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tv   Reporter - Rooftoppers Climbing High in Shanghai  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 10:15pm-10:31pm CEST

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people taking part in protests calling on spanish and catalan leaders to end the country's political crisis there remains unclear whether catalonia still plans to declare independence from spain in the days ahead. at the top of the hour you're watching news stream but then up next a special report on so-called live talk of people who spend a lot of time scaling to the top of skyscrapers. with history books mark brought to life. maybe the stories they're in and we'll get
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a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers on gardasil. what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution and the people. and to the russian art revolutionary. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth on d w. o y as i used to be a totally normal office worker i went to work went out had something to eat went home. jason hong phoned his life was meaningless until he started scaling shanghai skyscrapers. without
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a lifeline roof topping is the adrenaline kick he'd be looking for jason belongs to the generation that grew up with china's economic miracle thrill seekers looking for meaning in their lives jason's nemesis for the security guards who stand between him and his girl. jason hendry and b k k don't use that chinese names on instagram but go by the nicknames they're on their way to a luxury skyscraper famous for its spectacular views of the city. that's him in the building over there. they enter through the underground car park the security guards are aware that
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adrenaline junkies might try scaling the tower and keep their eyes peeled. the trio meet another rooftop. out in five minutes the jeep is up. a security guard who scores them out of the building. that's life shanghai's rooftop as. the numbers are growing more and more chinese kids are scaling toll buildings and posting pictures of themselves online there are several hundred of them in shanghai aloud the city is booming and it's home to the country's biggest rooftop in community. i've tried all these buildings but security guards are on to us.
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this fashionable rooftop bar in the heart of shanghai's tourist district is too expensive for jason and his pals so they bring their own beer but order a coke to share the white or turns a blind eye. to you. my. boy is with us i'm always on the lookout for special places i want to take photos that most people can't take them we young. it's saturday jason's favorite day of the week since the office is around three and there's less chance he'll get caught. so hello how about this afternoon ok good to meet him. jason works for an advertising agency as a graphic artist he shares
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a three room apartment with four other young professionals young adults can't afford to rent a room of their own let alone an entire apartment wages alone and many employers expect their staff to work overtime seven days a week at least jason has the weekends off. in china young people are brought up to work hard be disciplined and subservient but the government's one child policy has resulted in a generation that feels entitled at the same time these young adults suffer from the weight of society's expectations of them. they know they're expected to hold down a job get married have children buy a home most of them are wrecked with and. i don't think i'm especially brave but i want to have fun it makes me feel good job
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on your feet on but how about. over there there's a lightning conductor the red one. that's a cool place to climb i've never been there before even though it's so close. b. k.k. and hendry are already waiting the three friends have climbed a lot of towers together. these days all of shanghai skyscraper lobbies are patrolled by security guards the rooftop is no they have to look confident the tower houses offices and
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a hotel with their shorts and backpacks they don't stand out. they're approaching their goal and have to be as quiet as possible their voices all footsteps could easily alert the security guards. the door to the roof is locked. the skyscraper is forty floors high. by start taking photos the point is to get as close to the edge is possible the danger has to be obvious in the picture
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feet dangling off the edge an abyss below these are the kinds of shots that earn them the respect of the rooftop and community. jason has made it to the top and sends a text to the others that they should follow him through the engine room and up the fire escape. then as is the first generation in china to have grown up with relative wealth
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they're known as the post nine his generation employers see them as demanding and disobedient china's quest for wealth traditionally hasn't factored in much room for personal needs. a lot of people don't understand why we do this. they think we're rebelling looking for trouble but the reason we climb towers is to take photos. but we're all for hope and i don't care. there isn't much scope for rebellion in today's china public criticism of the system is to police come down hard on anyone who voices dissenting opinion schools and universities expect students to toe the line. i love the feeling of i'm addicted to it. the adrenaline rush. he wants to get to the very top. i'm looking forward to the new
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talent. i'm pretty excited. i get scared every time i try a new building but i want each time to feel like it's the first time. they say when you feel safe it's when it's most dangerous. oh. i don't hundred ninety meters tall this skyscraper is relatively on the spectacular fact it has
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a feature of the towers downtown the thirty meter toll steel lightning conductor on its roof a futuristic style element added by the architect to design a tower in the one nine hundred ninety s. . one is a course i never think i might fall. when i'm climbing i'm holding on tight. the last leg. really.
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the. the the. the. henry has also made it to the top. some it's not too bad of them. based on. it's incredibly exciting you can feel the structure swinging it's pretty rusty at the top and you can see that it must have been hit by lightning a few times. you. know.
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all that's left now is to document their triumph. they look as cool as possible in f.o.c. . another of shanghai's two hundred fifty towers conquered jason and his friends have lost count of how many they've scaled so far but this one won't be the last. they don't pay any attention to borders we are spending on a migratory road that is coming from with one because i'm here. for a long time many local residents of the herds of migrating elephants in the making
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as a menace but today the gentle giants also bring prosperity you're talking the elephant has created jobs for young people in our community to go at africa next d.w. . an image a snapshot of the copies of the works of art surveillance a document like the control of plants an end in itself is omnipresent. what is photography mean today. the media and constant evolution. of our photography special and. in sixty minutes d.w. . was that a fuck up of mia son mia where does it come from the month of two is also.
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starting october fifteenth on t.w. and online. tells us storing stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical images and emotions come out of. kino the magazine every weekend on d w. hello and welcome to the what africa the environment magazine bring.


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