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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2017 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a show of support for a united spain hundreds of thousands taking to the streets of barcelona protesting against call on independence the pro unity rally held as a success by its organizers madrid warns any breakaway efforts by column leaders
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will have no effect also on the show. as the german chancellor changed her position on migration as part of coalition talks or conservatives have reached a compromise deal on limiting the number of migrants who get some analysis. and the german national paid to show it now faces up to fifteen years in jail in turkey along with other human rights activists he's facing charges of supporting a terrorist group berlin calls the claims unacceptable. plus some for his and and tortured for being gay we'll bring you the first installment in an exclusive series this week looking at what it means to be homosexual in russia. and germany confirming their place in next year's world cup after crushing azerbaijan five one the reigning world champs now have a perfect ten out of ten record in their qualifying campaign will have all the x. .
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i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show in spain there's been a massive rally in barcelona against plans by cattle on leaders to declare independence now this march coming as the spanish prime minister says he would take measures to prevent the region from breaking away organizers say nearly a million demonstrators packed into the center of barcelona local police putting that number at three hundred fifty thousand now the protesters called for an end to the country's worst political crisis in decades. well we have this report now from the masses who is at that demonstration. down. long lists the nation is their message. christina a student from barcelona and her friend couldn't agree more. they feel catalan
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spanish and to repeat you know you don't hear me that i was born here but my entire family comes from all over spain it the supporters of independence have no right to pick us out of it. we don't want to for commented and divided we want europe to flourish and we want to be part of what it's not into but many in catalonia who are against independence such as this architect are still against today's protests they worry it will increase the tension and more fragile this new spanish the spanish flag. and the most russian with spanish flags of the recession with catherine franks pickups because. i think it's not. a very good idea to have. the streets filled with the two sides because they're going to clash still for protest the christina today's march was
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a success she says the people here represent catalonia silent majority organize a say this was the biggest ever protest against catalonia seceding from spain well the counselor leader declare independence on tuesday if he doesn't just supporters will see him as weak they are already angry at today's demonstration but if he does the spanish government has threatened to impose direct rule and that could lead to a further escalation in what is already a deep political conflict. well will he or won't he joining us now live from barcelona city wus of on a fast are funny good morning to you with a condo on leader declare independence tuesday is the deadline for that apparently . brando kind of conflicting voices both within the government within the population as always and also when you look at the actions of president put him on to himself who sat there last week for example it was very
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much defined pushing for independence and also on sunday just yesterday even though he said he watched a demonstration of you have just seen that in that report and he has great respect for that demonstration he he said that he's going to apply the law and declare independence so it doesn't really suggest that he's going to back pedal they are on the other hand people here suggest is very likely that he may declare declare the independence light that means he may recognize independence without actually putting it into action the question then is already voices who really passionately support independence are going to react to that and hold it in ties to chasten that really drags on l. for so many days are going to develop ok what about the central government in madrid how it how would it react to any unilateral declaration of independence including as you mentioned one of independence light. prime minister harper in madrid made clear over again and again that he definitely
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will be using every legal method that the spanish constitution offers for example article one hundred fifty five which would mean that he could take control of the government the central government could disc miss the regional government and basically file criminal charges against many politicians who are behind this independence coup that some people actually heard it so yes there are many legal matters that could be applied the question is if it's going to be applied and it really all depends on the wording on the declare ration hold of the creation is going to be made if it all on tuesday if there are any other further protests planned we saw this huge one on sunday what's the situation right now. for the next coming days general strikes actually planned that could take on for many days if not officially clear if it's going to take place it's really as i say going to depend on many factors for example what comes out of tuesday's
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parliamentary session and also for tomorrow april independence demonstration is announced on social media so that clearly tells you that there are a lot of people still of course it in this very split society here at the lonia they want to keep up the pressure and move forward with a declaration of independence and all that playing out on the streets of barcelona where funny fashions following the story for us thanks very much funny. well here in germany a chance on america was inching closer to forming a new coalition government after a breakthrough agreement after lengthy talks macro's conservatives and their bavarian sister party the c.s.u. reached a compromise on migration policy the search for compromise in this long running dispute took almost twelve hours but late on sunday the sister parties reached a deal this is one route i can put to bed one leading c.d.u. member outlined the future approach. but i'm going mine's
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a misfortune we have an understanding of the need for limits otherwise society can become over text and if we include other issues the right to silence the constitution what about refugees quotas for military need in steering immigration to surf today the market and its solution should be possible to have a new office in defense and. so what does it all mean the agreement could mean that refugees keep the right to seek asylum so long as they have a case such as political persecution in addition flexible quotas for refugees fleeing hunger and economic need no more than two hundred thousand a year. that does not include skilled migrant labor is needed to stuff the german economy. can chancellor angela merkel sell the deal to her potential coalition partners the liberals and the greens the c.s.u. a skeptic oh. just look at the party manifesto it is obvious that there's not much common ground between what we see as you represent and what the
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greens represent. this is often going to at the see the use bill and headquarters the conservatives talk of going even further they want all future migrants to be housed in special centers while their applications for asylum a processed unsuccessful applicants will be sent home directly. a hard sell to america's potential coalition partners for green leader jim estimate both c.d.u. and c.s.u. have wasted too much time on the matter. into the starkest so this is not about what one party wants this is about the federal republic of germany about taking on responsibility for a nation everyone involved has to do their bit. what this will mean for germany's policy towards migrants is still unclear. for the very latest on the story let's cross over now to our political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas chancellor machall has said time and time again
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that she's against any limit two hundred thousand has been the magical number there is she now backing down. brian in a way she is backing down in particular after this agreement that was reached yesterday it's seen as a concession to the sister party the c s you are head of the very difficult coalition talks but very important for. two cabinets one if you look at the wording of the agreement it clearly state that it's it's a goal that they want to reach and second it is a goal that they want to reach that is absolutely not set in stone in other words depending on the national all the international context that limits could be moved up or down and also for going to merkel something very important is the agreement does not include the german word or back then so that's the upper limit for the number of refugees and this is the word that has obviously determined the whole debate and the whole confrontation between the c.s.u. under c.d.u.
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in the last few months and years so yes in a way she is giving that concession to her sister party but when she comes to sell that she will probably say that she is still against the orbit and see us as such ok now as you mentioned there's a lot of importance you're being placed on the wording there's a lot of wiggle room as well for both sides in this agreement will that make the issue of migration easier to deal with when merkel talks to her potential coalition partners well in a way all these cabinets could prove to be helpful when the different parties sit down at one table and try to find common ground but it is important to say that this will only make the situation more difficult in general because any type of a cap is something that the green party for example will probably reject in fact some members of the green party have already said that they're against the agreement reached by the conservative bloc so although there is room kept such the
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limit and that magic number that you mentioned of two hundred thousand is something that will only make negotiations much more data. when they actually sit down and try to find common ground on migration ok now even discussing a possible cap on migration has been off limits up until now will this help on the machall win back the voters that she's lost on migration i think brian it ultimately depends on what type of agreement is reached with the coalition partners this is only the very very first stage of negotiations that goal yesterday was to try and find common ground between the two systems parties the conservative bloc what will come next is much more difficult than dot all to mutley whether medical gets to win back some of those voters will depend on what type of agreement she reaches thomas sparrow for us this morning thanks very much for those insights thomas now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today police in bangladesh say
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least twelve or hinge or refugees have died after the boat carrying them capsized in the south of the country some of the dead are children more than half a million were injured have led me in marston's a military crackdown there again in late june the oscar winning hollywood movie producer i mean i'm fifteen has been fired from his production company following allegations of sexual harassment the producer of movies like shakespeare in love in the king's speech is accused of sexually harassing female employees and actresses including ashley judd over a number of years. in the u.s. why is the promises have returned to the streets of charlottesville virginia just two months after a violent clashes there led to the death or one of several dozen towards carrying demonstrators gathered in the town the mare condemned the march tweeting that new nazis could face legal action. u.s.
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vice president mike pence has walked out of an american football game after some players knelt during the national anthem the players were staging a protest against racial injustice part of a movement that began a year ago and said that he wouldn't dignify any event that disrespects the u.s. national anthem the flag or u.s. soldiers. to turkey now are a group of human rights activists could face up to fifteen years in prison after being charged by a turkish prosecutor the director of amnesty international in turkey it'll asser is among them and so is the german human rights activists. this case is further straining relations between germany and turkey with the foreign minister of germany calling the accusations in comprehensible. on july fifth peter storrie dinner was among ten human rights activists detained by turkish police on the island of bigger cut off the coast of his stumble the expert was taking part in
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a workshop run by amnesty international one topic was how to protect sensitive data from the authorities for turkish prosecutors a reason to charge the activists with belonging to and aiding terrorist groups. the evidence being put forward against our clients is not evidence that can lead to an arrest it's completely illegal and unlawful not just in regard to the european human rights convention but also in regard to the turkish constitution. the indictment comes shortly after turkish foreign minister met who told german news site spiegel online that he had asked the turkish justice and interior ministers to speed up the legal process german foreign ministers ignore gabriele called the charges a matter of great concern. he said the demand for up to fifteen years in jail is completely and comprehensible and unacceptable to us gabriele says germany is doing
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all it can to bring stuart near and other germans held in turkey back home let's get the latest on this case now from our correspondent in istanbul dorian jones a dorian started as one of a number of germans in custody right now in turkey for political reasons what can brylin do to secure their release. well the scope of what berlin can do is quite limited as the european union i mean the main incentive for many decades has been the prospect of turkey's membership to the european union that's always being used as leverage on the current times of human rights concerns but everyone knows that turkey's membership is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future if ever beyond that i mean the. action that european union or germany could do is push for economic sanctions against turkey possibly containing
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a funds to turkey that could put some pressure on turkey particularly as turkey is the european european union is turkey's main trading partner and germany itself is number one thought but then turkey but the european union and particularly germany doesn't need to cooperation on the refugees there is this refugee deal that has helped to curtail large numbers of people entering into the european union that is particularly important to germany beyond that there is corporation on antiterrorism now all of these things make turkey a very important player turkey need aware of this and those that there's scope for european union and particularly germany is limiting the pressure can put on it unless europe and particularly germany is ready to take actions which will send a message to turkey that it doesn't need to be full cooperation on refugees it is prepared to take. five to antiterrorism about this corporation unless it does not then the scope for pressure on turkey is limited ok those are a lot of ifs there dorian you know in spite of the ties being so close and both
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countries being so important to each other relations have been strained for months how is this now going to affect those already strained relations. what it's set to go from bad to worse the latest comments from the german foreign minister will on likely cause turkey to push back again although it has to be said there is a way in this i think in ankara that this souring of relations helps no one and we've been hearing from advisors speaking them all mostly and even ministers saying that there is hope that now that the elections in germany are over a new page can be turned but i think the expectation and that is a burden we will expect some gestures from marker for that to happen some actions on the easing human rights concerns but the message from turkey is that this is about protecting democracy this crackdown is needed to protect the government and they're saying that it's not ready for take those measures until we see some
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gestures from her i think that the expectation is that relations will continue to be in the deep ok now these arrests dorrian are the latest in. list of arrests can you put this in perspective for us how many people are in jail in turkey right now on political charges well i mean it is massive there's over sixty thousand people currently in jail over what over one hundred thousand people hundred fifty five thousand plus have been removed from their jobs and these purges are continuing only last week we saw hundreds more people removed from their jobs of course turkey's minister is on top of that the arrests are continuing with the warnings of possibly another twenty thousand people are facing of being removed from their jobs or being arrested there's no end in sight to this ongoing crackdown dorian jones for us from istanbul thanks very much. also it's come on this program couples put their marriages to the ultimate test on the north american wife
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carrying championships last brave the obstacle course that's coming up later in this program. or traveling to venezuela is getting more and more difficult monaco what's going on and not just in the sort of hunchback style that we've just seen bride argentine airlines says that it's withdrawing services to the venezuelan capital of caracas claiming concern over security as the nation plunges of a deeper into a political and economic crisis dozens of other airlines have taken similar measures passenger traffic to the embattled south american country has plummeted by seventy five percent in the last four years the head of airline trade organization i atta says venezuela is now practically disconnected from the rest of the world. well for foodies wine connoisseurs and anyone who enjoys
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a glass of wine brandy colognes a new food fair might just be the closest thing to experiencing heaven on earth but are you ready for vegan tuna or crickets dipped in a snack sauce a new report manual it's acas didn't need much convincing even if some products left him gasp for air. with cream with cinnamon flavor robin wire's simply has to try and. really get rid of. the trend scout is looking for the next big thing at the food fair in a new guy talented taste buds and a strong stomach are a must in this job. it's probably quite a bit to taste and if you have no doubt about it well things to go through at the next stand to there's a trendy drink from asia the cameraman tries it out. here have a little sip. delicious or is it too new.
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for amended vinegar made of lime juice and herbs. this is a flamingo cheesecake with strawberry flavor it one innovation prize the trend scout wants to know why. very nice and they like it you can eat it this is for me and if you know it was a spoon of the site and it's so you can eat it and there is a process picnic in the office we have so much to see in germany yeah and yeah and so we have some sort of. flamingo cheesecake certainly taste good enough no matter where you eat it. a protein so to anyone it's made of renewable ingredients which are readily available certainly more nutritious than your average cola. and interesting beverage and the answer is yes i can get
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sixty we used to grow algae to make bio diesel and then we saw it'll be a long time before turning algae into fuel will be profitable we also noticed that algae has very valuable ingredients and that made us think the time is ready to eat it. it after yes yes it's at that if you can. kind of see that certain things alternative proteins are going to be demanded in the future there's going to be way too many people out there to feed you know in terms of using the current structures so using alternative sources of ingredients such as micro algae or insects with your service alternatives to. animal based proteins is is very is very important and will certainly be one of the solutions that the industry is looking for going forward insect burgers instead of broad worst algae drink instead of soda first consumers need to be convinced.
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well big week coming up quick witted marc is in europe investors awaiting for a possible declaration of independence from catalonia a break with spain would also effectively mean that's catalonia would lose its current status was in the e.u. trading blocks driving up the cost of imports and exports a number of companies say they believe the region if catalonia becomes independent of spain. well on wrestling if they get it in the united states men have a much more creative way to compete tell if they do market we're going to get into that just a bit first we're going to go back to barcelona briefly back to catalonia we're going to leave catalonia actually we're going to the twelve cases of beer and that cash prize that's up for grabs at this year's north american wife carrying japanese ships in maine now if you're wondering what that means exactly it's really quite simple husbands pick up their wives and carry them across an obstacle course they
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have to balance themselves they have a job to do as well as we're going to hear in this report now they're competing against other husbands and wives it's a sports that originated in finland it's been an annual event in the u.s. since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. and there are the ghouls complete an obstacle course that is two hundred fifty four meters long that lives up to its name. there and don't forget the water trap. some of these couples definitely was. so if you want to chast how solid a marriage is this just might be the place. jake uncursed and barney from virginia completed the course the quickest in fifty eight point two six seconds to claim the top prize of twelve cases of beer and a check for five times kirsten's weight in pounds which equaled six hundred thirty
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dollars. well we got second last year so we wanted to shoot for first this year but what about this incentive the victory also earned a couple a trip to finland the sports birthplace for the world wife carrying championship. now on to a truly grueling a sports event the seven day trek across the atacama desert in chile ended today participants crossed one hundred forty kilometers of challenging terrain when are was alexander mangold of the u.s. finishing more than one and a half hours ahead of his nearest rival danny so it's nick of belgium the out of qana is rippin reputed to be the driest place on earth with altitudes averaging twenty five hundred metres the competition is part of the wider four deserts race which includes treks across the sahara and the gobi. while at that annual barcelona sailing regatta that just off
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a tree asked italy the italian boat spirit of port to kyoto discovered by the brothers ferry and gabriele the news has successfully defended its title it came in almost thirteen minutes ahead of the second place bowed moxy enough from slovenia. the barker law is one of the most crowded with god has in the world drawing in about thirteen hundred boats various categories and hundreds of thousands of spectators. also to come on the show imprisoned and tortured for their sexual orientation we'll bring you the first installment in an exclusive series of reports this week looking at what it means to be gay in russia . and in our sports news a germany confirms their place in the twenty eighteen world cup after thumping azerbaijan five one one have all the action plus some expert analysis.
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michonne effectiveness and picky followed. the rules of his legacy in namibia who'll in sixty minutes on t.w. all. their friends w. that i may speak your language they tell you that. for content in dari pashto and or prospects for returning our web special to the net the refugee journeys of life germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for a return east d.-w. maybe for mines. hijacking the news. where i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black
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and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that it's not and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born god and i were getting the. welcome again your news live from berlin our top story right now german chancellor on a limb ackles conservatives have reportedly reached an agreement with their bavarian sister party on a cap on migration party sources say migrant arrivals could be limited to two
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hundred thousand per year if confirmed the deal would remove a key hurdle to efforts to form a new coalition government. and nearly a million people turned out in barcelona to protest against catalonia has pushed towards independence from spain the region's leader to declare autonomous. that just by tuesday despite madrid's warnings it will not allow the region to become a breakaway republic. while newspaper reports of alleged abuse torture and the killing of gay men have emerged in recent months in the russian region of chechnya according to those reports authorities detained more than one hundred gay men and urged their families to kill them to quote wipe clean their honor at least two have been killed by their relatives in a third died after being tortured these allegations have been made against the background of a very deeply conservative social agenda promoted by russian president vladimir putin in two thousand and thirteen russia passed
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a law that banned promoting what is described as a propaganda european court of human rights recent newly ruled that decision to be discriminatory today begins a series on what it means to be gay in russia. let's talk now to the author of day in russia our moscow bureau chief for shadow can you tell us about the idea behind this series how to run as a russia correspondent to dodge develop a broadcast of the takes human rights seriously i've been thinking about the reporting on this issue for a long time it's not easy for gays and lesbians in russia homophobia he is so widespread and socially acceptable men who love men and women who love him in are absolutely not accepted by russian society so i wanted to raise questions of identity at the dignity in my stories in order to boost gay people self self-confidence and to allow the voice the voices of people to be hurt that aren't
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usually had after all a fault tolerant for young people who trusted me enough to tell me their stories and who are very courageous because in this country you need a lot of courage to stand up in public and say i am gay and yury can you tell us something about your first story. but first or is about victor i can't tell you his real name because it would compromise his personal safety brian i can't show you his face and i even had to have an actor voice over what he told me victor is a chechen man who was humiliated interred in a secret prison in his home chechnya victor fled to moscow and that is where i met him. they beat me and broke my nose.
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it all started in february i met a guy on a dating app and i went to meet him i arrived at his place it turned out later there were police hiding in the bathroom. my date turned out to be a decoys his job was to catch guys for the police. we said hello to each other five minutes later the police appeared out of the bathroom. they tied me up and took me to a prison you know to go and. once we arrived at the prison they told me that i had a choice if i didn't want to be tortured i'd have to give up on the people i knew. they tortured me they didn't believe that i didn't know anyone else. they touched a cable to my finger and turned on the electricity. there were twenty two of us they're all very different people. there were three rooms six
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to eight people in each room it was almost impossible to breathe i was ready to lie down on the concrete floor and. stepped on the floor there weren't even any beds. some of us got put in cells with the strike prisoners with islam is prisoners so that they would abuse us. a spent twenty eight days in the what for being a fag as they put it i got out in march i was told to get out of grozny to stop bring shame on chechnya this kind of thing can't exist here you know really chechens people like me should be killed they said. if you want to see is the victim and i would like to assure you that all the
8:36 am
reports concerning chechnya and these kind of events it's all the provocation they say people who are not i'm embarrassed to use the word are being detained and even killed. movies and i can tell you one thing the security situation in the chechen republic is good. from. washington of course there are still problems but i see that being dissolved effectively. shut down. these mercenaries they are not human and deserve damnation for casting false accusations that go at it and they got it in spanish that. i disagree to me being gay is not a disgrace it's about freedom. of course it was hard leaving home to sing.
8:37 am
everything i had back there. everyone there knows about you know that's why i have to start a new life in a new city in a new country. my dream is to become an airline steward i love planes. i hope someday to work out. yuri can you please tell us more about victor this man how's he been coping with what happened well victor was completely weak and nervous he had great difficulty telling his story because you had to not get properly proceeds processed his impressions from prison all the horrors you had witnessed all the violence he had experienced he was shy and actually he only wanted one thing brian to have his peace and start a new life on the other hand i realised question by question that he somehow needed our conversation he seemed very lonely here in moscow so that after some initial
8:38 am
problems we had a very good conversation ok what about president vladimir putin work where does he stand on all of this what's his position on gay rights in russia. well officially president vladimir putin emphasized that gay relationships in russia are not against the law if journalists ask him about the persecution of gay men in russia he answers that he doesn't understand the question and points out that many successful business people autists are gay here but it's not an oldest chechnya is a very good example of that felling media reports of the persecution of gay men here there and the leader of chechnya declare that there are no no gay people in chechnya at all that they simply do not exist spokespeople for the kremlin have for the most part the dismissed or left off discretion as this question is about of the violence and spokeswoman from the ministry of foreign affairs has suggested to a finnish journalist that capital might organize
8:39 am
a tour so that he could see for himself where the case existed in chechnya and offer that it sounded like a threat russia has consistently been among the top five countries brian from which gay people to flee to the europe to europe and to the united states ok focusing on chechnya the crackdown on gays and yes you know has of course drawn international attention has that had any effect at all. well it's difficult to say is actually chechnya is a very closed region a state within as state wrong by rounds on capitol hill is that supported by vladimir putin chechnya is a more extreme version of russian people and and mafia state that uses religious rhetoric to enforce control over its citizens so as far as to be no gay men in chechnya still face intimidation russia's human rights representative for example that young i must ask of a visit that recently that agent she wanted to find two people who was allegedly
8:40 am
killed but she was reportedly tricked by chechen authorities who organized a meeting with to all the people so obviously officials are trying to cover their tracks ok yuri thanks so much for that like remind our viewers this is the first episode of a four part series what it is to be gay in russia from europe and moscow thanks very much. while the struggle for gender equality is the topic of our next report one german organization is taking the fight to the football field called discover football it holds tournaments around the world to help women develop skills to empower them in all aspects of their lives recently held its first ever tournaments in india a reporters were there and met with three young women seeking to make their mark through sports.
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one morning i was the girl in my. other life. i counted roomies more lovingly. on my being a silver gown all great football player. and man with only four will can either joe my life i've been wanting to play football but i don't know what the future will bring. new people coming with the grandmother or red nose and we always have been together though the first thing game in my mind when i started playing football was made up thing that what will happen if i go ahead and i will not get a chance of play just because of this. one was it's my dream i know i'm not perfect
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i'm just going for more going this time but if i'll get it done so i want to play for my country. from boy is everything for me it's more a father's dream and mine too. and mine that passed over here i realize that i have to fulfill his dream no no matter what. the boy is the only black holding back to leak and you're still. the only way you. feel safe. and.
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i want to delhi look my parents are from tibet i've never been there but my mother has often told me about it and i would like to go there but the chinese have occupied our country my parents felt persecuted there so they took refuge in this country. in there isn't even. you know as far as i was. i started playing football when i was about ten or twelve but it wasn't real football we played with small bulls that we made ourselves on though it also game.
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hard courts serious feel good to make to. the bank. or at higher earners thanks to our much. higher and higher earners.
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there's a lot of competition right because we all are mixed for me every match is important . to our i always wanted to be clean and a professional sports. and discovered well i got that a boy can it be. we have done our look good i'm in indian court and run professionally courts. keep on seeing them how they play and what their daughters is really very good and we can share like ok i of it eighty percent of knowledges. from all the course there's a way the world would. come from different backgrounds. different communication is different there's a lot of language barrier even in india there are so many languages but football is
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a universal game football is said global activity and has no order language then the ball movement and spins. in never had a muslim friend ring. right first i met one friend from the may i guess yeah my friend you. guys really cute. dog at the role so. i meant that i was like ok we're just doing hello and thanks dude don't go three days to get free with them and mr conway said gun is aiding the key to the.
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question in a war your war matter i'm a serene for the first time in the past she asked me if i knew hindi i said yes a little bit. then we started to talk and became friends. but it wasn't him and it was strange to see her wearing a headscarf when she played football but then i saw more players wearing headscarves and photographs and i understood that it's not uncommon for the killing door. and. i was really worried about my hands up too but they were really very sweet and nice they respect and things muslims or whatever it may be so they never never offended me told me to remover. only to play the bass i felt very free.
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was. done for. the mondo opportunity boys a good guy i think even goes should get that because that is the only beacon. was. not free i think they are one of the reason because they don't have does as free they don't try this thing that ok the other to do the well i phone housing thing so they need the first step should be taken by then there was a need to support them. and
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you can see a full version of that report on deed of use kick off magazine that starting tonight with us now in the studio is my colleague sandra peterson and she's spent a number of years working in india as a correspondent for d.w.i. sandra we just heard in that report one of our welcome to the show first off. one of the girls in that report saying women in india are not free was that your impression i would agree but it's not entirely a black and white issue i mean you do have women in positions of power in politics
8:50 am
in the economic sector they're running banks they're successful lawyers but by an arch if you travel the country side yes i would say that the public space and yet it's very much dominated by i mean ok i want to focus in on that if i could of all the g. twenty nations one report has said that india is the worst place to be a woman if it comes to that yeah if you look at let's say sexual violence against women domestic violence against women incidents off female fifty site in female infanticide there is about half a million of girls aborted each year according to a lancet study so if you take all of that into account you really have to say that women are second class gender in india ok we been reporting on the violence in the country against women for a while now it hasn't been improving well if you go back to that to gang rape incident on a moving bus in december two thousand and twelve that has done this sparking
8:51 am
a very intensive debate and that just ongoing so the issue which was to boo issue before it's now very much in the center of the media if you you know go through indian newspapers or online magazines you will find that it is covered but it will take a long time you know before action is taken because if you look at the police force you know they're still very much male dominated if you look at the courtroom scene they're very much male dominated and then you know cases get not prosecuted enough there are not enough politicians taking the lead and saying this is not a petty incidence this is a crime against women and it's serious ok now the awareness is there the media as you mentioned is pay more attention so you think you awareness is there at least a somewhat increased level one. being done to empower women in india if you ask me not enough i'm really missing political leadership from starting with the prime minister and also i think we need to and complete overhaul of the curriculum
8:52 am
because what you see is sexual education for instance it's not part you know at the curriculum in school it's boys and girls grow up almost you know in separate fields and little girls grow up with a sense that they are second class citizens and that boys are better than them and if that doesn't change i think women not really do get that sense of empowerment so bringing boys and girls together into one common physical space could be could be a beginning so under peter's one thanks very much. well and some sports is now germany have completed a perfect twenty eighteen world cup call thing campaign after crushing azerbaijan five one on sunday night the defending champs securing their place at the tournaments next year in style with ten wins out of ten and scoring a european record forty three goals along the way. germany went ahead in the ninth minute when the redskins school with the nifty back heel. of the by john levelled
8:53 am
soon after. but the germans came out with real intent in the second half and sundry wagner soon gave me a two one goals from antonio ruediger gorecki with his second and reach on field a comprehensive victory. so it's nice to be part of the team that's it's true. we have a lot of young great players old great presence of i think. forty fifty players who can play in the national team and. it's. very nice to be part of this in germany such a good goals record for europe in qualifying and looking in i'm going to school for their title defense in russia. and us indeed for more on germany's impressive world cup qualifier i'm joined by oliver moody from our sports morning all over germany fielding a second string team against the bridge on which is the less established players could make the final squad for russia one that we've already heard
8:54 am
a couple of times in that report and that's les on gorecki the midfielder he's had a real breakthrough year and international football prior to twenty seven saying it only played three games for germany and scored zero goals this year alone he's played nine games and scored six including a couple of important goals so you can really see how he's come on leaps and bounds i'd be amazed if he's not on the plane to russia elsewhere i think that is a spot going up front i think maybe a replacement kind of player that could be under of his go to. of important goals recently the last two games it could also be lost in the live mention blood who was influential in germany is comfort cup winning this summer the thing is i think there's only space in the squad for one of them so be interesting to see who live puts his faith in ok we'll be looking for that let's look ahead now to the tournaments itself who are the favorites for the title well it himself mentioned before the azerbaijan game that france are a big threat he specifically mentioned the young stars p.s.g.
8:55 am
and of course the former dortmund when it was month and the like so there's certainly it's same with a lot of strength in depth another team we have that would all menace in the report that another team. in qualification is fine they already want to group that was a big hits italy they look unified again they look like a good team again banging in the goals so they're certainly a threat and looking around the world looking outside of europe the most successful team ever in the world cup brazil thy have got themselves together again after that seven one humbling they got from germany in their own backyard at the last world cup they dominated south american qualifying made it very strong and they'll be looking for revenge too so there's plenty of threats to germany stifle the strain in brazil two countries to look forward to we might have a world cup with one of the best players of all time what's going on with argentina and messi briefly if you can hear oh well they're in a very precarious place they've got one game left and it's against ecuador why which means playing in quito a city with an elevation about two thousand eight hundred meters brian i've been there always an issue with tito i tell you running around there is not the same as it is here and they need to win that game argentina otherwise we could be deprived
8:56 am
of leo messi at what could be his last of a world cup want to show him that would be that would be a shame you did ok all over looking into this for us this morning thanks very much for that. thank you for joining us as well here from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest news as well at our website dot com you can also follow us of course on twitter and facebook thanks so much for being with us.
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