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tv   Interview - We cannot absolve the voters  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2017 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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stopped the region from declaring independence meanwhile more protests are being held in barcelona following saturday's white demo and support of unity. that's our news join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out our web site or follow us on twitter that's watching news. think stajan the stadium was so loud it was a really special event don't remember it all my life everybody have a dream. and you don't need to sell your dreams when you see what you all know things are going well but we can still win it all right you know the minute i
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always believe the return fire you can to bring international break. my family thank international. our shared passion thank you and exclusive journey into the sun by making. the sun me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on g.w. and on mine. swack today i'm speaking with the social democrat and for my point is talk president of can t. as a thank you very much for agreeing to this d.w. interview of course and that's your kind of warm welcome to our viewers my name is
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thomas spawn mr t. as in the election to germany's parliament the bundestag the right wing populist f.t. won more votes from eastern germany than any other party how does that make you feel as an eastern german who has fought against a right wing extremism for years explaining what's. going on and it's an appalling result it makes me very sad. but we shouldn't speak only of the eastern germans. the difference between east and west to the f.t. is relative. to the f.d.a. has also grown very strong in bavaria and bought in europe and back there twelve percent of men and even more in eastern germany like everywhere in eastern germany that's right. and first we must say something obvious and is that. the voters themselves are always to blame. they carry the responsibility for home the electorate and voters in germany could know whom they were voting for and even then because the f.t. is already represented in
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a number of state parliaments especially in eastern germany where it's done nothing constructive he just made hate speeches high party is fragmented but that didn't interest the voters obviously they wanted to vent their anger their disappointment and their protest and that's why they went for the f.t. one hundred stuff they also say. isn't it a little too simple to say the vote to stop the bleeding don't the democratic parties including the social democrats bet some of the blame that the f.t. has entered several state politicians. i'm merely saying that it's become customary for fish that to excuse the voters and to drip with the sympathy when speaking of people who know very well what they're doing have voted for a party that oscillates between conservative right wing populist right wing extremist and racist it's extremist if that's his to show then we can't exonerate them from conveyed if until then we have to talk about what they're angry and disappointed about. the toshiba think we should do that doesn't fit and
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that brings us to the many problems we face. today first in eastern germany you have to do i think the severity and radicality of the experience of a people i've experienced or feared unemployment. if you have one so with that and also a feeling of disadvantage. because living conditions in east and west are not equal and i don't say this is a reproach it's really a sober reality but there is more to it it's also a problem everywhere in germany and in europe. if the vibe from the election of right wing populist six press is a fear of change fears of being alienated from one's homeland at home i think in the face of dramatic changes we call globalization open borders of refugee immigration thinking. many things that unsettle anger and outrage people and lead them to articulate these fears and that brings them to the right wing extremists
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the right wing populist. basically refugee policy and dissatisfaction with the refugee policy has made if the strong let me ask about the other parties responsibility again it has long been foreseeable that there would be this come to movement in waves did the established parties simply concur for too long chancellor angela merkel solitary decisions i'm for who make it harder. and that would be too simple because then we'd have to talk about the alternative. i'll say it again of course the fear of refugees is an important motive. have a look at the sun but it's interesting that far fewer foreigners live in eastern germany and far fewer refugees have arrived there and yet support for the a.f.p. is so strong with didn't get it and so on there is no direct correlation to them there is an indirect connection. and i've called that the fear of change fear of
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loss fear of alienation from one's country they worry that what people are familiar with will be laws a deep feeling of insecurity although many many people are doing quite well materially. when we see so many of the voters in dresden ballots and ending cards and receiving the same time with the good these cities look and that a lot of good things have happened in the last twenty five years but it's unjustly distributed and not everyone is equally happy about it and people subjective judgment of their situation contradicts the objective situation of many people and from feeling mention of even someone let me explicitly know once again that we're not talking about a specifically german nor eastern german problem because right wing populist parties are succeeding all over europe and in france belgium holland italy poland and elsewhere. so the challenge clearly has to do with the dramatic changes we call
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globalization i think that's the end of boundaries in the world and the acceleration of a development that. even digitalisation which we now talk about and which has begun makes people feel insecure is that no one knows how our economy and industry will change or what people's working biographies will look like in the. field a few of the with this technological progress lead to more unemployment we're in the middle of a phase of dramatic change that creates insecurity all over the world in europe and also in germany and eastern germany. and you were a president of the bundestag let's talk about the office toscan challenge. the point is talk president now that there are right wing extremists right wing populists in parliament what does the bundestag president face what would vulcan surely be doing a plenary session if for example alexander gallin says we'll hunt down this is magical. because it's i think it's
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a tight rope walker is going to say the bonus tax rules the rules of order but also the rules of parliamentary decency apply to everyone equally. we shouldn't focus especially on the f.t. but it forces the rules equally on all and that's a duty of the president's office and the president in particular that. we have to ensure that the bundestag and the german public don't jump through every hoop and react to every provocation of. their kids thing that merely gains the a.m.t. yet tension a half at the same time we must also contradict them and apply the sanctioning tools there are many of them when suddenly the attempt is made in parliament to paralyze parliamentary work through endless debates on the rules of order or when things disintegrate into name calling and racist utterances. belied you would have in the us is in such
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a case the president and his office must use the instruments from warning for a reprimand to exclusion from the session or even from a longer period of sessions that some may see some of the plaintiff in and they get inside and said you shouldn't jump through every who. do i understand you to mean that you are against the bundestag altering its rules of order so that if the speaker a senior president doesn't preside when the new bundestag opens. that be a trick you would oppose and i think. if it other this is is if i may have seen that happen to half a year ago and the background. it is very understandable. that people were worried that the new bundestag would be opened by a speaker from the a.f.p. who is a professed holocaust denier. the german parliament didn't want to give this public world wide impression he. might understand the motivation well and will always have
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to pay attention and not accept everything the f.d.a. does just because they were elected. veges being elected does not justify a political swine mission is to put it bluntly. when you say don't respond to every publication but consider very carefully where one intervenes how should the federal president respond to publications disguised as expressions of opinion for example when one praises the role of germany's of damage in world war two all questions germany's relationship to his rail hog and his image on this month in the us is a habit of the point is to contradict the substance of such utterances in the that's the task of all the other democratic parties to contradict them very decisively very soberly and very clearly and thereby say to the citizens and to the german and the world public. this is the position of extreme outsiders who are represented in parliament but who cannot claim to be able to win
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a majority in germany in any way that will be one of the tasks in parliament to always show publicly what can garner a majority ahead what the basic democratic consensus is that keeps this republic this democracy afloat and what lies far outside the consensus with the two it's been now in a row discussion is beginning among the parties about changing germany's immigration policy. so it's a great opportunity to take the wind out of the f.t. sails on them as it were and we have to remember that after chancellor merkel's decision to open the borders and she later changed refugee policy herself for americans out of a show and basically she rescinded her own statement her will let them all in your eye by making great efforts to close the borders again goes on standing in cooperation with the social democrats yes yes i'm merely saying to close the borders. you know because i did i believe all the democratic parties agree that
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immigration must be limited and regulated. the social democrat party for example presented a draft bill on immigration five a year ago that initially the christian democrats and the christian social union rejected it but we'll see what agreements come out of the coalition negotiations or whether he but we'll have to regulate things we have to clearly distinguish between the subsidiary right to asylum to temporary refuge for people fleeing war and regulated legal immigration to germany that's why this task has been clear for quite some time so far it's failed because of the c.d.u. and c.s.u. but we have to address it now and i'm fairly sure we will succeed and his ability is and we always conclude our talk with our three incomplete sentences and request that you finish the danger that the right wing populist these voted into the next bundestag as well can't be ruled out as could depends on how democratic people act
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. in the opposition my social democrat party team will have to work hard to avoid remaining in the opposition over a long term commitment to become capable of governing again. until the palin world has fallen in the minds of eastern and western germans it will still take you most of all is gone there are lots of differences west and east north and south young and old city and country rich and poor and if we shouldn't keep speaking retrospectively of this wall in people's minds it's really not that bad despite all the differences. volved contests that thank you very much for this talk you're welcome. the you see this week's highlights. are missing the solar war museum opens in paris. livable quality i
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didn't see it. with good body painting by me yana keep that new look for. your romance. to go. oh my hundred years reformation to now did mountain news this message get out into the wells to namibia for instance. missionaries arrived in the colony of german south west africa in eight hundred fourteen they booked the goodwood with them. merchant settlers and soldiers hickey followed. him with his legacy in namibia who'll in sixty minutes double you'll. was there to. be a son mia where does it come from funny to them unjust to us all of us stop getting . starting october fifteenth on w and online.
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