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for what we are worth the family unbelievable. to me a son me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a phony. this is d. w. news live from berlin tonight spain gives catalonia a deadline and in order to explain what just happened kind of one leaders now have five days to clarify whether they declared independence on tuesday prime minister mariano rajoy tells catalonia to respect the rule of wall or face the consequences
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we'll take you to madrid and barcelona for reaction also coming up a german journalist faces a turkish injustice mashallah told the says if she's not guilty of terrorism in a case that's inflaming tensions between berlin and non-corrupt and reports the hollywood movie mogul harvey weinstein is now in europe first sex addiction rehab as the allegations of sexual harassment and now even rape malice against the film producer. also coming up the future of north american free trade nafta negotiations round for kick off today the u.s. canada and mexico are ready for tough talks can the neighbors hold the deal together. i bring guy. it's good to have you with. the spain has put catalonia on the clock
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and on notice prime minister mariano rajoy has given the regional government until monday to say whether it has declared independence from the rest of spain or not has promised to do everything possible to prevent the breakaway even threatening to suspend catalonia is all tom looked in a standoff spain's prime minister is determined to not give an inch speaking to parliament in madrid mariano rajoy again insisted that catalonia his independence referendum was illegal and he rejected offers of international mediation. the force but he believes that it is not possible to accept a dialogue to agree on what is expressly forbidden by the constitution to negotiate over the sovereignty belongs to all spaniards and the unbreakable unity of spain.
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it was a clear abuse to cattle and president has pushed him all these calls for talks have repeatedly been rejected madrid has given him five days to draw up catalonia his independence. this important day. it is really important those people who violated the constitution rectify this. if catalonia ignores the warning has threatened to impose direct rule many catalan lawmakers reacted with pleas for the escalation of the animals especially and as the truth is we have two government leaders who have acted very irresponsibly we are asking them to take on the political responsibility and govern for everyone in spain and catalonia we ask that they are responsible and courageous and open the possibility of dialogue. it all means days more uncertainty on the streets of barcelona people are frustrated. it's
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ridiculous to reach this point because we the people pay for the politicians and it's their focus they've passed problems on to the people when they should have solved them. even though it's impossible to talk with i don't know what's going to happen nobody does. now the ball is back in catalonia his court and across spain the waiting game continues. i want to go now to our correspondents all over salad is in barcelona and. is in madrid good evening to both of you i want to start with you now we have an ultimatum that's a significant escalation by the spanish prime minister isn't. no doubt the mother navajo is shifting gears on dakota land conflict the prime minister's who to mount i'm a crush of against would push the man to announcement on tuesday when he asked the
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regional parliament to truth ben gotland independence for the coming weeks to all our negotiations instead of the hoyt has given him just a week to back off or face the suspension of the guy at the landfill government that is that clear message from the spanish government that it won't accept any negotiation and even puts the mont gives up on independence and abide by the spanish constitution so yeah definitely. the and its coalition escalation oliver what does it feel like we're in a barcelona i mean where does this leave the kettle on leadership or particularly the kettle on president. well economists put them on the catalan president finds himself in an increasingly complicated situation here tonight he might be realizing that he's walking down this road with a debt and slowly coming to terms that he doesn't know how to return really because
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he's receiving pressure from two sides here really. no doubt hoyer the spanish prime minister who says you know clarify that you and now instead you declared independence there in your speech yesterday and if you do so then we'll have article one hundred fifty five waiting for you and that would mean an end to the political career of countless bush money would mean and also to the autonomy of the region of catalonia so this cannot be in his interest but at the same time we have the fall of two u p party a coalition partner of congress pushed him on waiting with another all tomato they said if in four weeks from now there will be no declaration of independence then they will step down from government and that would mean he would lose his majority and the government is finished as well so no matter what he does it's looking like a very complex situation people on the streets here in barcelona are talking about this poker game where. went all in yesterday and slowly realizing that he didn't
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really have a good handful this you know there's a very good point and i mean what do you think is rory's goal here i mean obviously he's he's trying to use time in politics against his catalogue counterpart does he want the kettle on government to collapse. certainly i really i agree with my colleague in buffalo now i think that might be a not a whole because he had the ready labeled which them on and he's gotten it members as valid interlocutor in the event of an issue a negotiation and and he noted that. the declaration oath of the bended independence. that is not unique in the party to come and some members of parliament even in the modern party. have been trying to avoid the if they unilaterally declared independence. the money is right
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now in the middle of a cross fire between those who want a quick independence and those who think that maybe push them on and wait to fire. so yes up with the ability. with the mond government collapses and probably would be the best for money in a hurry even if that happens and you elections would hop as you call it and he wouldn't have to apply do hundred and fifty five ok your correspondents are some of the valar in madrid and oliver salih tonight in barcelona both of you thank you very much. piers over the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in the syrian capital damascus three bombers targeted the police headquarters there killing at least two people and wounding several more it's the second such attack on the damascus police station in recent. u.s.
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bombers have flown over the korean peninsula in the show of force after months of escalating tensions simmered on north korea's nuclear and missile program the u.s. also flew george missions with japan and south korea over the sea of japan. protesters in kenya have clashed with police as confusion mount over a presidential election rerun later this month opposition leader right what we're doing got dropped out of the race this week but can use election commission says it still considers him a candidate an election held in august was declared no one void by the country's supreme court. or to the u.s. now where the death toll from wildfires in northern california has reached twenty one hundreds of people are still unaccounted for firefighters are struggling to contain the outbreaks which have destroyed thirty five hundred homes and businesses a police officer shot this video of the conditions take a look at this confronting the firefighters coming in the worst hit county sonoma
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local officials are saying it's one of the most devastating wildfires in california history. the wildfires ravaging northern california leaving a landscape of destruction in their wake hotels schools and some of the most prestigious wineries and not value and sonoma reduced to smoking ruins and for many returning residents all that's left of their homes is charred rubble. hard. to see what we've built and put in another place and now it's. reduced reduced to what you see here we're here trying to find what we can so rigid our plan is to keep those things and when we rebuild well they'll be able meant you know a lot of what we've lived through. flames were found across the
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arab landscape by powerful winds after breaking out on sunday seventeen separate wildfires blazed in california among the deadliest in the state's history. and the ferocity of the fire has forced thousands to flee. in one of the west affected towns santa rosa returning evacuees are finding entire districts razed to the ground. the lives of families and friends shouted. it was super cute little house she actually had a dance studio in the garage that she taught ballet and so that's gone and it's always to do canning every summer and stuff and that's all and then. and their whole their whole life you know their their whole life this. facade there is relief as they find their homes in tact. feeling bad this leave my house. but others have been left with nothing but the fires still raging across california say
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the number of dead and injured can only increase. well the sex scandals surrounding hollywood producer harvey weinstein just keeps getting bigger more and more women are coming forward to level allegations against weinstein including several who say that he raped them weinstein denies the allegations now his wife has said that she is filing for divorce describing his actions as quote unforgivable. harvey weinstein's and that sexual misconduct has been an open secret in hollywood for years when sting said to a representative that in his opinion one of the encounters had been consensual but more and more women are coming forward with during stories of harassment he led me to his bathroom pleading that i just watch him masturbate. my heart was racing and i was very scared. i pulled my arm away finally and headed to the
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door he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob weinstein and i could get a three picture deal and that he would green light my script but i had to watch him masturbate the new york times recently published in only a recording made by the new york police department where weinstein appears to confess to the sexual assault of an italian model now three actresses have accused the movie mogul of rape. hollywood a listers have come forward with their own stories of sexual harassment and looting angelina jolie who told the new york times she'd had a bad experience with weinstein in her youth and chose never to work with him again and to warn others when they did. said weinstein had groped her as a twenty two year old and suggested they mass on her she refused. the terrible it's awful and you know my heart goes out to experienced. went through that situation as
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me maybe i did it anyway and. the women who experience that have their voices. should lot of additional hearing the stories it's going to definitely make the next guy was an obvious position think twice about there is something like. hillary clinton said she was shocked and appalled by the revelations weinstein had been a big supporter of the democrats donating around one point five million dollars to the party over twenty five years. when stevens wife has now announced she's leaving him and he's been fired by his own studio media reports say he's now seeking professional help for sex addiction. you're watching the w. news live from berlin still to come a german olympian to tragic death in rio now a story of hope and inspiration the heart that keeps beating in brazil. all right good news there let's get some business news now and unanswered questions
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when it comes there i say nafta javier's right friend we'll hear about that a lot you know that it's a difficult topic and it's difficult because trump wants to renegotiate the agreement but renegotiating nafta is getting more complicated by the minute it's no surprise that free trade deals are always difficult to agree on but as time passes and the fourth round of negotiations begins in washington it becomes clear that mexico canada and the u.s. have very different ideas about how the new nafta should look like president trump is taking it all in his stride. there was a jovial welcome for justin trudeau as he arrived at the white house but donald trump warned tough negotiations lay ahead on nafta the u.s. president has long opposed the free trade agreement and said he'd be willing to see it come to an end. i said well renegotiate and i mean i think just in understands this if we can't make a deal it will be terminated and that'll be fun they're going to do well we're
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going to do well but maybe that won't be necessary but it has to be fair to both countries but the third country and master already seem to be preparing for the worst warning it had no interest in hidden protectionism. we can't allow the free trade agreement to stop being for free trade if red tape restrictions administration tariffs and barriers are introduced this defeats the purpose of the agreement that doesn't suit mexico we have to be prepared to say no thank you mexico is bigger than nafta. an agreement that took twenty years to negotiate is hard to renegotiate but mexico says it's willing to try still mexican negotiators want to avoid the new tariffs the trump has suggested to prevent companies from leaving mexico for the u.s. . not many support troops position even the powerful u.s. chamber of commerce is turning its back we've been patient cool headed and constructive but let me right now be walsall and direct there are
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several several. proposals still on the table that could doom this entire deal that could spell trouble for the three countries economies canada the u.s. and mexico are each other's most important trading partners many companies depend on nafta and for them there is no plan b. . and many companies of course are watching the on folding negotiations let's bring in yes caught our financial correspondent on wall street thank you very much for being there for us yes now we see know how important the nafta agreement is and yet president trump seems quite relaxed about it are investors just as cool. well wall street watchers but wall street does not react at this point overall if you look at most industries here in the united states it's hard to see how they would profit if nothing actually would fail and if you look at the u.s.
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car industry they depend on the back and forth trade and also of suppliers and if for example you would have higher tariffs on imports and that would probably increase prices here in the united states the same is true for the fashion or the retail industry and also for most part of agriculture but so far everything is still pretty abstract and that was why wall street does not react and how abstract it is let's listen in to what the president has to say it's possible we won't be able to reach a deal with one or the other but in the meantime we'll make a deal with one but i think we have a chance to do something very creative that's good for canada and mexico and the united states. ok that was dog trump back to you yes. i know we're talking about donald trump here but something very creative what could we be talking about what could he mean by that. well only the white house knows but
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for instance one idea could be that there might be a free trade agreement between the us and canada and not with mexico at this point that's at least one theory and if you look at the trade balance canada and the us forwards canada this is one of the few industrial nations where us does not have a huge trade deficit with different when you love mexico even if the trade deficit between the u.s. and. mexico also narrowed in the past couple of years so that could be one idea how likely that is remains to be seen and i'm sure there's a lot of lobbying going on from the us industries to keep nafta alive we'll see how that round of negotiations goes thank you very much and quarter in new york for the analysis some other topics now israeli spies have observed
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russian government hackers as they scoured computers around the world for code names of u.s. intelligence programs that's according to american newspapers detected more than two years ago the intrusion used antivirus software written by a russian firm first keep the israelis have also hacked into the kaspersky network and alerted american officials have since removed the software from government computers kaspersky which has four hundred million customers worldwide has denied any knowledge or involvement in the matter. well the trial of a german journalist in turkey has been adjourned until december the court ruled that masella tolu must remain in custody until a verdict is reached who has been in turkish detention since april and is accused of involvement in terrorist propaganda prosecutors say she attended events
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organized by the extreme left party the m l k p which is designated as a terrorist group in turkey maintained her innocence she's one of the love in german nationals currently detained. inside. more now i want to bring in christiane mir he is the director of reporters without borders here in germany cruise down it's good to see you again your colleagues were monitoring that hearing is stamboul from your point of view is missing is she getting a fair trial at all you know i think she's not getting a fair trial and that's not really a surprise from what we know from other trials what our colleagues observed today is ten bullets actually that the prosecutor to didn't introduce any new evidence regarding the accusation misha total is confronted with and d's are basically two accusations one is that she has been working for
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a town use agency which is not forbidden to vote but just blocked it but just blocked a website and a segment accuse ation is that she there's a second to accusation is that she would have participated in if you are all having translated terror and this is for as a prosecutor an explanation to a she would be a member of a terrorist organization and providing terrorist propaganda and so today's a persecutor didn't enter d.c. any new evidence for this so being an interpreter at a funeral that in a foreign language is considered pushing terrorist propaganda in this trial is that correct. that is correct and this is a scene was from the very beginning pretty absolute and that's why we were really curious if the prosecutor would introduce to day some new evidence for a harsh accusation and to the prosecutor didn't and you know christiane we've got
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some foreign journalists in turkey who have been released without a trial and we've got some like mazola who have to stay in custody until there is some sort of verdict do we know why there is this discrepancy why there is this difference well i was on the expecting may be released after as many as three thousand signals of the turkish foreign minister towards germany say that maybe we do need to kind of free start and maybe there are different groups was in the turkish government which have different interests and i think that today's decision is a political decision and for me an expression that the turkish government doesn't have an interest in making sings easier in dealing with germany so if german
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journalists are being targeted in turkey do you think the german government is doing enough and is doing what it should to help the. i mean on the practical level i think they're doing quite a lot i referring to the embassy staff and it and to the consulate staff in east and in ankara and i think ziad trying very hard it least to to wisit terror to provide her. with children books for a further little son she's imprisoned with and i mean and this level i seeing german authorities are doing quite a lot even if turkey is rejecting legitimate rights which are which which all governments worldwide agreed into a convention but on the political level here in bergen i have the impression that it took too long for the german government to take a clear stand on the case of these other tolu first and i seeing it took for too long to look for joint european position on e.u.
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affairs and now it's high time to do this for for for for increasing the pressure in turkey for releasing foreign prisoners and of course all the turkish in prison as well the political prisoners kristie amir with reporters without borders in germany christiane thank you thank you well next the story of renewal that deeds to the twenty sixteen olympics in rio de janeiro and that's when a german canoeing coach was tragically killed in a car accident in the city but the family of thirty five year old stefan henson allowed his major organs to be harvested in four lives were saved as a result his heart never left rio and its new owner has pledged to pursue an active lifestyle hears that story. even at about the czar is a sixty seven year old brazilian grandmother with a new lease on life she suffered
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a heart attack in two thousand and twelve and after nearly two years on the waiting list she received stefan hans's heart the two thousand and four olympic medalist turned coach whose life ended prematurely but his heart beats as are participating in her first sporting event since the operation says it's like winning her own olympic medal she's more than grateful for a second chance. i'm really taking care of this hot. but i'd like to give his mother a hug because i'm also a mother and i know how much she must be suffering. because there's no greater pain than a mother who is in her child. my mom my baby do not have them and tell them that i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that this is a life for a long time. and i'm going to try to do as much as i can as.
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she plans on doing a lot as are also plans to take up could knowing in the future her heart would definitely be in to get. a beautiful story there all right here's a very minor of our top story spain's prime minister has given catalogue leaders until monday to clarify whether they declared independence or not in a speech to parliament tomorrow on the royal rejected mediation in the crisis he demanded a return to the rule of law and trade is threatening to suspend catalonia is autonomy if it tries to break away. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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enters the conflict zone confronting the powerful. one crisis after another for donald trump's of ministration some of his own making those like the mass shooting in las vegas out of his control my guest here in washington is the republican
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congressman don bacon how long is he going to put up with a president whose food so divisive to so many. in sixty minutes d w. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from d w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. it tells us storing stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical images and emotions enough us. know the magazine every weekend on d w s.
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