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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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we are who we are that's up to us for what we are we're a family i believe in. me a send me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin people across russia have been taking to the streets today calling for jailed opposition leader alexei now bound need to be allowed to run for president there were violent scenes in st petersburg as police intervened more than a hundred protesters across the country have been arrested we'll go live to some
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petersburg for more. also on this program. thousands rally on the streets of spain calling on spanish in catalan leaders to end months of silence and talk to each other over catalonia is bad for independence we'll have the latest on spain's worst political crisis in decades. and lewis hamilton claims pole position of the japanese grand prix in says zucker the most sadie's driver well on track to claim his fourth career championship with just five races left. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us it's been a day of anti kremlin protest across russia with police arresting over a hundred opposite. activists in several cities and st pete. police breaking up
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a rally called by jailed opposition leader alexei navalny around sixty of his supporters was detained as they demanded she be allowed to leave next year's presidential election. also argy say the protests which coincides with questions lighting up two thousand and six say the run. along the line now from some places but i've got russia correspondent emily show and emily you've been monitoring the day's events that bring us up to speed with what's been happening. because of the protests today were largely peaceful people assembled on the field of bars around. six p.m. session time. they were kind of waiting by and then eventually people started moving and things got a little bit chaotic they went to two different whereas in the city i followed them
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to near the center moscow central station and they kind of just sit around for a bit there was that there was a lot of police and on the way there. there were mass arrests. there were buses that were parked in the middle of the road and a huge line of riot police started arresting people and i actually saw a bus full of people being taken away and then here at the central station there were police standing and standing around for a long time and then two arrests were made i saw emily grounds the protesters being arrested. well this protest according to authorities was not authorized the author already say i gathered that it was an authorized now by nis. campaign on the other hand says that it was legal because they also already didn't provide an alternative place for them
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to meet so that's their argument there and i suppose the argument that people can well that the police can make is that they came out from the authorised protests however i've heard that most of the protesters has now been let go and they've actually been written up for violating traffic laws ok and bring us up to speed also with what's been happening elsewhere in russia being demonstrations across the country. yet the numbers vary according to various sources that you read one independent source that i thought that over two hundred people across the country have been arrested. in twenty seven cities there were protests in eighty cities today everywhere where not finding has a campaign headquarters he called people to come out on the streets it was a large protest in moscow which police say several hundred people attended and other sources say a thousand came out onto the streets and things were rather peaceful in moscow in
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comparison to st petersburg only one person was arrested and protesters were allowed to walk around the duma freely they walked up to the red square so things have been rather varied across across russia today ok emily many thanks for that emily show and reporting from st petersburg. demonstrations today also in spain's biggest cities as the tussle over catalonia his bid for independence spilled on to the streets in madrid thousands of people many waving the national flag calling on the government to do more to stave off the separatist movement in the country's wealthy northeast the huge turnout came as catalonia leaders refused to rule out declaring independence next week. there were big crowds in barcelona to the capital of catalonia as the calls for a peaceful end to the territorial dispute grew ever loud. they've
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had enough thousands of people rallied outside the mayor's office in verse alone on saturday the protesters here wants talks to end this crisis. our politicians should do their work talk like civilized people if they can't do that they should go. yes if i can. i don't want all of this you know independence. it's uncertain whether catalonia as leaders are going to listen to those against independence now but there are signs the government is reconsidering its stance one of the coalition parties tells me that they will not push for independence immediately we are ready to it so we don't want to it's not something that we like a lot to go to make steps forward unilaterally and with all this. coming from the spanish state and all the. threats of repression and we don't like it so we wait
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and we see there are more and more signals that the government has moved away from its plan to declare independence unilaterally next tuesday but the problem is i'm told that there is huge pressure from supporters in the streets to see if there was a what has happened is that the movement has arrived to situation of no control so it goes alone is like a ball running down a mountain. so it's very impossible for any actor to retake control and decide that they are going to stop the movement for independence power in the regions pro independence movement says the expert is shifting towards radicals millions of voted for independence a week ago but millions more boycotted the referendum the rift that runs through catalan society has deepened. the frost writes in over the
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political atmosphere it got a lot of your runs very did people tell me they hope to bring us there and the political crisis in decades. back here in germany chancellor angela merkel says she is soon going to be opening talks with the pro-business free democrats and the environmentalists greens as she bids to form a so-called jamaica coalition addressing the youth wing of her conservatives merkel said a coalition with the two parties was the only realistic path to a stable government the so-called jamaica coalition is known as such because the party's colors correspond to the jamaican flag the move had been expected after the social democrats said they would no longer be available for a coalition with of conservatives. police in the british capital london say a car crash outside the city's natural history museum is not being treated as
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terrorism police were quickly deployed to the scene and one man taken into custody that's after eleven people were hurt in the crash security is high in britain at the moment after a series of terrorist attacks this year several of them involving vehicle. or thought is in the united states a hurricane nate will strengthen to a category two storm before striking the country's gulf coast overnight night has already forced the widespread shutdown of oil and gas production in the gulf and people in low lying areas along the coast have been ordered to evacuate and take refuge in shelters. a state of emergency is also in place across parts of louisiana alabama mississippi and florida once again u.s. residents are bracing for another here again that is about to hit the country. in the city of new orleans residents are stockpiling supplies in the fear that here
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a canadian could directly hit the biggest city in the state of louisiana everything on the bottom has gone up three feet and every goes hide in. the paragraph nate can't be underestimated. in the karada houses and boats are wrecked and people are left with a heavy deluge to cope with. where all that was serious damage with lost everything food clothes we don't have water besides the rain that is falling down on us there are children dying my mom is eighty five years old she doesn't have anywhere to sleep will stay. hurrican nate has also devastated all the countries in central america including costa rica and one during this. bike in new orleans some nearby coastal areas have already received evacuation
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orders as the storm moves to the u.s. . but it's may every a shoot residents there is no need to panic they show you in the public that we are very well prepared we have a great team of first responders and organizers we have been through this many many times before and we are ready for whatever nay brings our way. the calm before the storm but that could soon change as the day gets closer. ok we're not going to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world iranian president hassan rouhani has defended his country's nuclear deal with world powers saying u.s. president donald trump couldn't undermine it his words follow reports that trump may soon take the first step toward scrapping the agreement the twenty fifteen deals for iran agreed to limit its nuclear program in return for an easing of sanctions. the trumpet ministration has rolled back and a bomb
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a camp provision that requires employee health plans to cover contraception as preventive care for women employees will now be able to opt out of preferred providing no cost birth control on religious or moral grounds that focusing groups planned to sue to block the new rules. in motor racing the formula one season is heading into its crucial final phase now with just five races remaining in the driver's title still up for grabs britain's lewis hamilton and germany sebastian vettel are battling over every point this weekend's japanese grand prix no exception to that battle today's qualification sessions all several drivers setting stunning lap times number go faster than the one set by lewis hamilton. the formula one season is approaching its home straight with five races left to go to is hamilton is on course to claim his fourth career championship he extended his lead in the driver's standings in malaysia last week and now he's
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claimed the pole position for sunday's japanese grand prix. hamilton has won three times in japan despite struggling in qualifying in the past this time he broke the track record to reach the front of the great. i never ever really got a great balance in the past so i never say never did great qualify and so to finally get the balance behind me with great work my engineers and a great timing from from all the mechanics want to go on track and get the time fellow sadie's drive about terry both tass was the second fastest but he required to strange and that incurs a penalty so another racer will line up beside hamilton on the grid his biggest rival. yeah i would love to be a bit quicker but quite amazing with the new cars around here the fact. that factor is currently thirty four points behind hamilton in the driver's standings if you want to rein in the leader he has to start tomorrow. in german
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talk a more bad news for an already deflated by an munich goalkeeper manal neuer second from the front in this picture told the club's t.v. station today that his comeback could be delayed by not the two months keeping him out until march of next year the german international research is recovering from foot surgery after an injury back in september his absence complicates matters for by and they are struggling both in the domestically and in europe. and now a quick reminder for you of our top story at this hour russian police arresting more than one hundred opposition activists on a day of widespread protests in the country thousands of people to find a ban on public gatherings to show their support for jailed opposition leader alexei navalny demanding he be allowed to run in next year's presidential election . and in spain thousands of people have taken part in protests calling on spanish
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and catalan leaders to end the country's political crisis it remains on. clear weather catalonia still plans to declare independence from spain next week. i don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download off app from google play all from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as to all push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us your photos and your video has. more for us at the top of the hour you're watching d.w. news up next a documentary on europe's muslim. but it's not germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it. going we're its own comfort.


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