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overgaard just what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution window people. will not do something to the real october starting october twenty fifth two w. this is d w news the live from bird land could the cats land parliament declare independence as soon as tuesday after hundreds of thousands take to the streets of barcelona to show their support for a unified spain neither side in the conflict is showing any sign of backing down
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our correspondents are standing by in madrid and barcelona. also coming up has the german chancellor changed her position on migration as part of coalition talks her conservative c.v. you has reached a compromise deal on limiting the number of migrants plus imprisoned and tortured for being gay we will bring you the first installment of an exclusive series this week looking at what it means to be homosexual in russia. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program we begin with breaking news this afternoon coming out of stockholm where the winner of the nobel prize for economics has been announced richard taylor of the united states has been awarded the nobel prize for economics the prize of the swedish academy of sciences. now he's from the
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university of chicago and was given the distinction for his work in the field of behavioral economics the prize is not part of the original series of awards set up by alfred nobel and originally only in one nine hundred sixty eight tyler's distinction occurred as economists are increasingly under fire from rising populist an anti globalization movements around the world the announcement was made just a few moments ago let's listen in. the roaring swedish academy of sciences has decided to study the city expire prize in economics sciences in memory of oxford the battle to richard h. favor for his contributions to behavioral economics. and we'll have more coverage of this u.s. economic slaughter laureate at the top of the hour that's coming up in our business news well meantime in spain there's been a massive rally in barcelona against plans by catalan leaders to declare
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independence the march came as the spanish prime minister says that he would make would take measures to prevent the region from breaking away organizers say that nearly a million demonstrators packed into the center of barcelona local police put the number at three hundred and fifty thousand the protesters called for an end to the country's worst political crisis in decades. and we have this report now from mattis who was at the demonstration. of the nation is the message. christina a student from barcelona and her friend couldn't agree more they feel cut to learn spanish and european. you know you don't hear me but if i was born here but my entire family comes from all over spain the supporters of independence have no right to keep us out that i was you know we don't want
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a fragmented and divided europe we want europe to floors and we want to be part of it. but many in catalonia who oppose independence such as this architect are still against sunday's protest they worry it could increase tensions. in the spanish the spanish flag and the. other more stretching with spanish flags of the station with franks because. i think it's not. a very good idea to have. the streets for the two sides because they're going to clash. but for protest to christina sunday's munch was a success she says the people here represents cup loney is silent majority. organizers say it was the biggest ever protest against catalonia seating from spain . well despite those protests catalonia may now be just a day away from
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a unilateral declaration of independence the catalan leader is expected to make and eagerly expected speech to the regional parliament on tuesday joining us now for more on that is a char who is in the catalan capital barcelona and we also have publicly elie us standing by for us in the spanish capital madrid funny i'll turn first to you how likely is it looking that the cattle and leader will indeed declare independence tomorrow. this is a very difficult question to answer because they've been so many mixed conflicting voices over the course of the past days of the past weeks indeed coming both from the catalonia government but also from the office of the catalonia president pushed him along well what we're hearing right now just a short while ago the coordinator of the cut that on your government sad that in tuesday president bush demand is going to talk about hall to move forward from here now that doesn't really suggest he's going to declare independence but rather that he's going to make some sort of a symbolic the creation of independence to sort of protect also his own credibility
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because there's so many people here that voted for independence the ones who voted for independence who really want this promise to be fulfilled that actually moves that the clear is independence while the other half of the catalonia doesn't want independence to be declared at all ok so some possible just different scenarios on the table there and with that pablo i will turn to you how is the central government there in madrid the ten potentially preparing for these for these various outcomes. you're absolutely right sara and fully know what funny was saying it has been remarkably confusing here it's been over the past couple of weeks but one thing that's clear is that sort of aside the sentiment of the deputy prime minister despite his government spoke to one of the big radio stations here this morning and said the spanish government are prepared to take whatever measures are necessary. that would be article one sixty five which of course everyone has been speaking about here which is the suspension of autonomy in qatar when you're now
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she didn't go as far as saying that that is what would happen but essentially hinted at that would be the possibility what this one is governments are prepared to do is basically take away any powers from the catalan regional government if they do make that statement on tuesday which at the moment we're not sure about but it is looking likely that whether it's symbolic or not will make some sort of statement on tuesday which is going to rock the spend the spanish central government so that's how politicians are handling these matters on meantime the problem i just want to gauge the mood where you are i mean what are what are people in madrid what are they saying about all of this and how are they feeling. well there you're speaking to a mother you know sort of very hard sometimes to distance yourself from these stories and i have to say that essential everybody myself included have just been talking about what's been going on and has said when you know centuries of the past couple of weeks that's dominating all conversation there's a sense of sort of the will i'm into i would say amongst a lot of people and i mean we saw protests across spain over the weekend and one thing that sort of surprised me and surprised us pioneers is the amount of spanish
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flags that seem to live peered over the past week hanging all falcon these people walking around wearing you know scottish football jerseys people talking about the unity of spain talking that the fact that you know they don't want to go then there is another element where people are essentially just annoyed with what's going on in qatar when you know they're saying well look if they want a referendum give them the referendum because that will basically solve the situation there that's the feeling amongst people here in spain and i would say particularly i mean. that's sort of the conversation that seems to be dominating everyone at the moment how about there in barcelona where you are funny i mean we saw a lot of protests over the weekend what is the mood there on the streets of barcelona . we'll definitely see probably more protests are here in barcelona people are ready to take to the streets who feel like this entire way of handling the situation this sort of back that pulling back and forth is not doing any good people who really want independence to be declared are ready to take to
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the street tomorrow a civic organization a city platform has called for that just like they did call for it last week and tuesday and also possibly there will be a general strike somewhere in between tomorrow and next monday or even for a several for several days to come so this is a situation is not going anywhere regardless actually what happens tomorrow definitely people are passionate here about independence day one the ones who voted for it and are ready to take to destry. very unfunny for char there in barcelona and pablo foley elyas with the latest from madrid to both of you we thank you very much for your reporting. and we're going to have more on the impact of the catalonia crisis on what it's having on business in spain that's coming up a little bit later with monica johns in business news but first we want to tell you that german chancellor angela merkel's ruling christian democratic party and its sister party the bavarian c.s.u. say that they have found middle ground on their long running dispute over refugee policy the deal came after tough talks on sunday the leader of say that they have
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agreed to try and keep the total number of refugee cases that germany except every year or two around two hundred thousand now in special circumstances the two hundred thousand figure could be exceeded there would apparently be no change or limits on asylum laws for people claiming persecution on an individual basis including dissidents they could still apply for asylum as before the agreement will see however the rules for highly qualified migrants change party leaders saying that the laws for this group of migrants must reflect the changing needs of german employers well since the refugee crisis began back in two thousand and fifteen markel said that she would not accept a cap on refugees let's get more on this now let's cross over to our political correspondent thomas sparrow who is standing by with the late very latest from our parliamentary studio so you know as we just saw there thomas chancellor angela merkel saying time and time again that she is against this cap that is what she has
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done in the past. is she backing down now how is this being seen here in germany. well it's more of a goal or a reference point if you will there is obviously that number of two hundred thousand which will certainly please the c.s.u. the bavarian sister party random or calls c.d.u. but there's no mention in that agreement of the word or back then so that's the sort of term in german referring to the cap on refugees that has been the. reason why the c.d.u. on this year's you have had problems in the last few months and years and that's not even mentioned there so that's something that will obviously please i'm going to go so you can probably say that both horse a hole for the leader of the c.s.u. and anger merkel managed to get what they wanted some sort of goal of guideline in that number but at the same time no reference. limits that is set in stone as you
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yourself mentioned if there are certain circumstances that number of two hundred thousand could be moved up or down so that's why it is not something that is absolutely fixed and cannot be changed given that flexibility you talk about there thomas given that we go over and what does that mean for the coalition negotiations that angela merkel is currently undertaking in order to form a government here in germany well probably the idea to have that wiggle room or to have that not set in stone is to try and help the coalition negotiations that are set to start soon body well it must also be said that these negotiations will be extremely difficult because any idea of a cap whether it has the word or it doesn't have the wording the agreement will be something that for example the green party will not be very happy with in fact we've heard from members of the green party who have said today that they disagree with what was agreed yesterday by the conservative bloc here in berlin so it will
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certainly be a very tricky negotiation even though as you yourself said there is some space for negotiation and that could be that could prove. essential in the long term as well the issue of migration just generally speaking thomas when we look at it here in germany i mean this was really a sticking point for many people in the federal election a lot of people not happy with her policy this compromise that they have now reached is this likely to win back some of those voters you think that will depend on what is agreed in the long term what type of government comes out what type of coalition comes out for now the idea of this agreement is is more of an internal agreement between the c.d.u. under c.s.u. to have some sort of common ground in order to be able to negotiate with the other two forty's but whether that will affect i'm going to call in the long term that is really something that will have to be seen once the agreement is in place once the coalition is formed tom aspera with the very latest from our parliamentary studios thank you. and let's get
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a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world turkey has reduced visa services that its mission in the united states in retaliation for a similar move by washington the us saw one of its consular office officials arrested in turkey last week and says that it will reassess the security of its personnel in the country. the international committee of the red cross is set to drastically reduce its operations in afghanistan the aid group says that it was forced to take the decision after the attacks that have killed seven of its staff this year. the oscar winning hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein has been fired from his production company following allegations of sexual harassment the producer of movies such as shakespeare in love and the king's speech is accused of sexually harassing female employees and actresses including ashley judd over a number of years. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program imprisoned and tortured for their sexual
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orientation we will bring you the first installment in an exclusive series of reports this week looking at what it means to be gay in russia. but in the meantime the political uncertainty in catalonia is rattling the spanish business community and monica jones has more on that and equity markets too because across europe they're preparing for a potential shock this week as catalonia threatens to formally declare independence from spain major companies in the region are scrambling with telecommunications firm sell next scheduled to discuss today moving out of the catalonia capital. to madrid a break with spain would also effectively mean that catalonia would lose its current status within the e.u. trading block driving up the cost of imports and exports the government in madrid is now making it easier for companies in catalonia to swiftly move headquarters out of the region and so far two major banks bankers of adele and bank have said they
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are doing so. now the german economy continues to power head data shows industrial output rose a lot faster than expected in august it grew by two point six percent month on month all sectors enjoyed growth except construction the economy ministry says it does through production has seen a powerful upward trend since the start of the year and it says that it's set to continue based on industrial orders and the favorable business environment. where they're beginning to play hardball in the final face off the dismantling of bankrupt carrier air berlin that is according to media reports they suggest that easyjet is now backing down from its original offer for thirty air berlin aircraft the british discount airline reportedly wants to pay less than the fifty million euros it initially offered if the deal falls through air berlin will have
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a hard time financing operations and it would have to cut even more flights. and there tomorrow on our market correspondent is with us now in frankfurt genelle . let's for a change not to talk about air balloons troubles but pick up on the troubles in catalonia i remember that the spanish market the ibex was heavily under pressure last week what it's like at the start of this new week. funnily enough considering all the tension in the country the ibex is actually performing at its highest level in a week it's rebounded by zero point seven percent and that upswing has mostly been led by the banking sector we saw the shares of bank and bank of this about dow
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trading higher on news that they both decided to relocate out of catalonia so that tells you that investors are cheered by the prospect that companies are doing what they can to cover themselves in the event of any political fallout so what's the downside to then more and more companies turning their back on catalonia surely this cannot all be good news yes and you know as it happens it's not only spanish firms that are going to be affected by this we also have the likes of cross border merger deals like for example italy's atlanta and spain's i veritas those are two highway management companies and. merger deal stands to be delayed by the cause of this because of this uncertainty and you also have the american chamber of commerce in spain that saying u.s. companies basically have contingency plans in the bag to relocate out of catalonia overnight if not to luna does decide to cede now there is hope in the market still
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but mainly the point that the sense that i'm getting here is that that's a lumia has reached a point of no return and companies are going to have to cover their bases accordingly now if you say something like reaching a point of no return that implies that markets are pretty much betting on catalonia seceding. they are and they are and so they're basically using the fact that regulations have been eased to allow them to move out of catalonia easier and that is something that other taking advantage of but we have to see the departures also for what they are now they're mostly just an administrative change an address all that has happened is that they've changed headquarters that has had no impact yet on jobs or in operations we've been talking about basically big companies in spain that have business all over the country but of course the potential for escalation is still there and that's something that markets are watching carefully out for origin their own in from food thank you so much for this food is one connoisseurs and anyone who enjoys
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a glass of fine brandy colognes food fare might just be the closest thing to experiencing heaven on earth but are you ready for the good tuna or crickets dipped in snack source while our reporter sad case didn't need much convincing even if some products left him gasp for air. with cream with cinnamon flavor robin wire's simply has to try and. really get really good the trend scout is looking for the next big thing at the food fair in a new got talented taste buds and a strong stomach are a must in this job. it's probably quite a bit to taste and if you have no doubt about a wealth of things to go through at the next stand there's a trendy drink from asia the cameraman tries it out. here have
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a little sip. delicious or is it too new. for amended vinegar made of lime juice and herbs. a protein so to anyone it's made of renewable ingredients which are readily available certainly more nutritious than your average cola. interesting beverage and the answer is yes i can get six we used to grow algae to make bio diesel and then we saw it'll be a long time before turning algae into fuel will be profitable we also noticed that algae has very valuable ingredients and that made us think the time is ready to eat it. it after yes yes it's that if you can kind of see that certain things alternative proteins are going to be demanded in the future there's going to be way too many people out there to feed you know in terms of using the current structures so using alternative sources of ingredients such as micro algae
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or insects which are service alternatives to. animal based proteins this is very is very important and will certainly be one of the solutions of the industry is looking for going forward insect burgers instead of bratwurst algae drink instead of soda first consumers need to be convinced. it's a sarah. and the difficulty of being gay in russia returns in some newspaper reports now monica because they have emerged about this alleged abuse torture and killing of gay men in recent months in the russian region of chechnya according to these reports authorities detained more than one hundred gay men and urged their families to kill lennon to quote wipe clean their honor and these two have been killed by relatives and a third died after being tortured these allegations have been made against the background of the conservative agenda promoted by president vladimir putin four
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years ago russia passed a law that bans promoting what it described as propaganda the european court of human rights has found the law discriminatory well today begins a weeklong series on what it means to be gay in russia today have a look. they beat me and broke my nose. it all started in february i met a guy on a dating app and i went to meet him. i arrived at his place it turned out later they were moving somebody in the bathroom. my date turned out to be a decoys his job was to catch guys for the police. we said hello to each other five minutes later the police appeared out of the bathroom. they taught me up and took me to a prison you know to go and. once we arrived at the prison they told me that i had
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a choice if i didn't want to be tortured but have to give up all the people i knew . they tortured me they didn't believe that i didn't know anyone else. they touched a cable to my finger and turned on the electricity. there were twenty two of us the old very different people. there were three rooms six to eight people in each room it was almost impossible to breathe i was ready to lie down on the concrete floor and. stepped on the floor there weren't even any beds. some of us got put in cells with the strike prisoners with is in the midst prisoners so that they would have. a spent twenty days in there what for being a fag as they put it i got out in march i was told to get out of grozny to stop bringing shame on chechnya this kind of thing can't exist here you know really
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chechens people like me should be killed they said. if you want to see just fifteen and i would like to assure you that all the reports concerning chechnya and these kind of events it's all the provocation they say people who are and i'm embarrassed to use the word are being detained and even killed. i can tell you one thing when the security situation in the chechen republic is good. from. washington of course there are still problems but i see that being dissolved effectively.
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shut down. these mercenaries they're not human and deserve damnation for casting false accusations that go at it and they got it in spanish that. i disagree to me being gay is not a disgrace it's about freedom. of course it was hard leaving home. everything i had back that. everyone there knows about you know that's why i have to start a new life in a new city in a new country. what dream is to become an airline steward i love planes. i hope someday to work out. and stay tuned to this week for more on our series on being gay and russia but in
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the meantime we're going to turn to some sports news now and egypt have booked a ticket to the world cup finals for the first time in twenty years a last minute goal by mohamed salah sealed a win over congo and top spot in groovy this is how the result went down in cairo have a look. at. the. scenes of jubilation as egypt has only played at two world cups before in one thousand thirty four and in one nine hundred ninety egypt was the second african country after nigeria to qualify for the twenty one thousand two hundred in russia. congratulations to them a quick reminder of the top stories that we have been following for you here one day after hundreds of thousands turned out in barcelona to protest catalonia his bid to separate from spain neither side of the conflict is showing signs of backing down the region's leader could declare independence as soon as tuesday that is
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despite madrid's warnings that it won't allow the region to become a breakaway republic. you're up to date thanks will. they don't pay any attention to borders we are spending on name migratory route is coming from with. for a long time many local residents saw the heads of migrating elephants in the making
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as a menace but today the gentle giants also bring prosperity you're talking the elephant has created jobs for young people in our community a go at africa next to w. every two decades in the service of rave. reviews of the exploits special. we meet the band getting ready to tour. jacket from an h.p. back to. figure out the secret to their success. makes for sixty minutes d w. i don't my job and most people don't watch it and she wanted it was. me. who loves it. starting october fifteenth on
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t.w. and online yeah. i think one day this war will be considered cruel and unjust war but you know and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child is she not only from their homeland of the enemy invades. no one wants russia here don't need to nuke which is. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d. w. made for mines. hello and welcome to a quiet africa the environment modest.


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