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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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when should just that's not german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. pick a topic you really are passionate about because you're going to stick to this for a long time and it's something you don't we like then it's hard to keep on pressing our ten part series founders valley starting october twenty third on b.t.w. .
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this is due to be a news live from berlin the spanish government rejects the latest moves by catalan leaders in their bid for independence that's after they sign a declaration to break away from spain only to suspend it calling for talks instead with no dread we'll get the latest from our correspondents on the ground also coming up. at least fifteen people are dead more than one hundred fifty are missing as wildfires continue to ravage northern california those who have returned home have found entire neighborhoods reduced to ashes. and will be crossing to istanbul to discuss the case of the turkish german journalist mashallah tolo she's going on trial on terrorism related charges her supporters. aren't baseless. plus our
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weeklong series on being gay in today's russia we meet boris an activist who's campaigning to raise awareness about the situation for gay men in chechnya there are reports that some one hundred gay men there have suffered abuse and torture. and what's the secret of bahrain unix global popularity a new film explores the fan frenzy that surrounds germany's biggest football club film premiered last night will have a buyer found from new york here in studio. i'm brian thomas thanks for joining us we begin in spain where the government has rejected catalonia a statement on independence the cattle on president used a much anticipated address last night to sign a declaration of independence only to suspend it and call for negotiations with
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madrid now was a disappointing night for pro independence caught along who gathered in barcelona hoping to witness in a store moment. disappointment and confusion these cuts the lawns came here waving flags and in the mood to celebrate they were expecting to mark a declaration of independence but after the leader of the movement delayed any such move the mood has shifted. i think many people today are disappointed in him. now when as the reason we're still confused and we still have to figure out what actually happened. actually i think it's an opportunity now to talk to each other. talks that's also what the cuts alone leader called for earlier in the parliament he said cuts alone e.-a would have deserved independence but the time is not right
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yet. we propose that the parliament suspend the effects of the declaration of independence so that in the coming weeks we undertake a dialogue without this it is not possible to reach a solution. without. majority has gone to the invitation it insists that the referendum was an illegal action. of the man neither mr pushed him on nor anybody else can claim without the framework of legality and democracy to impose mediation and a dialogue between democrats has to take place within the law respecting the rules of the game and not inviting them to their own advantage. in madrid many spiny it's reacted to pitched month speech with joy with a few exceptions. coward this man is calling and the pro unity party in barcelona made itself even clearer. the fact that you want to destroy
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europe and spain is not even the worst thing the worst is that you've destroyed the feeling of togetherness of all cattle and. the divisions a widening not only among those for or against independence but now also within the pro independence community some parties say that cuts alone leaders missed an opportunity a more conciliatory. where convinced that no one in catalonia has any reason to be unsatisfied because this is a move towards consensus dialogue mediation and negotiation without having to abandon the clear outcome of the referendum that took place in early october. later in the evening supporters in buffalo back in the mood even if there is no immediate declaration of independence they still hope dialogue we produced a result for a while and let's go straight to did have years of arafat's are in barcelona
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and martin robards in madrid joining us this morning good morning to both of you fanny this is not the clear declaration many separatists and why what are columns saying about it this morning. we're actually hearing very mixed voices today as a people are here in barcelona trying to make sense of it all what they just heard yesterday some people are very much disappointed they literally saw this independence balloon deflating yesterday and they say that president bush to mount has missed his option maybe only option in the history of catalonia to declare independence others are saying well stay positive because after all he suspended the that to ration so the game is not over yet once again others are saying there was of course they did not support independence to begin with that they are upset their word also that this situation may carry your may drag on for way too long so they actually want that the central government in madrid steps in and and this
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entire deadlock this entire situation very mixed voices brian which of course represents also the fact that catalonia has been split all over over this question independence yes or no ok we're going to get the reaction from madrid first let's hear what the leader bush mom had to say about what he'd like to see next as you know. a moment to change if everybody. is received these days and does what he needs to be done the conflict between. spain the money to show them is solved. through agreement and respect i mean it will of the citizens but then the world the citizens martin in madrid now will madrid take him up on his call for talks. not if you saw no talking about independence. prime minister so i guess i'm. just in an otherwise very scary.
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she said she you know you know where he was where he wanted to go and who set about saying you know no talk of independence the whole. hospital discussion of. the house on the first of october on the other hand shortly before coached him on racist things. to choose dialogue so i'm not consistent with what they're saying her why are hinting yes they can talk well they can't talk about senate which is something house to. that would have been the way. they're funding what's going to be happening then today in a barcelona if madrid refuses to talk to god long leaders what are they going to do . at this point brian all eyes are pretty much in on much red and people here here in the government behind me are on standby basically waiting to see what's going to happen now if the situation is as it was
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before during the course of the past week that the central government as you indicated already yesterday is not going to give in to any negotiations on the condition to declare independence here in catalonia you're basically back to square one we are back to a deadlock and the question then is if you will see here more pro independence demonstrations called on by civic platforms or even by the government it's completely unclear at this point what's going to happen we can only speculate at this point ok martin as we heard there all our eyes are on madrid now where spanish prime minister avoids holding an emergency cabinet meeting this morning what can we expect to come out of that. well raul has been holding talks an. opposition because he's governing in a minority and he would need parliamentary approval for any emergency measures that he. may wish to adopt one of them is the famous fifty five of the
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constitution which provides for. direct. suspend its autonomy that's one of the. many have described as the nuclear option that could be provocative. apparently he hasn't yet reached agreement on what we're expecting about the socialists also coming or going for a match is willing to declare a state of emergency i mean these are the issues which have been never introduced in spain restore democracy martinson's you know you know. so you're very very. the other less controversial one which is in the years we're going to inhale against the declaration. constitutional cohabiting and lino or at least an. interest in it and so there's a whole raft of measures we have only one seem very much to zero. ok i'm on
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many thanks to you mark roberts in madrid and a funny foster for us this morning in barcelona thanks to both of you thank you. well as we just heard from martin there a lot of concern about the legal aspects along with the most emotion on both sides of this issue but legally can catalonia break away from spain even if a majority of catalogs want to this report looks into that. there are no laws in spain's constitution that allow a regional community like catalonia to secede their raw global treaties that recognize people's right to self-determination but the united nations charter doesn't guarantee the right of secession such a ride only exists in exceptional cases. casual learning already has a fair degree of rights to autonomy within spain and its relatively independent cata land is the official language in the region and cattle lands can have
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democratic participation in the rest of spain when costs of declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight it was seen as a test case of the right to secede but that happened to meet widespread repression and human rights violations catalonia is different and independent catalonia would face many hurdles being recognized. and you spain will definitely not recognize it and other european countries will have a hard time dealing with it and what if a federal state in germany like varia wanted to break away from the country in two thousand and sixteen a man wanted to force a referendum on but very an independence germany's constitutional court ruled that neu federal state could leave the german federation. with many left wondering what to make of the long president's speech monaco what about the financial markets what are they i can tell you brian if markets could grab a crystal ball to see the future well now would be the time because investors are
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as possible by the castle and president's speech as the rest of the world independence yes but not yet in the next hour when european stock markets open we will get a sense of how investors feel but before the speech last night the main spanish stock index the ibex had lost almost one percent to bank titles were also under pressure as two of the top lenders had already voted to move out of the region the euro has so far managed to survive the continued uncertainty and to strengthen after the promise of talks well we followed some catalonia business owners around to barcelona over the last few days to see how they're holding up and we found a mixed picture. jose maria ming well he's in downtown barcelona together with thousands of others eager to send a clear signal to the cattle on parliament declare independence but why. then it's a chance to have a normal country
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a country that can develop and make use of its resources and pass its own laws that's it. earlier i was busy working at a company he set up with partners the mid-sized company that supplies chemicals such as enzymes for beer production but while business is good now what about major corporations leaving catalonia. in economic terms there will be repercussions for spain in europe due to the loss of trust but that was predictable europe was slow to respond to our warnings they claim we are a prosperous region with a high degree of self-determination but for years the people's party in madrid has been rolling back our autonomy. and i mean i was thinking the media and it's not just the big banks who are leaving catalonia many mid-sized companies are considering the move to famous sparkling wine producer fresh annette is among them . i proposed to the board that we relocate our headquarters
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should there be a unilateral declaration of independence freshen it is determined to remain in the european union. that stands often does not go down well with customers in catalonia the home of spanish sparkling wine. because of everything that it's had an impact on fresh annette although not that serious these people are a variety of kind of lines who are not keen on how i see spanish unity. of one of them on the. many economists already agree that uncertainty about the ultimate status of catalonia will take a heavy toll on the region. the machinery the premises and other assets will stay the workforce to. what will change is future investment. it will disappear because we will no longer be able to give investors legal
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security access to capital and the european dimension that it would. still jose maria mean when and millions of his fellow catalans believe the only way to a better life is through complete independence from spain. so some want independence want to chase away business others argue it would be good who's right we asked veldts from the us and on a center for international affairs if he agrees with the catalan president namely that companies moving their headquarters out of the region will not hurt the local economy no i don't share with the right i mean on the one hand side he's right in the sense that just basically it's an appointment with a notary and they change their legal seat from barcelona neighboring regions like real n.c.l. so having said that there are some tax income although might. be lost but
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more importantly it does considerable damage to the image of a couple of barcelona it's an open and international place open for business and if that this uncertainty should continue of course there might be also some asian off economic dynamism away from barcelona to these other localities. all right well business to coming clue doing the nuff the talks hitting a contentious face but first to california where the toll from wildfires continues to rise they certainly have monica at least fifteen people are now confirmed dead dozens more are missing as wildfires continue to sweep through california blazes have destroyed more than two thousand homes and businesses on news of the firefighters from other states to battle the infernos which continue to move fast with the help of strong winds and arid conditions. the wildfires ravaging northern
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california's famous one country are also breaking out in southern parts of the state fanned by winds whipping across the arab landscape the flames have brought massive destruction the emergency services increasingly stretched it all depends on how the fire is behaving and what's safe for us to do our primary concern is life safety secondary concern is property protection two hospitals in santa rosa the biggest city in the northern region affected have been forced to evacuate their patients with roaches of also imposed a curfew to deter looters lucrative wine country of napa valley and sonoma lies directly in the path of the fires some of california's most prestigious wineries reduced to smoking ruins. it's right behind me an office working its way down the hillside. what can i say it slowly working its way. to destruction playing out in california comes in the wake of the disastrous
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flooding in the american south. it has been a challenging month and a half for natural disasters across this country with hurricanes affecting texas the gold coast florida the virgin islands and puerto rico and i want to say to the people of california all of those and then are in the past of these advancing wildfires that we are with you we are standing with you with the fire still raging right across california well thirty say the number of dead and injured can only increase. in kenya the opposition leader. has withdrawn from a fresh presidential elections lated for october twenty sixth said he's pulling out because kenya's electoral commission had naafa filled his demands for reform adding that the rerun of the election would likely be worse than the previous one the
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kenyan supreme court had ordered a new ballot in response to a legal challenge filed by od'ing go. time for a look at some of the other stories making news right now the frankfurt book fair the world's biggest has kicked off today in the german financial capital ahead of the grand opening the french president to manual mccraw got a private tour with chancellor machall france's affairs featured country this year . and voters in liberia have taken part in a landmark election the ballot could mark its first peaceful handover of power between elected governments in the west for can country in over seven decades president ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after twelve years in office final results of the first round are doing two weeks time. a hollywood producer harvey weinstein is facing new accusations of sexual harassment and assault the new yorker magazine reports that thirteen women in total of now leveled claims against
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him including three who told a publication that he raped them a spokesman for weinstein has denied the latest allegations. saying in the us donald trump's plans to rip up now after our meeting with some new resistance yeah and coming from some very strange corners actually brian i mean the u.s. president as we know wants to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement he considers the deal useless and he wants to bring back industrial production to the united states but not everyone agrees many businesses don't they warn that terminating the agreement would be bad for all parties involved. this is the largest factory worldwide of navistar an american based truck manufacturer. the plant is located in the mexican city of escobedo. the trucks assembled here are exported to around thirty countries and less than half of production is destined for the north american market. but navistar state remains closely tied to the
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future of nafta. most of the components are made in the u.s. and canada. import tariffs between the three countries would make the trucks far more expensive. the plant could instead acquire the parts elsewhere. we shouldn't forget that fifty five percent of our suppliers come from the united states and canada so the growth has been on both sides to lose this treaty would mean going bank forty years it would mean going back to a situation where each country depends on what it produces itself and it would not be mutually beneficial. but i'm with. a range of u.s. companies making everything from trucks to refrigerators and home appliances have production facilities in mexico low wage costs are a key factor in the creation of nafta in one thousand nine hundred four removed import duties on goods traded between mexico the u.s.
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and canada president trumps threat to scrap the agreement would also impact on consumers in the u.s. . it would trigger price hikes on a range of goods in some cases due to the absorption of new import tariffs all because relocation of production to the u.s. would result in higher wage costs for manufacturers. shares in coal based steel have again plunged today by nearly twenty percent in tokyo this after war camp and he said the steel maker that supply them with products that don't meet specifications coby admitted sunday it had falsified data for aluminum and copper products shipped to hundreds of companies it's at only four percent of production was affected but the parts were used in cars planes and high speed trains customers have been scrambling to find out what's affected and if there is a safety risk. trouble in turkey is a catalonia question and breaks it but don't worry it's not that bad at least
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that's how the international monetary fund sees it it is optimistic for global economic growth the washington based institution has raised its forecast it's now expecting global growth of three point six percent this year and three point seven percent next year the i.m.f. describes the current economic upturn as the broadest in a decade pointing to stronger than expected upswings in europe china japan and the united states. will business in the next hour but first to brian well the ongoing saga of german turkish relations that's right relations between germany monika and the turkish government under president russia tire everyone have of course been deteriorating since last year is true in a coup attempt in turkey since then thousands of people been detained there including foreign and dual nationals now eleven germans are in turkish prisons right now on political grounds including the translator and journalist michel tolu
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she was arrested in april on charges of being a member of a terrorist organizations bribing terrorist propaganda her trial is due to begin today berlin says tolu has been unjustly imprisoned and a turkish critics say it's just another example of how freedom of expression in that country is coming under growing attacks let's go straight to istanbul now our correspondent dorian jones is following this trial for us dorian the charges against tolo are of course very serious why is this case so important in turkey. what is seen is another evidence according to critics of a further crackdown of journalism and also increasingly on foreign journalists working in turkey this is the latest in a series of prosecutions against foreign journalists in fact yesterday there was reports that another journalist a finnish turkish journalist working for the wall street journal was convicted and
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sentenced to two years in jail she's now out of the country but these cases are further evidence what critics say is shutting down all of the foreign media coverage of turkey point saying that the turkish media has already been shot and now those working from overseas reporting in turkey are also now on the pressure ok but some journalists have been released you know the criteria appear to be pretty ambiguous in terms of who stays in jail and who doesn't well that's right and in fact ever since the failed coup attempt critics have said that the turkish system has become completely arbitrary tied to the political wishes from one corrupt rather than the fairness of the courts the government to strongly deny that but it does seem crazy arbitrary the decisions taken we've seen a number of french journalists who have been detained and then following pressure from and appeals from paris they have been released without without going to court whereas in countries like germany we've seen
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a series of german judges they are still being held in jail so many ways crew people are saying that they are becoming bargaining chips and oncor is seen as increasingly playing one european country against another in this ongoing battle of wills ok what about michelle atoll who is there any idea how this trials going to go after opens today when when did we expect a verdict. well that's again very difficult to say these cases go towards the slow moving they'll usually how whole one or possibly two days of hearings and then they are adjourned the key thing here will be whether the fence lawyers called for her to be released from pretrial detention are heated that seen as crucial in possibly even the overturning of her passport and now allowing it to leave the country that has occurred in several cases i think that's what the defense lawyers will be hoping for but given the relations between burlington on court still very bad i think few people are expecting that during jones covering this trial for
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a stay in istanbul thanks very much daryn well still to come on the show we have the next installment of our investigative series again russia this time we meet gay rights activist boris who's campaigning to raise awareness of the persecution of gay men in the russian region of chechnya. and his documentary on byron munich it's seen its premiere so it's time to find out more about the magic and the myth behind one of europe's most successful teams. don't forget you can always get the news on the go download our app from google play or from an apple store and that gives you access for all the latest news around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use that app to send us photos and videos. as the date of the news live from berlin we're back after football.
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s.u.v. in the city. jeep salt although. there's a growing number of models on the market and then no shrinking violet take the new kiosk on the small boats. that toyotas c.-h. off the ultimate showstopper. drive in sixty minutes. it was a shock and i have to admit i was disgusted by my own door to. it in russia you can make money with homophobia. they affixed
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a piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current they're people without rights in their own country because they're homosexual gay in russia our series this week in the news on d w. pinched adon on the stadium was sold out it was a really special event or a memory all my life everybody have a dream. and you don't need to set your dreams up when you say to us you and things aren't going well but we can stay. well when it all has to be right you know i always believed we could turn the buyers music into an international brand. and international brand.
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an exclusive journey into the song of buy in munich. you send me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w and on line. your date of it is our top stories at this hour at least fifteen people are dead more than one hundred fifty are missing in wildfires that have ravaged northern california's wine country entire neighborhoods have been reduced to ashes as thousands of them made homeless. the spanish government rejects calls for crisis talks with cattle on leaders after they signed a declaration to break away from spec. i'm disgusted by marine corps. in russia you can make money with homophobia. they fixed a piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current there people
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without rights in their own country because they're homosexuals gay in russia. well today marks international coming out day which aims to promote awareness of lesbian and gay rights and all this week d.w. is focusing on being gay in russia with an exclusive investigative series of reports our moscow bureau chief yuri shadow met a russian gay rights activists is campaigning to raise awareness about the situation for gay men in the russian region of chechnya and many of their reported on the alleged detention abuse and torture of some one hundred gay men this is the story of boris. only the oligarchs have it easy here in russia everyone else teaches journalists people with hiv have it tough for. the next room with
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me as a gay man i feel social pressure each and every day look at the homophobia has become trendy you can even own money with it make a name for yourself folks get invited on to prime time t.v. chat shows and make even more money both being for misleading can. knock a thought up a flop of the current campaign of homophobia going back in two thousand and thirteen when the old banning so-called gay propaganda was passed and people thought it wouldn't change much but now we've really feeling the impact of your showing sodomites perverts. sags out of our city. in the beginning we don't need immigrants and we don't need
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a game is what we need is a healthy society the church home and children those are the values we need you pick your chickens. in the gym in a minute but the most we know one of us here to distract people is a colorful character he fits the bill it's about distracting people from the real social and economic problems that exist and problems that really affect our future . he says gays are western agents to undermine russia's moral foundations from the inside out. you know we're going to probably call it when the first report is about the persecution of gays in chechnya came in i reacted instantly to preach named after the president's father i handcuffed myself to it and.
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told me i want to win use of the stunt spread of said i should scrub the bridge with detergent to get rid of what he called the contamination i'd left behind the book washington if the but thing is that i actually am a child be positive of what but how could he have known. how did you know you hear these are facts all facts any it's produced. i mean. that was difficult to hear from him but it's exactly the pressure i was talking about and you realize that the whole government machine is against you. not you know much from you know more of the chaff and if the book it doesn't matter if it's putin who's in charge or someone else no one's ever going to get rid of the discriminatory laws we have.
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found a new true new i think you get all the same i like russia i don't want to go anywhere else i want to do everything i can to live a free lunch news that's a system with a particular. joining me now in the studio is of poker back he's a member of germany's green party and the bundestag for the more than twenty years he also got pains for german rights not only here in germany but abroad as well in time things including like russia welcome to the show you know after looking at that report that must remind you of the time when you were campaigning at a. rally. in moscow you were beaten by right wing extremists. when that happened did you have the impression that the police there were unwilling or unable to protect you from police that was at least willing because. tried to do everything that. could really hit me and. ask
8:37 am
myself if i. was not part of a security system. they both know persecution after it's a fifth person but i want that arrest that is sort of strange for victims get arrested ok we just saw some of video of that when it was happening there in moscow what do you hearing from your contacts in russia and what's this issue ation from according to your contacts for gay men and women in russia today two main problems one a more political reform. law against gotten. this means that every political and civil rights of gay and lesbian people to express themselves in the society is practically possible it means the most ration but it means those of freedom of speech in any kind and this environment creates an
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atmosphere of uncertainty and everybody knows if you get to fret if you get attacked he cannot count on the state to protect just rights and the most. terrible situation is in one of the russian republics in such a nya. at least two hundred people there arrested by the police some of the beaten and police arrest. handful of people was killed by the police we've been following that very very closely and we had him here a very responsible person. sheaf of. guard of mystic idea of travel through germany and with a visa and nobody ers to inform the prosecution. versus person own attorney but nothing did happen you know if you months ago you were talking with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov you brought up this issue about human
8:39 am
rights for gay men and women in russia what was the response you received from the russian foreign minister are you happy with it this was really wouldn't speech because he taught you talked about. this investigate it until now there is not any proof that something happened. there is a buying lost and enough nothing is to be concerned of visit was a total lie it was propaganda because it was year invest and i don't know if you know it is speech and he wanted to look nice but it's very clear if it's a federal government offer doesn't do any fitting to apply the laws in the chain or public concerning freedom of speech concerning of protection of human life from homosexuals what would you like to see in the international
8:40 am
community what would you like to see germany do to change that i think you should mention visit your patient bring it up and especially if it comes to change we should do more to protect people and to give them a possibility to come here and get asylum this is the only way to protect them and about hundred people in shelters. throughout for russian federation who wait to get out of the country and other countries much more. active in this. case for instance canada and also a friend who. broke a larger group of cheney and gave in to protect from invisibility the measure be taken now immediately so silent being one immediate step that's possible to focus back a member of germany's green party for thirty years twenty years rather in the german parliament to start thanks very much thank you with us today or back with our main
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story right now the spanish government has rejected calls for crisis talks by cattle on leaders now this comes after they signed a declaration to break away from spain that following a contentious referendum that saw a crackdown by spanish police on voters catalonia has pushed for independence has plunged spain into its deepest political crisis in decades. for more on this story this time from the perspective of the political heart of the european union from brussels let's bring in our correspondent there catherine martin's catherine and how about brussels reaction to the declaration or the lack of a declaration from catalonia from this statement on independence what are people saying where you are. well the first reactions brian are coming this morning from
8:42 am
the european parliament namely the european green party they say the declaration there yesterday declaration is leaving some room for dialogue and they call on the european commission to take immediate action in order to promote dialogue between spain between madrid and barcelona and their calls on the spanish government in order to in order to search for a political answer and to refrain from suspending catalan autonomy and refer them to refrain from. criminal prosecution off any catalan member of parliament so the concerns have not vanished here in brussels because the european union is indeed watching spain enter into the unknown and this is really concerning here in brussels ok you know the e.u. has already made clear that it would not accept a catalonian independence that were to secede from the u.s. would not automatically be a member of the european union you know how concerned is brussels right now that
8:43 am
catalonia couldn't fact declare independence at some point and what that would mean then for the. but the question for the is if the unity of the european union is at stake and i would say right now the european union is not in danger because it would be another case if the european union would take any step in towards a recognition of independence then this could really triggered a kind of snowball effect in other strong regions of the european union like britany in france or the german speaking region enormous italy and this is why this european support ridgemont is counting on to vote come mainly because there is this really deep seated principle in the lisbon treaty in one of the most important european treaties of territorial integrity of the european member states and the
8:44 am
european commission and brussels per definition has to protect the territorial integrity of the member states and therefore there is a large consensus among member states that they will back him adrift as the only legal representative off the member states spain in the european union right catherine martin's force in brussels thanks so much for the perspective from there on the moves in barcelona yesterday or change of pace we're turning now to the destruction of brazil's rain forests their home to a wealth of flora and fauna but the rest for long vironment means it's being seen as a course as a lucrative operation possible one for agricultural land holders now large swathes of the rain forests are officially under protection but illegal logging and deforestation are still occurring on a massive scale our next report takes us into the world of brazil's so-called agro mafia and how they turn tropical rainforest in the lucrative farmland.
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the land around here is often ravaged by fire we join environmental activist and the zio bats of color in the state of run donia in southern amazonia. elizee it takes pictures of the tragedy in order to tell the authorities what's going on here anything can still move tries to escape the inferno. the smell is accurate. you know it's all about creating a new asters in the amazon rain forest is being burned down and destroy some parts of the forest die immediately and some trees and survive the fire only to fall later many animals are killed by somebody. endless fields of soya where once a huge farce used to stand. trucks loaded with farm goods thunder along
8:46 am
the highway. pastor lands for cattle are being extended all the time. a few small holders live on the edge of the protected rain forest area like edison and his wife it is a we explained how the agro mafia are destroying more and more of the area around their farm but they've known that for a long time they've been told to leave and received threats even death threats. but the situation is terrible that we live in the constant threat that someone will come and take our life. that's hard to cope with the m one did you feel. anderson leads into the forest that's been his home and his workplace since childhood he lives off the forest he's a rubber tapper so he strives to protect it these trees provide the rubber he sells
8:47 am
to make a living so to him and they're almost sacred. just a little further into the forest it's clear other people have been here recently the eco criminals have left their mark. they work systematically the pair explains first they create small pounce into the thicket and then mark on a map the sections of the forest they want to rob. this is where they went through and where they've marked pathways. these people know what they're doing they're foresters first. i thought markers here to section the plots they want to later sell illegal as usable land. also there's a mafia like organization behind these crimes. green was a man. from the air it becomes clear would at least say all means bare spots in the rain forest the sections will be sold illegally after being conveniently prepared
8:48 am
by the fire after all the ruined anyway they might as well be used for farming figures from the independent environmental institute show that destruction of the rain forest increased by thirty percent in twenty sixteen compared to twenty fifteen. the problem is we might catch an illegal deforested today but he'll probably be there again next time the political will to change things isn't that we need better laws tougher punishments for people who are repeatedly caught committing environmental crimes only that can help in the fight against deforestation in amazonia. but the brazilian government would rather continue to shrink the protected areas. president to mare recently faced corruption charges but congress voted to block the trial he escaped a suspension thirty percent of the members of parliament representing various
8:49 am
parties are part of the powerful for. farm lobby president to marry suspected of buying votes without a hint of guilt. there's no other country with more greenery than in brazil no country in europe has so many forests. without nature reserves and conservation areas is exemplary. the situation here tells another story the long established small holders on the edge of the forest are losing everything. and the c.e.o. could not prevent that some families are now living in makeshift shelters in the town of much a. peasant farmers and rubber tappers have been driven out threatened even murdered there were twenty one murders in the area last year at least tries to help here too he works with the ngo. that seeks to protect the poor and nature but it's very
8:50 am
hard in this lawless region like something out of the wild west l.a. zale was always armed and for good reason. there were four murder attempts against each with a fierce shoot out the bullets were flying they killed my son how old was he twenty one. they stabbed him from behind. ran the knife into his body. these people have been robbed of everything they have . i must say we need help. and i believe as the original inhabitants of this region we will respect. all nothing more than not. we live off the forest and hold the forest and we're ready to die for it. and square kilometers of brazilian rain forest were destroyed last year that's nine times the size of berlin the bear patches in the amazon rain forest are continuing
8:51 am
to grow. some football and world cup qualifying now where there was a huge shock last night with the united states crashing out after a two one defeat in trinidad and tobago it is the first time the u.s. has missed out since one thousand nine hundred eighty six that means panama have now reached their first finals while there is better news for argentina as they reach the next world cup in russia that's thanks to who else messi scoring a hat trick in the three one win in ecuador meanwhile in europe three times runners up netherlands missed out as expected with their bye and munich way winger are in robben announcing his international retirement after that game or two on france though did get through same with football the german football powerhouse of byron
8:52 am
munich one from the pitch to the silver screen yesterday night here in berlin it was a full house for the screening of the w. produced film the mia son leo phenomenon and it's a documentary about byron's motto and the way germany's most successful sports team always manages to bounce back from tough times. so babylon cinema in berlin welcomes fans filmmakers and former byan players like clouds to the film's opening the draw of buy in is big and the media send me a phenomenon features fans from all over the world some of whom were in attendance . i'm a buyer and fan since childhood that's what led me to move to germany in the ninety's but you know. the club me a sun media we are who we are is said to be at the heart of buying unix philosophy and many hold the club close to heart. there is going to. be about
8:53 am
my money my. rights are going to come really even the w.'s director general couldn't hide his affiliation. i want to begin by outing myself i am a buyer in munich fan. the film is available online and on d w t v from the fifteenth of october. and we have a buyer in munich fan raphael the boy at a vera who appears in that film with us now in the studio good morning to you rob mario thank you for having me here we got a taste of the myth surrounding byron there but can you tell us in your own words what's so special about the club. i think it's a club that really embodies the best of german football. and both its approach to the sport. does of building
8:54 am
a community and being a club of that community and also its pursuit of excellence. ok and you follow byron from from the york where where you have a little here and you're so intensely involved with the club that that you wrote a poem about it yeah. if you give us some of that bumpy reinforce i can be free. i have right here my phone like a needle in flight this team rises and rises further higher faster stronger listen are we to see the fleet of foot lot of spirit slip they do the bones an ascent to touch the curve of heaven ok they touch the curve of heaven ok one one way that byron was ford says is that it inspires so many people and it manages to inspire creativity and you for example yes. for me the reason i like by and not just by the reason i like the sport of soccer football is
8:55 am
because it's so implemented tick of the human condition you see both the highest highs in terms of you know when you have somebody like messi literally carrying the team on his back. and having them qualify for the world cup and then you see the lowest lows when you have a team like the united states that everybody thought was going to qualify for for the world cup all the sudden just crashing out and just the reactions being so agonizing and so shocking from fans now that's a pretty artistic and creative take on football on soccer did you run into a lot of fans that share that awesome some i think the. one of the great works of. football writing is edward galliano soccer and sun shadow and you know if you read that book which is one of my for books. it's almost a meditative expression in terms of creativity you know doesn't really talk about
8:56 am
you know score lions and who won who lost the looks soccer through a very artistic lens ok now now there's a lot of criticism of byron. you know that it's so dominant especially especially in the bundesliga doesn't the bundesliga need at least one other team that's at that kind of level i think it would help to be brutally honest i think it would help i think one of the things that you see for example in the league is the fact that barcelona and real madrid constantly clash with each other and you have the two of them pushing each other to higher and higher levels and i think it would help byron if there was a consistent. team that was pushing and contending with them recently that's been dortmund we'll see if that continues ok we'll see what happens with dortmund thanks so much for being with us today from new york by munich fan rafi on bowie rivera and good luck with you moving forward with your favorite club of course by a minute thank you thank you for having me. and thank you for joining us here back
8:57 am
with more at the top of the hour.
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