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the state of the news live from poland spain's prime minister gets tough on catalonia and its push for independence mariano rajoy warns the region of grave consequences if it refuses to follow the rule of law we'll bring you reaction to that speech and politics and work out what it could mean for catalogs or talk of. the all. i'm phil gal welcome to the program spain's prime minister has just addressed the country's parliament over the impasse with catalonia but a lot of the jorge criticized the region for flouting spanish law undermining the crushing democracy and threatening spain's you want to say that after its recent referendum on independence also called for clarity on catalonia tonight is moving
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this constitutional crisis challenging katz a mandate is to cite clearly whether they have declared independence or not prime minister hoist said the government could invoke article one five five of the spanish constitution to take over a director of catalonia if it's they just might go out on their threat to break away. here's an excerpt from mariano rajoy speech to parliament in which he discussed yesterday staged by catalonia as regional president a car less profitable. this and the response of the government will depend on his steps we have said this from the out set what the current situation is one of the grave this situations that we have faced in the recent past also as far as the institutions are concerned. i think. this we need this clear clarification before any any further steps we
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need to return to the rule of law and we need to do so quickly and we are speaking of questioning that is unprecedented when it comes to the very pillars of democracy the rule of law are the reality and democrat mark recently. let's get reaction to this from our correspondents are funny fish are in barcelona and jaime velasquez in madrid to welcome both we'll start with madrid first jaime what do you make of marianna roy's address. well you know the whole it has been very clear that the fund is government is not willing to assad any form of negotiation and there's a cut on government. puts them on to greece to give up on independence and he has already ruled out any international mediation mission and he has said the catalan government has reached something in
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a previous condition to any negotiation negotiation which is the rule of law and is . putting pressure in our lives pushes them on he said of the referendum failed and the outcome cannot be used to their duty mas any political decision and so the situation right now for putting them on is very complicated apparently there are a whole is not willing to in the or she ate anything until puts them on its gives up on and on independence for the shah and barcelona what has to be about the likely reaction there. there is no immediate reaction here from the government fell in fact prior to the speech of the spokesperson of the government if the problem is that a whole in a moderate is going to invoke article one hundred fifty five immediately to catalonia government is going to proclaim cut the land they are catalonia as
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a republic now this did not happen because prime minister did not invoke a particular one hundred fifty five he did not mention that he said that basically cuts alone should return back to the table of law something of course he has said before so basically right now here in barcelona everything is on standby when it comes to politicians but when you talk to people actually some independent supporters i know upset both about madrid and barcelona the upsets of its president put him on because he didn't take that opportunity yesterday to declare independence but it also upset that prime is that a whole because they see this as a way of pushing catalonia around and again this sort of like appearing as an occupying force here so some of the first voices there among the people here who are following the speech at the screen are close at the capitol and government but no reactions so far no immediate reactions from the government the regional
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government itself. comments alaska's madrid article one for fifty five that is the nuclear options but we have both sides apparently walking up to it looking at it and daring the other. to make it actionable. well i think that the hundred and fifty five is clearly the option that many of the houses push in for a while. the question is that still puts them on the one that has to respond to the request of money or not a whole matter of a hoary of the government of my then boyfriend formal request to a catalyst which is the moment to know if they have already. declared independence because there was yesterday as we saw they declared independence that implicitly not clearly and they already suspended after that mother not a high will start follow in some steps that could end up with the.
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taking over. of the chogm competence as of the council and institutions first probably would be the police there most of this whether they got on police and afterwards were only the parliament would be suspended and new elections would be called. clearly. puts them on has lost probably. options of a negotiation. way out and he has only two options he can continue with independence and he can face arrest and a suspension of catalan self government or he can maybe back off and he will face a lot of confrontation from. political parties are actually supporting his government
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like the lefties group. which has already said so let's get on a word he wouldn't allow shock in barcelona a funny now we've heard from the two main protagonists in catalonia in madrid what are people there what is the mood than now. well pretty much ever since yesterday actually even a lot of people a lot of pro independence supporters were in a party mood because the really thought that this is going to be a declaration of independence this mood has really changed since yesterday to a lot of disappointment among independents supporters disappointment because they thought this could have been the only chance in the history of catalonia to declare independence and this has not happened while others are saying the game is not over yet and as we're looking at all these exchanges only during the past hours it really is not over yet and it's really unclear what's going to happen in the next
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hours in the next days to come now there are other voices here on the ground of course who did not support independence to begin with and they just happy and content that actually probably through horse stepped up to the plate right now trying to protect the spanish constitution. and barcelona time they've been asking in madrid thank you both. i was take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world three suicide bombers attacked a police headquarters in the syrian capital damascus two were accosted by guards before the third set off his device syria state media says the blast killed at least one person and injured several more. u.s. bombers afloat over the korean peninsula show force after months of frustrating tension inside the north korea's nuclear missile just the u.s. also flew joint missions with japan and south korea over the sea of japan. and in for these are fired tear gas at hundreds of opposition opposition protesters taking part in demonstrations a day after the opposition leader rather
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a danger withdrew from a rerun of the presidential election race that race was held in august and it had been an old by the country's supreme court which ordered a new vote later this month. regina chapman the wife of hollywood producer harvey weinstein has left him following fresh accusations that he sexually harassed undersell to a number of women the new yorker magazine reported the thirteen women have leveled the allegations against white sting including three who say he raped the spokesman for weinstein denies the allegations. in turkey a german journalist is on trial facing charges of belonging to a terror organization mashallah told it's one of dozens of journalists being held in turkish prisons following last year's failed to her case is one of a many issues causing a freeze in relations between ankara and ballot. solidity prison eighty kilometers west of istanbul this is where the trial of german journalist and translator
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mashallah tulu is taking place serious charges have been brought against her and a group of seventeen others membership of an extreme left terrorist organization and involvement in terrorist propaganda according to toulouse lawyers she faces up to twenty years in jail. we feel the evidence is very thin seems very constructed. and it looks questionable as to whether what she's accused of or even crimes as they refer to appearances at public events that were not. the events which tulu appeared were organized by the extreme left group the m.l.k. p. which is designated as a terrorist group in turkey a secret witness has also said that to lou had been actively helping them. to lose father believes that the charges against his daughter will crumble before the court . i believe that the court will free my daughter and the other accused as well i have a feeling that there's
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a sixty to seventy percent chance. observers however don't feel of a fair constitutional trial they fear that as a german tulu could be used as a bargaining chip by ankara against the german government. sponsored dorian jones a. door in the trials taking place in a courthouse at a prison complex hearing. well it's been a very busy day. always one of eighteen of the defendants in this collective case she's been addressing the court she says that she's only been accused of what she did as a translator she said the case is unfounded before because even started supporters of two have gathered outside the prison but before they could make a statement the police intervened but her father did intervene did speak ahead of that to a protest and said that these came the evidence against her is totally unfounded
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that is the view of most international journalists organizations have been monitoring this and all of human rights organizations they say that there's little or no evidence to justify even the case coming to court but what we do understand it is court case is moving very fast and possibly they could be a decision sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning or some foreign journalists have already been released without trial since the coup attempt how authours is deciding who was released and who stays in jail. well it's very much it appears to be a very unclear pape process many people are accusing the turkish justice system since a failed coup becoming increasingly arbitrary more directed by political decisions rather than legal ones that is or an accusation strongly denied by the government but it does appear as you say that there have been a number of journalists released most notably french journalists two french journalists and with attained in charge of the similar charges to they were allowed to leave the country even though the case was still going mom and many people say
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that it's because of the action of the french president marc who is being regular contact with the turkish prison he has built up somewhat of a. tween them creaking nearly every ten days and it seems that softly softly approach has paid dividends in stark contrast to their which is thinking of very robust stance against turkey and its tear aging human rights record and in many ways burning the scene is the center of opposition turkish opposition to the government and that is leading to growing concerns that those detained eleven also germans detained are increasingly bargaining chips rather than anything to do the justice system turkey's government says it wants to repair relations with germany is there much chance of that. well that is the feeding him and the turkish government in trying to play down all the angry and strong criticism coming from but it has all to do with election politics now the election is over a new government is in the offing there is saying that there will be business as usual but i think that is a very optimistic scenario because the two countries do have completely diametric
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views about what's going on in turkey in his concrete lee voicing concern of the three hundred human rights situation an ongoing crackdown they see this is more of a power grab than anything to do with defending democracy the government says this is about democracy itself they defend the against the ongoing threat posed by those who try to carry out a coup last year and until it somehow find a bridge between those two differences it's very hard to see how any progress can be made gordon jones in istanbul thank you so here's a reminder of our top story at this hour spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has told catalonia to return to the rule of law does the region pushes for independence he made the remarks during an address to parliament a short while ago that it is threatening to suspend catalonians autonomy if it tries to break away. from a secure up to date i'll have more for you at the top of the hour in the me.


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