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it's a wild week on v.w. there they couldn't they couldn't do that they could. get everything revolves around our animal kingdom and a two legged fans. with black spots on a cause of why so they always cut a handsome figure but how does the deal make sure get its name we try to find out by connecting the dots. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds.
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greetings from the german capital oh well come to the show or let's take a look at our top stories for today. fighting spirit by french writer i have to go for is a good group for this. church cost is a preacher on the move. and it's a nine pay fors five unusual ways to entertain your pets. if you're on a road with an oscar it's an international stamp of approval and one of the top eco lates and the fin industry even for those who've been in the business for a long time so you. and imagine how it is when you already win an oscar as
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a student since nine hundred seventy two the student oscar has been awarded in four categories in los angeles this year two of the awards we go to young german tenants including their actor ben lot from handbook who's winning entry is based on a two story. muslims and christians are traveling together through kenya. right. to penalize film what you want to all of us is based on the true story. islam is terrorist attack the boss they want to murder all the christians. for her film ben wright has won a student academy award in the short narrative international category the film that impressed the jury in los angeles was her leaving project for the hamburg school.
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kept up my mind i'd just done my taxes and was scanning in some i see it's on the telephone rang in the other room my display said it was beverly hills calling so yes that was the famous call from hollywood only with. the film is based on an incident in kenya in two thousand and fifteen. have been watch read a news item about how muslim travellers have protected christians from a terrorist attack the german students research the subject for months and then shot the film on location together with a kenyan film team then watch and uli here's the writer and editor face lots of competition for the student academy awards over fifteen hundred entries in four categories they won't know if what to watch it all of us will be taking home gold silver or bronze until october twelfth whichever it is their hard work has already paid off and they had their share of stressful moments. we spent eleven days on the shoot over what i have to subtract about health that time
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because so much kept going wrong and so many things happening that made choosing impossible i don't know you must starting with generators that broke down at the worst possible moment which happened several times because my camera was stolen the lead actor was thrown in jail because this guy with many me. any situations that trained us to keep cool and. that's why. students from the hamburg media school have already won five student academy awards and many other accolades at least one student oscar has gone to a german production every year since two thousand and eleven so what is the secret of the young german filmmakers success in the movie. one reason could be that because of their history the germans treat the issues of the times very seriously and they're less introspective than you would normally expect different artist is with us from princeton and i'm on the road for. the second winning
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german entry is also set in africa yohannes price is documentary deals with illegal gold mining in ghana. it was made by students from the bottom vertebrata film academy. yet is that good and not get the numbers of women and men currently studying in german film academies are about equal but only three female directors from germany have won a student academy award film production is still largely male domain. the initiative. to change that. he might to taught i'm not even so i wouldn't want to be placed on a job because of some clothes but rather because they want me because of what i can do and will go on to learn and contribution in the way of life experience and empathy and whatever else is required for the job. of writing your has no worries about his students' futures the director of the hamburg media school's film programme believes that with increasing experience women filmmakers will eventually
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catch up with today's older male dominated generation. then these again though thrown in once this generation is made way for the next you'll be a lots of room for the women who are now coming from the universities and film academies there what may take a while yet of in the by the both of those. cut had been watches already planning her next project and looking forward to donning the director's cap for the shoot. but first she'll make time for a little trip to hollywood. but we're not heading to hollywood now our next stop is italy where our you mix express starts today with a well expensive fag that goes down a tree with pests. it's white gold season the famous alba white truffle world market is currently underway in northern italy people flock to the historic town of alba in piedmont to buy the
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fragrant fung diet affordable prices truffles have been considered a delicacy for thousands of years and the albatros full is especially highly prized one kilo can fetch up to five thousand euros. italian truffles are a much loved delicacy of the world over. the. sparks are flying at the new exhibition at the prado museum in madrid chinese artists i quote young man creates works with burning gunpowder on canvas that literally go off with a bang. one result is this lion which looks like it's eating the sun. so i explores the idea that gun powder can be used in both good ways and bad the spirit of painting runs from october twenty fifth to march fourth twenty eighteen. a folk band from poland has scored a viral hit with the cover of the depeche mode hits enjoy the silence. this unfold
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icons have turned over their facebook page today fans every day for a home here a different fan gets to be the moderator. last week a member of the polish band uploaded the video and it's since been viewed nearly half a million times. and . once again the world's largest book fair discounted taking place in its publishes film all the one hundred companies are promoting publications in many different languages french for example it's spoken by two hundred twenty million people and over the. what that makes french literature incredibly diverse take french ball but i asked for example in her also biographical novel amar she tells the story of the late mother who was
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a small jet fighter as she is. she still pretty good with their fists but then i was just so go ahead to combat prejudice racism and violence from an early age when she was eight her father and little sister died in a fire in their apartment block could have been deliberately sad no wonder she has so much fighting spirit. as a young girl i had huge anger in me. we had to deal with so much injustice. people close to me die and people i loved. i didn't have a proper childhood. when my father died i had to grow up and take on a lot of responsibility it was too much for a child to. i his parents were immigrants who come to france from mali she grew up in the. notoriously rough outskirts of paris and african immigrants in
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france are expected to assimilate but for many upholding the culture of their home countries the only way they can retain their identity the rest of us. who don't know what it is some elation demands that we relinquish part of our identity. i don't believe in assimilation you can't expect a child to deny its cultural background it's completely counterproductive. there's a hierarchy of culture that's very problematic a child with american or spanish parents doesn't stand out. but with children with african or arab parents their background is instantly suspect. i as a so-called wrote her novel mom for her late my. her role model she was a fighter too after the violent death of her husband she opted not to marry again but to raise her children alone it was a decision that went against the customs of the traditional model and community in
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paris diocese ocoee is left to buy new behind her with the help of her boxing skills and willpower these days she gets recognized on the street but she is not prepared to accept the role as the good immigrant. most of us i see so i can see only it's difficult to be seen as a role model. i decided to act to achieve something if that bothers someone that's not my problem. so i'm not going to be a quote political figure i mentioned who takes on racists xenophobes and so on. and i'm just living my life. i view them i mean i as a so-called was female as much a world boxing champion three times but gave it up when i was cervical vertebra fracture left her paralyzed on one side she recovered and went on to study politics at an elite university then she began writing. first of all i had to learn to control my anger i told myself i had to stop punishing myself with things i'm not
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responsible for. i managed to turn my rage into something positive. and my writing is perfect. why is it so go right to the way she boxes she doesn't pull any punches she's someone who literally far away free of the constraints of tradition but who's not afraid to celebrate her roots and she certainly has no plans to throw in the towel and the time so. perhaps some people would go to church at christmas again but for the rest of the year most of the houses of worship in germany. when people don't come to church the church has to come to the people. spreading the word from all the book probably took this sentence from the bible literally the pastor has been on tour with an inflatable house of god for years he likes it when it's unusual church is close to the water
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because for this traveling man of god kitesurfing is heaven on earth. carsten holcomb of the traveling pastor from northern germany takes to his board whenever he can. either it's brilliant there's nobody on the water or not much wind but this is wonderful it's a drama. being out on the water with our maker and you can switch off and really take things to the limits it's awesome. welcome is just as unconventional as his house of god. portable and
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inflatable it's a kind of bouncy church. that isn't in courts you have to take care that the cross is blown up properly and standing tall because it's done and up she goes custom welcome my tours mainly northern germany with his itinerant church hitting the cutting events in festivals along the way like this one on the beach in santa fe to ording. i take this church to kind serving festivals like this because i meet people who wouldn't normally have anything to do with the church and. the motto of our project is if the people don't go to church anymore than the church has to go to the people. this is a church with a difference when the father of three got the idea for it nine years ago he didn't feel like carrying on as a pastor is when he sees himself more as a travelling servant for the lord plus it's a way to combine pleasure and profession. is a surroundings are different stifle you don't have the formality you can sit and
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drink your latte money on your own still talk about the. or listen to a sermon is what it's more relaxed here on the beach people of the time they generally wouldn't have in their daily routine. here they're more willing to engage in a conversation. for the service the transformation from kite surfer to clergyman is official. ok most started out as a youth pastor became a parish pastor and now he travels a lot representing his free church holding services and giving sermons on the beach whenever he has a chance. he's even married a couple in his bouncy church and the fifty two year old pastor's face is every bit
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as airtight as the church line. it's going to not. even joy and i wish you all a really beautiful day here at the kite festival and for you to hear words like i am with you always have no fear and for you to know that you write dignifying people on this. i think that's a message that quite a lot of people can really use i don't want to force it on anyone but i myself live by it i've been through hard times and i draw sustenance knowing that i'm secure that i'm protected that i'm aware god will not let me down but he's with me by me. hang gliding also plays an important part in carstens life he's been a keen fan for over thirty years you know. is that thing fairest. you know. not a lifestyle. a christian
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a pastor kite surfer and hang glider he sees no conflict there only genuine experience this whole region we don't get always just knocks me over here i have the kind i can do all this from my one of just a small percentage of the population is living such a great life. carsten holcombe is a pastor with a mission to bring the church to the people wherever they may be. however surfing isn't just something pastors and other humans enjoy some dogs also like no dog there are any molds that can stay on the board a right way going for walk is not the only thing dogs like to do in our ranking high five we have summarized the most entertaining activities for our four legged friends perfect for this week's dog day here are. five
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unusual of fun activities for your dog. welcome to the dog beach but don't expect to play go fetch canines come here to ride the waves at number five dogs a thing is not surprisingly especially popular in california. because you and your pooch can go looking for point break on european beach just to . finish magician and mentalist shows they are going in has discovered that don't react to magic tricks just like humans to now features them regularly and if you tube videos. now you don't. even the oldest trick in the book works on their magic tricks number four on our list of dog print their activities. yes the one with the flying saucer
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to go and watch your dog try and figure it out. you can teach an old dog new tricks . down sit shake hands forget it. these dogs want to daunce well their owners think they do anyway. number three dog dancing it originated in the u.s. but is not popular here in europe to. zero. zero zero. zero zero zero. today they don't need to wait outside mosques pole and lucky are taking part in a museum to it just for them the exhibits are displayed at a dog friendly height and they're allowed to sniff them as much as the like. number
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two museums that welcome man and his best friend. and then as piney at them with a series of initiatives and in august the documenta took place in new york. america's very focused on to exhibition for dogs a new breed of art lover. and to look hotel in the german countryside and many kid asian style garden. but when the guests mishap around the pool things can get pretty loud. plus here is a luxury hostel for dogs a weekend of luxury peppering for pooches costs around one hundred twenty euros. a number one dog friendly leisure activity there's even a mess. but do dogs need a massage. absolutely absolutely dogs have to deal with stress just as much as
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humans do. and they deserve treats just as much as humans do to anyone for the non-a sausage pie. when i was a kid i was the one had a. wife dogs was black spots the film was an international hit but where. really come from spotted dogs following paintings in egypt suggests it's been around for thousands of his obvious point to eighteenth century illustrations of the dog in croatia and that's where we headed for today's episode of our series. many people have a soft spot for this breed of dog their coats are white with black or brown markings ideally they should be distributed evenly. domitian's are renowned for
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their lovable and playful nature merino right of its leaves in the dalmatian region of croatia and he wanted to own one ever since he was a boy. but in a war zone so little nations are now rare on the domination coast. that's why i wanted to own this kind of dog. because it's something special i found a breeder online who was pleased for her dog to go to me and although she had a lot of inquiries from abroad. the dogs oh there are spots to a special gene donation puppies are born with plain white coats and develop their black or brown markings around ten days later. marina right of it spends a lot of time with his dogs are by the coast nations have lively temperaments and need a lot of exercise up to four hours a day. i'm
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very happy with. never swap him for another brit. he's brought so much satisfaction and joy into my life. in the town of so as drug some ninety kilometers north of dubrovnik i need a cell phone h. and her dominations are about to visit an old franciscan monastery a painting here dating back to seventeen ten shows a scene with film ations. the croatian see this as important proof that the dog comes from this region. they were bred in del mesa in there primarily in the dubrovnik region and the inhabitants were seafarers and traders who successfully exported dalmatians all over the world to india for example because the dogs were so versatile. and all they were often presented as gifts to
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me thanks to their beauty and elegance and they reached northern europe by land in france and england they were bred for many years and were used as carriage dogs. that's what. sort of flush out games. celebrities like the beatles like to be seen with them in new york the escorted firefighters on their calls and became the services mascot. in one nine hundred sixty one disney's animated version of the novel one hundred one dalmatians thrust the breed into the limelight. in one thousand nine hundred six hollywood brought out a remake. and his dogs were bred by joker and refiled drugs each with their kennel is located in the countryside near zagreb and they sell some of their dogs abroad. and even pigmentation and a good pedigree are important things they look out for. brother cooper mopes if you
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buy an domination it's around the clock job but you don't masons are keen to learn so that it doesn't take long to teach them the basics so. this family also got their dogs from child. gave a medic she and her husband have two small children so they were looking for dogs that were sociable and could fit into family life. they're good for them going to them as you can see they're very to children quite thankful of their four x. their families but also though marriage and so on and they know how to behave with children and i liked all nations because they come from croatia. the dogs can go for a run in the woods near their home. for this family del nations mean one thing pure unbridled happiness. docs are something else perhaps we want to know is there anything that has made your hometown a region famous over send us a photo and we'll feature
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a selection of your entries on the show to find out more just go to a web page v.w. dot com. and if you take part you will automatically enter our draw for this joan so good luck and i hope you can join us again tomorrow for the next episode of your max up about all of us in berlin thanks for watching and bye bye. next time on your own max these soapbox racers aren't just for kids frank on conan from southern germany spends his free time building his own versions of classic cars each of his go carts is unique german car making with a difference next time on your own next.
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