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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2017 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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today as the albuquerque international balloon fiesta got underway some of the balloons on show were anything but traditional they included a baby in a carriage we should see it in just a second. a buckingham palace guard and a motor there's the baby in that there's the buckingham palace guard there was also a motorbike racer by the way nearly a million balloon enthusiastic spec to attend the week long event in albuquerque. from us at the top of the hour you're watching get all the news in up next business with a review of all the latest financial news for you. but. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how germany's soccer made it back to the top. in our web special w dot com
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football made in germany. it's all happening. of africa. during link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions in one welcome to news africa program tonight from verney germany from the news of these eat our website d w dot com slash africa join us on facebook at d w africa. following the controversial referendum protest is on the streets of boston i want to see councillor mia become independent as soon as possible. the vast majority of
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voters hope to break away from spain but in the past week the political situation has been desperate. separation could have to die a consequence is for the spanish economy without catalonia spain would lose around a fifth of its economic power the car manufacturers say outproduce is in catalonia and the region also has a strong chemical and pharmaceutical industry. invest as a rattles. on the matrics stock exchange. prices continue to slide more than three hundred points of shadow over the past week. just over the coming year and my sense is that this independence attempt isn't going down well the most from the bones of the immediate. one is clear but in the ninety percent said not to mention ones which are not simply going to ignore any of them come. independence may not be plain sailing for catalonia is economy if companies based that are not facts on the
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region. the spanish banks bank based in barcelona and bank have already announced plans to leave. both are worried about losing access to the eurozone and funds from the european central bank. german companies with branches in catalonia could also follow suit. there are five hundred of them and they've been given this advice. going to expand zones put any potential expansion plans on the move and see bones in this in the coming weeks and for us to see and it's always nice of them to have a few other locations within the camera. person on your own. in the markets is dicey in the capacious been marked to see from cent to list. the spanish government to madrid also knows this on thursday evening they said they want to make it easier for companies to establish new sites in spain.
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patients at the european commission is running thin islands government is in trouble for failing to collect taxes from us giant apple. the e.u. competition commission announced that brussels will take ireland to court. year ago the commission decision. requiring ireland to cover up to thirteen billion euros. from apple. however island has still not recovered any money not even in part. is currently appealing the case it argues that the revenues in question a subject to u.s. tax rules instead. meanwhile luxembourg was also singled out by the commissioner on wednesday with the ruling that it has granted online shopping giant
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amazon un to tax benefits for the past eight years leaving around three quarters of its profits on taxed. it was not justified amazon now has to repay a tax benefit worth around two hundred fifty million euro plus interest the commission's position is clear it states that no matter your flag or ownership paying your taxes is part of doing business in the european union. british airline monaco has gone bankrupt following alitalia and is the third major european airline to collapse this year. the message came early on monday a shock to many holiday makers over one hundred thousand tourists a stranded many in the mediterranean the government is vowing to bring them home in what it calls the country's biggest ever peacetime repatriation we expect the vast
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vast majority of one hundred ten thousand. passengers who are currently on holiday with monarch to come back to the u.k. within the next two weeks that's exactly what is expected. britain's fifth biggest airline had struggled with losses but hoped to turn things around with orders for boeing's latest seven three seven planes and a cost cutting program. bankruptcy remus worlds last year but that monaco is able to draw a new line of credit now that it's gone so is the airline. well the decision really was otoh for continued losses losses been sustained for quite some time forecast to continue mainly as a result of depressed prices in the market overcapacity in the short haul market as many priests have been depressed for some time in. britain's transport minister says other lines have plans to quickly hire a monarch stuff. but that's little consolation for the three hundred thousand people who helped tickets to fly
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a monarch. they won't be going anywhere. and now an overview of other major topics the federation of german industries has borne german companies in britain to prepare for a heartbreaks it not doing so would be quite naive since the negotiations so far have made very little progress. they say to reason mais government lacks a clear policy and if britain leaves the e.u. without proper plans in place that we devastating consequences for everyone involved britain is germany's biggest european export market for cars b.m.w. operates many plants in the country. inflation is again on the rise in turkey state officials say the annualized rate rose to eleven point two percent in september and it could climb further according to analysts rising exports and fiscal stimulus have boosted the turkish economy which has lifted consumer spending
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that means upward pressure on the cost of goods president said in a speech the high inflation is a problem and that he expected the central bank to act. a u.s. senate panel has given the green light for south driving cars the senators have called for uniform nationwide regulations. this new bellwether lao call micah's like general motors ford and the google parent company alphabet to each cell up to eighty thousand south driving cars every year if they're proven to be say. the full senate must take up the bill before it becomes law. top wall street bank goldman sachs could become the first major firm to start trading in coins big investors have apparently shown a keen interest in the digital currency sources say goldman would likely create a team to trade the currencies much as authority trades euros and treasury bonds
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such i mean if would be a breakthrough for the cyber currency. huge quantities of change are no longer in circulation in germany over eleven billion one cent coins have been produced in the country but eighty percent of them by the bin hoarded according to the government the two cent coin has seen a similar fate cent coins totaling two hundred twenty million euros are no longer being used in transactions and critics say making the coins is a waste of metal five euro zone countries have already scrapped the small coins including italy where all prices around it to the nearest five cents. in iran the overwhelming bulk of freight is transported by road traffic jams a normal especially around the iranian capital the eighteen million residents in the terran metropolitan region and the automobile industry which is based here have a huge appetite for role materials. but reza carry the head of the region's state
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run railway says there's an alternative he's talking about the eleven thousand kilometers of railway rates that cross around but the more the goal is to move thirty percent of freight by rail. a long way from the. moment just over ten percent of travelers i worry a little bit if we're going to raise that we have to improve all aspects of our rail about restructure. in african just south of tehran the two most important railway lines in the middle east cross each other. one runs from the port of a pass on the persian gulf in the south to azerbaijan in the north the other runs east west from afghanistan to iraq. the swiss trans invest logistics group wants to invest thirty million u.s. dollars in the next two and a half years to build the country's most modern freight hub covering an area the
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size of eighty football fields. you're planning to build dry port to your country like you come to new york here for the full country you know an empty country near what's up the car will move in by trucks no we are planning. the shipment white cream from the species from the band. to keep broadway trim because it's more economy and that it's. more a price. to get long distance freight moving faster at lower cost reza chicanery sees rail is the only practical solution but he says iran needs european logistical experience to make this happen that experience is being brought in by private investors. about. this kind of foreign private investment is a massive help if you will commit and would like to see more of it and we're trying to remove hurdles so that things can be done. up until now print has seen traffic
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of between six hundred and twelve hundred goods wagons a day when the new freight terminals completed she carey is expecting many times that number. germany's twenty seventeen wind has been praised but harvests a twenty percent lower than usual late frost and some hail storms about to blame. explain that climate change and extreme weather mean different conditions in individual growing areas with a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean everybody that was down twenty percent in most of the producers in the regions of reflected differently. but the three largest wine producing areas in the country ryan has the plot tonight and bold and each soul drops of about twenty percent from the year before the few gains came mostly from the east. germany's numbers a comparable to overall declines in europe italy and france are also reporting much
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lower grade. but the quality of this year's grapes is better as say the wine makers thanks in part to late september sunshine but business point be easy to do and some but to be able to make a challenge for individual produces and don't lose money no question the prize because international competition is to face for them to raise prices including you out of it perhaps or course. he's still a fan of the twenty seven team died i'm not so we can review. my hundred years reformation how did mountain news his message get out into the wound to namibia for instance. missionaries arrived in the end colony of german
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south west africa in eight hundred fourteen they brought the goodwood with them. mentioned settlers and soldiers fifty followed. his legacy in namibia. you'll see this week's highlights. on a missing piece on the war museum opens in paris. livable quality like it is your. weakest bodypainting by medion to keep. your romance. it's d.w. . nationalists are on the rise worldwide. i am seeking. to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what does nation mean
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