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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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this is your news live from berlin a crisis meeting in spain prime minister martin mariano rajoy says all options are on the table to stop catalonia from breaking away this after catalan leaders for their independence declaration on ice saying they want to talk with madrid also coming up. at least seventeen people are dead and more than one hundred fifty are missing as wildfires continue to ravage northern california those have returned home and found entire neighborhoods reduced to ashes. and in woolco qualifying joyous scenes in argentina after their side sneak through but the usa crash out in a dramatic night of international soccer. thanks
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so much for joining us we start off in spain where the standoff between madrid and barcelona has intensified spain has rejected calls for dialogue after the catalan president signed a declaration of independence last night only to then suspended and ask for courses talks with madrid the spanish government is currently holding an extraordinary meeting prime minister mariano rajoy has vowed to do everything in his power to prevent catalonia breaking away refusing to rule out suspending the region's autonomy while this all comes after months of mounting tensions and a referendum on independence that spain tried to block let's take a look now at how yesterday's drama unfolded would he or wouldn't he in the end carlos pushed him on did
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a bit of both after declaring catalonia his right to independence he put the brakes on. we propose that the parliament suspend the effects of the declaration of independence so that in the coming weeks we undertake a dialogue without this it is not possible to reach a solution. but madrid says there can be no negotiation as long as the catamount government pushes for all out independence it's also accused push them all of saying one thing and doing another. but it was the speech of a person who doesn't know where he is where he is going and with whom he wants to go. has the spanish government ponders its response many cattle lands who thought they'd be witnessing history in the making feel let down. i think many people today are disappointed in him. now when as the reason
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we're still confused and we still have to figure out what actually happened. but others say it was a good first step. i mean that is fine actually i think it's an opportunity now to talk to each other. and. it was a day that did little to end the standoff between the governments in bossa line and madrid leaving the people of kashmir line yeah and we are able to guess what happens next. and to talk about what's next let's go straight to the phone for sure she is a reporting from of course alone a funny this was an unequivocal declaration many separatists had wanted what kalau saying this morning. many have several have wanted laid out but didn't get them because of that a lot of people i've been talking to here in the ground very much disappointed i've
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actually followed the entire situation play out last night in a bar where you could literally see this independence balloon deflating and people are really saying that hey this would have been a moment right now maybe the only moment in catalonia history to the care independence and put him on has not made any use of that moment others are saying the game is not over yet the curation could still be made it's only suspended after all and once again others the ones who did not support independence say they are happy wasn't declared but at the same time they are very much worried about the situation about the stability of catalonia as well as of the whole country off spain so there's a lot of ambivalence where you are spanish prime minister old boy is holding an extraordinary cabinet meeting this morning and then we expect him to come out and and to address to the press any moment now what options what are the options left for the spanish government at this stage. well alone the fact that he was supposed to make that statement at four p.m. and not know around noon already tells us of course that something extra water is
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happening here is probably going to happen here you're assuming that he may trigger the prose a process to invoke article one hundred fifty five of the spanish constitution which could of course dismiss the regional government here and also suspend the partial autonomy of catalonia you know if this happens then the ball is basically back into court back here in the catalonia in barcelona and the question is then how the regional government is going to react to that right and now let's talk a little bit more about that because what's going to be happening today in barcelona what's the next move left for callen leaders of madrid outrightly refuses to talk to them. actually even previously before even the grid is going to make any announcement to the catalan government the spokesperson of the government said if this article one hundred fifty five is going to be applied is going to be invoked then immediately cut alone is going to declare
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itself as a republic so a lot is going on here right now in fact leila what we do not see however you don't see any people taking to destry tried in barcelona everything is pretty much on standby trying to find out here how both parties both motherhood and barcelona will react to each other within the next hours to come to a very suspenseful time there in spain if any of us are reporting from barcelona thank you. and we'll have a lot more on how the catalonia crisis is impacting spain's economy a little later in our business section all right we want to move on now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. bombers have flown over the korean peninsula in a show of force after months of escalating tensions centered on north korea's nuclear and missile programs the u.s. is also flew joint missions which japan and south korea over the sea of japan. hollywood producer harvey weinstein is facing new accusations
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of sexual harassment and assault the new yorker magazine reports that thirteen women have now leveled similar claims against him including three who told the publication that he raped them while a spokesman for weinstein denied the latest allegations. the franklin book fair the world's largest has kicked off in the german financial capital and ahead of the grand opening french president to a man on my call got a private tour with german chancellor angela merkel france is headlining this year's book fair. all right well lead to the us now where at least seventeen people are confirmed dead and dozens more are missing as fast moving wildfires continue to sweep through northern california the blazes have destroyed more than two thousand homes and businesses and hundreds of additional firefighters have been sent in from other states to help battle the flames.
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the wildfires ravaging northern california as famous wine country leaving a landscape of devastation in their wake now residents are returning. to a more left of their homes than charged. it's been hard to. to see what we've built and put into the place and now it's. reduced reduced to what you see here we're here trying to find what we can salvage and our plan is to keep those things and when we rebuild well they'll be able meant oh so you know of. what we've lived through. found by winds whipping across the arab landscape the flames have been among the deadliest in california history emergency services a stretched. it all depends on how the fire is behaving and what's safe for us to
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do our primary concern is life safety secondary concern is property protection hospitals in santa rosa the biggest city affected have been forced to evacuate their patients with artie's have also imposed a curfew to deter. the devastation in california comes after the disastrous flooding in the american south it has been a challenging month and a half for natural disasters across this country with hurricanes affecting texas the gold coast florida the virgin islands and puerto rico and i want to say to the people of california all of those and then are in the past of these advancing wildfires that we are with you we are standing with you. with the fire still raging across california authorities say the number of dead and injured can only increase . your washington when you say here's we're still ahead. we bring you the
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next installment of our investigative series again in russia this time in the gay rights activist board who is campaigning to raise awareness of the persecution of gay men and the russian region of chechnya. but first i want to go back to our top story a spain a how are stocks affected by the ongoing crisis there well they were badly affected but today is a good day for business in spain after catalan leaders said they were suspending their bid for independence as jobs by one and a half percent on madrid's ibex index of spanish blue chips shares in catalonia banks shot up by over two percent after two of them incorporated outside of the region and in the event in the event that the region would break from spain many cattle and businesses remain on alert to those they say they will swiftly leave the region if independent blocks them from trading advantages provided by the e.u.
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according to the eco institute's monthly service spain and catalonia already way on german business sentiment and we're joined now by the institute's president claimants food good to have you with us we know that manuel the whole spanish president is speaking right now at the moment though was still in the unclear after last night's speech i mean what do you make of all that. i think this is a very smart strategy by the catalan government they have put the spanish government into a situation where they can hardly reject dialogue so this is a difficult situation for the spanish government it will be very hard for them to say you know we are not going to negotiate so i think there will be talks maybe the spanish government will say you know first of all it should be clarified that there will be no declaration of independence but it's a difficult situation we were just hearing that as a whole he said he wants clarification what exactly the catalan president meant do
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you think that that opens the room for negotiations now well there certainly will be negotiations of course the spanish government wants to know are these negotiations about independence which they would reject or are these negotiations about greater autonomy within the constitutional framework of spain the only thing that is possible would be talking about greater autonomy within the spanish national state i mean at the moment what do you say what impact do those separatist movements that we see in catalonia but also in other parts of europe breaks it to name only one what impact do they have on the success of the european single mockingbird. if these countries or regions leave the european single market the benefit for everyone remaining there will be small i mean brics it is almost britain is almost a one fifth of the e.u.
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economically so brags that if britain leaves the single market the benefit to the rest of the single market will be smaller catalonia is smaller but still you know if they leave and maybe others follow the impact will be clearly negative of course a key question is after leaving spain could catalonia stay within the single market many people in catalonia think they can they should be skeptical because spain would have to agree to that and we see in the braggs of negotiations there that you know just leaving leaving the you means you know leaving the internal market well and as part of spain catalonia unlike britain is of course also part of the eurozone do you think that the blocs currency is stable enough to cope with disruptions like like the ones that we witnessed now the euro zone would be stable enough to absorb an exit of catalonia the question is what catalonia wardour
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because catalonia would have to introduce a new currency which is very difficult you know they don't have a central bank so there would be a huge challenge as soon as they declare independence they are no longer a member of the e.u. or the euro zone that's why it's clear you know exit is only possible without massive disruptions if there is a longer phase of preparing the transition claimants those there president of the evil institute thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us thank you. well we stay in europe and a new national government is expected to take office in the hague by the end of the month and it will not include finance minister sharon dies of gloom there are reports he has notified parliament of his wish to leave politics does a bloom is known outside of the netherlands for his role as president to the euro group of eurozone finance ministers his term expires at the end of january so it is
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unclear how that role will be filled in the coming weeks bloom is known as a straight shooter who worked hard to preserve the currency union during the debt crisis talking of crisis is the relationship between ankara and berlin could be better life would be a lot better room for improvement or shall we say thank you so much monica because their relations between germany and the turkish government under president richard . have been deteriorating since last year's a coup attempt in turkey well since then thousands of people have been detained there including some foreign and dual citizens while eleven germans are in turkish jails on political grounds including a translator and journalist miss ali two who she was arrested in april on charges of membership of a terrorist organization and spreading of terrorist. terrorist propaganda while her
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trial has begun today as to who has been unjustly present in turkey critics say it's just another example of how freedom of expression has come under attack so relations are very very strained between these two were allies d.w. istanbul correspondent a dorian jones is is covering events as they unfold in dorian thank you for joining us from istanbul what are you hearing from the prison where the trial is taking place. well as we speak. is addressing the call she says that she's being prosecuted merely for translating for the news agency that she was working for earlier in the day before the court proceeding had started a group of supporters outside the prison had tried to read a declaration that was broken up by the police there's a very heavy security presence outside the prison but her father did speak saying that these charges are empty and there is no basis for them. now on that point to
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other detained foreign journalists have been released without trial since the the infamous coup attempt what criteria are the authorities using to decide who goes free and who stays in jail well that is a big question a lot of people are asking and there is as great a feeling that the job of the turkish justice system is be key increasingly behaving in an arbitrary way ever since the post-coup crackdown there is the growing concern that the judicial process is failing in many ways and you're right a number of foreign journalists have been released notably french journalists and that is why the scene is the success of paris diplomacy the french president has been speaking to the turkish president on a regular basis every ten days or so and that does appear to be paying off paris has been far more cautious in his criticism of turkey in comparison to berlin which in many ways is viewed as me in the center of opposition to the turkish regime and in many ways this growing number of detentions of germans and particularly
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journalists is seen as a pushback by although unclear and sister judiciary is independent it's a total excuse me is not the only german in turkish prison right now the government the german government says there are about eleven german nationals in detention are currently held in detention in turkey for political reasons or do you have any update about their cases. and i'm very sorry it seems like we've lost contact with our correspondent dorian jones in istanbul we'll try and reconnect with him in our next show but for now i thank you doreen for your reporting all right we want to move now to russia because today is international coming out day a day to promote awareness of elegy t.v. q. rights and all this week shining a spotlight on being gay in russia with exclusive investigative reports our moscow bureau chief met a russian gay rights activist who is campaigning to raise awareness about the
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situation of gay men in chechnya media there were ports on the alleged detention abuse and torture of over one hundred gay men. only the oligarchs have it easy here in russia everyone else gays teaches journalists people with hiv have it tough for. the next room with me as a gay man i feel social pressure each and every day look at the homophobia has become trendy you can even own money with it make a name for yourself folks get invited on to prime time t.v. chat shows and make even more money and if both are paying for mistreating.
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all knocked up a flop of three of the things the current campaign of homophobia got going back in two thousand and thirteen when the old banning so-called gay propaganda was passed people thought it wouldn't change much but now we've really feeling the impact of your horse sodomites perverts. sags out of our city. obviously because we don't need immigrants and we don't need gays what we need is a healthy society the church common children those are the values we need you pick your chicken and dumplings in the gym in a minute but i must know no one of us here to distract people is a colorful character he fits the bill because it's about distracting people from the real social and economic problems that exist and the problem is that really affect our future. he says gays and western agents have to undermine russia's moral foundations from the inside out.
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when the first report is about the persecution of gays in chechnya came in your reaction. to the president's father i handcuffed myself to it. when use of the stunt spread of said i should scrub the bridge with detergent to get rid of what he called the contamination i'd left behind. but thing is that i actually am i should be positive. but how could he have known. how did you know i hear he's exactly a factory. that was difficult to hear from and it's exactly the
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pressure i was talking about when you realize that the whole government machine is against you. you know how much you know more if that doesn't matter if it's putin who's in charge or someone else no one's ever going to get rid of the discriminatory laws we have. i like russia i don't want to go anywhere else i want to do everything i can to live a free lunch. and to soccer now in world cup qualifying where there was a huge shock last night with the united states crashing out after
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a two one defeat in trinidad and tobago it is the first time that the usa have missed out since eighty six and that means panama reached their first finals and it was better. news first starring argentina as they reached the next june and july zur world cup in russia thanks to who else but li and el messi scoring a hat trick in a three one win in ecuador here is the man of the hour talking about their success . we deserved to qualify before in previous matches both against venezuela and peru i think we deserved a little we could have well knows games we fell into this mess ourselves we made things complicated and then to come here is not easy because that means coming to play at high altitude and we also started off going behind so quickly. are all the squire for many sports the desk joins me to talk more about this but ultimately about of world cup qualifying lead and miss going to the rescue yeah it's messy without messy it always has been with argentina going into this game
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they were under so much pressure not just as a team not just in the standings but the whole nation was biting his nails collectively they were one nil down after one minute and he told games i think it's all messi comes up with the goods they scrape their way and that's good news after all they are the world cup on the world cup without argentina is simply unimaginable so good job all messi bad news is though that chile the south american champions of the guys who are not going to be the world cup so we won't be seeing alexis sanchez we won't be seeing our tour of adolf we will be seeing messi in our at they'll make up for a lot and i dare to say and turning to the usa now what a shocker yeah got it yeah for a nation that loves t.v. they get to watch the world cup from from their television sets this is a big shock. the continental federation which they play for north and central america is the easiest one to qualify if you have a half decent team and the u.s. to have a good team they go plays i put a sick he's
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a star player in the bundesliga they and mexico always make the world cup this time they haven't had to panama the national day of holiday leg of the president's gone . well done everybody let's have a day off for the u.s. it's a lot of soul searching they've got a bounce back they have to bounce back from this and bruce arena the american coach is saying we haven't done anything wrong well bruce i hate to correct you you have but we're very happy for panama city very happy because yes let's turn to european qualification personally heartbroken. portugal and they didn't win a that intermediating for the dutch this was why it was on the wall they didn't make the european championship two thousand and sixteen the big massive play is the zs the snyders and co the van de france they're no longer in the national team just over open here and he's now it's ounces or time went off to ninety six games and thirty seven goals what the dutch to to do they need to invest once again in young talent and they need a foreign coach you can't just keep going to advocate vanguard fund boston the
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whole it. fix which is fundamentally broken bring somebody new and make a reboot and maybe that will get us football back on track the french did well and the portuguese did well spare a fall for switzerland they lost to portugal and that was the only points they dropped in ten qualifying games they finished second with twenty seven points that would have won you the group in any of the group they have to go to a playoff over an alto and the european champions portugal they're in the game going to get on them who's your money on i know it's really really early days because your money germany is the world champions of she got to keep them on the radar but i would say keep big big for france said paul 0. greece because shelby the list is endless that if they gel right time right place they will be world champions operative word if they challenge is france has a baby everything. is just great we appreciate it all right before i let you go i want to let you know what our main story is right now spain's prime minister has
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demanded clarification from catalan leaders that's after they declared in the pendants but said they wanted crisis talks with madrid prime minister mariano rajoy reiterated. his willingness to impose direct who on catalonia to end the crisis and at least seventeen people are dead and more than one hundred fifty missing and wildfires that have ravished northern california's wine country entire neighborhoods have been reduced to ashes of thousands are made homeless. you're watching the other news will be back at the top of the hour thanks for a company. it's
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a wild week on v.w. to think that we can do to. get everything revolves around the animal kingdom and a two legged friends. with small black spots on it because of weiss they always cut a handsome figure but how did the deal make sure get its name we tried to find out by connecting the dots. the road. to dublin. on a bike along the river l. nichole fairly can't play my game is becoming more and more popular especially for touring so naturally i'm really excited about today's trip along the algorithm for
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biking along one of the most varied paths in europe. here's the challenge to discover nature and culture using muscle power. sixty day double. dutch of it i forgot. your link to news from africa and the world or links to exceptional stories and discussions from oh news and visit our website dedicated poems much for join us on facebook that g.w. forgot. he survived hell on earth. he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now massud has escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own doing something against isis he said we. must soon list from victim to
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terrorist hunter. cosell starting october sixteenth.


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