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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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we are who we are in accept us for what we are we're family unbelievably. to me a son me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is the news live from berlin a show of support for a united spain under the thousands take to the streets of barcelona to protest against coghlan independence madrid's warned that any breakaway efforts by codd along leaders will have no a fact also on the show has the german chancellor to change her position on
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migration as part of coalition talks or conservative c.d.u. has reached a compromise deal on limiting the number of migrants we'll get some analysis. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show in spain there's been a massive rally in barcelona against plans by cottle on leaders to declare independence now this march came as these towns find ministers said he would take measures to prevent the region from breaking away organizers say nearly a million demonstrators packed into the center of barcelona local police put that number at three hundred fifty thousand the protesters called for an end to the country's worst political crisis in decades. while we start our coverage with this report from mathis who is. that demonstration.
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was long live the nation is a message. christina a student from barcelona and her friend couldn't agree more they feel cut to learn spanish and european. you know if you don't give me about it i was born here but my entire family comes from all over spain the supporters of independence have no right to keep us out of it it was you know some of what you know we don't want a fragmented and divided europe we want europe to florida and we want to be part of it and i want to start then to but many in catalonia who oppose independence such as this architect i still against sunday's protest they worry it could increase tensions. this spanish the spanish flag and. there was russian with spanish flags of the station with catherine franks because because. i think it's not. a very good idea to have. the streets
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filled with the two sides because they're going to clash. but for protest to christina sunday's munch was a success she says the people here represents cup loney is silent majority organizers say it was the biggest ever protest against catalonia seceding from spain loathe. well will he or won't he joining us now from barcelona steve have used a funny thought are funny will the coddling leader declare independence. that's that one million dollar question nobody really knows how to answer because there's so many conflicting voices coming out both from the government the conflicting voices in the population but also when you look at the verbal reactions the verbal actions that are coming here from the office of the catalonia president catalonia president put them on so it's really unclear what he's going to happen and to stay
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out of a some voices in the government suggest that this may be a declaration of an independence slide that means a symbolic recognition of independence also calling some voices down the radical voices the very passionate voices already to take to the streets here in barcelona to push for independence but at the same time to make sure that the comes tellin or catalonia regional president here president and president bush to mount does not lose his credibility and finally what about the central government in madrid how would it react to any declaration of independence by catalonia including the independence lite version you mentioned. well legally they say the central government says they're going to use any legal method that takes you to use that is in the framework of the spanish constitution for one article one hundred fifty five that would mean that the central government could this miss the government here they could call for new elections they could in fact invoke a state of the movement see here and you could file criminal charges against politicians
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who participate in this independent school because this is the building that mother did and some politicians visiting the grammar within the government hughes this is an independence group and they want to stop that prime minister said again and again that spain must remain spain and he will do anything and everything possible to stop that is it racial independence is going to into a fact or is even declared and you know we saw of course this massive protest rally on on sunday or any other protest planned what's the situation right now. apparently there is going to be a general strike in the next day so high that it's not likely or if it's when it's going to happen however it's been consider that a jealous strike is going to take place here in barcelona as it already happened last week also a pro in depends demonstration is an els for tomorrow by the same civic organization that has organized the pro independence demonstration last week
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tuesday so right as you can see it as you can hear of course people who are for independence trying to keep the pressure up try to keep up the pressure on the government to make sure that they did clear declare independence in its real way as it was promised after a friend and as i say though this is unclear if this is really going to happen in tuesday funny thoughts are following all the latest developments for us in barcelona thanks so much for that for now fighting here in germany chance for all the americans governing christian democrats and their sister party the bavarian c.s.u. say they found middle ground on their long running dispute over refugee policy. came after tough talks late sunday night the leaders say they've agreed to try to keep the total of refugees germany excepts to two hundred thousand per year since the refugee crisis began in two thousand and fifteen although americans said she would not accept any cap on refugee numbers for the very latest on the story let's
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cross over now to our political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas chancellor machall has said time and time again that she's against any limit two hundred thousand has been the magical number there is she now backing down. brian in a way she is backing down in particular after this agreement that was reached yesterday it's seen as a concession to the sister party the c. as you head of the very difficult coalition talks but very important for. two it's one if you look at the wording of the agreement it clearly state that it's a it's a goal that they want to reach and second it is a goal that they want to reach that is absolutely not set in stone in other words depending on the national all the international context that limits could be moved up or down and also for angela merkel something very important is the agreement does not include the german word or back then that's the upper limit for the number of refugees and this is the word that has obviously determined the whole debate and
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the whole confrontation between the c.s.u. under c.d.u. in the last few months and years so yes in a way she is giving that concession to her sister party but when she comes to sell that she will probably say that she is still against the orbit n.c.i. such ok now as you mentioned there's a lot of importance here being placed on the wording there's a lot of wiggle room as well for both sides in this agreement will that make the issue of migration easier to deal with when merkel talks to her potential coalition partners well in a way all these cabinets could prove to be helpful when the different parties sit down at one table and try to find common ground but it is important to say that this will only make the situation more difficult in general because any type of a cap is something that the green party for example will probably reject in fact some members of the green party have already said that they're against the
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agreement reached by the conservative block so although there is room. kept such the limit and that magic number that you mentioned of two hundred thousand is something that will only make negotiations much more to. when they actually sit down and try to find common ground on migration ok now even discussing a possible cap on migration has been off limits up until now will this help on the america will win back the voters that she's lost on migration i think bryan it ultimately depends on what type of agreement is reached with the coalition partners this is only the very very first stage of negotiations that called yesterday was to try and find common ground between the two sister party the conservative bloc what will come next is much more difficult than dot all to mutley whether merkel gets to win back some of those voters will depend on what type of agreement she reaches thomas sparrow for us this morning thanks very much for those insights thomas. at
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least twelve people are dead many more are missing after a boat carrying river refugees capsized near the coast of bangladesh the victims were fleeing the ongoing government crackdown in myanmar hundreds of thousands have managed to make it to bangladesh but authorities there are struggling to cope with the sheer scale of the crisis. from above the scale of the roof hinge a refugee crisis is jolting. thousands of makeshift tents and shacks lined the camp in bangladesh more than half a million range of fleeing violence in myanmar have set up camp here. on the ground the situation is desperate long queues for food have become commonplace even with aid agencies handing out provisions some of the routine just say they're living on one meal a day. local volunteer groups are helping to meet the growing demand.
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and we as a group are very happy that coming from a small place we could collect and give out food to these hungry people if they stay here for a longer time we will send another team to bring aid to. the number of neurons of old shows no sign of slowing down in cramped conditions with no clean water or sanitation aide workers one it's only a matter of time before disease breaks out. experiences that we have seen in the past when such crises moments that when people are congo steadiness such a place there is always the space of having cholera outbreak doses of an oral color of vaccine have already arrived in cox's bazar what will be one of unicef's largest cholera drives. but with persistent bad weather and more arrivals the organization
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is working against the odds the un has called for an end to the crisis but so far no action has been taken against the myanmar army whose actions have led to the mass exodus of the room. now to some of the other stories making the news today the international committee of the red cross is set to drastically reduce its operations in afghanistan he said it was forced to take the decision after attacks that have killed seven of its staff members this year. the oscar winning hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein has been fired from the production company following allegations of sexual harassment the producer of movies like shakespeare in love in the king's speech is accused of sexually harassing female employees and actresses including ashley judd over a number of years. turkey has reduced visa services at its mission in the united states in retaliation for
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a similar move by washington the us saw one of its consular officials arrested in turkey last week and says it will reassess the security of its personnel in the country. well convincing skeptics of the benefits of solar energy can be a daunting task so crossing one of the world's most barren stretches of land using just the power of the sun is one way to affect perceptions this weekend some forty solar powered cars started at three thousand kilometer race across australia's desert to prove solar powered cars do have the right stuff. crossing a strategy is desert in a solar powered car used to be a me pot dream but this weekend almost forty six on guzzling machine started a three thousand kilometer journey from darwin to adelaide. using just the sun's rays for power as cars will reach speeds of over one hundred kilometers an hour. world solid challenge defending champions no one saw
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a once again among the favorites. the feel is so far apart this year all the cars looked completely different all we know is we got a good car and we got it running perfectly the last couple of days and we're really confident we're going to do everything it takes when teams completed a time trial to determine the starting order with the front runners grabbing a vital advantage that could make all the difference. of attacking takes a lot of energy that we would otherwise not want to use. we feel very happy to be in but we don't have to have a take that many cars leaving dollars teams are expected to finish the race with in a wake that the record is just under thirty hours competitors are hoping that desert hopping exploits can one day say solar powered cars take over the roads full time. we have some football now and egypt have booked a ticket to the world cup finals for the first time in twenty years a last minute goal by muhammad salla silda when over congo and top spot in group e.
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this is how the result went down in cairo. was has only played at two world cups before in one nine hundred thirty four nine hundred ninety egypt was the second african country after nigeria to qualify for the twenty eight hundred tournaments in russia. that's all we have time for i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us seroquel is with you again at the top of the hour please do enter that. the whole d w all one out. for in focus global insights the news out of the.


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