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tv   Close up - Kim Jong-un North Koreas Dangerous Leader  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 5:15am-5:45am CEST

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it's at about four percent of production was affected the parts were used in liners cars and high speed trains its customers have been scrambling to find out what has been affected and whether there's a safety. that's all for this edition of business thank you very much for joining us and see you next time take care and goodbye.
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germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters. made for mines. he's the world's youngest dictator and the most unpredictable. sydney feared this man. we all have to care about. north korea has nuclear weapons.
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the search for details on the early life of kim jong un takes us to bern switzerland. kim's father north korean leader kim jong il is reported to have sent him here to attend school under an assumed name. there's a large north korean community unburned swiss journalists tito's plattner explains why they choose to live there. just like no u.s. research being told us she's the reason for that lies in the recent history of switzerland it's a neutral country and many international organizations are based here out. switzerland has always been open to the north koreans they know that this is a peaceful country with a business and that their privacy will be respected their prevail you're going to
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join that's why a lot of prominent north koreans send their kids to study here he was going to deal she's sick and that includes kim jong un here can join each of us is a false raise. in one thousand nine hundred ninety two swiss authorities received an application filed by the north korean embassy for a residence permit on behalf of a certain mr pak. the visa application listed the names of three children show hoon and me here the dates of their birth are the same as those of kim jong il's three children but the names were changed slightly. cervix is all for it they allow could i said i don't people know that kim's children were in switzerland their identities have been confirmed. swiss authorities didn't have a problem with betty in fact they saw it as an opportunity to gather to maintain
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contact with an extremely isolated country overtly told. the package children lived for a year in the north korean embassy which is located in an upscale burn suburb. the oldest chose attended the private international school located nearby along with the children of diplomats and businesspeople. souls' younger brother who now attended a public school whom is believed to be kim jong un north korea's current leader the first few months at the school were difficult for the new student but he eventually settled in school principal described tune as a thoroughly normal student. as additionally solution lies that he did really isn't about well as a student it's about average i'd say solution lies the one volume so called it may
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tell may seek. its owner is quite interested in sports especially basketball for. moderate asked us for girl's name to interest. later in the park children moved into an apartment building located near the school we weren't allowed to go inside. but these pictures from a real estate website show what the apartment looks like modern and about average for a middle class family. in school who learned the fundamentals of swiss democracy he and his classmates even visited the swiss parliament. and street as if it is a. you know he made some friends there some later said that he'd invite them home to play game boy while susie it's also said that he played basketball with some of
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his classmates who lived nearby or like the game i had to get you to force him on to the second plane just about every evening but what with. him seemed to get along very well with the other kids a lot of ok i welcome to his own fondest ashleigh. photographs of his look rather different from those of the kim jong un we know today. swiss identification experts carried out a detailed study of the facial features and the similarities led them to conclude that who is indeed kim. and there is more evidence. and north korean woman named ko young he regularly traveled to switzerland by private jet. with security officials capture under surveillance she was suspected of smuggling precious metals but she actually turned
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out to be the mother of the kim children. walk up while her visits would last for two three or four months. and she says she stayed in their apartment if you should be but would also take off on shopping trips to big european cities. you should also organize family gatherings for example at a hotel in interlochen down i can doesn't attend pushy gretta bunch of rooms and that's where they've made to feel for. kim jong il his private life was considered a state secret but if you insiders knew that he had at least three mistresses and four children on those occasions when kim fell seriously ill neighboring countries worried about. who would succeed him if he died but that decision seems to have been made early on. north korea's confucian
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tradition dictated that kim's oldest son kim jong nam would eventually become the country's leader but that changed after he was caught with a fake passport when he and his family arrived in tokyo to visit disneyland. as usual. joey believed that his second oldest son kim jong chole wasn't tough enough to lead the country. kim jong un was the youngest of the three sons his mother co young he was the elder kim's favorite mistress she had a lot of influence at least according to insiders. for minutes after. his out. played
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a key role in making kim jong un the supreme leader because every citizen your car has. done his will was a senior official in the government's sectors or do a job but after the tokyo incident where you know he'd been living in exile in china. can sit in a book. on december seventeenth twenty eleven north korea was in mourning kim jong il known to his people as the bright son of the twenty first century was dead. his son kim jong un had already been appointed to several top government posts the year before and was featured prominently at the state funeral. kim accompanied his father's coffin during the ceremony
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a clear sign that he had been chosen the new leader. kim jong il was ruling the country you know basically had senior position that kind of or for quite some time before he became the leader at least ten years. that he has he was involved and i'm going i think you all came very suddenly and they did it the propaganda they did a bit of going back and sort of trying to create a story about how he was being trained many years in advance but that wasn't the case at all i mean the fact of the matter was that his father had had the first stroke and that's when they started becoming concerned about succession and then he died quite suddenly and i think the young fellow was not ready there was a plan i think to have him become the next leader but i imagine they were thinking five ten years not one year and so you know i think it was very clear from the funeral and everything you know the way he looked in the way he was behaving that
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he was in shock and not really ready to take over. keep john who was in his mid twenty's and an unknown quantity. with the country's top generals who also attended the funeral except kim as his father his successor. kim's grandfather kim il sung established the democratic people's republic of north korea in one thousand nine hundred forty eight his son kim jong il was groomed for ten years as his successor and was officially chosen as communist party leader in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven he was in his mid fifty's at the time joan was in his mid twenty's when he took over the top spot at that time. north korea was in the middle of a severe economic crisis that was caused by the collapse of communism in eastern
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europe. kano last chose. to kill him on had to build a support network among senior officials who would experience severe anger is children. too he would be much more difficult for him to build relationships with these people are going to be in for his predecessors. when you're going there was no real connection between him and the other leaders. ok the tones of power was divided among various factions and it was decided by intimidation and even violence . it was. you know i think that there probably is a lot of internal churn in there because what seemed to be clear is that after kim jong un did take power he was trying to move some of the business concessions and the political power in the military that his father put there right his father believed in so-called military first politics and move it over to the party or at
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least balance out the party in the military all of the generals that were with kim jong il and by the hearse of his father and the funeral procession are all gone none of them are left and so very clearly he's wiped out a group that is trying to bring in a new group. perhaps the most important victim of this purge was the man who walked directly behind kim in the procession his uncle. john was married to kim il sung's only daughter and later became a close ally of kim jong il. when kim fellow jiang was said to have been considered for the post of regent in case kim jong un took over as leader. but kim decided that he didn't need any help running the country john was dismissed
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from several top posts and in december two thousand and thirteen state media reported that he had been executed. in the book i worked with john and he was exceptionally competent. plodders he had a good sense of humor. and he also treated his subordinates one could clear so certainly the news of his arrest and then his execution were quite surprising to many of us who study this country but i think what was. most surprising was a written statement that came out explaining why he had been killed you know in the past in north korea when these sorts of things happen they happen very quietly it's a car accident or it's a sickness and there's really not much explanation given but in this clay case you have a very clear explanation in may many ways exposing vulnerabilities inside of north korea. john was arrested in
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a communist party meeting he was accused of various counter-revolutionary acts that included treason undermining the rule of kim jong un promoting a decadent capitalist lifestyle and having illicit affairs with women. but did john's execution really help him consolidate his power. which is i'm doing with the public execution of junk song attack will continue to damage the regime don't have any consolation to the roots of confucianism run deep in north korea and that means that old i mean as you call it secularly family members a jew a certain respect for the fact that kim had his uncle executed could undermine the loyalty of the people. of iran. the korean peninsula has been officially divided since one thousand nine hundred fifty three into communist north and capitalist south south korea's capital seoul lies just thirty kilometers
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south of the border well within the range of north korean heavy artillery south korean troops stationed along the demilitarized zone keep a close eye on northern border villages. here kim jong un visits the area himself he's definitely trying to make a political point. of corner and news from the price dodger game has been much more aggressive and hostile than his father was which you can see that clearly in his military policy which is implemented in a very public way. can do into the government thinking and he pays especially close attention to operations that are directed against south korea claims are tucked in the northeast military is combat ready are always holding maneuvers to demonstrate that strength and to win your turn i'm sure to name on the feeling people will
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confront to hear. him was named in the state run media for the first time in twenty ten when his father made him a four star general. that was important because of the powerful role that the military plays in north korea. i believe that he attended for a period of time perhaps maybe six months or one of the military academies they have given him some titles and of course he you know the way that they're creating the myth is that he planned the children sinking and the shelling of why paedo so i don't believe us any credible military experience but i think that they are trying to create that that. right now north korea is playing a strong hand. nuclear weapons.
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i mean we all have to care about you know. let's be practical north korea has nuclear weapons is the night the nuclear weapon state. the assessment is from six to twelve maybe even more nuclear weapons right and they're developing their programs they have a uranium enrichment program to build nuclear weapons they have missile systems they have the scud they have the know done they have the type of down they building the cane away which is into content and to continental ballistic missile which is a mobile missile solid fuel so it's great capabilities so north korea's persisting with a nuclear program that missile program and that the prospects of. proliferating some of that selling some of that material. north korea's nuclear program was one of kim jong il's top priorities and his son has continued it and even expanded it
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the government spends a fortune on nuclear research and development despite international protests. were. north korea's leaders believe that nuclear weapons will give them a sort of insurance policy against foreign aggression. i think that you know they fear the ceausescu and they fear the khadafi and the saddam and all those those leaders who have lost because they didn't have nuclear weapons they made agreements with the united states or their people rebelled ceausescu's case they don't want to end up in those cases. kim jong un continues to promote a cult of personality just as his father and grandfather did those who fail to measure up to his standards of loyalty often end up in prison camps or worse.
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only can himself is allowed to offer public criticism for example he has promised to wipe out poverty which is widespread in north korea one person who claims to know him well and is willing to talk about him is a japanese chef who worked for kim's father. he and kim would often talk late at night. couldn't it. stop listed i remember one evening quite well we started talking it's not true eleven. and the next time i looked at my watch it was five in the morning you'll. be told me i've been to europe several times and to asia including japan. he said there's an amazing amount of food in the shops there that. could in my
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country there's nothing. you know there that's got to change and i got the. double developing he added that north korea should use china's economic policies as a model you know you can i know come out to soak. when i heard that. i knew that he was moving toward economic reforms. and liberal policies so almost as a sort of feel of the ship picked on scandal in state sponsored propaganda campaigns kim was portrayed as the savior of north korea's agriculture sector. the first few harvests under kim's rooper deuced modest results but the country did seem to have overcome the severe famines of the late nine hundred ninety s. at least five hundred thousand people are believed to have died of hunger. you know in his first speech in april two thousand and twelve. i got the
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impression that his one of his main goals was to convince his own people and the rest of the world be that this was in one sense a numerous career many of the things that happened in the past were of the past. kim's primary goal was political survival he wanted the country to forget the years of famine but also wanted to strengthen his grip on political power. he often referred publicly to his grandfather kim il sung and by this time had even come to resemble him physically. or mentally able to something. in north korea even the little children loved him as he was the great leader at that time everyone had enough to eat at the time life was reasonably good. with the problems began when kim jong il took over the book that's
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why kim jong un compeyson self to his grandfather and not to his father isn't that if i was angry were you holding was too good to sing tonight which. can also made a point of appearing in public with his wife which is something that his father rarely did state media announced in july two thousand and twelve that kim and three . soldier who were now officially married but did not say when the ceremony took place. and public real always appears well dressed and perfectly coopt a western style first lady who represents the new north korea. kim jong il had a number of mistresses and made a point of keeping them out of sight he often chose female companions from among
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state sponsored groups of performers such as singers or dancer is a sort of government run harem. kim jong un's wife was a member of one of these groups so was his mother some the new kim say he started taking an interest in the opposite sex in his early twenty's. and he could have started dating earlier but he just wasn't interested he loves sports he was always playing basketball so would it but one day something up and that came as a great relief to me. there was a group of your formers and one of the girls had very large breasts also just like those. with us almost again you want us to work could get that from the chemistry did you see those breasts. sort of almost like you go to the whole place also and that's when i finally realized that he was going to be ok or that i did with
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a top. and other attractive young woman kept turning up in official media coverage. during kim jong il's funeral she was shown standing behind the younger kim but she . never identified by name. this woman was actually kim's younger sister keep. going to talk. when they were careless and playing together. and her diapers or pants would slip down or something. or i would say watch out that any pull them back up quarter. at the top. almost all coming out the two of them are quite close
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and i still are today. still i don't know if people can draw you know was also close to his sister. you know it's almost like kind of the soul is something that father and son had in common ago. when i was able to tell us on a. what's interesting is the strong women he surrounds himself with and there was a picture of him when he opened one of the fun parks he's walking you know you've got his wife he had his aunt kim jong il's sister he had his his father's last concert who was apparently a very strong woman i can remember there was one or two more so it's not completely a patriarchal system there it seems to me he's i guess he's listening to women as well. came seems much closer to his younger sister than to his older brother.
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in late two thousand and fourteen kim did not appear in public for several months south korean sources said he was recovering from ankle surgery afterward kim was shown using a cane to get around and limping it was most unusual for a north korean leader to show himself in such a vulnerable condition this was certainly not the powerful figure that had been portrayed in state media yeah and. for example when kim pays a visit to his troops they give him an enthusiastic welcome as though he bore some sort of god yahweh. but is this sort of thing simply staged for the cameras to record. if it was. him communion on scenes like that are not unusual to work is as important to his
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people as jesus is to christians if you're a christian and you saw jesus you'd want to welcome him it's the same with him as a you know good on the it. was. the communion my donkey it was a john of course none of it is real for here's this great leader who can turn pine cones into artillery shells and there's all these magical powers are young you can't take any of it seriously. but it's kind of brainwashing is dangerous when people are constantly subjected to songs videos and reports or you end up believing what they see or hear it's called crowd psychology. from the young. so when north koreans see kim at the controls of an aircraft for example most assume that he's an experienced pilot. g.p.s. that you are so. he's portrayed as a man who can do just about anything but propaganda is
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a two edged sword does kim really believe everything that his state run media say about him. who is the man behind the mask of north korea's great leader in public he smiles constantly but some experts say there is a very dark side to his personality. you see you marry the man smiling and reaching out to the people and engaging and then you say my god how could you do that to your own people how could you have been so brutal for your own goal. how does that come together but this is what we're looking at we're seeing a leader who's and that's why people say he's he has not been that rational one actor i want and you see the humanity in the man the chair isn't and the others are you see the brutality and say what do we have.
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