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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the spanish government rejects the latest moves by koppel on leaders in their bid for independence and that's after they signed a declaration to break away from spain only to suspend it calling instead for talks with madrid we'll get the latest from our correspondent also coming up. at least seventeen people are dead more than one hundred fifty are missing as wildfires continue to ravage northern california those who have returned home have found their neighborhoods reduced to ashes. and world cup qualifying three time runners up netherlands are eliminated during a dramatic night of international football which also saw the u.s. russia.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us we begin this program in spain where the government is meeting right now to discuss its next step in the catalonia crisis now that's after the president used a much anticipated address last night to sign a declaration of independence only to then suspend it and call instead for dialogue with madrid the spanish foreign minister says that's trickery and warns the move could lead to more unrest. would he or wouldn't he in the end karla's pushed him on did a bit of both after declaring catalonia his right to independence he put the brakes on. we propose that the parliament suspend the effects of the declaration of independence so that in the coming weeks we undertake a dialogue without this it is not possible to reach a solution. but madrid says there can be no negotiation as long
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as the cattle and government pushes for all out independence it's also accused of saying one thing and doing another. it was the speech of a person who doesn't know where he is where he is going and with whom he wants to go. as the spanish government ponders its response many cattle lands who thought they'd be witnessing history in the making feel let down. but i think many people today are disappointed in him. oh no it doesn't but we're still confused and we still have to figure out what actually happened. but others say it was a good first step. aside actually i think it's an opportunity now to talk to each other. it was
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a day that did little to in this standoff between the governments in barcelona and madrid leaving the people of catalonia only able to guess what happens next. well canada at this point for the very latest let's go straight into abuse of on a far far in barcelona family this is not the clear declaration many separate wanted what are catalogs saying about all of us this morning. right right and because it's not clear a lot of people here are disappointed in fact they literally saw that independence balloon deflating in front of the ice yesterday and they are upset because they say that maybe the president pushed him out has missed the only chance in the history of catalonia to declare independence others are saying well let's stay positive because after all he suspended the declaration but that does not mean that the game is over yet and once again others the ones who did not support independence to
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begin with are happy that he did not make the declaration that it's the same time they're worried just for ha long the situation is going to continue to go to drag on with unforeseen consequences for the region and for spain ok the uncertainty is going to be addressed today when the spanish prime minister roy holds his cabinet meeting an emergency meeting this morning what options does spain have the spanish government right now. pretty much the options that they were talking about over the course of the past week for example article one hundred fifty five this article in the spanish constitution could be invoked that would mean that this central government here in catalonia could be dismissed and also the autonomy the partial autonomy all of the region could be suspended now what exactly will happen we will not know probably for four p.m. when prime minister is actually going to declare his statement about the situation
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ever already yesterday after his speech the deputy prime minister indicated that there will be consequences and all legal methods are going to be applied to stop this process from continuing so clearly brian you don't really see there that there are going to give into some negotiations that the cut the lonia government would like to see. very much be on the mind of cut on leaders today what's going to happen with them in barcelona what's their next move if madrid refuses to talk. right well if they're refused to talk of course we don't know yet so really at this point or just on madrid right now and here here at the square where the central government is located everyone is pretty much on standby waiting to hear whether they will give in to something now when this if this does not happen get basically back to square one where we came from and that is that that they cut the oil that only you could again call for some sort of an international mediation but also of
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course even declare independence within a few days if they really press add radically at this point nobody believes that's going to happen so soon so everything is on standby no demonstrations are a cause for hold that thought at this point so we don't know exactly just what the response is going to be from president bush stimulant ok stand by very much the operative word right now funny foster for us in barcelona thanks very much it's to the u.s. now where at least seventeen people are confirmed dead dozens more are missing as wildfires continue to sweep through california the blazes have destroyed more than two thousand homes and businesses and hundreds of additional firefighters have been sent in from other states to help battle the flames those blazes are moving fast with the help of strong winds and very dry conditions. the wildfires ravaging northern california as famous wine country leaving a landscape of devastation in their wake now residents are returning. to
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a more left of their homes than charge. it's been hard to. to see what we've built and put into the place and it's. reduced reduced to what you see here we're here trying to find what we can see religion or plan is to keep those things. when we rebuild. well they'll be able meant you know a lot of what we've lived through fanned by winds whipping across the arab landscape the flames have been among the deadliest in california history emergency services a stretched. it all depends on how the fire is behaving and what's safe for us to do our primary concern is life safety secondary concern is property protection
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hospitals in santa rosa the biggest city affected have been forced to evacuate their patients with artie's of also imposed a curfew to deter. the devastation in california comes after the disastrous flooding in the american south it has been a challenging month and a half for natural disasters across this country with hurricanes affecting texas the gulf coast florida the virgin islands and puerto rico and i want to say to the people of california all of those that are in the past of these advancing wildfires that we are with you we are standing with you. with the fire still raging across california both are to say the number of dead and injured can only increase. time for a look at some of the other stories making news this hour u.s. bombers have flown over the korean peninsula and a show of force after months of escalating tensions centered on north korea's nuclear and missile programs the u.s.
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also flew joint missions with japan and south korea over the sea of japan. and turkey german journalist mashallah tows trial started today she's charged with being a member of a terrorist group she and ten other germans are being held by the turkish government for political reasons in connection with last year's fails to berlin says they have been unjustly imprisoned. and hollywood producer harvey weinstein is facing new accusations of sexual harassment assault and rape the new yorker magazine reports a thirteen women have now leveled claims against him including three who told the publications that he raped them a spokesman for weinstein denied the allegations. the frankfurt book fair the world's biggest has kicked off today in the german financial capital of the grand opening the french president manuel mccraw got a private tour with the german chancellor france's the there's featured country
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this year. it's to football and world cup qualifying now where there was a huge shock last night when the united states crashed out after a two one defeat in trinidad and tobago now this is the first time the u.s. has missed out since one thousand nine hundred eighty six and it means panama have now reached their first finals now there was better news for starring argentina as they reached next june july as world cup that's russia thanks to who else messi scoring a hat. three one win in ecuador meanwhile in european qualifying three time runners up the netherlands failing to reach the finals as expected that following a very poor campaign they did beat sweden two nil in their final group game but are in robin's goals were not enough to reach the finals and russia. the byron munich
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winger then announced his retirement from international football following a well france will be there next year after alleviate euro and on greece mom scored and if you want victory over belarus european champions portugal also got through after andres so it was a go help c o two nil win over switzerland who now face a playoff to try to reach the world cup. there squires here now from the sports desk for more on this good morning he does however and let's start with the netherlands they've had a terrible campaign it was really unexpected that they crashed out yeah their campaign was as the dutch say that nader's and humiliating this is it's a as we as you just said three times runners up two time european champions and they can't seem to get their act together and european all world cup qualification the reason for this is the court that best ever plays they don't play anymore the open we see behind us there he's the last of the bunch and now he's gone after
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ninety six cats are the seven goals retiring it doesn't matter who coaches holland holland just don't have the players at a young level that it can bring in so i was going to be tough times ahead for the dots on the good note they used to being disappointed at not make it its own as they fail to qualify for the euro two thousand and sixteen very fascinated and indeed ok so the dutch are missing the german kind of its machine to move the people into the program and some more big names that are aging as well yet it's all a go you know lionel messi did it again didn't he yet without messi gets messy for argentina lino messi is a cold machine and that's exactly what argentina have been missing in south american qualifying they scored just sixteen goals going into this game in ecuador a place where they had one since two thousand and one it must be said. of reading a collective sigh of relief the head of the game it was front page headlines are we going to make out we're not going to make it somewhat under the radar is not the.
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squeaked in now is that the south american champions chile with sanchez with video they're not going to the while cup so there's another big thing we won't be seeing in russia and the list of big teams not going is top as well with the united states i mean honestly i am going to you know they don't have to worry about me what thirty two years in years you know idea they play different world cultures nine hundred eighty six let's be honest. the north and central american federation called is the easiest one to qualify if you're healthy some footballing nation you're playing caribbean islands mexico will make it happen for me that. i think that they got rid of klinsmann as a national coach way too late bruce arena came back in the used to coach the national team eighteen games only two defeats but he's lost the important ones you can't lose to a team that only had three points usa they love t.v. they're watching the world cup from their home and their televisions and spitters in a day it's it is a very busy better those who are first thanks very much well the german football
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powerhouse byron munich were very much in focus yesterday night here in berlin at the big screen from near of the d.w. produced film dignitaries from across germany around the world on hand they include the former byron players the w's top brass and some of the club's international fan base all out for the screening of the sun meo phenomenon is a film about byron's motto and the way this club always bounces back from defeat. is a reminder now of our top story at this hour the spanish government rejects calls for crisis talks by cattle on leaders after they signed a deferred declaration to break away from spain. and italy seventeen people are confirmed dead more than one hundred fifty are missing and wildfires that are continuing to ravage northern california's wine country entire neighborhoods have been reduced to ashes thousands of people have been made homeless. that's all we have time for i'm bryant.


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