giant apple. the e.u. competition commission announced that brussels will take ireland to court. here ago the commission decision. requiring ireland to recover up to thirteen billion euros. from apple. however ireland has still not recovered any money not even in part. apple is currently appealing the case it argues that the revenues in question a subject to u.s. tax rules instead. meanwhile luxembourg was also singled out by the commissioner on wednesday with the ruling that it has granted online shopping giant
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amazon un to tax benefits for the past eight years leaving around three quarters of its profits on taxed. it was not justified and this is now has to repay the tax benefit worth around two hundred fifty million euro's plus interest the commission's position is clear it states that no matter your flag or ownership paying your taxes is part of doing business in the european union. british airline monaco has gone bankrupt following alitalia and it's the third major european airline to collapse this year. the message came early on monday a shock to many holiday makers over one hundred thousand tourists a stranded many in the mediterranean. the government is vowing to bring them home
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in what it calls the country's biggest ever peacetime repatriation we expect the vast vast majority of one hundred ten thousand. passengers who are currently on holiday with monarch to to come back to the u.k. within the next two weeks not exactly what is expected. britain's fifth biggest airline had struggled with losses but hoped to turn things around with orders for boeing's latest seven three seven planes and a cost cutting program. bankruptcy remus worlds last year but that monaco was able to draw a new line of credit now that it's gone so is the airline. well the decision really was otoh for continued losses losses been sustained for quite some time forecast to continue mainly as a result of depressed prices in the market overcapacity in the short haul market as many priests have been depressed for some time. britain's transport minister says other airlines have plans to quickly hire a monarch stuff. but that's little consolation for the three hundred thousand
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people who helped tickets to fly a monarch. they won't be going anywhere. and now an overview of other major topics the federation of german industries has borne german companies in britain to prepare for a heartbreak said not doing so would be quite naive since the negotiations so far have made very little progress. they say to reason mais government lacks a clear policy and if britain leaves the e.u. without proper plans in place that we devastating consequences for everyone involved britain is germany's biggest european export market for cars b.m.w. operates many plants in the country. inflation is again on the rise in turkey state officials say the annualized rate rose to eleven point two percent in september and it could climb further according to analysts rising exports in fiscal
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stimulus a feast of the turkish economy which has lifted consumer spending that means upward pressure on the cost of goods president had once said in a speech the high inflation is a problem and that he expected the central bank to act. a u.s. senate panel has given the green light for south driving cars the senators have called for uniform nationwide regulations. this new bellwether lao call micah's like general motors ford and the google parent company alphabet to each so up to eighty thousand south driving cars every year if they're proven to be safe. the full senate must take up the bill before it becomes law. top wall street bank goldman sachs could become the first major firm to start trading in coins big investors have apparently shown a keen interest in the digital currency sources say goldman would likely create
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a team to trade the currencies much as it already trades heroes and treasury bonds such i mean if would be a breakthrough for the cyber currency. huge quantities of change and no longer in circulation in germany over eleven billion one cent coins have been produced in the country but eighty percent of them by the bin hold it according to the government the two cent coin has seen a similar fate cent coins totaling two hundred twenty million euros are no longer being used in transactions and critics say making the coins is a waste of metal five euro zone countries have already scrapped the small coins including italy all prices around it to the nearest five cents. in iran the overwhelming bulk of freight is transported by road traffic jams a normal especially around the iranian capital the eighteen million residents in the terran metropolitan region on the automobile industry which is based here have
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a huge appetite for brawn materials. but reza carry the head of the region's state run railway says there's an alternative he's talking about the eleven thousand kilometers of railway rates that cross around. goal is to meet thirty percent of freight by rail. a long way from the. moment just over ten percent. if we're going to braise that we have to improve all aspects of our rail about restructure. in african just south of tehran the two most important railway lines in the middle east cross each other. one runs from the port of a pass on the persian gulf in the south to azerbaijan in the north the other runs east west from afghanistan to iraq. the swiss trans invest logistics create wants to invest thirty million u.s.
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dollars in the next two and a half years to build the country's most modern freight hub covering an area the size of eighty football fields. we are planning to build dry ports here. like you come to new york here for the full country you know n.p. country know what's up because we're moving by proxy no we are planning. the shipment by crane from the species from the band. by train because it's more economy and that it's. more there. to get long distance freight moving faster at lower cost reza chicanery sees rail is the only practical solution but he says iran needs european logistical experience to make this happen that experience is being brought in by private investors. this kind of foreign private investment is a massive health. committee and would like to see more of it and we're trying to
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remove hurdles so that things can be done. up until now our print has seen traffic of between six hundred and twelve hundred goods wagons a day when the new freight terminal is completed kerry is expecting many times that number. germany's twenty seventeen wind has been praised but harvests a twenty percent lower than usual late frost and some hail storms about to blame. it's claimed that climate change in extreme weather mean different conditions in individual growing areas with a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean everybody juicer was down twenty percent in most the producers in the regions of reflected differently. but the three largest wine producing areas in the country brian has the pattern night and bolt and each so drops of about twenty percent from the year before the few gains
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came mostly from the east. germany's numbers are comparable to overall declines in europe italy and france are also reporting much lower grade. but the quality of this year's grapes is better say the wine makers thanks in part to late september sunshine but business point be easy for them between it's a big challenge for individual produce and. don't lose money no question the prize because international competition is to face for them to raise prices including you out of it of course. he's still a fan of the twenty seven thousand i am not so we can review. the ways at full speed. was. always
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shining. but always on the. mobility today and in the future. or i mean gold jade from my a mug and emeralds from afghanistan. gems with billions of euros are extracted from the earth every year. to trade as it's a profitable business. a minus it's a dangerous job that barely paints and living wage global three thousand and sixty minutes on d w. we take personally. with all of the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all
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true fans for. more than football on line. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire us. africa. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. has new multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. hello and welcome to drive with a v.w.
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car show coming up a sporty looking compact s.u.v. than his son mismo r s. a compact car that's great for young people the midst of bishi space star plus the new save the beads. after four generations and more than five point four million units sold the new say id beats a has been thoroughly revamped but that doesn't absolutely have to mean improved let's have a look at what the spanish car makers come up with. a car test to remind while shaffer knows the c.a.v. beats has always been a practical everyday car partly because it's so compact the fifth generation has grown a bit larger though now we'll see if it's got what it takes to carry on the even. it's a success story. at three point six five meters long and one point six wide the first deviates in one thousand nine hundred four was noticeably smaller than this one
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which adds nearly forty centimeters in length and about twenty seven meters of with but the engines have barely changed in size the first generation ranging from zero point nine to one point seven leaders in the current one from one to one and a half in performance and consumption on the other hand have been greatly improved format later. the new way beats is built on volkswagens and q b a zero platform but the design language is a close dialect of the one spoken by big brother leon sharply defined contours and tapered forms predominate. unlike previous generations this is available only in a five door version. sculptured ribs and lines run along the entire length.
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of the rear gives a tight crisp impression with a hint of the first generations jetting taillights position to the outside. the frame and i was quite pleased with the interior the occupants benefit from the greater with and it has more space in general so passenger and driver don't end up climbing all over each other or with a manual likes the accents with colors matching the exterior paint also thinks of the way the buttons wear the infotainment system are integrated into the glass surface look smart and they're easy to operate one to. the platform allows for the evades to be fitted with technical features and assistance systems previously seen only in the upper vehicle range like this say at leon or the. a taken such as for instance the radar obstacle standing front assist with city emergency braking the adaptive cruise control and state of the art
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parking sensors with a rear view camera. takeoff along with emmanuel points out that the beaches cargo space holds from three hundred fifty five to one thousand one hundred sixty five leaders so even with the rear seat up you've still got room for a large suitcase and several smaller banks a line of six engines are available for the beats and the one leader t.s.i. in the car we tested can reach a top speed of one hundred ninety five kilometers per hour average consumption is factory rated at four point seven leaders per one hundred kilometers. that the amount to a finks the one liter ts size output of eighty five kilowatts is ideal for a car like this not too much and not too little it's zippy and excel arrays nicely out of the curves it's very nimble while keeping fuel consumption at a moderate level or how top the one one with all. the first generation he beats
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had tormented potential buyers who have an intimidating choice of fourteen trim levels the current generation is cut that down to a soothing weak manageable five saving time and stress. then i meet him and i will seize the new each with its larger dimensions an additional space and as a good vehicle for every day getting around to the thought it with two or four occupants of it with the rear seat up or down it's all no problem of course it won't fit into the really tight parking spots and i'm more like gets credit says there's did a lot but it's a good car for getting around town all finished out. the new a beach this starts at twelve thousand four hundred ninety year olds in germany a bigger engine and some options can swiftly push that total up the un twenty five thousand euros. the nuisance you is an unusual crossover s.u.v.
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for city driving and it will definitely attracted tension but that ucas more than an urban eye catcher it has special intrinsic qualities it's a sophisticated version of the nice small shorthorn isaan motor sport and this car calls for a driver who can make full use of its potential. s.u.v. on crowd tester on debates in a month says issue of easing crossovers are still the most popular segment in the car market but until now there are only sporty derivatives have come from market manufactures by doubting abortion now there's nissen's jude mismo s s. the motor sport enthusiasm and this will have managed to squeeze one hundred sixty kilowatts out of the rather small one point six liter turbo charged direct fuel injection engine that's enough for a top speed of two hundred twenty kilometers an hour the car we're testing starts at twenty eight thousand six hundred five euros in germany.
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and andre says that the specs of the jug mismo indicate that this car might not be much fun to drive but sit down and feel the power and the increase and boost pressure and think again the higher the r.p.m. the more the jukes storms ahead and presses you back in your seat andre says this car is lots of fun after wrong and. the appearance of the normal juke is anything but reserved the top of the line model oh so most mismo badging and details with red accents. six. a. day in and under a hedge divided opinions about the jukes interior doesn't care much for the basic
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jukes of what he does like how the newest model has been jazzed up stairs else in the snow but i'm not going to tar a leather on the steering wheel and ricardo sports sheets that provide plenty of collateral stability that you've mesmo can definitely be called a sportscar but it's a duck but i'm sure he says having the air conditioning control panel right next to the drive mode selector by all means take some getting used to he thanks me i should have been integrated here in the sat nav he also like to see i'm a log estimates for boost pressure and oil temperature on the dashboard that. the instruments to have badging and bright red accents. thanks. thanks. to the new small has its own special exhaust system that produces a sporty rumble. that's
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particular andre says the new small are as a suspension takes advantage of the suspension travel that's typical of a crossover and that makes the car more comfortable than a normal sports car at a disadvantage the car slides and sways a bit more by increasing the jukes tendency to understeer but you can use that to your advantage when you break going into a curve and shift most of the car's weight onto the outside front wheel that minimizes the understeering and you get around the curve more effectively than you come and that's on top start on the piano but done company effective on the call. along with a suspension adjustment that's mandatory in a sports model our vehicle as front wheel drive and a differential lock as an alternative in this mode you car is comes with all wheel drive and an automatic. transmission which eliminates understeering by better distributing torque to the rear axle.
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andre says that for decades and this mill has built its reputation with unbeatable touring cars and success on the north loop with a nearby growing racetrack the competition didn't have a clue but the joke in a small are as poses less of a threat both volkswagen as say i could use modular production to easily come up with a sporty s.u.v. with the two hundred twenty kilowatts and all wheel drive and all still andre says that his small r s is a worthy sports car and quite a challenge when it comes to price. out he unveils the new top of the line a for model the are as for avant this car can go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just four point one seconds it's got a v. six by turbo engine that boasts of power output of three hundred thirty one kilowatts and a maximum torque of six hundred nude meters the quatro drive system comes standard
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with this car as four is due to hit show rooms in germany and early twenty eight hundred suggested price nearly eighty thousand euros. renault unveils its first pick up to sign for the european market the alaskan it's a one ton vehicle with a huge cargo area and solid construction that makes it perfect for off road travel and all kinds of truck jumps the alaskan is powered by a powerful common rail diesel engine with a two point three leader displacement and a capacity of either one hundred twenty or one hundred forty kilowatts. mitsubishi is celebrating its one hundredth anniversary as an automaker by coming out with a special edition one hundred of the speed. star multipurpose vehicle in one thousand nine hundred seventeen mitsubishi introduced the model a japan's first
2:13 pm
series production car since then the core of the company's output has been small family friendly vehicles the sixth generation space star is primarily aimed at younger drivers and auto tester in his paper he says the space star is an ideal first car for a novice drivers the name implies that there's lots of room inside now enos is going to take a look at some of the cars other advantages. she likes the stylish design the radiator grille has a three d. design the dynamic accents on the front end include distinctively shaped edges and curves on the hood. and a big chrome bar on the rear skirt. the speed star is three point eight meters long the extras on the edition one hundred plus model include these cool how the wheels. optional sensors
2:14 pm
make parking a breeze in the back there's a roof spoiler with an integrated brake like. the space star is powered by a three cylinder gasoline powered engine with a displacement of either one or one point two leaders the engine has a maximum torque of four thousand r.p.m. this vehicle is perfect for his zipping around in city traffic. or in his testing a space star with the more powerful of the two engine options it's not a high powered vehicle but it can hold its own on the freeway. enos doesn't care much for the clutch pedal though because it's hard to. figure out how it works at first and it has kind of a spongy feeling that could be difficult for younger drivers to deal with. the
2:15 pm
stuff that the fit of. the species still are does not offer a particularly dynamic driving experience on the other hand it doesn't use much fuel we didn't get the four point three leaders per one hundred kilometers that the manufacturer promises our test model came in at five leaders but that's still pretty fish. the chrome and the polish piano lacquer on the steering wheel and the fixtures give the interior a classy look in contrast to the hard plastic that seems to be just about everywhere . younger drivers will appreciate the smartphone access. and the space start comes complete with heated seats in front. and a lot of enos like the car's electrically powered retractable roof. that
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makes the vehicle feel like a convertible and that's particularly nice on sunny days on. the bottom line is that the mitsubishi space there is a comfortable vehicle that's easy to drive. and in his points out that younger drivers are often intimidated by mountainous terrain mitsubishi deals with that in this car by having a holder technology which keeps the vehicle from sliding backward when the brake pedal is released and that one of the not. over all the space stars design is uncluttered. this indicator on the dashboard shows which driving mode is being used.
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car. this is the seats in the front are quite comfortable and. there's enough room in the back to seat one adult comfortably but only for short hops pharmacology says of the four pedals are easy to reach what adults should test sit in this car first because you can't move the driver's seat back further than this one. you can also raise the driver's seat and that's unusual for an economy car but they're still not much head room. on the other hand there's lots of room in the trunk. you can make more room by folding over the rear seats.
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them it's obscene is says that the mitsubishi space store has a lot to offer younger drivers it's a good first car it doesn't use a lot of fuel and it's fun to drive even more experienced drivers will discover that this is a solid vehicle that delivers the goods and it's not going to make your heart skip a beat when you take it out on the road ahead can. a kind of a couple. card tester montas career out is driving a vehicle that's hard to overlook or to categorize the mercedes benz v. class from a distance it looks like a transporter but diameters transporter the veto has little in common with this vehicle so what kind of a car is the v. . got into the luxury truck mobile conference room office the v two fifty
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d is many thinks it's impressive and comfortable to drive there that present to see if they have a cream so far. the car we're testing is the new top of the v. class line it boasts a powerful one hundred forty kilowatt engine and a lavishly appointed interior. into existence mantis is the exclusive package of the addition special model has just about everything that's available for the reclast. common fine leather. a decorative seam on the dashboard it's exquisite there's even air conditioning for the seats. there are six or eight seats by the way another distinctive feature is the glass an ihram a sunroof that slides open at the push of a button. too bad that the driver and front passenger don't benefit from his
2:20 pm
feature stuff and not. the car has the sort of agile handling that you'd expect from a v. class model it's five point one four metres long and has a turning radius of eleven point eight metres which is very tight. i think this points out that those numbers are only applied to the rear wheel drive model of the class is also available with the formatting all wheel drive and it's. turning radius is notably greater. with a height of one point nine meters in a with the more than two meters the v. class is anything but decoratively dainty. the swept grille and ornate front skirt can change that but the v two fifty doesn't look clunky especially with the optional am she styling package which includes a slide rocker panel. a revised rear bumper and on top a roof edge spoiler to bad the styling stops where people can't see it. the hinges
2:21 pm
of the electric hatchback could have been designed more attractively. the panoramas sunroof gives the car a special feel and when it's open it lets in plenty of fresh air. the optional table is quite practical it can be shifted around and folded out you can also order rear seat drink holders. the seats can't be swiveled like in some competing models but they can be clipped into face forward or backward or for more space they can be removed. the exclusivity quitman package comes with the middle console you don't really need it but it does offer a useful two hundred twenty will the electric socket. the
2:22 pm
manufacturer claims fuel consumption is just six leaders of diesel per one hundred kilometers but we needed three more with a car that weighs two point five tons and has a maximum weight of more than three tons bads hardly surprising compared with other vehicles that have far less utility value this is acceptable over. tester really likes this vehicle. as it's good i think it's meant to says the two fifty has just about everything you could want including air conditioning and heating for the seats adaptive cruise control and optional lane departure warning system and blind spot assist in the mirrors everything is so electrically powered including the left and right sliding doors and the hatchback that martha's is pleased with the overall package he calls it a very elegant vehicle that has high use value it can be configured to provide
2:23 pm
a mix of passenger seats and cargo space. this is very impressed with his v. class car but it is poorly defined it's on funding the focus. plenty of space makes the skoda octavia scout station wagon a true family car all wheel drive makes it a great operator too and gives it a more solid safer feel and greatly improves traction when it's needed the scout stands three centimeters higher than a regular octavius station wagon. business card test of a whole dyson over recalls had volkswagen took over skoda back in one thousand nine hundred one planning to round out their model range at the lower end with sturdy dependable and affordable cars but some equipment versions were reserved for v.w. use now that's changed skoda has come to stand for comfortably spacious cars good
2:24 pm
design and cutting edge assisted systems this one for example has radar guided cruise control that automatically maintains a safe distance from the car ahead he says the aisle cantarell leather seats give the interior a touch of luxury while an intelligent light assist make sure on coming traffic isn't blinded by your high beams at night and that. the interior leaves a generally good impression the center console is tidy trimmed in piano black and forms a suitable frame for scott his famous infotainment system. the three spokes steering wheel eyes comfortably in the driver's hands as in other skoda models the instruments are up to date and easy to read. skoda offers only one trim level for its octavius scout station wagon and the
2:25 pm
silver colored underbody protection in back in front gives it a robust off roader look. i hope says the octavia scout station wagon drives like a v.w. and would be a good alternative to the golf i'll track it's not only twelve centimeters longer which amounts to more room for both the back seat and the cargo space but it also is for about two thousand euros less than the old track. on the subject of cargo space this one provides six hundred sixty seven leaders. the tail lights have the c. shape typical o. skoda s. . the two point six eight meter wheel basically was enough room inside for all occupants to ride in comfort wherever they're sitting the front has been completely redone the new grille this quite a bit wider than its predecessors the logo graces every imaginable spot almost like
2:26 pm
an eagle scouts collection of badges. last week that you know i know points out the octavius counts driving mode selectors a press of a button tells the scouts whether it's on regular pavement words very comfortable for long hauls. or on rough terrain. one gasoline powered. three diesel engines are available for the scout our test car has the strongest diesel coupled with a six speed d.s.t. transmission it cuts a very decent figure on rough terrain with its one hundred thirty five kilowatt output and all wheel drive with a top speed of two hundred one thousand kilometers per hour and in a ray of safety systems it will get you where you're going swiftly and safely. it's not like lionel has two points he would criticize one at the sat nav take some
2:27 pm
time getting booted and two this is spent could be a bit more comfortable but that's all. next time i drive it we test the exciting new as you leave from pia the stunning. and out he shows off his car and it's driving team ahead of the upcoming formula even racing season.
2:28 pm
green gold jade from miami and emeralds from afghanistan.
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